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good morning all it's that time again for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news for today the topic is the bit coin and crypto hit bottom so this is something that we're all wondering ever since yesterday and the day before things got really ugly Bitcoin and the Krypton market has fallen to a level no one thought possible but we are right there we're right there there's a lot of people that's holding strong a lot of people are also doubting whether or not they should be in the game at all and doubting whether or not the strategy of hobbling or holding is correct so I'm going to talk about some of that so thanks again guys for tuning in there's a lot of questions there's a lot of things going on so I'm going to jump right in and then do Q&A afterwards but for those of you guys have tuned in thanks for tuning in make sure you hit the like button and subscribe to the channel if you are new alright so this article that I'm showing this was kinda like a flash crash of this morning doesn't mean that we won't go below this it can't happen but we did hit it and we have come back up we're right around 46 76 right now it's been going up and down a little bit but we did hit this this morning and people are wondering is this bottom or are we go go lower to 3000 or 1000 as some people are starting to say because honestly like that 40 40 600 or 40 to 80 going down to a thousand doesn't seem that far-fetched anymore but when Bitcoin was at 10,000 or 8,000 or 6,000 that seemed very far-fetched but seeing how far and how fast we have dropped over the last few days people are wondering is it go come well let me tell you the panic and fun certainly doesn't help this case because there's a lot of it there's a lot of it let's start with this so before I answer that question let's look at what's going on in the market or over all right tether investigation we knew this day was gonna come this does not have to help the community one bit specifically at this time this is probably the worst timing for this investigation go on but basically there's always been this rumor speculation that tether artificially pumped Bitcoin and you know there's a lot of people that come out and says they improved it some people have come out said they didn't prove it and then they change their banks or BitFenix did they change their banks they got different auditors but no one really knows if that's true and I've always said until someone really looks into them some some body that you can trust we won't ever know but basically the US official Department of Justice is actually looking into them not only are they looking into them they're actually seeing if it was used for market manipulation because market manipulation is illegal right but we know there's it's pretty much unregulated market right now which is why things can be manipulated up and down right so tomorrow Department justice is go look into tether and it show it says in this article that CFTC a ready subpoena to Phenix and tether although it's unclear what information they sought sought in those subpoenas so this might be coming to an end but it doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad thing it doesn't mean that the whole thing is a scam it's gonna go belly-up it could mean that you know what we get more information honest it could mean that we actually do verify that tender has 1.7 or 1.8 billion in a bank and also maybe through this investigation they aren't clear and it shows that BitFenix and tether did not do any kind of manipulation in 2017 which drove to mark it up so good news could come out of this I don't want to sound only negative but good news could come out of it we won't know until investigation is over now this is the first piece of bad news that came out today another one and this this actually could be a good thing because you know a lot of you guys know there's this BC indicator right so when CNBC says things are going up that's one when you want to sell when CNBC says things are bad and it's low that's when you want to buy so this is a CNBC indicator and they also report in Bitcoin plunge is 16% to below 40 to 50 a new low for the year of course it is a new low for this year and that's to me that's just a ridiculous price a ridiculous price this should have never gone this low and uh you know I've been speculating just like all all of you guys letting you guys know what I feel you know what's been going on and I'll get to that in a little bit but this is also a negative thing that's going on in news however if this is this indicator is true that maybe this is positive so besides these that's you know besides these two piece of news that's pretty bad also the world market right is also not doing good so just on Yahoo Finance right now it says text fall tech tanks Bitcoin crashes they actually throw bitcoin crashes on here and you look at this a lot of these tech stocks are just basically down and also yesterday it was also down so a lot of a lot of the gains if not all the gains that a lot of these tech companies experienced for this year and other sectors have basically been wiped out so a lot of people have wondered if the stock market the global financial market is doing bad is it gonna help crypto economy right now it's looking like no because a lot of people are diversify a lot of people that are invested and it's yes let's say or stocks or mutual funds or bonds they might have some investment in cryptos however all these are starting to lose money it's just you know it's it plays on that person's emotion right so right now at least it looked like it's not helping the case well but if this is a continued trend in the whole world financial system starts going down in a big way then maybe it turned around maybe then people will seek refuge in kryptos and cryptocurrency but right now it's look like it doesn't help the cause right alright so moving on from here what else what else is bad news like I said there's endless bad news that's coming out right now right so this is not helping anyone this is just spreading more fun in panic but this article also came out and I don't know who this guy is Michael Morrow the CEO of a major / over-the-counter trading firm but you know so I don't know I don't know why he would want to spread this but if it's true it's fact right but he's saying crypto investors and these are whales right because they they're it only was that's in the OTC market he's saying that people who bought back when I had thousand are now starting to sell now they are getting worried so now that bitcoin is around 4600 and they're still above you know there's still four hundred and sixty percent four hundred seventy percent higher than where they were what were they purchase from but he is claiming that these guys are selling and they're selling a lot so again this doesn't help the market so like I said combined with what's been happening over the last few days plus all these reports that's coming out today it's no wonder everyone is just freaking out everyone's hysterical I mean honestly this morning when I tweet it out is anyone alive that that tweet is actually blowing off because people are just panicking and I get it it's hard it's very hard that's why actually this morning I worked out at all yesterday because I wanted to do something special I wanted to have a live session yesterday but I wanted to get a message across and then clear message across so this morning I released I released a video that's called proof total works okay those of you guys said that didn't have a chance to check it out please check it out it's actually the first comment of this video and I go through ok I do some investigation I show you one of the top richest wallets for Bitcoin and if you look at this list he is number 19 now his net worth did go down a little bit since yesterday but this person he or she holds around 40 2,000 bitcoins and roughly around 200 million dollars and if you go through it and and look at his patterns no he didn't accumulate when things were like pennies no he started in 2015 roughly only three years ago and I go through it step-by-step showing how he basically follow the same strategy I've been talking about you hold all whatever is good and in his case its Bitcoin right he bought the diffs took profits on the way up and that's it he made hundreds of millions of dollars now that is a lot more than most of us will ever see in our lifetimes but the strategy is sound the percentage is sound so it's a really good video that kind of proves that only works we've been in this market for ten months nine months 10 months that's been a bear market right but a lot of these guys that hasn't been doing this they've been doing it for a year so again you've got us focused long term but I want to preface by saying that you should never never never invest more than one you know what you can afford to lose that's number one because I still see in the comments people will make comments like oh I'm completely wrecked I lost everything only the rich can survive by holding and stuff like that those are all true if you invested more than what you could afford to lose if you did not then those scenarios would not apply to you alright so moving on from that a lot of people going back to the question did we hit bottom to Bitcoin hit bottom did cryptos hit bottom a lot of people don't know right so let's look at history so Ace Ventura actually he's a fan of this channel too but I saw he pulls it is for Peter Brant basically updated chart on some of the past some of the past bear markets that Bitcoin has seen ok this is going back all the way to John 12 there's a lot of them but the worst one the absolutely worst one BTC market has ever seen went from November of 30th 2013 to January 14 2015 roughly 400 eleven days and the total lost was about 87% so pick one went from 1100 down to $152 so we're no no we're not there yet alright so a lot of people are wondering now are we in the worst bear market Bitcoin has ever seen the answer is no in terms of number of days we're not there but we're getting close we're 300 no we're probably like 340 350 days so we're getting there and in terms of percentage loss since we have gone down a little bit more from 4876 we're probably around 78 79 % so we didn't hit 87 percent a lot of people are theorizing that bitcoin could go down as much as 85% so roughly around 85 percent would put Bitcoin at 3,000 so that means there's another 1600 they could go lose again this is all based on speculation a lot of people are thrown out 85% and they're giving a lot of reasons right they're using all these these indicators that's telling them it could be 85 doesn't mean it will it could be we don't know we don't know at this point all we know at this point is the market looks really really bad I know that and it's painful but I take it as a life lesson right I take it as a life lesson I believe in Bitcoin I believe in holding Bitcoin for life changing wealth for a long-term right and whatever it's going on right now the mistakes that we have made that I take as something that we will learn from right and we will be better for it going into the future so if things like this happen again we're gonna be much better prepared for it all right so let's talk about other things and this is now specialist complete speculation what really caused a big my marketing bill down and no one I don't think will ever know these I've been trying to do a lot of investigations in terms of looking to pass wallets like the richest wallet list looking at trying to look at Roger beers wallet Craig's right wallet and looking at everyone's wrong trying to find some concrete proof and I'm not finding anything and I don't think we'll ever find it but I saw this discussion because I kind of agree with it basically you know this guy's ranting about you know what's what's going on basically the Bitcoin cash war that kind of screwed everything up and I agree with that it's just it was way blown blown way out of proportion but he says I didn't I didn't update so I'm hoping someone could provide proof ease I can't find their wallets that prove this so he says apparently what causing the crash is Craig Wright and Jim faughn both dumping the out of their Bitcoin to funder hash for so I don't know if this is current right where he met Roger beer but basically two billionaires are literally crash an entire system to massage their egos so this makes sense it just can't be proven think about it a day before the hard work happens Bitcoin drops a thousand points out of nowhere and since then we've dropped another thousand points or more and the tiring of it is just not a coincidence it's not so there's something fishy going on like I said in yesterday's video the markets being manipulated that's clear that's clear but no one could prove it but I wouldn't put it past Roger beer because as bad as Craig Wright is what he's doing now it's exactly the same thing exactly the same thing that what Roger beer did last year you know it seems like it's forever ago that Bitcoin cash forth off a big coin that's not true that was only a year ago and Roger beer did the same kind of stunt so in this article from a year ago Roger Vivier says that you know what he's ghost sells BTC for BT you okay and this was before the fork Btu was the main support Bitcoin unlimited was a main supporter of this new code this new upgrade there eventually that bitcoin ABC and everyone took over and eventually became big quick cash so Roger again doing his mark anything he threatens to sell all of his bitcoins and at that time she was saying that he had at least a hundred and thirty thousand bitcoins so he was already spreading this kind of news threatening the Bitcoin community saying that he's called basically dump BTC and crash the market this is sound familiar this it sounds exactly like what Craig Wright is doing right and also we have seen other things Roger bier declares Bitcoin cash should be true Bitcoin refuses to believe in Bitcoin anymore he says Bitcoin cashes Bitcoin right and that he he he was the one that coined Bitcoin core because you know people are getting confused and so forth right this is the South Alert again sounds exactly what Craig Wright is doing trying to name bitcoin sv has been claimed cash but really he refers it to as Bitcoin again trying to say that whenever else out there is false Bitcoin SV is a true Bitcoin so again same kind of tactic same kind of tactic so I think it's just funny it come full circle a lot of people are starting to feel sorry for Roger but he pulled the same kind of thing last year and remember that Cruz he took a Jimi song right he tried to make that million dollar bet I think thank God that he's probably thinking he didn't because he would definitely lose that bet now because Bitcoin cash is in total disarray and probably the reason why we are here now now the Bitcoin being at 4600 and crypto market being at a hundred and fifty four billion I mean this is ridiculous this is thirty billion more than thirty billion less during our previous low at it like a hundred and eighty billion if you guys remember we hit that and everyone thought that was the bottom and then it bounced right back up we're man we're 30 billion over 30 billion thirty four billion billion below that this is a ridiculous level ridiculous level alright so I kind of said what I wanted the last thing the thing that I you know one thing I touched a bomb was ripple yesterday because ripple seems like it's decoupling itself to a point but today is a little bit weaker but overall is shown true strength throughout this decline and it's funny too because when Bitcoin started going up ripple started going down it almost has an inverse but part of the thing that helps ripples case right now is that there's rumors that Bank of America will soon join ripple and ripple net and this will be a big thing of the big thing for ripple we already know there's a lot of big banks financial institutions for midden companies that's part of ripple net and not all of them obviously most of them are not on that's rapid but it gets gets their foot in the door right so a lot of people are very very happier you know I could see it the comments and so forth a lot of people are very hopeful about ripple they are definitely building the case and if this comes true this will help them a lot alright lastly I showed you this chart from yesterday right live people are still talking about where we are yesterday I said that I believe we're below I believe we're below or past a bit capitulation which we are in the anger mode right and a Bitcoin truly hits 3000 and we go further it makes sense because that's when we hit the pressure mode so I do believe we're already past capitulation that we are in anger mode right and if we do go lower it makes more sense than we're in depression and that's when we start rallying so that is just my opinion my thoughts a lot of people are saying no we're in panic and we're getting to here but honestly seeing the number of I'm not seeing panic right now I'm saying flat out anger and hatred and that's why I believe that we're closer to bottom now then where let's say a week ago and at this point you know if Bitcoin has 3000 if it goes below 3000 hits 1000 what I'll be doing I'll be buying like crazy all right if that came true but I don't think we have to wait much longer I think that at the pace of how we're falling I think we're gonna see that actually pretty soon if that does happen right all right guys that's what I want to say for today those of you guys again those of you guys that didn't check out my Hottel video ok proof that or proof that holder works I have a pinned as the first comment in this video so make sure you check it out after this right alright guys so I said a while I said what I wanted to say so now let's do some Q&A so again thanks for everyone for tuning in make sure you smash up the like and subscribe to the channel if you're new I did I Gasper I did make more I did buy more BTC on the way down venture mentions I'm sick of X x RP Schiller's they need to be countered they don't and I kinda agree right when you're Schiller make good points the same thing with people that spread fun or haters right if you want to make a point and do it like civilized people don't try to just come off like it's the greatest thing on earth or BTC needs to die or stuff like that I don't agree with that either so I agree with you thoughts I'm tryna and Kobe Bryant I did not hear that I did not hear about that but that'll be huge if Kobe somehow becomes or Kobe starts endorsing Tron to help be huge although only works in stocks and bonds not in speculations I disagree with that because I don't think Bitcoin is a speculation okay Bitcoin itself is not where it goes yeah could be you can argue that but Bitcoin itself we have seen history over the last nine years time and time again it always comes back up and we're definitely seeing the foundation getting stronger especially in 2018 even though the price is not getting stronger but the number of companies number of companies that are looking into it has increased hundredfold same thing with VC companies is investing in Bitcoin and crypto companies went up drastically when there was none before so the foundation is definitely getting better Kobe Bryant is speaking at ron summit that is interesting that is interesting you know I don't always agree with Justin and what he says but I do like the project I think they have a good base I think they're making strides but I think Justin's market antics just goes too far sometimes but you know it's good to see that they're still they're still marketing right so that's one thing that a lot of companies don't tron has well let me backtrack Tron does have the ability to market because there's still a billion dollar market cap coin and they have marketing budgets so that's good it's keeping them in the in the spotlight rupal MC ass chores what's your top by right now BTC and your next four please you know I don't want to say what you guys should buy because I don't give a financial advice but what I like okay obviously BTC you can't go wrong with BTC even though as falling so much but BDC is why I'm in the game because I believe holding PDC long-term for life changing well so that's what I believe in so first and foremost BTC I love love stellar adventures stellar a lot and it's been holding relatively well in this town market because of their partnership with IBM I also like ripple a lot because of what they're doing with that rapid and with the banks I think you can't go wrong with ripple now moving on from those three I believe he else does have a bright future as well even though there's problems governance but still Yost has a great leader and they have a lot of money to fix that and also Tron is something that I believe in in for the future too so and keep in mind that I'm choosing all these and I'm choosing all big caps right now because big caps have been the ones that's been holding better than the small caps and they have been rising up whatever there are recoveries they have been coming up a lot some of these have coming up to levels where they were three or four months ago so right now those will be the five projects that will concentrate on what do you think about Bitcoin in December well we have to see where it goes seeing how rapid things have been going down for for Bitcoin it'll be really interesting to see what happens within the next few weeks or even the end of this week if a big one continues to just drastically fall then we're not gold we don't have to wait long to see bottom if it hits 3000 and it bounces up drastically from there then then yeah then that's that's all we had to wait for but if we hits 3000 that kind of lingers hovers it's still weak and it's looking like it could go down more than it's looking like we rolled out more right now what I'm noticing is this is artificial okay a lot of people want to look at and say well a lot of people predicted this it will go down no it's artificial because you you can see that Bitcoin the percentage is actually dropping we'll look at Bitcoin cash well this is deserving but the percentage that Bitcoin is dropping at times is higher much higher actually than its counterparts and I'm talking about the other ones in the big caps right and what you see that happens you know that people are just selling off Bitcoin and I can't prove it I've been trying to look and if you guys have more information on certain addresses of certain people definitely start looking because I'm trying to find out who is actually selling there is someone or group of people that's selling that's causing this is on that not a natural drop so and because it's unnatural who knows who knows where scope go but the stories that I've shown you guys okay Jeff Lane does not help you have stories like this stories of Ted are being looked at yes stories from CNBC saying that there's a new loan and also things like this where in the OTC market it's being reported that people are selling bitcoins those two have bought a thousand and the overall market looks like at least in the US financial market is not looking good so none of this none of this is helping me to see at a point but I'm the flip side on the flip side all is lost this is not only bad news again for those of you guys are investing or holding Bitcoin it you never want rule number ones you never want to you never want to invest more than what you can afford to lose that's rule number one number two is this is all temporary this is all short-term volatility short-term right and a lot of you guys are sick of it and saying well ten months not short-term yes and a grand scheme of things it is it's less than a year and though and the point of this is because if you look at most of the people ok these are rich Bitcoin rich lists a lot of these people right yeah these are a lot of these are exchange wallets but a lot of people have gotten very early but a lot of these people also got it very late and the one that I made a video of this guy started in November okay November 2015 he didn't get started mm he didn't get started to that 11 or 2009 when a lot of people could have mined bitcoins for nothing no he's starting 2015 which was only three years ago right and three years is actually very short time it could come in a blink of eye those of us that have kids know that that it comes right away right so a lot of things that's happening now it's all short-term volatility and and the key is the key is really to focus on long-term right Bitcoin and some of these other all coins right they have the potential they have the potential of growing and establishing becoming market leaders and Bitcoin will become one of the ultimate store values and I honestly believe that so right now you actually got to think of it is it's a gift those of you guys didn't invest more than what you can afford to lose and have the ability to keep buying when things are low like cost averaging buying the dips right this is actually a gift if Bitcoin Falls to 3,000 next week or just by data this week that is a huge gift if it happens to fall below 3,000 to 2,000 1,000 that is even a bigger gift so there's like memes going on about Black Friday deals for Bitcoin myself I mean honestly it's funny but it's also true because it would be the ultimate gift if Bitcoin fell down to a thousand dollars man I'm I'm going all-in that's just me if it fell down $2,000 I'm going all in on that so just to let you guys know Brian I see your point but I disagree I disagree 100% Taylor Swift about Ripple I didn't see Taylors – anything about riffle there's a lot of celebrities man and that's true huh I gotta say those of you guys are our basketball fans both Shaq and Kobe are extremely intelligent people that have made a lot of money off the court as for F never being killed off do the brand recognition I said that you know I'll agree with that just kind of like BTC right atha is kind of like the the grandfather a godfather of smart contracts maybe the network dies off eventually because it can't scale and other people other networks or projects takes over but I don't think people will ever forget the name I think I'll always be there so if nulls hits eight dollars when they were through when they were three months into their life and then after this year progress bet they'll be worth more come on now okay it's kind of broken right there so but yeah a lot of companies to your point a lot of companies right got up way higher than they should have because of what happened it added 2017 but now it's a true test where these all coin companies right whether or not they could truly survive in a down market when things are very very very bad when operation funds are very low can they survive are they go give up and the ones that don't will be much better for because they live through this just like you guys for you guys to live through this if this turns out to be the worst Bitcoin bear market that we have ever seen that you live through it trust me you're gonna be better off afterwards so it's the same deal with these crypto projects max I'm trying not to take advance of that but obviously that is not your intention what do you think about William G coin miss added omgg or custody that is interesting I also notice that I wrote I wrote that in the insider newsletter recently and I think that's interesting that that is out of left field they could be added to coin base because of that because it makes more sense because why would they add something to custody they don't plan on training especially OMG which is not that big overall like for someone like ripple makes more sense but for OMG makes me think that they're really looking into it yeah Facebook is having a lot of problems Facebook overall has been having problems so I don't know what's going on with the infrastructure and all these hacks and everything else is going on it's just I don't know they're just having problems oh yeah Jeff a BTC $1 thousand I would have no hesitation to buy as much of it as possible that would be the ultimate gift and I don't believe we will ever see that again ever in our lifetime that would be the ultimate gift it would be rewinding rewinding clock think about this the big TC wanted that back down to a thousand dollars and the trip to market followed with it it would be rewinding the clock back to Jan or 2017 think about how many people's how many of you guys out there that that said hey I should have gotten earlier in 2017 you know I should have gone when things were much cheaper think about that we're basically rolling magic locked until January 2017 that would be the biggest gift of all if that's really happened and I honestly believe that I honestly think that would be a huge thing if that happened I'm holding I'm holding most of my old still vie chain is so low it's depressing well it's everything it's everything but I do find that proof of state coins that gives out rewards they have been going down more than others such as view chain and nulls because people are just selling off their wars like crazy and the same thing today I believe alas dose oops closed it I believe you last dose 1004 angel found 32% today so that's not good for them either good time for bat I love bat that's another coin that's kind of like a mid-cap like a bigger small cap and even though it's after a fact after it got added to point base and so forth you know I used a brave browser you guys noticed that right this is a brave browser it works great they have a solid product they're moving forward they're not just all fluff so I like bad a lot Jeff that's exactly right that's how you should look at it I don't know what you're talking about or gay I don't but if that's how you pronounce your name I use a Logitech c920 webcam it looks better when there's not a lot of light in the background so yeah you last dose that you know I warned you guys a lot some of you guys asked because he last us when they first fell down like hey should you get into last dose I said watch out for these unlock unlock tokens especially from the angel investors it's gonna really open up a lot and unlock to the worst possible time when things are crashing so you know a lot of these angel investors or just they became weak hands and they're selling it off so so you've gotta you gotta watch out for that but afterwards if you guys are do you guys like last those that I do you know afterwards in December wouldn't be a bad time to pick it up or or when it hits bottom I hear the poem three Ponzi removing the gold chain instead of earth because trans I should go through in three seconds good for them it's not gonna be a good look for go chain but I guess good for them Henry says why don't we talk about more about tech and development after all Tech is what's going to determine in the market determine the market and price in the future in Henry that's a good point I tried it that's why I try to bring up all these news right that showcase enterprise companies that's adopting blockchain I have showcase those news time and time again but right now seems like a lot of it's halted now things have shifted more to the news about financial markets like how brokers and banks and so forth are adopting but there's been many many tech news out there I try to highlight them pseudo crypto yeah I would see why he would bandy because of that I don't I don't have much thoughts about Eng I I don't know they have an interesting idea but I don't know how I feel about them in the future all tech companies okay because of dot-com bubble you guys know well most of you guys are old enough to remember comm bubble in 2000 2001 this is before the housing bubble right all the tech companies all the major ones right like Amazon Microsoft Apple they all tanked to nothing and then they came back and they were stronger for it that's that's a great example for all points like right now all these all point projects we have over 2000 projects most of them should not exist but this down market will weed them out and those that survive will come out stronger for it so I think that's actually a good comparison supersize bottle Jameson Tony I need to do that can you talk about Yoda they almost have a hundred people working in the Iowa the foundation I don't know working in a foundation doesn't mean they're actually developers and iota has been around for a while I like what they're doing the Dana marketplace I just don't know how their network is because that consists like here there's problem with their network and so forth so it doesn't seem like they have a very stable network at this point apologize for that you may not like Craig right cuz he hurts your feelings with his words lame oh he's not stupid you will learn sounds like they're Bitcoin sv fan but I will agree with the fact that I don't think Craig Wright is stupid I think he took basically the same strategies that Roger Revere did okay with Bitcoin cash he took the same kind of marketing and also kind of like Trump right you know shout as loud as you can create a narrative how people talk about it and that's how you generate buzz and basically he did that but he lost a lot of respect from a lot of people so and if he's truly behind what's going on him and Roger and chef Wayne or Calvin Harris if they're behind maybe somehow one day it gets proven that these guys were selling to powder their hash war or something that this this gold look really bad upon them if that ever comes out that's the thing Raphael thanks for that did you do you look into never those github garbage due diligence from your part I wonder Howard what's doing since buying and I $35 well I'm not a developer so looking at github I won't be able to go through the code not like someone like I'm gonna techni should be able to but I guess I never looked into you can look at a few things like when they were last updating the code but my problem when ableo always has been the team and they have never they have never expanded a team because they only raised a million dollars in ICO and it's the main person one of the main founders he's the main developers and they only have two part-time developers and and whoever the other co-founder is this I don't know if it I thought it was white but people told me it's not whoever she is she's not developer so the team is way too small so that's been my only problem that blue I know they're trying to get an enterprise space they're trying to consulting servers do a lot but they can't possibly do it with with one full-time guy that happens to be developer as well so it just doesn't make any cents one thing I've learned is to never talk about politics with people you don't know so I'm not gonna answer that attaboy back in the day and with a time on dolls I've bought a lot of these coins after that there was a short-term slight increase yes but after that you saw yourself what happened the price is now fifty nine cents actually wouldn't start pumping a little bit today do you think nulls will cost as much as before in the future yes but it's gonna take a while obviously the market has to fall well back up and reach all-time highs before we'll see some of these coins come back up to their all-time high so I yes but we might have to wait bit longer than that I happen in contact with nulls they're sharing things with me in terms of what they're trying to do they open a foundation door they hired a lot of people that's good really tackle the Western world because they're primarily but focusing in Asia so I know they're still cranking away and that's good like I said what these all claim projects that are struggling right now right you you want to see that they're still working there's trying to achieve their goal during this down market they don't just give up and they'll come out stronger afterwards how long do you think this bear market will last they see three four years I don't think so I don't think this will take that long I think the environment fundamentals and the number of companies and banks and all these people don't want to make money okay that's why we stopped the ETS pending we have backs Bitcoin futures Putnam we have their backs also and all these other ones custody services consulting services there's a lot of companies they're trying to make money from Bitcoin so I think the recovery or the bear market for Bitcoin will come sooner than anyone anticipates Yuval war since what's your thoughts on various coin blockchain of the service dev is a former Mikey's not VP they solved nothing at state problem in 51 attack I'll have to take a look at I've never heard of before so Marco taking profits is you don't need a video for that what do you feel like you're too greedy take profit what do you feel like you're up take profit if you want to be safe take profits that that's easy as that there's no set rule take out as much as you feel comfortable with and it doesn't and eliminates risk basically and the viewer yields productions a thousand never forget alright guys I think that's it so let's recap so before that make sure you hit the like subscribe to the channel if you're new let's do a quick recap again the market is definitely struggling ok there's no no way to get around that I know struggling and we have endless news endless news like this one time they're being investigated CNBC Yahoo don't you know stock markets doing bad OTC markets selling off there's endless bad news right now right and I know a lot of people are fearful a lot of people are angry a lot of people just simply doesn't know what to do right but I'm here to say this is all short-term volatility which is why I made this video and I think everyone should watch it everyone should watch this proof holder works because I cover one of the richest wallet holders that has been holding and doing exactly what I've been recommending by the diffs and taking profits on the way up and basically holding and he has made hundreds of millions of dollars within three years right and even three years is really short term right a lot of people that's been in much longer five years ten years they are all like billionaires by now so that's why I say focus on long term Bitcoin will become one of the ultimate store values right now it's hard to live through but the good thing the good news is that a BTC continues to fall it's really really becoming a gift okay you got it look at that Bitcoin at 60 you know forty six hundred it's so low it's so low don't think you guys are wondering should you by sprout your buys or we sprout your buys it's not a bad buy right now but Bitcoin falls to four thousand it falls to thirty five hundred three thousand the lower it goes the bigger the gift it is I mean it truly is Black Friday discounts if it's three thousand that is a gift if it happens to go below three thousand two thousand one thousand at one thousand it would be the ultimate gift it would be like if all of us got a time machine and went back to Jannah or 2017 so think about that think about the opportunities the money to be made if that happened and that is what if that happens to come that will be the greatest gift of all for everyone all right so I just want to end with that so stay strong don't panic don't let the flood don't let everything else Drive you out of the market stay strong even if you're frustrated you're angry don't leave the market look at it make sure you stay on top of it and we'll get out of this we'll get out of this all right so again thanks for tuning in guys hopefully you guys enjoyed this hit the license glad to channel and I will see you guys tomorrow make sure you check out the other video I put out and and we'll see what happens later today and tomorrow all right all right thanks for tuning in take care bye bye

29 thoughts on “Did Bitcoin and Crypto Hit Bottom? – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News”

  1. Perhaps. Some bitcoin bulls are welcoming the recent volatility. It may be scaring away some of the momentum investors who rushed in, which means that bargain hunters can scoop up bitcoin at a more attractive price. But there are still some potential problems for bitcoin and the legion of other cryptos out there, such as ethereum, litecoin, ripple and stellar. Their prices have all plunged lately too. Part of the problem could be a bubble mentality.

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  3. Good theory: CNBC theory. The bubble heads over there are saying 'all good' for the economy…. means the end is near. "Bitcoin is dead" how many times have people said that? I think it is in the multiple hundreds of times that has been said in the past ten years.

  4. @UCI7M65p3A-D3P4v5qW8POxQ hey man! i just so your latest video! dont back down! i own xlm and with this drop i lost if i sel now only the profit i made in the last 2 weaks on this coin!i am onli sori thet my money are bloked in xlm right now and i cant buy more now! its the perfect time to buy in my opinion!before crypto i traded indices specialy ger 30 with was very volatile! this will have a huge come back ass soon as hits the botom and i thinck we are there or olmoast there! maybe i am rong but i am wiling to put my money on it!so if you have money just buy more then sel after the first major high ! then buy it agin low and sel agin at the high ! in a month you will do the profit thet covers the lost! for me..things arent thet bad! xlm is more then capleble to grow even in alow market 4 cents a pice with no problem! i think i will make some profit in amonth or 2! i am only sory thet i dident got this drop with money! i bot xlm a few hours befor the first drop :)) and i thit no way it wil go lower then this! it just was to much to soon and i missed the oportunity to grow my wallet! i am doing daily to grow my coins! everything i sell i rebuy at lower price! i am nost seling eny time soon my crypto for good! when i made my first investment in crypto was lower then today :)) xlm thets what i own!my first envestment in crypto was at the first botem this year :)and when i bot it i considered as a 5 yers investment!so i made money i am in profit and it was lees then a year!no market in the worl will get you the profit thet crypto gets you! people lost money with this drop! but how much money they made before the drop?? i am soy thet i so the potential on this market late! i will hold my xlm til it reaches the price i whant then i will sel and i will rebui it and a small part of any profit is going in storage on a permenent wallet witch will not be use for dayly tranzaction! thet 1 is long term like 5 to 10 years!love to here your opinion!

  5. I would love for these Bcash clowns to sell all their BTC and crash the market that would at least make BTC more decentralized but they don't have the balls.

  6. Investors in the traditional sector will NOT be looking for refuge in the crypto market. Wallstreet is freaking out about 4% down. Even if some of them DO cross over, they will FUD out with these types of dramatic drops in crypto. Realistically they will look at the charts and run screaming. There is no way to know where bottom is in a market like this. We could move sideways for 4 more months and then drop 20-30% again. That's not accounting for random bad things that could happen like more hacks or the like. People that are in it for the money don't really believe in DLT. They will not be the salvation of the market. Only adoption can do that. We are still 2 to 5 years out, I think. As much as I hate to say it, coins like xrp are probably going to be among the first adopted and actually used in the real world… I'm an XLM fan and hope that they are able to bank the under and un-banked of the world when they get internet beamed down to them by Musk's satellites. I'd rather miss out on xrp gains and wait for xlm to serve billions of individuals and small businesses. Xrp can have the banks… Amiright?

  7. I really like your channel. But I have to say, that I dont understand that you like TRX and XRP, when there are so many more interesting projects, that are much less scammy.

  8. Im invested in Nuls,Eos,Bat,Ont, MOSTLY….i invested $20,000 ….now at this time i got $5224…. im down 75%….
    For some reason im not stress about it……i have so much confidence that the coin i got will make me way over $20,000-..in 2-3 years…..

  9. Roger and Craig are equally responsible for this mayhem. Why does the community even stand by for this? They are both getting friendly interviews on YouTube and cable news.

    When Craig said he didn't care if Bitcoin went to 1000, he obviously meant it. He and Roger deserve no respect. Their egos are out of control! A sociopath cannot have sympathy for others, they don't care!

    They both need to be exposed for the arrogant frauds that they are. CW is not SN! This whole "real Bitcoin" business is Bool Sheet!!!

  10. It was gox for 85% , but then again it’s dumb money this time so it could go that far, but not really there would have to be some kind of black swan event to get us to 3k

  11. I remember you said that we would never go below 6000 USD a few weeks ago… Where is your apology?
    Stop shilling your bags and take some responsibility FFS!!!

  12. Ten month bear market is very short. Gold/Silver have been in a bear market since 2011. That has been painful!

  13. Factom will be #1, Microsoft, Department of Homeland Security, numerous other confirmed clients using their blockchain worldwide.

  14. Hi George. Thanks for being a calming influence. It’s like. When we listen to others and they’re trying to influence panic. I say, what does George say? And I always go to you to get real and stay calm.

  15. If you've been following crypto the amount of time I've been following it you understand that this is indeed a great buying time. When the bulls come and we see another all time high people will be upset they missed another buying opp for ALL cyrptos.

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