Destroy All Humans! – Ich Will Trailer

This is Bill Curtis. Authorities have issued an official government statement firmly refuting any rumours of alien activity and labelling them communist propaganda, aimed at undermining the American way of life. I want! I want! I want! I want! I want! I want your fantasy! I want! I want your energy! I want! I want to see your hands! I want! To drown in your applause! Do you see me? Do you hear me? Do you feel me? Can you hear me?! Can you hear me? We hear you! Can you see me? We see you! Can you feel me? We feel you! I can’t understand you! I want! I want!

100 thoughts on “Destroy All Humans! – Ich Will Trailer”

  1. Honestly, one of the best trailers for a video game I've ever seen so far, I've ended up watching this over and over because it's that good.

  2. THQ: we need toy mode because of toy story
    THQ fans:that’s strange, I thought it was a remake with no changes

  3. Send help….I've seen this trailer over 50 times and I'm not gonna get tired of it any time soon……

  4. I really want to get it, but it’s not gonna be out for a while, looks so fun! And it’s such a memorable trailer I don’t think I can forget it. I beat the OG game a little after this trailer came out, just a late response lol.

  5. So let me get this straight, they’re bringing back Destroy all Humans, and used Rammstein for the trailer music.



  7. I hope this game is coming to pc because i can’t wait to see our good old buddy cypto destroy all humans

  8. Majestic does not approve of this video!!!!! Hail our new Furon overlords! Keep the Rammstein coming Crypto!

  9. Proof of single player games STILL matter and more wanted than the trash micro transaction trash cough EA cough won’t mention any names.

  10. Does anyone else think that when the trailer first came out he was saying something like “A human” instead of “ich will” ?

  11. I just finished beating the PS4 port of the game and started the sequel. Guys, this game will be great especially if they make some small changes such as adding more content.

  12. I want you to trust me

    I want you to believe me

    I want to feel your glances

    I want to control every heart beat

    I want to hear your voices

    I want to disturb your peace

    I want you to see me good

    I want you to understand me

    I want your phantasy

    I want your energy

    I want to see your hands

    I want to drown in your cheers

    Do you see me?

    Do you understand me?

    Do you feel me?

    Do you hear me?

    Can you hear me?

    We hear you

    Can you see me?

    We see you

    Can you feel me?

    We feel you

    I don’t understand you

    I want

    We want you to trust to us

    We want you to believe us everything

    We want to see your hands

    We want to drown in your cheers – yes

    Can you hear me?

    We hear you

    Can you see me?

    We see you

    Can you feel me?

    We feel you

    I don’t understand you

    Can you hear us?

    We can hear you

    Can you see us?

    We can see you

    Can you feel us?

    We can feel you

    We don't understand you

  13. I kind of can't wait for this game to come out being a fan of the old-school Destroy All Humans on the original Xbox and PS2 it's really awesome to see that they're bringing it into a new generation the one question I got to ask though will be be able to abduct people in this one because I know and there is no one you couldn't do that but in Destroy All Humans 2 you could it be so cool if you could have dumped people in this game but I don't know

  14. Never played DAH but the clips from Impossible Creatures in the background… wish that had a remake

  15. That poor hamburger got completely COMMUNISTED! RED ALL OVER IT!!!
    But THQ, I saw the demo – the Majestic Agents have the most awful suits ever made in a game. Maybe give them a bit more realistic clothes? Not something so insanely tights and undersized. But keep the silly appearance overall!
    Yeah, I amazingly have a mild sense of fashion. I just hope Sillhouette looks good – and EVIL!

  16. THQ Nordic: Remastered Games

    Rockstar Games: Red Dead Redemption 2

    CD Projekt Red: Cyberpunk 2077

    ID Software: Doom Eternal

    Insomniac Games: Spider Man 2018

  17. i hope they remaster homefront 2011 and frontline fuel or wars and saints row 1 and 2 and make saints row 3 for ps4 and saints row 4 for nintendo switch and make darksiders 3 for nintendo switch and remastered the old wwe games and make a new wwe smackdown vs raw game since the wwe 2k version is boring

  18. None of my friends ever even touched the first 2 games when I got it for them as a gift on PS4 recently, suddenly they're hyped that it's getting remastered. I need better friends.

  19. Attention humans: I am Cryptosporidium of the planet Furon. This Remake is now a territory of the Furon Empire.

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