Diablo 3 Black Rock Ledger: Secrets of Sanctuary (Epic Easter Egg)

A lost ship amidst the sea of sands
hides the secrets of the untold land A relic of an age in the sands of time
calls from a distance, o adventurer of kind Hello and welcome to a new episiode on the
Diablo Universe. Some sercets are meant to be hidden whilst others are longing to be
found; It has been years the game’s release and brave nephalem have explored every inch
of their ancestral land. Whether thats finding the crown of the lich king or discovering
the fabled whimsyshire, we know everything there is to know about this game,,,right?
Well not exactly, as along comes the biggest and most well kept secret of them all, The
pages from the Black Rock Ledger. A sunken ship found in act 2 stinging winds that hides
secrets and mysteries that will make even the wisest nephalem wonder, what is the point
of all this. So join me now as we discover everything there is to know about this lost
tale, what does it mean, why does it have only have 6 pages and why does the writing
on it make no sense. Discover all this and more
in this episode of Secrets of Sanctuary If you happen to be playing act 2 of campaign
mode, indulge yourself in mission titled “city of blood” and make your way outside the eastern
gate of Khasim Outpost. This will bring you in eastern section of Stinging Winds
marked by a checkpoint appearing on the screen. Upon venturing futher, you will discover a
decaying ship half buried in the sands. Quite strangely a man that only goes by his title,
the Gravedigger is seemed to be digging for something near the ship. As you approach,
he is ambushed by lunatics and dies a horrific death leaving a ledger behind. This is a rare
event and it has been confirmed that only six of these pages exist. So if you wish
farm these pages, you can wander in the stinging winds by reloading the checkpoint and by looking
for the lost ship again. But what do these pages say and why only six of them esixt.
Lets move on the next part of the mystery. After spending hours and days farming for
these Pages, one thing becomes absolutely clear, there are only six pages that drop
at the black rock with specific numbers cited on each of them. All these pages or stone
tablets if you will, are marked as 4,8,15,16,23 and
42. The text inscribed on each page is very cryptic and talks about a mining expidition
launched from Kingsport a long time ago. This journey was a troublesome one as the crew
on the ship suffered harships from the beginning and shipwerecked somewhere after being hit
by a collosal storm. The captian of the ship dissapeared in the nearby desert along with
his crew members. Eventually, the writer of this ledger was the sole survivor and nearly
went mad as he mentioned some deformed creatures lurking in the dark. And this in its essense
marks the end of the six pages. No other entries exist and the fate of the final crew
member remains a mystery. When the nephalem finds 6 pages of texts that
do nothing, a mystetry arises that can be solved by exploring the far fethed corners
of sanctuary. But the trail of clues leads to a unique turn of events. Upon exploring
the deep mystery behind the texts described in
the ledger, it was found that a nephalem can find certain weapons in the game that are
no legendary but hold a strange description that matches each of the individual ledger.
So the first item here is called “the Splintered Oar” whose item description is a shanty or
a sea song whose first words are “from kingsport to kurast we sail. The word kingsport is also
desribed in the page 4 of the ledger. A strange an unlikely coincidence, but lets
look further. Another weapon called Wirt’s original leg talks about the Wirt losing his
leg near the town of tristram, strangely so, the word “leg” is also mentioned in page 8
that talks about sea legs not being sturdy. This case
too, might sound unlikely as the writer of Ledger is called McMahon whereas the text
of weapon describes the fate of Wirt. But lets move on. Rakanishu’s blade is the third
item here that in under inspection. Rakanishu is a cursed
lord of the fallen that is also found in diablo 2 and can be met again in diablo 3. Ledger
15 surpirsingly also mentions of a curse falling upon the crew members of the ship. Next item
in the game called the clipper is also the name
of a fast sailing ship of the 19th century and explains that the black rock in infact
a clipper and its troubles are described in page 16 of the ledger. Griswold’s Worn edge
referers to the blacksmith griswold that succumed to maddness
and was a mini boss in diablo 2. Coincidentally, page 23 of the ledger also describes a maddness
falling onto the survivors of the ship that lead to their doom. Finally we look at the
blade spectrum that refers to some silly humor but includes the word giggles. So surprise
surprise, the exact word giggling is also described in page 42 which marks the end of
the ledger. Now it is understandable that all these unique
weapons tell an individual story and may very well refer to seperate tales, but why then
have they been specifically mentioned in the ledgers. These items are not legendaries,
neither are useful in any way so linking them to the black
rock holds a strong case. So does this mean that all these items and pages collectively
tell a disjoined tale full of uncertainities and doubts, or is this referring to something
else entirely. Lets explore further An event such as this is referred in the video
games as an easter egg where popular references are hidden in plain sight to give a nod to
some other popular event. What do I mean by this, well allow me to tell the story once
again. A ship found shipwrecked in a place that is
far away from the ocean, half buried with no survivors and a mystery that deepens the
further you look into it. Somehow certain records of this event exist where the writer
carefully plants certain coded messages that lead you nowehere.
Sounds like a famous TV show to me, I will give you a second to guess…….well this
is direct reference to the tv show Lost where the entire sequence is a reminder of characters
and events in the show. how so, well the first
answer is in the page numbers, the numbers in the secquence are as follows, 4, 8, 15,
16, 23 and 42. These numbers clearly appear in the tv show where the character Jacob used
these numbers to mark six candidates. Another clue is in the
fisrt letter of each ledger, upon putting this together, it spell out DHARMA which is
scientific venture described in the TV show. A final hint might be the appearance of
black sandstorm that sometimes arises in the desert terrain of act 2,linking it to the
smoke monster from the tv series. So this makes it abundantly clear that this is a nod
to the tv show lost with a flavour of Diablo universe sprinkled on top of it. So when you thought the mystery was sloved
and everything makes sense, well it is my duty to indulge you in some further clarification
and fan theories.The black rock ledger is a real life sailing vessel that embarked from
Portsmouth,England on March 22, 1845. It was lost and was later found on an island
off the coast of madagascar. Inside the ship, a book was found with the word LEDGER” printed
on the spine of the book. This makes this easter egg closely related to a real event
than a fictional one. In game, people have theorised about this event linking to other
places on the map including some nods to future expansions. Some believes it links to a chat
gem similar to one found in diablo 2 and others think
covetus shen has something to do with this. So many theories to an event that has been
quietly discussed in hush tones since 2012.So here I am asking you about your opinion on
this matter, what do you think all of this means? can it be
that after 3 years of the game, we are still missing something, is it really that cryptic
or are we being paranoid? Thank you very much for watching the story of Black rock ledger.
A special thanks to Kyrael on US forums for making a
long post about theories concerning this topic and ofcourse, a big thanks to our community
manager Vaneras for suggesting this topic. This has been the holy hermit for you, take
care and remember to run for the hills when the
lamp runs dry, the night is dark and full of fallen!

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