Denuclearizing Crypto

hey guys I know I've been away a while I've been a little under the weather I've been working quite a bit with security and my own personal security and kind of exchanging outs on my electronics and updating some of my equipment so I've been a little bit preoccupied with that there hasn't really been a good Wi-Fi signal out here to do live streams so I think I'm gonna start getting back into doing some published videos and just kind of talking about some different things that are currently trending right now i'm in the philippines but i think one of the things that's really interesting and world events is the trump and kim jeong-hoon meeting that's currently going on right actually at the the hotel or some of the events are at the hotel that I was doing some live streams out which was the JW Marriott right there next to a lot of the government capital functions so the the meeting between these guys is important for denuclearization and we can't have madmen out there shooting rockets all over the place Rocketman should have been handled a long time ago the US was the first to invent this nuclear threat with the Trinity bomb that was first exploded what was that 1945 in New Mexico which was followed up with the the two bombs in Japan which are only the only two nuclear warheads that have been used in a major world war sometimes you have to walk and this was just one of those basically they wanted the sanctions lifted in their entirety and we couldn't do that they were willing to denote the large portion of the areas that we wanted but we couldn't give up all of the sanctions for that there's a warmth that we have now I hope that stays I think it will some of these are peace talks but I always think it's a little bit hypocritical when you start looking at some of the underlying data so this is a map of the bombs that were dropped in 2016 by the US so you can see the countries primarily Hitler Syria and Iraq which you know are just in ruins now because of a lot of the chaos that's going on in those regions the other ones that stand out are Afghanistan and Libya both also with substantial amounts of bombs and then sporadic ones Yemen Somalia and Pakistan and this is another map of all of the US bases that are spread out all across the world it is kind of an underlying thing that US taxpayers are basically forced into funding I would have to imagine this would be part of the negotiations with Trump and kim jeong-hoon because there have been several reports that are out there I'll leave the links in description below of these entities that are showing that not only is North Korea you know bypassing US sanctions with cryptocurrency there's also been a lot of hacking claims in the last year that some of those are coming or emanating from that country via Singapore so I think that there are some interesting elements to consider when you're looking at the cryptocurrency side of things because it's it's a lot of these wars are financially funded you know there are corporate entities that make out pretty well from these the first one with the nuclear weapon that was detonated the Trinity bomb and then this all the subsequent bombs that were dropped over the the years after that whether it was testing or actually in and a particular war DuPont was the primary company that that was in charge of this and ended up actually getting out of that deal a nuclear program was first started in my home state of Washington in a place called Hanford there was a tremendous amount of testing as well as nuclear power that was being developed in that region a lot of the people that were involved with that had no idea what they were working on it was called the Manhattan Project and less than you know less than 1% of the people involved with that project had any idea that they were working on something that was going to be detonated on the Japanese people Hanford is a just a nuclear disaster it's full of nuclear waste there's a it's a it's a huge huge problem there's been reports that there's been substantial amount of radioactive material that's leaked into the Columbia River and subsequently downstream out to the ocean we've already seen some of these problems with the earthquake in Japan and how that impacted the the nuclear fallout there as well as just how devastating nuclear technology is from an environmental hazardous point of view the aim and the goal of these talks that the summit is to kind of have some resolution to kind of deed nuclear eyes so if you look at this chart here there has been quite a bit of a retracement of nuclear weapons from kind of a height of the Cold War era and you know some of the different time periods where nuclear weapons were being stockpiled now North Korea's reckless pursuit of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles threatens the entire world with unthinkable loss of human life it is an outrage that some nations would not only trade with such a regime but would arm supply and financially support a country that imperils the world with nuclear conflict no nation on earth has an interest in seeing this band of criminals arm itself with nuclear weapons and missiles the United States has great strengths and patience but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea Rocketman is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime the nation-states are fun their traditional fiat currencies that are coordinated through the banks of with you know the control of the money supply in that sense when the crypto currencies is decentralized so it's a completely new ballgame when you're kind of looking at this in a larger scale now when you have a certain level of mass adoption you have you know perhaps you've reached what's what Malcolm Gladwell calls the tipping point where all of a sudden you know we hit a critical mass and then boom when crypto currencies really explode we may see that in the next bull run you know this is this is gonna be a huge blow through the power structures of the nation-state I mean look at what has just recently happened with the government shut down one of the longest government shutdowns in US history if that was a source of reliance for you you know were you in impacted in any way by that you know that's that's something that you have to consider I think we're seeing more and more of a movement from government officials to be able to at least with crypto currencies that are public to have a little bit of control over that perhaps that they're being used in a particular exchange or a particular entity you know the the government can come in and contact that exchange directly and say hey listen we have questions and concerns about these addresses can you not deal with these addresses so if your crypto currency exchange wanting to stay in business that's going to be something that that you have to take into consideration is you may have to reject certain addresses as being potentially associated with illicit activity I think it's important to note that there is a little bit of government involvement in some of the the types of transactions that can be stopped in one way or another Kim Jong learn about his nuclear program at all have you said please don't start our nuclear war but a yes yes it's mobile to me when I saw myself company said I know this is just two words I don't want war because like I said I would take you over there and let you listen to them what he talks he sound like that he is more of a a kid at anything okay I think this went for the father that regime has passed out to him I think he really must have changed his culture but I think he's forced to be in his decision because every time I go over there he's changed so much that people the people don't see them and he said he's a kid but he's a kid with nuclear weapons well a tough combination have you spoken to him about human rights do you feel like you're close enough to him to talk to him about human rights while posted opened up to him too the fact that he was discussing today wouldn't the dillards I don't discuss politics because that's not my child my child to be a human being to try to try and connect us with them I will say one more time you must be high in like the Trump kim jeong-hoon denuclearization and some of the relations to cryptocurrency in terms of bypassing sanctions hacking claims that sort of thing one of the reasons why like I think this is an important topic for crypto currencies because with crypto currency you're dealing with money you have large sums of money that you're able to use for whatever projects you have the impact of having a regime that has the ability or the the foresight to understand that they could have access to nuclear technology nuclear weapons because the technology has spread so this is a map currently of the states with nuclear weapons and I wanted to kind of show a little bit of this I think one of the things that stands out you can see the red with North Korea and the red with Pakistan and India so those three countries are not in a particular alliance that we're seeing with China France Russia United Kingdom in the United States there's other you know countries that have been rumored to have nuclear weapons which the primary one being Israel there is a chance for peace between Israel and the Palestinians and you know it's interesting all my life I've heard that the toughest of all deals when they talk about tough deals we all like this but the toughest of all deals would be peace between Israel and the Palestinians I think we can follow you know world news and world politics at least to kind of have an understanding of some of the implications that this will how regimes have the ability to have access to some of these really destructive technologies that could impact a large amount of people in a particular region of the world so there's there's always kind of been that fear there and you know we saw some of that tensions in the Cold War you know this could potentially be the catalyst that leads us into like a world war 3 we haven't seen the nuclear option being used since it was used against the Japanese in World War 2 it's essentially kind of ended that conflict on that particular side of the world but if you look back into why a lot of this technology was researched in such a covert way to begin with was the u.s. fears that the Germans would have access to this technology first and if you had a nuclear German Nazi resent regime in power that would have a drastic impact on world events you know that is literally just what was that like 70 years ago or so so this hasn't been that that long ago where we've had some of these totalitarian regimes you can see how this may play into world politics and essentially a little bit of like a power ground I don't think Kim Jong moon necessarily wants to give up a lot of the kind of leverage that I guess the V has with some of these you know these types of threats in a way so the goal here is kind of an economic one so that's kind of the carrot that Trump is is holding out in front of kim jeong-hoon is that this is going to be very financially rewarding for your country and could be a very big economic boost if we can kind of work together to denuclearize this region North Korea ends up becoming denuclearize then the only real entity that you have outside of some of the traditional nuclear carrying countries is India Pakistan long time decades and decades there's a lot of dislike unfortunately yeah tested what was called the peaceful nuclear explosion called the smiling Buddha their stated intentions with their nuclear program is that it's for peaceful intentions per house you know defense some of the big tensions that I've been hearing with India have been more Pakistan's so because of the huge dynamics there so Pakistan is a primarily Muslim country India primarily Hindu and so that was kind of the breaking lines between those two countries when they split the India situation I'm also following pretty closely I think it's really interesting in terms of how that's going to play out with world politics with cryptocurrency because they are starting to get a little bit more involved in talking about that publicly Prime Minister Modi being the guy that's kind of leading some of the the talks in terms of cryptocurrency regulation have a kind of a new new set of laws in terms of having having access I mean we've already seen and I've already seen this personally when we're traveling to some of these major nuclear ask countries out of countries that nuclear power what you're seeing is that they are completely violating people's rights and and that the people that are entering the country all of their data on all of their electronic devices is subject to search without warning or a really due process and that's what I experienced when I came in at us just all of my I just was completely you know had all of my stuff you know taken taken from me and so I've heard some of the same instances of this happening with with other people related to cryptocurrency it's kind of a new a new phenomenon that we're seeing but when you really dig down to it there you know a lot of the reasonings they use like we're just looking for child pornography or something like that well you know what's to say I don't have personal you know videos of something you know you know sexual acts that I engaged to it with scenting partner you know you know and they would have access to that and only would they have access to it a lot of that stuff is being uploaded forever into a database such as facto so I mean I think that you know I I think that different countries you're gonna have different policies when it comes to some of the things they're doing it you see the US government is really looking and partnering with chain analysis and factum as part of kind of their cryptocurrency defense and other countries I think are going to have their own options we're starting to see this in India which is kind of very interesting with some of the stuff on some of my interests that I'm looking at financial liberation through cryptocurrency brings about a lot of different positives but also a lot of different negatives and a lot of things that that should be considered when you're looking when you're looking at this topic and so that's one of the things that I try to kind of focus on a little bit more is some of the bigger overarching concepts and topics it once you kind of get to a certain point where you are you know financially liberated or you feel a certain sense of freedom through cryptocurrency I think it's important to kind of start looking at some of the next levels of thought there's some very interesting things to to ponder and part of that is kind of what's going on right now in current events one of the negatives that you could look at is kind a particular regime which which may have a you know unstated goal or may have ill intentions and and you know the decentralization the financial liberation is a catalyst for those types of regimes to seek the next level of control which is more one of power not necessarily one of financial gain and I think that those are some of the things that we may need to look at and ponder looking forward with cryptocurrency is is how this impacts kind of a bigger picture and I think that there's a lot of different ways that you could kind of spin things and and supportin also with legal ramifications because there's you know there's people that are doing life sentences in federal penitentiaries in the US for victimless crimes related cryptocurrency I know these are some really big overarching topics and I think one of the things that at least for me like I was kind of wondering like what can I do on like an individual level probably one of the best methods that I've found that's that's at least has some scientific validity behind it is meditation and non-religious this is a practice or mental clarity this there's been a lot of scientific studies on the benefits of meditation times of you know peace talks and kind of you know very important worldly events I think the practice of meditation by people and masks can have a very beneficial positive impact and I reason I say that is because of some of the the studies that have been put out there that have shown a little bit of correlation between those those topics getting into Transcendental Meditation this was a practice that I learned from Maharshi University back in 2008 Mahara she is the founder and kind of leading thought figure behind the Transcendental Meditation movement and some of these studies that are being done at Maharishi you know so this is something that I've kind of been working on I've been trying to get into learning to meditate more being able to silence my mind it's it's it's a lot harder than it sounds one of the the primary leading guys that I was really fascinated with was a guy called John Hagelin and he's kind of a primary PhD astrophysicist that's doing a lot of really interesting scientific work thank you what'd you just sit in it was a hate crime against the English John why on earth are you a physicist even here on a night where we're talking about Transcendental Meditation quantum physics has basically revealed the fundamental unity of life surface diversity but deeper levels at the molecular atomic subatomic sub-nuclear electroweak unified etc culminates in the discovery of what's called the Unified Field fulfilling Einsteins dream of revealing the fundamental unity at the basis of the diversity of the universe what does that have to do with us you say I talk funny and then come out so you're saying but there I fear that things are set for a distinct from each other on a material level is illusionary change essentially allegiance correct but you can go beyond the senses and that's what meditation traditionally is properly understood it is a technique to pull the awareness from the outwardly directed senses powerfully within to experience deeper levels of mind simpler quieter more unified levels of the thinking process and then slipping beyond thought that's for the transcendental company beyond thought altogether to experience this Universal unity at the basis of mind map we can access neurologically in our own minds the unifying field of creativity for which all energy and matter has come perhaps even the cosmos and universe itself does the same that's right and it's not just a little chunky interesting but it's really practically important because that meditative state is considered to be a fourth state of consciousness that means not waking dreaming sleeping in which the entire brain as we've heard is engaged and that portal to coherent style of functioning of the brain develops the full potential of human life so truth be told meditation trance interpretation comes from the ancient wisdom of yoga in its design it's engineered to develop the full potential of the brain and as a side benefit stress stress-related illness melts away one of the things I thought was really interesting at the Maharashtra University was every single building on that University the entrance door was in the east and so there's a overarching philosophy behind architecture with within that culture which emanates from India and Vedic traditions so the entrance is in the East you meditate facing the east the Rising Sun this is the energy the ideal flow of energy through the body so it's important also to get comfortable so one of the things I found very difficult being former athlete having to deal with you know bad knees bad ankles bad hips is getting into a meditative pose keeping a straight back it's kind of difficult for me it's kind of painful hopefully one of the best ways that I found personally to to get into a comfortable position so that I can I can try as best I can to silence my mind for meditation is to get into a comfortable chair facing the east in in a room with with no distractions where I'm not going to be disturbed for about you know at least you know 10 to 15 minutes it's really interesting when they they hook up a lot of the electrical diodes on to someone that's that's been that's learning that's learn to meditate for for a long time Transcendental Meditation the actual brand the one that's being taught by Maharishi University is a form of a silent mantra and this is used as a weight of detaching oneself from anxiety promoting harmony and self-realization by meditation just kind of go over those again I mean some of my my real basic pointers is just just getting into a nice comfortable position facing the East get into a position where you're able to trying as best you can to to get to release all thoughts out of your mind and one of the best ways is to find a mantra a particular word and maybe that doesn't have a whole lot of meaning Tibetan ways to do the ohm you can even just thinking of doing like just silencing your mind to the point where you can focus on something like that as a mantra you can look up a few mantras as well on the internet and and learning to also focus a little bit more on the breath if you are gonna try to focus on something maybe you're looking to release the mantra you don't need to monitor anymore you can get into a point where you can really really quiet your mind and kind of get into a state of nothingness and that is the ultimate goal with meditation and kind of to release yourself your minds the concept of time it's it's a lot harder than it sounds getting to a point where you able to silence your mind for 10 minutes is a very daunting task you're gonna have you're constantly going to be having thoughts that are gonna be bombard in your mind it could be a lot of different topics that are going on in your personal life could be things are going on in your work life this is more of a practice for mental clarity it's been there's been enough scientific studies on the meditation practice as being a beneficial practice so I don't want this to come off as something that's like new-age or religious in nature but I do feel that there are a lot of benefits with meditation as well as benefits on kind of the collective consciousness of humans that are meditating at mass and this has actually been proven with some of the studies that have been put out there by Maharaja University encourage you guys to check that out and I'm gonna get back into doing some more cryptocurrency related videos so be looking forward to that because of my Wi-Fi situation I think a lot of them are going to be some cut up and edited videos like this so I'm going to be getting back in the swing of things but may not be everyday or daily so I appreciate you guys staying online enjoy the short clip by Maharishi and guys on the next one people love Transcendental Meditation is simple being is bliss in its nature this infinite happiness mind is always moving in the direction of greater happiness it is the experience of everyone wherever the mind goes it goes in the direction of greater happiness and because the nature of inner being is bliss infinite happiness therefore the mind during Transcendental Meditation takes that inward course in a more spontaneous manner in this meditation we do not concentrate or control the mind we let the mind follow its natural instinct towards greater happiness it and it goes within and gains bliss consciousness in the being we take a specific thought which suits us which is called a mantra or a suitable sound for us with the thought of that sound and start minimizing that thought to experience the finer state of that thought and until the source of thought is fathomed and the conscious mind reaches the transcendental area of being so from gross thought to the subtle state of thought to the subtler to the subtlest state of thought this is the path of Transcendental Meditation till the mind conscious mind reaches the Bliss consciousness or pure consciousness or the state of being here in this state of being the mind becomes soaked with energy intelligence and great happiness with it comes out and performs an experience in the world better than before

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  1. The ultimate goal with meditation is to clear the subconscious mind. That's why its needed daily.

  2. An awesome video. More like a documentary. You know I am very well versed in meditation. Kundalini Yoga opens you up to receive in the meditative process. It what Russell Brand uses. Changed my life! Anyone reading this, please feel free to reach out to me if you desire to meditate and what to know more or how to start.

  3. So glad to see you back Clover.
    All wars are bankers wars. They fund both sides, then fund the cleanup and rebuilding and make off with billions while not even batting an eyelash about the millions of lives they've destroyed or totally disrupted.

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