Decentral Talk Live Ep #82: Toni Lane Casserly of Cointelegraph

I'm sure everyone's well aware of the wrong Telegraph a mainstream audience can tell us a little bit about this publication and what makes it different from some of the other locations out the chair true so we are actually a media group in that point I'll back at me to prove actually owns eight properties point I the graph is just one branch with the leading independent publications there are a few things that make is fundamentally different one that we kind of take in the comments section and the front page of the newspaper and or smash them into one so with every story that we write we have a political cartoon at a hand-drawn illustration and so we're naturally viral I'm just great somebody actually draw these are being done through actually dug up photo of me maybe ended up how many years yeah but I was in college seriously photo and that's the other thing is Rho something that's thing about the way coin Telegraph is medisch I have no control over not because you know I think there's this fundamental flaw with the idea of journalism today in that most media companies are thinking how do I like innovate how do I survived how do I make this company more profitable and I just think there's something so inherently wrong with the fact that you would have a hierarchical organizations like management structure with someone would say I'm the CEO unlike you of duty as I say and it's that person's job to make the company more possible when it's the person who's creating the contents job tell the truth and I feel like as an executive if I ever have to come between someone and telling the truth I think for example the new york times through the piece on what caused the energy crisis that was sponsored by chevron and did they mention anything that could implicate the person who paid the story of course not you know and i see that so fundamentally wrong so i have no control over that at oriel content we have our product management structure which essentially means that we work insert humming like a pyramid where its top down we worked in like all these little circles so like white notes right and we had a sale structure and in editorial structure and art structure and art circle and a management circle and I'm in the management circle and a CEO my responsibilities are to be a spokesperson to be the visionary and to ensure the company like the profitability of the company so that is something fundamentally different about Polly work internally now externally we had this really interesting challenge with one of our pieces and that pop of our team is based in Russia really interesting for Bitcoin right now and lets you talk with them it's well it's unique it's really neat for people that are in the Bitcoin space is actually really fortunate and what what's fascinating about journalism is that one of our writers wrote a story about Russia and they expose a Russian news media company owned by the government they expose them to be home by the government and then simultaneously they were they wrote they expose Russian propaganda and then the rest of the article was the United States was based on united states-based propaganda about Russia and one of the people on our staff from Russia just said no idea what you're talking about yes remember second largest media company in the heisman even see ya but it wasn't it I honestly feel uncomfortable talking about the experience there wouldn't want to answer me as they stay a part of the state but I'll tell you the news no matter where you are you're in the US or somewhere else somebody owns so companies at the end of said when I was looking at leaving media said article he's obsessed up the big piece of that was do I want to continue my exactly that's why we're totally independent we have no investors that people that are on my team our entire company and that's the other reason why we started to open these hyperlocal editorial branches so if I'm on the ground in Russia or if I'm on the ground in Spain Italy France Germany Argentina South Africa Nigeria Finland Russia you know that these days I can have hyper local news you know I can do from a person who is directly stationed in that area so we're planning a really big expansion that's also something that makes us deeply different is that a content is really tailored to these specificities so if you're considering expanding your business to another country and you want to know what's going on just totally objectively from someone on the ground you have the ability to do that and you know without a doubt that the only content we do post on our site that I would consider to be promotional is when we run contests can we talk about we do speak about those on our site that we're obviously very explicit about the fact that we as going to talk about are running a contest with one of our partners so I do want to be explicit about that just as some of this is good with cytosine making of course but yeah we publish no ads and I will as long as I'm there I refused to have a spot that the day that they brought a sponsored articles the day that I leave how do you guys actually we're really lucky to be funded by the community that loves us we as most people we dumont eyes do things like banner ad sales and then a lot of you know liquidity is found in doing things like events and we actually have a really unique payment structure for our writers so for most people you're like lucky to get paid like twenty dollars you're restoring right we actually pay people based on the amount of impact that they have so if you write an article and it goes viral we have a pool set up for writers every single week and based on how many shares your piece you get paid more or less people so if you write a post and it's extremely valuable who will love it and they're sharing it through every social channel we source all of those channels and every single one of our writers is compensated individually based on the amount of based on essentially like you're not attraction receive and how popular there God there we're actually the Texas Bitcoin conference we respond sir here we have so amazing I think this really speaks to having a brand with very strong character not just in the sketches but in the integrity that we have cold and that i work in live every day of my life to uphold and not going to have so many people on a daily basis sometimes I'll wake up and I have a thousand emails and they're all from people just saying I love your work you love what you do we want to work with you and so there are nearly I would say look on our events page we have a giant list of things that are going on in Bitcoin and again we're agnostic so we're we're not only posting about events that we're media partners or but we are most of the events that we have on our site we reach out to us yeah what do you see given your work I mean you are really a poor friend you see the daily challenges videos are amazing I think they're going to be two big challenges and it depends on if you're speaking of the Bitcoin industry is Bitcoin earth of all trades so I think with the between industry you have the challenge like it's actually quite hard to innovate with Bitcoin and that bitcoin is and out like a you space would walk to technology and so obviously the projects that are getting the greatest amount of funding in those spaces are things like rolex and exchanges and remaining obviously and i think that space is just very very tired you know how many more wallace can you build with like one different functionality and like no weed you can just build you can just do three lines of code and you built an entire roll it but someone else who's already built for all and it's already established could be three lines of code and it's not in this little light feature essentially that you built that is your like point of differentiation that's your USP uniques about seven point so I think that will be the challenges I said Bitcoin being one of the most innovative and revolutionary things of the past century and the most revolutionary inventions of the last century it amazes me to see how little innovation actually happens with Bitcoin I think we'll see simple to some great things for the gaming space which I think there's still a ton of potential innovate bearing with gambling isn't quite I think there's a huge obviously he's a profit opportunity there and as far as Brock chain technologies I think what's going to be the challenge there i think there's vast opportunity and i cannot wait to see what comes out of the industry in that area i think the bigger challenge there will be that he's very established blares all taking a very deep interest in blockchain technology and because there's not a fear of adoption anymore but IBM is working with them there are few other companies that said oh gosh who else I think I believe it was in town yes will be to keep up with this thank you very much to me Brown dinner I'm sorry I'm boring at the chamber

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