New levels always brings new devils Stay committed to your goals and let go of anyone who poisons your spirit stay tuned Dear haters you’re not worth my time Don’t let bitter and unhappy people drag you down to their level Instead you should use their behavior as an example of how not to behave Be grateful that you are nothing like them See you gotta understand most people know your name, but they don’t even know your story. Never judge someone without knowing the whole story You may think you understand but really you don’t Judging the people. You don’t know for the things you don’t understand is just plain stupid No one has the right to judge you because no one really knows what you have been through They might have heard stories but they didn’t feel what you felt in your heart And over time we begin to see that some of the most poisonous people come to us disguised as friends and family Now, you know what dear haters you’re not worth my time Question for the day.. How do you handle your haters? Leave your comments for me in the comment section of this video. And as always remember to Like share and subscribe this is BobbieD saying take care, God Bless and Peace! Music Playing……


  1. I give EVERYONE the 90 second test when I meet them for the first time….
    THEY have 90 seconds from when they first open their mouth and speak to convince me that THEY ARE WORTH MY TIME…..
    My circle of friends is VERY small but they are true friends…
    Like brothers and sisters….
    (Works for me in my life)..
    Have a great day mate…

    PS…. NEVER confuse FRIENDS with ACQUAINTANCES….There is a huge difference…

  2. I usually fight against any oppression or ignore it. Depending on the situation. Thank you for the motivation, Bobby. Been down lately. This video hit home. I can relate.

  3. Bobby D man I feel the exact same way I noticed how I was being negative and how I allowed someones personal opinion of me get to me. I said to myself I'm not going to get down and depressed I said Im going to dust myself off keep my head high and keep it moving. I hope wish you well and continue on doing you. Take care

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