10 thoughts on “Dentacoin Token Overview By New Crypto Coin up 160 percent!!!”

  1. To All BTC Users , There's a new coin was lunched. This coin is DCN or DenTACOIN. As of now DCN or Dentacoin price is 3 satoshi only. DCN is already in acoinmarket . We advice to all of you to buy DCN now ,before DCN price get unaffordable price.

  2. let's just say you could buy your future dental procedures implants are expensive and you need insurance to be able to afford dental care so let's say you spend two or even three hundred dollars in Denta coin and secure your dental needs or your children without using an insurance I say it's not a bad idea plus let's just say it never went through but it may just have a chance I say why not I spend more than two hundred a year on really dumb shit

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