Difference between Coin and Token / Investing in Cryptocurrency 2019

Hi this is Tony K. and this is my
second video. In my previous video I offered my own scenario for the future
of Bitcoin as three technologies blockchain, digital currency and payment
network. In this one I’m going to share my thoughts on Altcoins and Tokens. Altcoins it will be difficult to give one-of- a-kind comment many of you think just
like me they all coins all seem like no big deal
Ripple the same this one is a bit faster this one is a bit more reliable this one
is a bit more convenient Bitcoin is a brand it is the first and the only one
and none of its drawbacks can be offset by the advantages of alcohols proposed
today even if all this is going to really die it will have its own place in
the museum of the technologies and grid while numerous clones with more advanced
technologies will be forgotten very soon however there is a great deal for a
speculator to smile about well first of all absolutely all the al-quwain and
even tokens that manage to be listed at least on some exchange will sooner or
later go up in price ten times or even higher for only hours or days but it
happened secondly if there is one thing that 2017 taught us it’s that it’s
possible to make money out of nothing you’ll see there is definitely going to
appear a clone or analog of people with a different logo and everyone would
start believing in it or a super projects with tokens which get burned by
1% every year it’s breakthrough and happens for the first time that’s why it
will be bought for the sake of rate increase and gains so in the end should
we buy out coins or not you need to buy everything that either has dropped
dramatically or just appeared to earn quickly this is long lasting advice
there are going to be pumps that’s for sure
second piece of advice sell after it has Rison well tokens there have been
catastrophically very few projects that issued their tokens and raised big money
with ICO presented at least a prototype of the idea to the world apart from the
landing page with buy tokens and white paper buttons this is one of the reason
of the current form there is no trust everyone is expecting
real projects developed by real noticing teams and specialist and enterpreneurs
when they appear and they certainly will very soon we will talk about investment
in blockchain tokens and Bitcoin for example the team of booty errand what
his aetherium would suddenly make something up in the nearest time this
may not necessarily be some change to the fe room itself they would make
something more technological the ICO of telegrams tokens lies ahead of us so I
recommended taking a closer look ask me where in how to buy but most of the
tokens which are being traded now will simply disappear nothing stands behind
them I mean not only revolutionary but also basic idea
much less a prototype recently I managed to get a closer look with the help of
the specialists into the inside of a theorem blockchain in particular tokens
I reviewed transactions their frequency wallets they are quantity and volume of
tokens etc I’ll describe in my next videos what I saw there in short I saw
either emptiness and absence of movements of tokens between wallets or
vice versa I saw transactions the number of which
was driven up as likes in YouTube and randomly established wallets there it is
blockchain it is flexible and available to everyone to all manipulations
nevertheless I am waiting for the Tekken ization of everything that can be token
it may be used in ecosystems which the numbers of users exceeded the total
numbers of holders of all types of tokens when and in what way we’ll see
right now we are waiting for real projects that invested the funds right
from the ICO into business and establishment of something that works
and is of benefit if you are a fan of a two-digit rise in prices wait for the
news about the launch of products and solutions by the teams that raise funds
in 2017 and 2018 and you will get 100x subscribe to my channel and like if you
like this video bye you

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