Yeah, yeah another golden ticket Gotta get those jackpots well I actually found one over here right there. I found one so We should play it. Yeah, we should definitely play it. So you guys know that we always come here just like our favorite spot We always play the coin pushers. We always get the 10,000 chip 2 tickets the golden ticket We’re gonna do it again And I and if you guys new here, make sure that the subscribe button and the like button down below and stuff They’re really Good the crafts there he is Jeff Going Oh Tom’s out if we gotta get the golden ticket That’s right only here at Mariners arcade we have a authentic 100% accurate golden ticket Willy Wonka We are going to destroy the coin pushes today. That is a fact that is that’s what we’re gonna do I’m here to destroy this game. Okay, we’re gonna get this and my boy Jeff’s gonna get me the ten thousand All right, what’s on the edge right there that’s pretty good oh, yeah that push that shit son of coins claw boss What are you doing? I Ain’t even hear me Oh What that someone just melted there Oh three coins. Oh Yeah, we’re gonna get 10,000 so easy Come on, get the coins. There we go. Yeah All right. We had the tickets coming down though. That’s always that’s always a good site One That was insane. All right, I gotta get that. I gotta get that chip right over the edge there So some secrets if you guys want to know if you ever come down here to Mariners in New Jersey. Oh wait All right Well, I gotta do is you gotta find the chips that are close to the right edge or the left edge and that’s it Never go for the middle one. That is the worst one These they’re they’re not because they’re not over there Because right here like the coins go into like a trend like a I got like a pattern like a rhythm They just start moving. I know you would call that but that’s a little hack. I mean, that’s how I always win these Play that – all right, say it’s getting a lot of coin soon – – Oh got a lot quarters Every three coins that’s good. There we go. That was a nice bush Alrights on the edge that’s good. That’s good There we go. Now now it’s in the it’s in the trend. It’s gonna fall soon Come on there we go three coins It’s dropping so many coins Yes, oh my god, it’s so close Oh my god It just pushed it. Look at that. I have two quarters left. I don’t think I’ll get it. I’m asking more money, but Alright, come on. Oh my god That’s why he was down Yeah, yeah, yeah another golden ticket, hey it’s a little broken yeah, yeah That was my last quarter – and we got tickets so that’s good and I get these tickets and that’s actually a good photo Let’s cash in my tickets real quick, and then we’ll go place Kalama Sheen’s and finish off the video there, but there we go. We destroyed the the coin post here. That was pretty fun There’s my tickets Thank you my card My lovely tickets I’ll miss you ticket hits my golden ticket. I’ll miss you – oh Thank you 19000 oh if it focuses 19,700 tickets Yeah, yeah that was 19,000 and tickets and just some tickets and then the 10400 Yeah, and that’s it for the video If you guys enjoyed this video make sure you smash the thumbs up bun down below It really does help like when people say it really does help. Don’t forget to subscribe and term post on vacations down below So you never miss out on one of our epic arcane videos And again guys, we always go to this arcade for the coin pushes and stuff So there will definitely be more of these I know this was a very short video, but I hope you guys did enjoy it and oh my god I got a shave that is terrible. Like what why why do I have a neckbeard like what’s going on with that? Anyway, guys, make sure you follow me on social media at arcade boss on Instagram Twitter both arcade boss Check out the arcade boss calm because it’s my website. I got merch there Bye submerged. Anyway, I mark in Boston on let’s see you guys in the next hour K video these guys So what you’re saying to come it shouldn’t be this guy


  1. What can you get for 10,000 tickets, and how much did you spend getting it? I'm curious about the ticket economy of that arcade.

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