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Hello, I am Matt Taylor with DeepOnion. Today I want to share with you ways in which
DeepOnion is so much more then a cryptocurrency. Firstly something I find incredible about
DeepOnion, is the passion for world peace and the desire to help others. DeepOnion does a weekly donation to charitable
causes, some of which are the Tor Network, WikiLeaks, and others. Privacy and anonymity are two of the key features
of DeepOnion. With a desire to have irreversible payments
as a financial tool and improving our current Global economy by removing the middleman. Another key feature that sets us apart from
other Privacy coins is going to be released very soon. It is called VoteCentral. VoteCental will be a place kind of like King
Arthur’s Round table where ideas will be discussed, tasks assigned, by community members, It won’t
be a CEO dictating what to do. The community will take the lead and will
define new features and the direction of DeepOnion. This highly engaging form of communication
will keep DeepOnion innovative and the best product it can be. Other notable features are DeepVault which
in simple terms allows Onion Members to store file validation credentials within the blockchain. DeepSend which will be coming out soon will
allow users to send and receive untraceable payments. Another key feature I want to bring up is
that DeepOnion did not have and ICO, We have a Free Airdrop which is going on now. At the time of this video we are in the 31st
week of 40 weeks of Airdrops where Millions of Onions have been distributed freely to
the community. Other features include, highly secured transactions,
instant confirmations, secure wallet, Integration with Obfs4 and MEEK. All of which I will cover in more depth in
future videos. This leads me to what I think is DeepOnion’s
best feature. Their highly active, friendly, helpful and
creative community, all working toward a common goal. We constantly have contests, bounties, giveaways,
where you can earn free onions. Speaking of which, I have a giveaway of 10
Onions to do right now. To enter, all you needed to do was to make
a comment on my last video with your DO Wallet address. Here we go let me pick the winner. Congrats to the winners, make sure to go to
forum where this video is posted write a comment with your DO wallet to claim your prize. I will be doing these contests weekly, so
comment down below here on YouTube in this video, with your DO wallet, like the video
and subscribe for a chance to win. These are just a few of the many ways in which
DeepOnion is more then a cryptocurrency. I encourage you to check DeepOnion out at, read the white paper, and if this project, this movement, is something
that interests you, come, be a part of our team. Thank you for watching until next time, I
am Matt Taylor signing off.

56 thoughts on “DeepOnion | So Much More than a Cryptocurrency”

  1. Thanks for the video Matt, would love a technical analysis of what makes deep onion a unique privacy coin. The community is important but technology is essential to dominate. I read the white paper; would love to hear more of what they included in the paper in this kind of videos.

    Edit: DraVskU57cxuhz44i1UhuDBAiF6gFmjykM

  2. Awesome guy, with an awesome video, reviewing an awesome project! Great stuff Matt! The way you edited and presented this video -> impressive stuff!
    About the DeepOnion project itself: great privacy coin with many features related to privacy and anonymity, large community with over 12 200 active members, active devs of course and soo much more.
    Keep up the good work and please do more similar videos =)


  3. Wow, now that was amazing, very professional, I could not name anything that could have been done better. Great job! DYfs9r6QBK2e8CrNRHa75Snz65T6poUxAv

  4. What wow! Didn't expect to win, thank you! I'm so impressed by the quality of your videos so well made all the way trough! Keep them comming! DfYqMiZxmDyd3HmbhUx1QPL8SkzophgTXJ

  5. Great work matt! Very professional and informative with a high quality of video. Keep up! More power to DeepOnion 🙂

  6. Matt you are doing an amazing job. This video was even better than the last one.
    Keep it up Matt
    You are Rocking

  7. VoteCentral = King Arthurs Round table. Does that make Deeper Sir Lancelot?! Nice video and congrats to the two winners!

  8. Another amazing video man! Good vibes are a great addition to your usual professional explanations and tips. 🙂

  9. interesting and professional video. good job ! i m happy to be a part of this ambitious project !

  10. Mr. Chef really knows what to do.. Not just in da kitchen but also in our DO world.. Keep it up, man!


  11. Thought I had already commented on this one, I would lose my head if it wasn't screwed on. I like your take on this, VoteCentral will be a huge development. DeSYHwgrnYQz3KVde3S7on225xgrSwvZqV See under 50 words 😉

  12. Great very as always.
    If i do win the Giveaway ! i will donate 2 Onions to newbies on the forum !
    Aghilesdza DkWUyqttusXKZyQUgMBrZbto7aJUNWSfod

  13. Thanks for the helpful info. Deep onion is one of the best projects out here… Onion – DeywwaQoYJd8FPS3k1Vg6gU5zFgrkBfz3D

  14. As always, great video made by you Matt Taylor, We're glad that you are one of the members of DeepOnion community with such a great talent and skills. Keep up!

  15. Why deeponion and not ZOIN $ZOI? It's mining CPU only, it offers zerocoin protocol, atomic swaps, segwit, and masternodes soon.

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