Debitum ICO Review ⚛️Debitum Network – SME Business Financing on the Blockchain | Best ICO 2018

DEBITUM ICO REVIEW – Debitum Network – SME Business Financing on the Blockchain

13 thoughts on “Debitum ICO Review ⚛️Debitum Network – SME Business Financing on the Blockchain | Best ICO 2018”

  1. Why is it that we in the U.S. can't participate? Is it they have to register with SEC? Is there another way to get in our really how would they know if we did it anyways? Would it be blocked or would the U.S. find out? I've entered into one before and nothing happened but maybe that was before regs. Is there a list of ICO's in the U.S. we can get into?

  2. Can you direct me to your video on inviting if I am a US citizen? Oh hey btw I bought your cryptopolos report. Great info, thanks BK

  3. Have you checked out PeerMountain? they have signed up with a big German car manufacturer and a large Swiss financial company with 9m customers.

  4. Thanks for the review and congrats on the amount of views! Over 103k! That ain't nothing to sneeze at. Debitum will compete directly with the likes of Populous and Salt but will have more services in their network to make their DEB Token even more valuable.

  5. Great video! Can you please make a review of DIW's ICO. I'm interested in investing. I was browsing through the Security based ICO’s, not many about. DIW was one of few and I find it very important to have data stored safely in an age of hackers. Has anyone else heard of them?

  6. every day, more and more various projects appear on the ICO and most as practice shows will not give anything. therefore, with caution approached the site selection for investment and stopped on the project TokenGO which is already showing first results

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