DEBUNKED: That Stupid Joe Biden Conspiracy Theory

Okay. We have to deal today with what is unfortunately
an increasingly repeated conspiracy theory about Joe Biden and Ukraine that spreading
as a result of the recent new Trump collusion allegation, which is that Donald Trump is
withholding hundreds of millions of dollars in aid from Ukraine until such time that Ukraine
decides to help Trump smear Joe Biden in order to help him win Trump. That is in the 2020 election. And the reason
that I have to do this is in part because some of the mainstream outlets that have reported
this, like the New York times and the Washington post didn’t properly debunk the conspiracy
theory and it’s getting even more oxygen. Now, the other important thing to know is
that the new conspiracy theory about Joe Biden is not new. This is something that far right
websites have been pushing for a while now, but it has recently exploded. So let’s get
into it. The idea is Joe Biden, in a completely corrupt cronies stick act, went to Kiev, Ukraine,
and threatened to withhold $1 billion in loan guarantees because a company that his son,
Hunter Biden is associated with was being investigated by the Ukrainian chief product
prosecutor, Victor Shoken. Now, if you don’t look beyond that one line conspiracy theory,
it is very easy to fall for it because it’s true that Joe Biden went to Kiev in 2015.
It’s true that Joe Biden was involved in discussions related to the actions of the chief prosecutor.
It’s true that Joe Biden was one of the people that threatened to withhold loan guarantees,
but unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on who you are and what your priorities are,
this lacks incredibly important context. Let’s start by looking at this video that many of
the conspiracy theorists are claiming is proof of everything that I just told you. Check
it out. A smoking gun of sorts. They say about this video. Well, I, I was not, I, I, but it just happened
to be, that was the assignment I got. I, I, I got all the good ones. Uh, and, uh, so I
got Ukraine and uh, um, I remember going over convincing our team or others to convincing
us that we should be providing for loan guarantees. And I went over I guess the 12th, 13th time
to Kieve and uh, and I was going, supposed to announce that there was another billion
dollar loan guarantee and I had gotten a commitment from Poroshenko and from, uh, yachtsman yuck
that they would take action against the state prosecutor and they didn’t, so they said they
had, they were walking out to press. Congress said, naw, I said, I’m not going to w w or
we’re not going to give you the billion dollars. They said, you have no authority. You’re not
the president. The president said, I said, call him. I said, I’m telling you you’re not
getting $1 billion. I said, you’re not getting the billion. I’m going to be leaving here.
And I think it was what, six hours I looked at, I said, I’m leaving at six hours. If the
prosecutor’s not fired, you’re not getting the money. Oh, son of a bitch. I got fired.
And they put in place someone who was solid, that is their smoking gun or smoking gun to
use the vocabulary of the current president. So let me talk about context. We often hear
from people who are like caught doing something wrong or saying something wrong and they have
to apologize. They will sometimes say, Oh no, no, no. What I said was taken out of context.
And often it makes no sense. Like in a lot of these situations, there is no possible
context that would change the meaning of what was said unless the context was they said
right before, what I’m about to say is a total joke, and I don’t mean it right, like the
whole context argument falls very flat. In this case, Joe Biden was one of many people
involved in an international coalition that was investigating corruption and embezzlement
and misconduct in Ukraine involving the chief prosecutor Joe Biden ended up as a point man
for this multinational effort. And many countries had already been asking
for the dismissal of the Ukrainian chief prosecutor months before Joe Biden even became the point
man. And again, this got some pickup and rightwing media, but it had never really taken off.
And now we find out that Rudy Giuliani is Donald Trump’s henchman. He’s going to Ukraine
and pushing them to get this Biden smear going. And as time goes, the allegations about Joe
Biden become even more outrageous. For example, there’s a version of this conspiracy that
Biden personally was blackmailing Ukrainian leadership into getting rid of the chief prosecutor
merely to derail the investigation into this company, uh, with which, uh, Joe Biden’s son
is associated a, um, a Ukrainian gas company, only the most myopic, limited understanding
of what happened could even possibly get you to that conclusion. And of course, when Donald
Trump has an actual new scandal on his hands involving Ukraine, that he’s withholding $250
million in aid unless Ukraine smears Biden. It’s an environment that is ripe for counter
conspiracies like this one about Joe Biden. Now I want to be really clear, this is not
a defense of Joe Biden’s a policy. This is not a, an endorsement of Joe Biden’s presidential
candidacy. This is not a denial that Joe Biden as vice president of the United States for
eight years was part of the status quo center left establishment that we’re trying to replace
with something more progressive in 2020 this is not a defense of any particular campaign
position of Joe Biden. I’m merely telling you that the conspiracy theory that Donald
Trump and Rudy Giuliani and right wing media is alleging exists is flat out false and it’s
quite frankly ridiculous and actually it’s so ridiculous that even Fox news hosts are
challenging it on Fox news broadcasts. I will tell you about that later on in the program.
We’ll take a quick break, make sure you’re following the show on Instagram, Graham at David Pakman show, and while you’re
there, follow me on Instagram at David dot cocky,

100 thoughts on “DEBUNKED: That Stupid Joe Biden Conspiracy Theory”

  1. im so tired of david defending creepy joe biden. you‘re sounding more and more like mainstream media! if you dont think theres alot of sketchy shit going on with biden your just naive

  2. Because you said debunk doesn't make it true. Tell me again how you've proven Biden's son wasn't hired through corrupt means. In fact if you dare imply that Hunter Biden was hired on the complete up and up, you are full of shit.

  3. Hey David, could you have a conversation with Kyle from Secular talk about this? I know you dissagree on this and I think it would be interesting.

  4. Hey everyone, don't listen to this dishonest partisan hack. He's full of shit and routinely gets shit wrong or blatantly lies to your faces. Go watch Kulinsky instead.

  5. Now debunk the claim that Biden used his power and influence to get his fail-son a $50k/mo seat on the board of a Ukrainian power company.

  6. So here's a question: let's suppose Trump's conspiracy theory about Joe Biden using a loan to obtain political leverage is true. Why then should we ignore that Trump is doing the exact some thing and proud of it? Trump should be impeached, and Biden's campaign deserves to flounder on this new scrutiny. Get rid of both these people.

  7. @Sonny Johnson
    That because Giuliani has a huge big mouth, and always puts foot in it to his anus. Giuliani should be disbarred for violating attorney client privilage. Alcohol seems to have killed so many brain cells in Giuliani's mind, it appears to be mud.

  8. I’m worried Kyle is dividing the progressive left and damaging the left beyond repair. He has gone off the deep end in his blind bias towards Bernie. It’s gotten bad. I want Bernie to win and use to love watching Kyle, but he’s polarizing his base. They are becoming trumpists for Bernie. They are so polarized they attack anyone who remotely criticizes Bernie. They are so blind in their hate of corporate dems they adopt right wing talking points. Kyle is singlehandedly dividing the progressive left into two factions. Not even to mention the division between the progressive left and the moderate wing. Kyle is dividing them further. It’s very VERY damaging.

  9. I do love how people here in the comments are just deliberately ignoring all the details and context of the situation and are just going 'so you admit he went to Ukraine, Not Debunked!!!' The level people will go disregard facts to avoid taking responsibilitoes for the Crimes their complicit in for voting and standing for for Trump is amazing. It's impedance and childish plain and simple.

  10. Biden was acting on behalf of the USA, authorized by the President and with all the boxes checked within the Obama administration. The EU, IMF and World Bank were also on board. A non-scandal. But reporting a non-scandal makes it a scandal. Just like the opposite effect that reporting on a Trump scandal seems to make it a non-scandal.

  11. Okay I'm confused as to how this is debunking the theory. So other countries calling for dismissal somehow shows that Biden didn't have an ulterior motive to squash an investigation into his son and the company he works for

  12. Democrats, Let's not believe this Biden Conspiracy. That's what Trump wants. Let's focus more on healthcare, environment, and support a candidate that can defeat this orange. That can be Biden, Sanders, or Warren…

  13. Right wing media? What planet are you on? Easy to see how you are allowed to have all your followers, while truth tellers get shut down. When Biden & son go down, I hope you're the collateral damage! Disgusting gatekeeper journalism.

  14. One facet of this conspiracy theory is the idea of American exceptionalism, that some of these anti-globalist Right-wingers desperately hang on to.
    To them Biden had to be the only(?) influential factor in what was happening in Ukraine.
    To them the rest of the world, ie outside of the US, is basically brown people in mud huts.
    To them America dictates policy (and everything else) to the rest of the world, and all of the rest of the world looks to the US as the ideal state, that everybody work towards.

    They are completely blind to the demonstrably fact, that the US is a shit hole country.

  15. John Solomon over at The Hill asked the guy that had been sacked, and guess what he said? "Shokin told me in written answers to questions that, before he was fired as general prosecutor, he had made “specific plans” for the investigation that “included interrogations and other crime-investigation procedures into all members of the executive board, including Hunter Biden.” – so much for your "outrageous right wing conspiracy theory", David!…

  16. David, Joe Biden is not the “center-left establishment”, he is a far right Democrat. I’m surprised you would make that categorical mistake.

  17. Wow,in the meantime,after the release of the transcript and nobody is talking about it,other than that trump encouraged Ukraine to do a investigation on Biden,we now also know why Barr did what he did with the Mueller report..He is in it as deep as trump and his perfect lawyer…He had no other choice,i think he wished trump didn't use this new conspiracy card to try to win with lies again..

  18. the whole Biden conspiracy is irrelevant, even if it was true. If that is the case both Biden and Trump should be prosecuted for their crimes. And in no way, it undermines the charges against Trump. Unless you are a simpleton sucker with a red hat, of course.
    Besides, Biden will likely not even be the democratic candidate in 2020

  19. 5:27 Ugh, I give Pakman one go and he refers to Obama's Administration as "centre-left". Why can't we be honest and face the fact that it was a centre-right administration?

  20. You dont debunk shit here. Did the EU and other countries have a son to benefit from this action?? No, its not relevant. Joe was conflicted and he knew it. Getting your friends to join your corruption doesnt debunk shit.

  21. David you didn't actually debunk anything. This video was a waste of time. Vox does have a good article explaining the entire matter.

  22. Can't both Trump and Biden be corrupt? Seems like the most logical conclusion with this set of facts; Ockham's Razor certainly points to this conclusion. The appearance of impropriety is impropriety in itself, and Biden is experienced enough to know this. Also, remember when you said UFOs were absolutely just conspiracy theory / pseudoscience? Modesty helps with keeping an open mind.

  23. It's wrong to take Biden or Trump by their word. Everything needs to be thoroughly investigated before we make a call to damn or exonerate either side. INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. They may both say things people don't like, have policies people don't agree with, and may both be corrupt but to determine truly before being to hasty Investigate.

  24. "Fire the investigator or you won't get the money" at the time when the same investigator investigates a company where his son gets $50K per month for corruption? Nothing suspicious there, you crazy conspiracy theorists! "Other countries wanted that!"

  25. To the average person this impeachment inquiry looks like establishment dems protecting the institution of politicians’ children sitting on boards collecting fat checks in order to buy influence.

  26. I am thinking that this may be a set-up. Not so much against Biden, although it presents as such, as against Congress and the Democrat 2020 candidates. I am thinking of Trump's Apprentice history of setting up certain of his candidates to fail. He may be doing the same here. And here we are now with Congress starting their no-win impeachment proceedings based on thin evidence, which Trump will be able to turn into another circus attraction for his base, reinvigorating them with increasing smears against the antics of Democrats and Congress. McConnell will have so much fun and smugness with this. All this theater happening as we enter the 2020 election run-up. Trump will be ensuring his re-election and Republicans' at all levels. It could all just be a game and a theatrical for him and his WH team. If it works – Yay! Go Team! MAGA! :(( If it doesn't, well, there will be something else…

  27. Only thing lacking from your analysis is that Biden should have excused himself from that part of the discussion as there was conflict of interest with his son on the opposite side of the prosecutor

  28. The context of the US literally forcing a sovereign nation to alter its administration to suit its interest is completely missed . And Joe just admitted it

  29. Came here to see a good ol “dEBuNkING!”

    Got a Pakman word salad of course…sigh*

    It would have been extremely helpful to point out the “corruption” of the Ukranian prosecutor using references and links

    But word salads always do the trick for ding-bat libs

  30. This article (link below) from The Intercept goes into a lot of details about the Hunter Biden story. One thing I'm confused about. Hunter was on Burisma's board from 2014 to 2019, so for five years starting in the year of the Ukrainian Revolution. As an attorney serving on a board, does that mean he lived in Ukraine for most or any of this period? I can't see Joe Biden even wanting his son in such a place. More stable than Yemen, of course, but still not the safest place to be involved with the company where the co-owner, Mykola Zlochevsky, fled with the former Putin puppet, Viktor Yanukovych. Anyway, rather than Joe Biden getting him the job, I think Hunter Biden was recruited by the company because they wanted a high-profile, and highly-connected international board, so the gas company would be impervious to Putin or whatever way the wind was blowing in the Ukraine under a new less Putin-friendly leader.

  31. The new left is insufferable. The Biden family were bought and sold by foreign governments. His son Hunter had a 3 million dollar contract with Ukraine energy company. He also inked 1.5 billion private equity deal with China while slimy joe was vice president. You can't make this s**t up. He should be investigated and testify before congress.

  32. I swear people will believe anything this particular prosecutor was already way due to be fired Joe Biden just happened to be the representative for the United States at the time

  33. You claim that the investigation into Biden's son was corrupt. But you provide no evidence or argument. It makes no sense. Why would a Ukrainian gas company be paying Biden millions of dollars? Last time I checked, he's not some kind of expert on Ukrainian energy. If you claim there's no corruption there, what is your alternative explanation?

  34. Ms. Direction, also known as "David Pakman" does a wonderful job in this video of setting up the viewer to accept his lazy propaganda of being an apologist for Biden. He covers it by claiming to debunk the very words of Joe Biden openly discussing his corruption, to cover for his son, and the role that Obama played in allowing his corrupt VP from doing "some things" that Trump is now blamed for. Professor Pakman has as much clarity as an overflowing toilet in a rest stop. One thing to look out for, listen to his claims here, and find this video when the media FAILS AGAIN in their narrative of Orange Man Bad, within the next year. Ms. Direction will claim he never said those things, or he might pull a Pakman Special and claim to not even know Biden ever existed.

  35. So….let me get this straight, David. Joe Biden admitted to withholding U.S. government funds from Ukraine unless they fire the prosecutor that was investigating the company Biden's son was on the board of. Um, David, that is called bribery. He doesn't have to have an underlying motive to ask for the firing of the prosecutor he just had to ask for the President of Ukraine to fire him if he wanted the money. Someone admitting to bribery on video with many witnesses isn't a conspiracy theory. Oh, and that prosecutor said he was fired b/c he was investigating that company so….there's that.

  36. Trump is CORRUPT! Biden's son making money off his fathers' position in Ukrane and China is FUCKED UP TOO! Crony capitalism must be dealt with!

  37. You didn't debunk anything. You just said that people who believe the conspiracy are ridiculous and myopic in their understanding. What is wrong with you people?

  38. Lol the joe Biden story is a “stupid conspiracy theory” but the trump story is grounds for impeachment? Lmfao what a clown this guy is.

  39. You can call it a conspiracy theory all you want, but shouldnt corrupt politicians be investigated if there is evidence (ie Bidens own words)? The people of America are tired of corruption and cover ups. We are tired of the lies from the media and the swamp. If you are covering for Biden, you are covering up the truth. Bring the truth to light and prosecute those who break the law. If no laws are broken then the people will make their own minds in the court of public opinion and choose to vote how they will. But covering it up and claiming its debunked is totally dishonest. Thats way Pakman is know as Dishonest David, or just Plaid Ma'am.

  40. Wasnt Hunter Biden arrested with a crackpipe in his car? Good thing a ukrainian gas company paid a crackhead $50k/year to do absolutely nothing. That seems legit

  41. "This is something far right sites have been saying for a while now"

    ABC did several stories on it calling out several fishy things.

    And the Washington post
    And the new York Times

  42. I dunno David, it's extraordinarily clear that Hunter Biden cashed in on his dad's political position. The Ukrainian company didn't pay Hunter $50k per month for his non-expertise.. Any one with a brain knows they were buying influence. Whether or not they got what they paid for I don't know, but it looks awfully bad. It doesn't much matter though, already what we see is the very swamp that people hate.

  43. What a disingenuous POS you are, Pakman. You didn't "debunk" anything. On the contrary, you spent six minutes babbling incoherently and waving your hands around like you were trying to dry nail polish or something. Seriously? Trump is "wrong" for suggesting that perhaps, a closer look into Biden and his son's criminal activities is warranted? You Leftists are masters of Alinsky misdirection and projection tactics but they won't work this time. We're wise to the scam, Pakman. Biden's comments were loud and clear. We know EXACTLY what's really going on here no matter how you and your Leftist cult spins it.

  44. David Pakman, please comment and address the blatantly obvious polar opposite views expressed by Kyle Kulinski.

  45. I dont know that anything you said Debunks the claim.. its still interesting that Bidens son was being paid by the company that was being investigated…

  46. please provide more info. Like What Countries are involved in this International Commission to fire some State Official. & What are the crime/s alleged against this guy? I actually wanted you to Debunk this, but I get a far more foreboding, almost MSNBC feel to this segment.
    I don’t think on any level extortion with US Aid (tax funds) in any way is appropriate. I’m curious as to what you think David?

  47. What's really crazy to me is that Trump is the most corrupt person running, but we have to play defense by debunking his smear campaigns against other candidates. Why isn't his own lawlessness enough to destroy HIM? To have Trump pointing his fingers at others is just ludicrous in my opinion

  48. The fact that his son was getting paid is still suspect. The routine corruption is still there, just like Trump and his hotels.

  49. Why is it necessary to “debunk” anything related to Joe Biden. I’m sure you can debunk something related to Hitler but why exactly? Biden is evil. He is running AGAINST the people. You suck David.

  50. Interesting… Seems like it was still an avoidable conflict that he should have opted out of, given the circumstances. Just another reason not to be excited about his candidacy, imo.

  51. Went to Stephan Molypoo channel to see what nonsense he's pushing about this and the comments under it were crazy as fuck. A bunch talking about how Hilary had a 106 person kill list, this Biden shit, Biden getting 1.5 billion from china, how dems are terrible (not exactly wrong), how republicans are such cucks that they'll always just back down (guess they never met Mitch McTurtle), how if a dem did this they would get away with it, Obama has a kill list and personal hitmen, how Obama's kids aren't his because his wife cheats and some other one about how Obama's kids are actually the kids of some couple he murdered when they were young, how Obama's wife is a man, Obama is from Kenya, and so on. That was only like 15 or 20 comments I looked at and most had like a dozen replies ,some from Molypoo himself, that were all afirmimg that nonsense. One guy even tossed in an AOC joke just for god measure. Others literaly cursed democrats all to hell. Another said he was a lifelong democrat until he "started doing serious research" and became scared of their evilness or something to that effect. Straight up madness like a cult following that only listens to Molypoo's wild conspiracies and shit alex jones peddles. Fucking crazy and actually scary that these people are walking around out in public.

  52. Like my comment if you want our two favorite progressive political pundits, David and Kyle, to debate over this. (Why? Because they have completely different opinions regarding that topic)

  53. i watched many times videos by pakman and kulinski. i cannot decide who is right, but this video doesn't provide enough evidence. david merely says it's wrong. the intercept article did not help either

  54. Hunter Biden getting paid $50,000 a month in Ukraine in an energy firm where he has no experience and Joe Biden being Vice President at the time is NOT corruption according to David.


  55. David basically said nothing in this video?
    Also the reason some Fox News pundits are defending Biden is because he’s a corporate shrill, he plays their game. Way off Pakman.

  56. David, its a fact Hunter Biden had a job making 50K a month to sit on a Ukrainian natural gas company board with 0 experience. How does that make sense with out corruption? That doesn’t seem like a conspiracy to me.

  57. Whatever the case may be, if Biden loses the primary this is a home run for the Democrats. Think about it: We get Trump on Criminal and unethical acts, but at the same time all his fodder against Biden will be pointless and wasted because he's not even in the race. If Biden wins, he'll have to defend himself from these accusations, the same way Hillary did, even if they are complete bullshit. Americans don't know what's real anymore and they'll believe anything.

    This story makes LITERALLY everyone else on the democratic stage more electable. The Dems have been handed a grenade. Either they hold on to it and let it explode in their face in November 2020, or they toss it back at the Trump camp by the end of the primary and win.

  58. A rational and indepent progressive. Exactly why I follow you, David. Time to get this outta the way because I know it's been in both of our minds ?, Will you marry me? ?

  59. Why the hell do you wipe Biden's ass like this?
    Hunter Biden even slept with his sister-in-law, this Biden family is totally sick…
    Any female in their family is just a sex toy/slave.
    You want this man to rule your country, well good luck!

  60. Conspiracy Theory??? R u kidding me? The Obama/Biden Administration orchestrated an ILLEGAL COUP in 2014. Dozens were killed. The country was torn apart. The US supported Neo-Nazi’s have been bombing and shelling Eastern Ukrainian’s for 5 years! The US is using Ukraine as a Pawn in a cynical geopolitical game. It’s truly disgusting, and the fact that you are dismissing the corrupt actions of Biden is disgraceful. And how does supporting a proxy war on Russia’s doorstep make America safer? Hint: It doesn’t.

    But let’s recap:

    In Feb. ‘14, Obama/Biden Admin. orchestrate an Illegal coup in Ukraine. In Apr. ‘14, Obama/Biden Press Release Announced $50 Mill US Taxpayer Funds Subsidizing Fracking in Ukraine. In May ‘14, Hunter Biden is placed on board of Ukraine’s largest fracking company.

    If you think this is insignificant, you’re a moron.

  61. I watched this story unfold as it happened during Obama/Clinton administration. Biden and Son are the real criminals in this story. This current faux impeachment drive is Biden's revenge for being investigated for his very real and completely evidence based crimes. It's now just another attempted cover up of the Obama (Clinton) administration's misdeeds. Just tell it like it is – just the facts – that shouldn't be too much to ask from a real news network right?

  62. Pakman, what you missed is at the time it is a conflict of interest for Biden to be the point man in Ukraine. Threatening treasury funds to ensure something that could potentially be seen as beneficial to a direct family member who has insisted that conversations of international business dealings took place is wrong. What he should have done is either recuse himself and have the SoS or another deligate be the point man in Ukraine or make sure you stay uniformed on the subject of your sons admitted involvement with an energy firm under nation investigation. You cannot do both morally and maybe legally.
    I guess you missed the affidavit read in European court where Shokin, the prosecutor general, says that Poroshenko, the president, insisted he "wind up" the investigation into the Gas company Hunter Biden worked for. You should read the documents, and tell me it's still a consiracy.

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