Delta Air Lines’ CEO Reveals Delta Airlines’ Future

Hey guys Jeb Brooks I’m in Atlanta Georgia today for a really cool reason! I can’t wait to share
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let’s get started I’ll tell you what we’re doing on the way. Okay, you see, so a
while back I sent an email to Ed Bastion the CEO of Delta. It was just kind of on
a whim. I didn’t expect to hear back, But I did! In about 10 minutes,
I said, look, we’ve got this really cool channel about aviation
and I think it’d be really fun to sit down and chat. He said that sounds like a
cool idea and here we are. So I’m waiting for an Uber. I’m heading over to the
Delta headquarters here in the next few minutes. So, as you can tell I’m really excited about this
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let’s get into this office and interview the CEO of Delta! You look a little distant. That’s ok. There, we’ll just. There we go that’ll that’ll do. I appreciate you sitting down.
So I thought we’d get started with a lightning round if that sounds
reasonable. So aisle or window? Aisle Okay Biscoff or
Pretzels? Biscoff. Do you carry-on or do you check your bag? Carry-on. And, I don’t know if you non-rev, but do you have Medallion Status? I have a false Medallion Status. Okay. Alright. Well we’ll accept that.That’s good. So I should say I am a Delta Diamond. Appreciate that. I have had the
chance to kind of connect with some pilot friends and some flight attendant
friends and frequent flyer friends. And my takeaway is you’ve got a lot of
constituencies to sort of work with. Not to mention investors. So my question
for you really is: What motivated you. Why did you decide to take this job Well this job is my dream job. It’s a great company. It’s got a great culture. It’s got great people. It’s challenging. It’s dynamic. Every day here is a different day It depends on how you want to look at
it. Either you can look at it as a burden or you look at it as
opportunities. I look at my team and I look at the things that we get to do
around the world and make a difference in the world and I get I get jazzed up
every single day. So you mentioned the people, which makes me think about the Delta Difference what is that for you? The Delta Difference is the people. It’s the culture. It started with our founder Mr. Woolman
he always spoke about the service from the heart and how that fell into the DNA
of the organization and that’s what we continue to reinforce I talked a lot
about how customer service organizations are very obsessed with focusing on the
customer and we do that too but the way we do that is we obsess on our people
and from a leadership perspective, which gives them the opportunity the tools and
the support they need to obsess on taking care of customers. That’s what I
spend all of my time doing is largely with our people when I’m out in the
field which is almost on a daily basis I make certain I’m very visible and
accessible and and they feel that support for me and our leadership team
and when when when that comes through in terms of service from a customer
standpoint you know that it’s the people that matter. You know, we talk a lot in
this industry about all the technology and fancy planes and the investments
were making in airports everywhere. Everyone’s doing that. The thing they
can’t replicate are the Delta people and that’s what stands out amongst our
amongst our company and I think that’s what makes a difference for our
customers. I agree with that. You know I love the A350 I had the chance to
fly on the very first A350 flight, but an A350 without a great
crew is just a hunk of metal. Exactly You know there’s there’s a line I once heard.
I use in my own business. That companies don’t grow. People do. And I think that’s what I’ve what I’ve seen in my span I guess you’d say with Delta is just how much you’ve elevated yourself and I thank
you for on behalf of those frequent fliers. But, let’s turn our
attention to the people aren’t frequent fliers the people that
are out there trying to decide which airline to fly with. What’s the reason
somebody should choose Delta? It’s for the people. First of all the service and
the reliability and the consistency of delivery is the standard. And that’s safe
on time with your bags making certain that you you are arriving at your
destination early if not if not on time matters. And unless you have that
foundation in place none of the other stuff really matters and that’s one
thing that we’ve spent a lot of time in the last five years improving the
operational integrity in quality of that of that service.
The second thing once we you have that in place is that we want people to have
as enjoyable an experience as possible. You know people hear about air
travel today as something that we all endure.
We’d like people to enjoy
it. It’s a beautiful experience, you know, flight and it’s a miracle. We put our hands in the trust of our of our pilots and
mechanics and we travel around the world and we have an
expectation. We don’t even think about you know the the things that
you know people used to worry about in this in this industry. And secondly, now
that we’re carrying the types of numbers that we are, with 200 million people a year
you know you’ve got to do that and not be seen as a commodity. You got to be
seen as as providing a service. I’ve talked a lot in the company
that our brand has taken on the effect of a lifestyle brand you know we’re a
consumer of brand you know people identify with and and engage with and
those are types of some of the things I hope people after their experience on
Delta they start to appreciate walk away with. I’ve seen you talk about lifestyle
brand and I think it makes so much sense I mean whether whether we’re flying for
work for pleasure or something in between, you know, it is part of
our lives now. People don’t think about getting on a plane the way
they did, just a few years ago. There’s something, to your point, there’s
something romantic about – at least to me – about going through a door walking
through a door, sitting down for some period of time – and typically in a
pretty comfortable way – and then walking out of the same door, and being in someplace
completely different. Completely. It’s transformative and we take it for
granted. And you can do it you know, I continue to think air travel
is the greatest bargain around. You do it at price points that you know again
could not have been seen as conceivable in the past. And you can do it for small
trips. You can do it for an international journey. You can travel, you can take-off
here in Atlanta and you could be you know the next day you could be in
Johannesburg or you can be in Singapore. It’s a magical experience.
And we always have to step back and reflect on how that
really does change people’s lives. It truly does. And you mentioned
Johannesburg, which is your longest route a great route I flew it just a few weeks
ago and and had a wonderful time on that on that flight. But it gets me thinking
about Delta as a global airline. I know that’s something you’ve spent some time
on I’d love for you to talk about that specifically, is your vision of Delta as
a global airline about more partnerships like you created? Or is it expanding
Delta metal? It’s expanding Delta Metal. Today we are still largely a domestic
airline. Two-thirds of our revenues are US-based. And one-third are
internationally-based. I would like, over time – I know it’s going to take years to
get the international revenue pool to rival the domestic revenue pool. And the
reason for that is, when I think about the US marketplace, it’s largely a
mature market. There’s not many new destinations to find, or new new
schedules to go and explore. We carry more people because we have bigger
aircraft, not necessarily more departures. We have bigger airports. We
still fly though through the same congested, you know, Air Traffic Control
systems, which I don’t see changing anytime soon. So, long-term, the growth of our business
has to be on the international front And it has to be taking the opportunities that we have here domestically, and bringing them international marketplace. It was why it was so
important on the whole Middle Eastern campaign to get the government support
to allow us to have a level playing field to compete to make that make that
goal achievable. It’s why we do have partnerships. We have partnerships, not
necessarily to grow our partners’ revenues. We have our partnerships there to grow Delta revenues to be able to sell us in market.
And, in turn, you know, we make them stronger too by providing them
opportunities and access to our markets. I tell our people all the time that I
don’t get paid based on how Air France is doing or AeroMexico or Korean. I get paid
on Delta revenues and Delta metal which is what we we enjoy the most so. But
there’s a give-and-take. There’s got to be an equitable
share of growth. And I know our customers – particularly our US-based customers –
always much prefer when they see the US Delta metal showing up versus a
partner aircraft and those are things that that to me motivates us in terms of
decision making we take. So if I tease out what you’re saying: We’re going to
see more routes, We’re gonna see more frequency, We’re gonna see more wide-bodies. I mean all these kinds of things are in your vision? Well all of the above. But again the foundation of making that happen is having strong partners around the world that can be putting their customers on our aircraft.
We estimate, Jeb, probably about 40% of our wide-body fleet would not fly today
if we didn’t have Partners. Really?! Put that in a simple, straightforward way. 40% of the
seats that you fill on… Collectively. And depends on market, but collectively are
being supplied by our partners. Wow! So, as you think about partners – this is
probably a completely unfair question and tell me and my feelings won’t be hurt. Is there a partnership that you look at
and say I want one – I want everything to look like that. Is there
some partnership out there that’s just functioning it up at a high level? I think they’re all great. I thought you might answer that way. They’re great. They’re different. I mean they all are unique. And there
different stages of evolution. I’d say, clearly our European partnerships
are the most advanced and most developed Virgin Atlantic is the one that’s
closest to us. Seventy five percent of their flying is into the US, so that’s
it’s almost an adjunct of our company. Air France-KLM is the longest. This is
twenty five years and that’s deeply integrated. Almost half of
the flying we do is almost exclusively to CDG and to Amsterdam. So we’re bringing
a lot of traffic flow there. Korean is new. Korean is incredibly
exciting. Korean is going to provide us the new opportunity to potentially move
out of Narita and move over to Seoul. And Latin America is early. It’s volatile. Any US business that does work in in
South America, Latin America, knows that there’s still a lot of challenge
down there, but with Aeromexico and GOL, we have great partners to work with. Korean. Specifically Seoul, do you foresee that in the future being like a Narita?
Sort of an international hub for Delta or do you see yourself – yourselves – partnering
even more fully with Korean such that you know those onward journeys are on
Korean airplanes Well it’ll be, it’s a Korean hub. The new
I don’t know, not sure if you’ve been to the new terminal It’s beautiful. It’s beautiful
and you know that terminal today is only Korean and Delta and Air France and KLM.
So it’s a 45 gate facility. So you think about the power of that hub. And
the 30 destinations into China alone that they serve out of that hub or the
80 destinations across Asia. We bring customers nonstop into Seoul and they can go anywhere they want on a one-stop basis through
Seoul. Whether or not we operate any flights out of Seoul to some other
destinations, if there’s opportunities, we would consider it. Right now we’re
looking at it, but there’s no active plans for that. Got it. Makes sense. So let’s shift our gear back to the part of flying that is dearest to me. I guess I can do that. And that’s the passenger experience. So I mentioned I had the
chance to fly on the Delta One Suites. I am so overjoyed that those are coming
to the triple sevens that’s a great thing. What else do you see in the future, in terms of the passenger experience? How is
that going change for us in the next, say, decade? Well, on the international flight,
that product is going across our entire international fleet. So, once we get done
with the triple sevens, which will be done next year, we’re going right into the
seven six fours, and we’ll be running them through the seven six fleet, as well
as the 330s as well, so that that is. By 2021 our goal is that will be the
standard across the 160 international aircraft. That’s the
product that you will be receiving. On the domestic front,
there’s a lot going on. Obviously with the up-gauging of the airline as we’re
eliminating the MD-80s and continuing to set down on the the MD-90s, continuing to
grow the 321 fleet, as well as the 737s. You’re seeing a very
different product. You’re seeing better onboard entertainment with live TV
across most of our domestic fleet at this point. You’re gonna see the A- It’s
still hard for me to say. The Airbus 220 entering the fleet. I still think of
it as the C Series and probably will call it the C Series still for some time that will
be entering our fleet in the beginning part of next year. That’s gonna
be a killer domestic airplane it’s a 110 seats. You’re going have
a wider a wider seat. You’re going have larger overhead space. You’re going have
an in-flight entertainment product that not only works, it’ll be patented. It’s a Delta product that we’re investing in and building. The technology for. And working closely with Bombardier and
Panasonic and GoGo to create a unique. It would be the first new unveiling of
that product that we’ll be able to put out for customer use. It’ll have
2KU satellite technology that works. And, you know, so I think
the customer experience that we’re seeing is not just the product, of
course. It’s the service of the people. You know, my own theory around Delta is
that, as you know, ten to fifteen years ago, the company was not in not in great shape. And was going
through some pretty difficult times, was taking away from customers, was taking
away from employees. And the spirit of the company was broken at that point.
Once we were able to right the ship and steady it, you know, in the last six or
seven years, get the merger done, the integration with Northwest, it’s allowed
our people to once again regain the pride of serving. And we’ve always had
some of the very best people. That’s what we’ve hired for is hospitality.
When those people see a product that’s substandard. And, you know, they’re
they’re hurt by that. And it bothers them. And they actually get more
ticked off than the customers do. For us putting them in the condition of having to
not give customers what they really deserve. Once we got that fixed and now
we’re in a position where we’re actually delivering the tools for them to do a
great job, you’ve seen the service levels really grow, the morale, the spirit, the
smiles on the planes. Our customer satisfaction scores, our NPS, are at
all-time highs and continue to grow from here. But it all took, you know, getting our employees back on our side. Getting them the tools they
need to do a great job and the expectations that they can then build a
customer. And you’re gonna see that continue to grow through the passenger
experience. That’s awesome. That’s all positive stuff. So I’m sitting here with you. I have three requests. No need for any response. Just three requests
that some of my my fellow Diamonds have made. We would love to see an Award
Chart come back. We would love to see a regional upgrade certificate, which is a Diamond benefit, we’d love to see a way to do
that online. And, more than anything, we’d love to know – and I think this is going
be like the other question – you’re not going give me an answer. What is your favorite
airplane? They’re all my favorite. You know, I’II have to say I’m partial to the 757 because of what it’s meant to the company. At one point, we had over 200 of them between Delta and Northwest.
It’s got great utility. It’s a comfortable airplane. Yeah, I think we’re
all sorry that Boeing stopped producing it. But, you know, whether it’s the
350 the newest evolution or I love flying on our new 321. And the C Series is gonna become become a popular airplane too. Well I’m so glad to hear you say 757 because that means we have some support
for the 797, the mid-market jet. That’s good! We hope to be flying that some day. Fingers crossed.
But, I just want to say thank you so much for generously
giving your time to the channel. We all appreciate it.
I certainly hope we can do this again sometime. Yeah. This was fun! Well awesome I appreciate your loyalty and to all your Diamond members, I thank them all I registered your questions and some some you’ll get
some some good good news on. Some you may not. We’ll find out, but you know,
fundamentally you guys are the ones that keep us keep us in business and it’s the
investments that we’re making in the product and the experience that you’re
going to continue to see it’s going to keep you loyal. And it’s going to keep you at
that Diamond status hopefully for a long time to come. You know, we’re investing
like never before. The company this year we’ll invest four-and-a-half billion
dollars in our company and that’s going to be a run rate that you’re gonna see year
after year after year. So when you think about it over five, six year time frame
twenty billion dollars invested, you know, from now for the next five years you’re
gonna have it incredibly. You’ve got a good experience today – I hope – it’s going it’s going just continue to get better. And it’s hopefully going to continue to separate us from the pack. Well, I I look forward to
continue flying with you. And sharing more videos like this one on YouTube. So
if you liked it, please click that Thumbs Up button. If you didn’t like it, click the Thumbs Down button twice. And, Ed, there’s something I always end my videos
with. And it’s something I’d love to hear you say. It’s simply “See you in the sky!”
So turn it over to Ed. See you in the Skies! Thanks for watching guys.
That’s awesome! Thank you so much! That was fun! Easy enough. Right?

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  41. Great interview. A Leader that clear gets Employees Matter. Happy Employees lead to Happy Customers. Pretty simple, but lot of companies do not get it.

  42. I like Delta because they connect my city ( TXL ) with the big apple ( JFK ). Also i really appreciate their commitment to the German economy buying Airbus planes. That's simply wonderful to have Delta as a partner. A 220, A 320 family, A 330-300, A 350-900, A 330-900neo.

  43. To be honest I have only flown Delta and Virgin since moving to the US… before that it was British Airways and charter airlines like Monarch and Britannia. I like Delta and Virgin is Meh… BA has become a joke and I won't use them. Still the only thing that remains unresolved for all airlines is their garbage food. They need to go back to a simple, easy to make menu that can be done right every time… forget the pesto's and aioli's and the other tripe… simple basic food

  44. As a supplier and customer, this man would never have sat down with me or anyone from my company. But you and Sam Chui bring him revenue. We dealt with people 2-3 rungs below him and they of course are ruthless assholes and he loves it that way. I have watched Delta bankrupt suppliers. But guess what, Continental my old alma mater was even worse, and American literally steals from virtually every industry supplier. I do applaud Delta for taking our advice for consolidating fleet types, but then hated them for prematurely converting out of that very same type. We did also suggest that they buy their own oil refinery which has worked out well. I don't blame them for telling Boeing to take a hike and going with Airbus either, but it was a sloppy ugly mess that pissed a lot of people off.

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