Dems Against Cryptocurrency

Arrigo Carr item we are live,
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I realize that there’s a little
been a shadow that I didn’t anti , you to god as we got really a
great doll, show lined up for
tonight, really looking for
Devin Jerry all on, and
hopefully I’ll , we’ve got some of great things
to talk about there have been
some development sense, since I
yesterday really, menaces of
actu there was a draft of a draft
bill, proposed on in front of
the Financial Services committee and is relatively on anti on a
digital asset anti crypto and
that’s what we’re gonna discuss
on that’s deftly what we wanted
dis a OK I’m going to a login and
Arrigo I believe we’ve got the
Jerry hall on right now, what
I’m gonna do is some tide myself and Jerry you should be with me
right now to all of a laureates good could
add the one, just going through
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I’m glad the jury that I was
able to get you 19 right away
withou so to tell says gray you been given
up on member in the community
for for quite awhile I know
you’ve up to flee a added to
some gre we’ve spoken on together on just to get a little bit of
all I guess the background on
con yourself you know in terms
of your all the you know your
entry and K of up to its awesome anno array of a it and quite handful that way
yet you know but obviously right to a it and all these are deftly
moving and in an interesting
direction though, and you notes
and at that such a a great and a
story , an island and really
developing a portfolio into
other areas plus anno having having that
experience doing business in other countries, I think the
you know all of that added up
and Owen and it allows you to
really you understand you know
this , woody and Mia what would your
thoughts that this point united
as you look at as you as you look at the trend
you know the OPS and downs and
you know you say you come in the
united and a guest of the market , but you know it’s an odd as
you kind of experience that in
myself I actually I got in and
right before the debate day of
you k researching and following it all
from probably about june, and
then I ended up investing in
October, and then odyssey we saw
the to a a it was yet it was it was crazy
so, and it’s interesting to be
brought up trading and and
everybody has to learn their
lessons an stocks in looking for stocks and
try to climb into a digital
asset space and a unit and work
that way a I found that a pretty
qu it just seem like anything that
you did at that time frame a
specially you know as we wanted
December as a kid can go wrong
you and a sale ago my god this is
this is crazy Jan than you see a
ride up the spike up you know
but as as it was happening again
re to for the big ramp up I
discovered, rebel and discovered
you know Exel and stellar and I
was shiny look at the payment
space an and here’s the real world use
case a known as you know like mike
you you know I was doing
business, in other countries,
and experiencing the hardships
of you know the anno and if you know it sits, crazy
so I just real quick as 1 to 1
as if knowledge of everyone
that’s bouncing in here really
appreci opting to say hi to everybody
and all glad you’re on bread,
really appreciate you coming and
appreciate everybody else for
are o and the Jerry hall on with me on
all the way and from coaster
Rica, and you Jerry hall is
deftly up in a very active all
of memb , and he’s also of the also came
out not that long ago is the of
is the original, yet Enoch a
Moto with his of united and
splitt early on, so this only see here,
as we go down, just looking up
here prescient, and you if you
know all of the of the
moderators appreciate all that so, so let
let’s get back to it let me up
to only as keen eyes as now
you’re experiencing, you to lie and we were starting to
see some the OPS and the downs
of this space, you know what to you when your thoughts at this
point are a Tia and the a array are a top array of a and a cap that that’s a united
again to keep the emotions of it
go and a it’s it’s pretty
impressive reason are a Tia you know exactly on its it
so impressive and also hears an eerie have up
to these entities that a Le Carre about the development and other day they care about
the direction that this
marketplace is going obviously
you know with rebel yell their
intent is to that solving a real problem, and
and it’s it’s pretty impressive
but with that like you said you
bring in the the of the spring you develop the space because
they they understand the
significance the importance of
all of that, of that to really
mechanism t anno yesterday strain you like
talked a lot about me, broke
down on trumps of three tweeds
and trying to analyze those and then beyond doubt now this been
on multiple reports that have
come out and this and this
really isn’t a big surprise and
also fi it was one article, I’m dumb
China you popping up and see
where they were where this was
all or this was published , we see this was, missy , or is it, we may be heading to
a nun now I know I8 states not I
know I don’t have the late to it
specifically on all here is a you know Donald trump has made
big 0.82020 election issue, that
that’s number one so obviously
we went through week I analyze
ye ought to see some of the other
candidates a coming out and
debating this issue now at the
same time of the demos on the Financial
Services committee on and I eyed
and begged of down as much as I
got eyed and really I do it a
hug of if the dam on the Financial
Services committee that is anti
crypto on is led by bragged of a
Sherman the known as the Sherman
eder, he as a put together and a
nominal fifties 100% behind the
site on but I think the assumption is
based on unfair logic, but this
there’s a draft bill now in
front of that’s going to onto
commi act to sew on this is
interesting to all of these
things do we see a test this
great movement we see what’s happening on next
week on the 16th and a spoke as being dragged in
front of senate on the 17th, the
oath a spoke as being dragged in
front of the Financial Service in you might be pretty a spot on
what this is that with
everything a trump was talk
about is actually referring to
the yeti, of a tow it and still sitting in the Financial
Services committee and of yet night and deftly appreciate the guy
I’d try to keep ball to try to
keep in touch with them on a
regular basis to know because
it’s imp , you assume the system is chip
gets back here, hopefully within
the next week are so there’s
some things that we’re working
on that were all you get it will
you get another group together
and were to send out another
series of videos, we we kind of
having and Maxine waters was open to it
there making some huge strides , and then this will face book
libre thing came up to me a lot
of this stuff seems orchestrated
planned, enough that just say it the way things are unfolding in
a gist of the time the timetable
you know it’s just way too
convenient it where you have of the Federal
reserve chairman, in front of a
hearing on the faster payment
task force, you know and
plugging on that’s interesting they call
them out on that whereas we all
know there’s a of a rebel
sitting on the sidelines you
know with on and then you have you’ll face
ball rolling out which is more
of a of you know retail level
yards one sense of money over
here you know it’s it’s kind of
important tell time right now
you know it’s it’s so all
everything is lining up and then
I said this if the token taxonomy act went
in front of Congress a month ago two months ago three
months ago when ever was in a
bid they were ready don’t even a
even if they’re able to get it t to three weeks ago before these
book you know came out with
their big announcement where everybody already knew, on the
hill yielded the Federal reserve
was arty inform you of their
data conversation about it with
bas they have no choice but to
discuss if they had no choice
but to learn about it on and
then Tromp up CNC you know so he
doesn’t n at the same time he can come out
in favor of it because of peeking out pomp and
it and the democrats 100% would
go against it and write been so
if a he’s so it’s a deftly up a you know you start seeing some
negative moves you know by the
dams you know you in and not in
the Financial Services committee in a better ride you know that
you’re really young try to
target this will face book thing
you with are so many there so
many mo and open now the timings perfect
because now everybody has to
learn everybody has to
understand on and now when when
this that d and we we see the significance
in a while when your thoughts to like I can tell you that they
actually had the they actually had some very
well informed people coming
there and in this goes back
maybe a month and 1/2 ago two
months ago , they had some very well inform
people of giving giving
presentations exactly like which
are talking about and and then the shame of it is
an only a very small handful
people on the Financial Services
committee actually showed up to
kn and other people teaching were
very you know very high level
more teaching the right way you
know that given the right
informati Strickland base value my intent
is to reach out of this week and
find out more details, because
there’s so much activity going o , when, when nine and tuning of
Presley, Congresswoman Presley
off from Massachusetts anno was
talking at the know with up with and I thought that you based on
her talk track and how she
handled , this conversation when it
comes to all the pain and space, and
faster payments and the way and
she got a lot of information out of
Chairman Powell but my point
with that is is that the bits
the terminology she used the way
she said all was so reminiscent of the
talk track on rebel and rebel
net and digital asset is all you
know and it will digital acid
solut but it was the way she brought
that conversation from start to
finish it seemed to me, if that that somebody yell from, either
wore davidson’s office or
somebody else very close to us sat down and had a
conversation with her you or at
a very in depth conversation
with her staff it was very knowledgeable in
that payment space on again it
just shouldn’t come out and talk
about digital asset sheet and
talk too convenient and she seen way
too knowledgeable you again
based on that talk track of you
know that that’s, my take on
what wo and up that none of those he was very
quick with that of a a I would it say that that’s the thing is
II think it Tia Tia I think that the fast the
pastor task force, you know the
report that they did delivered
was was important, but it but as
yo to stop you and did not to own
and do not live up to
expectation and I like I said
no, and then she cannot
basically what if you’ve been doing you
know why why don’t you have
anything and and again a
response is basically are his
response is bas he just won’t say it, you know
he can come out and say that
right on he even if it is their
you might not even wanted to be
ther , she has to direct question and
said is there any external
influence that’s slowing it down
or stopping you, or stopping all
of , meaning his bees are mask or
any other payment provider you
know lobbying aggressively to
stop it and he said all well
with me that mean that it income DM but
that doesn’t mean they didn’t
write a stop in at the fed level
and also saw somebody you know
so , let me let me go up here and
other some great comments here
real quick, we had mike she had
mentioned is, goes back a little
b and Brad Sherman odyssey the
Sherman Air from California was
extremely anti of anti crypto
for some reason but these anti
tech a array of a sampler lot more people and
a lot of the focus and to write it up the main as far as the sudden the sun
ramp up into about the foam all
red ball and that’s I think that’s that’s
the most important because, and in a mansion is
before also you know so
regardless of you know you know every
everybody’s seen oh yeah in a
major Russian we wanna see that
big anno foam oh spike again you
because y and with the problem the prom of
those phone was spikes if it
doesn’t have any substance to it
and that the other side of the
cl in Owen so that’s what we have
to be very cautious up and
that’s not it and that’s not a
positive and also to keep having
foam a and others allow it was
different like you said it was a
different market the police far as you retail
main street it was starting date
gain a little bit of attention
and recognition that was the
identi in a peep or starting the learn
about a little bit more you know
we only a very small fraction a
percentage of people invested i other know about it in earnest
obvious even smaller percentage of bellows the foam on that the
media jumped on the bandwagon and Owen in all the sudden you
thing started to really
skyrocket, and that the same
time like you said tell people
seem to view a little bit of a pullback a
little bit of a reaction to news
and and what’s happening in the
Martin of the market’s going to
re a digital asset space or if it’s
a regular stock market anno companies will respond to
coz if a negative news you know
enough talk about this before
and I’m sure you saw this in
invest or icing on a stock and that’s
by you know by the news that
they they spread and they can
have a positive they can have a
negati and then earnings than that of
the the report there any report
comes out all of you know what you know
they they reported it negative
than they actually missed it by
10¢ a share whenever in all the
su and Owen if you follow if you
know they don’t need big OPS and
downs to make the money they
wanna make another manipulating
the and a because by the time a
stock kits that region Kramer
showed 32 late you know you’re already at the
top you know if you’re trading
if you’re in the long-term
investing and all you you still
need yo you know you see that the pros
you see the cons you’re like a
legendary his post here that the
retracing was expected yes it’s
g and oh so you’re to expect a
little bit of our retrace I no
matter what it touches natural
but the thing is is that we’ll
wind w it up to you and a yeah and and that’s
interesting and its interest and all agree point and about I think
the dow was on purpose if they
can’t have that that kind of
money go into the into the
retail and on either move with a moving
into a bank in their trial in it
than one impact the price point
of a edges wanna give a quick
shot on his comment on this and all the fundamental news for
rebel can reflect in excerpt the
price, if it does, that too soon
and can be considered a secur I’m just saying great job guys
you’re really appreciate that
Brad, great, the Agri studies done a
phenomenal job just absolutely
outstanding to a a a hint of a a a a and it were a exactly a tie just a
pretty face and from a camera
and of a it , I’m sure he does it all anomalies on absolutely of
absolutely outstanding is said you write Jerry a a a
hit of a 10 K and Tia I thought they could Tia a contract together to a anno the hat to do and , yet we are talking about in
order to get the message out to
Congress or as at a rate Tia it’s right array of its its dominance that their
third of their to dominate there
to dominate no matter what
whether it’s successful in and a
gra it’s an awakening awareness and
people will use it no one knows
what percentage of their active users we use it
in all but it doesn’t take many
of you, doesn’t take many for
them to make money they spoke dozen one of you know
control, a currency’s base book
wants to make money and they know they don’t really
care how they do it all what
they do see is an opportune to
be right now in this payment
space as have others and a bit of come
along the way before you know
paypal as a perfect example they
saw an opportunity to create an online payment
structure it pared very nicely
with the day it was a it was
perfect timing anno on a life that was that was that
the beginning and Owen obviously
they’re there was a significant
amount of control there, you
know and and unite and was never
never positive just like
everything else till they never they never
signed with the right away
enough and so it was a detriment
to relationship, but you know
the same do because they understand you make
you know if you if you can make
a on a transaction fee and can make a a percent have
2%3% and a look of the credit
cards and killing it you know
whether to 1/2%, you know and
then the you know and so they they’ll see
that but they also see the
writing on the wall that in
order to maintain your existence on in is
ever changing world of
technology you better do
something different Tia you to do yeah me out of that user
for a long time and it’s an easy
way to communicate with the it’s interesting that sets it it’s right and in that suit are targeting
also write it’s a great point
but that’s either targeting face
book are targeting that community and I know it and a COL Ya can’t say it’s massive
its massive and it’s a it’s
amazing to me and forgot about
the pace book aloud form forget
about t , it’s all about the of the one
set of thing that’s you know
that’s other to move money
across border and people use
messenger f and a it’s a it’s a really good
point it’s about the watt sepp
and that’s withered and
integrated on in there and to me
also to it was you know how you know how
to we tell help move on token
taxonomy act along, we a stand
up against the Sherman eder you
kn all the positives, you know how
to how we do that you I’m not
I’m not big into the petitions
you know that some might not my
thi of us need you know somewhere
but when I really believe in
right now is what we’re all
doing you know whether it’s the
twitter a you know and and you know we
have people all over the world
but if we focusing on people the
United States because that’s
where it’s about that’s about the
grassroots lobbying campaign all
we we party got the big guys you
know that the big: the big
compani that are that are lobbying and
petitioning at the high level of
coming in meeting with Congress
on a regular basis they come and to the outreach maintain that
communication you’re just like
Ya been doing up to this point
with top with warm davidson’s
office huge amounts of responses and
comments to their tweeds and us
if you look alike were David so
many tweed stuff you know he
respo anno but they appreciate every,
and because they’re they’re out
there you know they wanna run
for reelection you know and then
t are their monitoring those
messages to me that is an
amazing way for us to create a
some sort of a groundswell of
coming from yo and we create you know
educational important videos
it’s an hour each young, like
the video that we put together
before I like t to, sending these that the
messages out to up to evade the
key up aggression
representatives and all week of
bombard the Sherman and Owen here’s why anno here’s
why you need yet on board with
this now you know don’t go to
your your stay wrong you know
becau you know if we get the word out
you know it’s it’s also good
impact who’s gonna a young was
gonna vote for them in the next
camp , the Beebe said the people me a
lobbyist a I agree you know we
deftly need to get on together on the voice that’s
gonna help continuously help
pull the people together and on
this is the hour each right now
thi and know in front of all a
congressional wraps it be great
if we can figure out for each
congressional representative
that’s imp and it’s a key staff kids doing
all the ground research units
not that not the congressperson a right and that point and all are a interesting alike that you know
they are an endearment dear members they
are or am I love that I love that
Aidid you remember the lobby
group is a remember hearing
about as Y forgot about them are at a exactly maybe somebody
listening on as that info but that’s a
phenomenal idea , I think you know having the
right team together in on the
tse been working on it we get a couple people
together, you know to have an
ole you’re pretty active on
twitter me of the BBS pretty
active on twitt on both twitter and you to anno
somehow we get the message out
beginning a group together up to
where you we can have an initiat , and here’s hour to get all
these people and here’s all
we’re going to take advantage of everybody’s,
followers anno to keep getting this
message are the a young and a array exactly of that and that’s
nuts and interesting up and
working piece you can’t sit and
do that it’s right to its it’s a yellow and a yelp and II agree with the
new and so so this is interesting and I was gonna say you’re just
as of as a as a side to that,
this is interesting because of ascites was commenting how to
the Miami dolphins in another
their of tiptoe is like cloying,
you say just wait for the other , but getting the word out and
it’s interesting whether it’s
gonna go to other sports teams
or a even getting into Congress
from getting the groundswell of of
all you’ll higher level voices
you know so in united grain’s a
lot of attention face book
brings a somehow get you a rebel in front
of imagine you know rebel sponsors
you and ask our you know or
hippo rebel decides young to sponsor you
know the pro team somewhere and
they’re talking about us Pesci
soccer Tino and a yummy talk
about r among mainstream lull we start
seeing some of these bigger
organizations they get it to
that to me is also really
interesting in and a lot of these a Congress
people to know because they say
will look you know you guys
gonna get on board you know the
Miami an interesting thought process anno or a tour of a array it a array it’s true and it’s right array , be it and that makes sense and on identity and known that
makes sense it of a right Tia you know I like that idea I
think that you know that’s the next that’s
gonna be the next step you know
they’ve got a anno think through
that, what’s that to exchange i it’s only reach out to them, say
there’s a huge amount of remains
payments a call from the U.S.
downing De Mexico an event tha’ talk together a way to sponsor
that solution, and they start
creating on environments where
are fully utilizing , it you know at least you know
two parts of the rebel mat
solution UX current and ex rapid
and thing to do the full trio
and in and of all I know and a Tia yell and and alike it it’s amazing and a like to Tia yell the NI love this I like this
idea this a universal wallet, I
like you know the idea that to a
session did you know you bring
it and all helping them see the way
forward you know so many of them
like you said are doing cross
border payments , knew them are doing business
overseas, you know obviously,
it’s very very important than a
lot of business down Latin
America all to a sham you know there’s
always issue, you know dealing
with letter credits and all
sorts of things and I just always a disaster you
know so I figure I deftly see
the benefit in that event that’s
it’s a phenomenal idea II really and of a no Tia not as great it’s great and all I agree 100% heat up Tia
any of opportunities now really
to take advantage anno of this growth space and
that’s where are and II find it
even you know more interesting
enough from all and whether it’s
fr and up to a a a a a a a to a anno they publish a JE said news
alert unique point is now up
five Sasquatch is a to tell you know that that’s
great it’s great, going all in
and yeti: by the way south of, is a really to a, it’s awesome it’s really very cool that’s
very cool it up so many of , I am and no I’m not a no the audit said they’d say it’s a
major issue its if you have to find an easy
way, the find a way to give them
the keys if they have access to a unity
after some explaining to want it
to somehow put that in someone’s
ANS wall and you’re right in ot and that was one of the major
issues also was uniting
transition, you know if you’re
put things on to the block chain
anno and t and theaters and easy way to
solve that or just having the
solution so you provide access
to those keys to your units your
error and I in in the event of , and IE to think through that a
little bit because you on a
given access to you only get one
individual access to all your
fund Tia view of the interesting and a yell me put that in their is right yeah telling them for array and I like that I are a array guy like that I think that
that’s interesting to do, and a Ya Ya array of a and got to play a time to the
only need to stay and never enough Arabia the good point Arabia exec to exactly a gritty of notes a
good 0.9 and this is this is
really important you know this
is probably put that at the top
of th , you Cali sign, you have and that
there’s a lot of interesting
companies out there you I think
that there’s a little better
research all which you guys are doing
with the a crypto a spiny on
think is is pretty amazing,
which are doing to know down the
area you , you know and then I think
that’s a really interesting one
and a more about that, by one
love or coming up here almost at
11:00 , young is one reason why wanna
do these up open mike sun on
Sunday like this and getting you
know one person on are multiple
pe on to talk in UO people that we
don’t normally hear from you
know there are more on that when
our side you just you read but
you Tia Enos also in sincerely
george’s is on, says Ira Jerry
hall was out here to a and got to be a anno it to a a ago so as we got
sincerely George on an IE a soul
I said I’d often wanna know more
about the a crit the Spiegel,
and issu that be great yeah, like that to
an up and then nine hopefully of
you know why chip and I are
working on a project for open
rule the know this isn’t just it’s
really great so, Tom night I was still know of a
nominee I know people do you
know I was get a lot of
congratulations for people it’s
of a it is yes or half of a mistrial like that
I really appreciate that and in
a deftly appreciate everybody , that comes on and spends time
listening a spends time
providing feedback on input,
just an absolutely outstanding
you know and and also it right and areas great have a neon and
all afford to talk me again soon all some are effects are a toe
with that unite yeah deftly of
appreciate everybody else being
on great comments tonight on Monday night, Monday night we
will be on again 10:00 PM minus
that’s tomorrow night , so we’ve got Monday Wednesday
on 10:00 PM for the report on
Saturday mornings and 8:00 AM,
try to continue doing is open
mike , windows so when those will
strain on anybody wants to want
to be on view no let me know
between now and next Sunday will
will on that, for neck Sunday and
then as always we’ve got you
know Monday through Friday on
you’ve got done to digital nomad
investi all you get some really amazing
live stream so of me I deftly appreciate and
one I think all those great
content creators is well you
know for everything they do and, starting again on Tuesday , chip excerpt the minute will
be back to live streaming again
on he ended up in of you to jail
for little bit , 10:00 on Tuesdays and
Thursdays you’ve got shipping
and Friday you’ve got to OM and
a auburn rain so you get a lot
of there’s all look for to see guys on
again tomorrow night cherry on
thank you very much for four on
taking your time and being on
the sho

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  1. Hi Jeff- just catching up on the chat. Great work and exciting times ahead. A contributor on your stream called Mac314 mentioned that only $3000 of XRP was being used per that really the case? Does seem very low given Xrapid has been in production with 20 partners since September last year…thoughts??

  2. Awesome stream Jeff! Enjoyed the live call from Jerry Hall! Always a pleasure to catch your streams! Thanks 🙏 for the follow on Twitter also! 👍

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