Dice Weekly EP 05: How to buy or transfer cryptocurrency

[Music] hello everyone this is Claire in the last episode dice Kitty and I demonstrate how to sign up an EOS account and how to set up a wallet for whoever watch days I believe you all have a better understanding of those things now today we’ll talk about how to buy and transfer your token so that you can play games and dice by using cryptocurrency ok let’s start we all know dice is powered by us so right now us is the most common cryptocurrencies on the ice platform in order to purchase transfer and receive us we need to be familiar with wallet account and exchange concepts which was already explained in the last episode except exchange so I will start with crypto exchanges in this episode you can take exchanges at the bank in crypto world but not a very safe one there are places that allows you to treat crypto currencies there are many types of crypto exchanges such as centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges two of the most common centralized exchanges are finance & poby there are many well known decentralized exchanges such as new deck fing decks and well acts you can buy a variety of cryptocurrencies with fiat it is worth to mention that Bitcoin can also be used to trade with us and other cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin can be seen as local fiat currency in crypto world so today we will give you details about how to use Bitcoin to buy us some exchanges take by nan as an example it provides crypto currency trading FinTech and blockchain enthusiasm globally with multilingual and mounted currency support over a variety of services well financed this S is free of charge to be able to trade on finance exchange we need a finance account if you already have one you can directly log in if not you need to sign up five WWWF finance calm firstly click on register button at the top left to go to the registration page then input your email address and set up a password the password should be at least 8 characters long and should include both uppercase and lowercase letters as well as digits you can read through the terms if you like to then click the register button and complete the top cha by scrolling the missing puzzle piece there you go then you will need to do an e-mail verification to complete the registration check the email and click the verify email button congratulations your account is activated let’s log in so we can start trading to keep your account safe you need to enable the two Fair fabrications aka 2fa on your account click the user Center on the finance page to enter a camp age then to enable your 2fa we recommend Google Authenticator firstly download the application from app store or google play after downloaded you will need to scan the QR code on the page next make sure to take a picture of code as well as print a copy and keep the to every backup key in a safe place as if you lose the access to your Google Authenticator it’s the only way to reset your password so make sure you save all this info they’re crucial to security and access to your account now your finance account is registered and activated which is safe enough so we can start purchase receive and send token let’s take a look at how to purchase coin on finest exchange at first Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is the same at the local fiat currency we use in real life using Bitcoin can make our trade more convenience so how can we buy Bitcoin with local fiat currency on Finance firstly log in to your finance account click on found at the right top of the homepage and then deposit select purchase pit combat credit card click on Buy Now button typing the amount you want purchase on the payment page and click buy now after the recharge you can trick us with your Bitcoin on Finance so how to tread click on the exchange at the top of the page and choose the basic of advanced version according to your own needs then select the currency you want to trade take the basic version as an example search you asked on the red volume of the page and select US and Bitcoin pair then input you ideal amount that you want to purchase and input your ideal price then click buy to purchase your order it would be better if the price is close to the market price by the way if you want to share your cryptocurrency you choose the pair which you want to trade with then instead amount and price you want to sell click sale to complete the order card Sigma hunt after purchasing new as we need to withdraw that you ask from the exchange to our us account this tab is for receiving and sending crypto currency now click on bounce at the top of the page select withdraws then choose the coin and viewing the address which is account name you registered in the last episode next set the amount you want withdraw click Submit then verified by a Google Authenticator you can complete the trade now but you have done all of them congratulations enjoy yourself in the ice world it’s very simple right now then you summarize what Clara just add number 1 enter – compound registration number 2 X – 8 0 pounds while finance verification email number 3 log in to your finance account number four use Google Authenticator to set to fair for revocation to protect your account number 5 virtuous big columns 5 equal parts number 6 purchase US or other cryptocurrencies buy bitcoins in the market Oh dice Kitty thank you for the conclusion that’s all for today if you liked this video please hit the like and subscribe button if you think there is something I missed something important leave a comment down below or send me message on my Twitter or check with me in dice official telegram true I will always be a tech mate who knows everything about Dyson game thank you for watching see you next [Music]

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