Dear Congress, Respectfully Ripple And XRP

ignition sequence start hey everybody this is the digital asset investor and I am in a hotel room in Boston Massachusetts I have been on vacation for the last few days and by the time you're listening to this I should be at home or in the air one or the other one thing that I would tell you all if you ever go to Boston Massachusetts you've got to go to Fenway Park and you need to go watch a red sox-yankees game which I did over the last few days and that was definitely eye-opening I never knew that Fenway Park was as small as it was I've grown up going to Braves games and I never did realize just how small and compact Fenway Park is but what's really awesome about the people of Boston and what they have going here is the enthusiasm that they have and the sense of culture and the pride that they have in their city that is something I've never experienced in Atlanta that's something that would take I guess a hundred years to duplicate to be able to duplicate the feeling that these people have for their city and the the different you go to different parts of Boston it's really amazing that each each section has its own culture and and these people are really pumped about being Bostonians and it's really cool okay now I had to do this video because there's so much going on and it's so fascinating to me I've been I received some text and I received some direct messages from different people and everyone's well I'll see something I just have to cover I hope you've enjoyed some of my videos that I pre produced that I've been had sent out to you while I've been on vacation that this will be the first live video I've done in a little while the first thing I'm going to show you is from Michael at the AL 5linx and this sets up what has happened today this is this is what's going to be happening on Tuesday the Committee on Banking Housing and Urban Affairs will meet in open session to conduct a hearing entitled examining regulatory frameworks for digital currencies and blockchain and here's the link to that and what this is is that there this is in response to the Libra coin and all that and the whole the whole I guess Congress's is have their hands up in the air screaming what's what are we going to do about all this and so they're only I think they're doing the right thing I think they're they're going about this the right way they've invited some people from the blockchain industry so that they get that take I don't think that they that this is the type of thing where they've invited them to try to really show them in front of the public like they do some people but it says examining regulatory frameworks for digital currencies in blockchain so on Tuesday 10:00 a.m. they're gonna be streaming it this is banking but you're probably watching on CNBC or wherever like I do and then I want to show you a couple people that we're going to be there I think we went over this maybe last week Jeremy Alaric is the CEO of circle and then Rebecca Nelson who is I think Rebecca Nelson is with blockchain what was it called lot Jane Foundation or the blockchain Institute something like that then they've got a professor of law that's going to be there as well hopefully that won't turn into a dog and pony show where the Congress people are just trying to show off for the public but I hope that they're asking some meaningful questions but if you're an X R P holder and you own the greatest digital asset ever created then you know that ripple the people at ripple who are working on the number one use case for X RP will be way ahead of the game in terms of heading something like this off of the past and today we learned that of course they were already thinking about this and here is what happened and this is all credit goes to bank at Bank xrp riffle CEO rights open letter to Congress of regulatory uncertainty and what this is is that the people at ripple Chris Larson and Brad Garlin house did write an open letter open advertisement in the Wall Street Journal for those of you that are not in the United States The Wall Street Journal is is the news and finance and politics everybody who's anybody reads The Wall Street Journal for period and so when you see something like this this is not a small thing this is a really really big deal ripple CEO writes open letter ripple has a paid and wsj this is the actual ad um it says I'm gonna read you the thing from ripples website but this is the ad if you want to go and snag a copy of it if I would like to get a copy of this to have framed myself I think I'm gonna have this framed in my office in my mega mansion one day okay but I think that this is important enough I want to read the whole thing to you dear Congress please do not paint us with a broad brush many in the blockchain of digital currency industry are responsible actors we were responsible to US and international law we were responsible to serving the greater good we don't take for granted the vital role of central banks and issuing currencies and setting monetary policy in concert with the complex dynamics of economies around the world for centuries governments have been well suited for the job because paramount to paramount to the acceptance of any currency is trust companies like ours in the United States and others abroad employed these innovations in partnership with regulated financial institutions to enable the world to move money across borders like it already moves information efficiently reliably and expensively and our view digital currencies have the opportunity to complement existing currencies like the US dollar not replace them without a doubt blockchain and digital currencies will engender greater financial inclusion and economic growth not unlike the Internet's historic impact as it did with the internet the US has the chance to lead the way nurturing this economic opportunity while continuing to protect privacy and stability we urge you to support regulation that does not disadvantage the US company US companies using these technologies to innovate responsibly and classifies digital currencies in a way that recognizes their fundamental differences not painting them with a broad brush without regulatory clarity we risk pushing the innovation tap tax revenue and jobs to these new technologies create the create overseas you have the world's attention let's come together and seize the moment respectfully Brad Garlin out CEO of ripple and Chris Larson executive chairman and co-founder of ripple this is big folks this is really big and the and I'll tell you my thoughts on it as we go along here but first I want to show you this is Brad garlic houses tweet from today this industry is at a crossroads on the eve of more congressional hearings on blockchain we rip will want to make things clearer not all crypto is the same and we're committed to partnering with governments and financial institutions globally and then Chris Larson also tweeted who rarely tweets this industry isn't an inflection point we a triple ask government leaders here in the US and around the world not to put all crypto in one bucket there are legitimate formative use cases let's work together to advance innovation while protecting consumers the time is now now I've got two thoughts on this and the first thought is that these guys did the correct thing I believe these guys have been working behind the scenes with the US government for the last two three or four years that's what I believe from everything I've seen but I believe that what's going on here is these guys are being extremely respectful they're doing the smart thing they know that there are they know that and they can't say it the way I'll set but they know that they've got there's a lot of loose cannon in Congress and there are and there's a there's a lot of loose cannons that don't that aren't all that bright too if you really want me to be candid but they know that there's a lot of loose cannons in Congress and they know that those people need to be a handle with kid gloves and that they have a lot of egos that are involved and so this is the smart thing to do but here's the thing that they certainly wouldn't talk about that they really know and I've talked about this a lot and and I want to show you one more thing about this and then I'll kind of parlay that into what I'm not point is going to be here Brian melancholy XRP at Mike honcho underscore 11 sent me this this is from this is a tweet from at future underscore XRP new edition this is a new addition to the riffle website um it's got a regulators section completely compliance and policy framework is a section that has been added to the ripple website I don't track the river website on a daily basis I have to take their word for it here this is new but you see what's going on there ripple is wanting to make sure that they're not just respectful but they're saying here look we've been this is what we've been doing is I did a video last week where I talked about how ripple these are not just the smartest guys in the room but these are the these are the guys that that have that did the right thing instead of being like big Bitcoin anarchists and say we're not we don't need government we don't need banks they said no this isn't going to work like that in order to really make this work where we have to go to regulators and that's what ripple did and I think they're just shining a spotlight on that right now but but but but I think at the same time I think rip was in the position it ripple and X and hence X RP or isn't a brad growing house and Chris Larson of Kirk of course never would and never could say this but I believe that I said for since I began this channel SBI is the ripple and XRP ace-in-the-hole SBI bought ten and a half percent of ripple in 2016 at that moment ripple and XRP became glow and that is the whole problem for governments with digital assets is that it's a global thing and for that reason if one government bans it you've got 50 other governments that where it's going to be a real thing and those the government's that try to ban will become disadvantage to governments and the economies of the world which is a global economy now and will be much more as this all unfolds and so you're looking this from at Stuart underscore XRP this is a slide SBI cryptocurrency will pursue synergies between the out of group endeavoring to generate profit and short term after full-scale service launch they're talking about SBI virtual currencies at the launch of full scale services expecting customer inflow from the SBI's groups now this is full-scale launch of SBI virtual currencies from the SBI groups customer base of twenty three point four seven million specifically SBI securities with approximately four point two six million accounts SBI sue mission that bank will approximately 3.2 1 million accounts an SBI liquidity market including SBI FX trade with approximately one point oh five million accounts folks this is happening no matter what this is happening for XRP no matter what X or P is one of their primary digital assets that are going to go live over there and then mr. B X R P sends me this at X R P mr. this is a picture of ripples website now I don't know if this just popped up but now you can visit SBI virtual currencies this is in the X R P buying guide section on ripples website and if you click on that it will take you to SBI b/c trade and here in the front one of the first things you'll see notification of implementation of system maintenance in preparation for starting new service provision thank you for all always using the vc trade service we will carry out system maintenance on the following schedule in preparation for the launch of new service maintenance scheduled July 31st they're telling you right here folks this service maintenance that there doing is is to we will carry out system it's on a following schedule in preparation for the launch of the new service and the new service is all of those millions of people who are going to be able to buy and sell XRP next from Chino Patel at G new Patel 29 simply this this is just yet another example of the people on CNBC talking will Bitcoin reach 55,000 by May 20 20 but what was interesting about this video they're talking about having a Bitcoin coming up but what is most interesting to me is now their conversation has just gone from kind of halfway talking about digital assets now they're talking about Bitcoin three and four and five times a day and they're not joking anymore now they're having serious conversations about how they how to value it or how to how to predict where it's going to go next and these type of things and that's what I got out of this video next from addicts lighting the way sent me this cryptocurrency mining is now an official industrial activity in Iran after winning approval from the country's cabinet so now digital asset crypto mining probably very specifically Bitcoin is a big is it going to be a winning approved from the country's kind of official industrial activity you know what's going to happen here don't you this mining thing I mean if this is or if there's any reason on Bitcoin this would be one because now mining is going to be is it's going to be lit could be like an arms race across the world mining and when that happens imagine if you only owned one or two Bitcoin and there's only 21 million about five or seven million which it's already been lost that is big time and finally we need to I got this from Diane be at living with passion we got to check in with my old buddy John McAfee she got this from sergeant everyone that sergeant sharp SSgt OB I won John McAfee now out of England flees to undisclosed place no I didn't even realize he had gone to England because I have been in Boston but this was the tweet that that article is based off of these two guys kept guard in our room last night in London the bad guys never came close we are out of England now and on our way to complete safety we will not be silenced and so John me John McAfee has now he's now he's gone to make a stop in London for some unknown reason I don't have any clue maybe he thought that if he went England that it would give him like a James Bond type feel where he's the rebel secret agent that's out there trying to keep from getting captured or whatever but in any event I will always cover John the cat John McAfee because who's more interesting than that I'm the digital acid investor I'm not an investment advisor this is for entertainment purposes only please subscribe and hit the like button and tell your friends and family that John McAfee is not in London anymore he is now safe and he's in a secret location and he will pop up somewhere one of the greatest things that could ever happen is at the that if he popped up on my YouTube channel one day that would be funny maybe it'll happen maybe I'll maybe I'll make my way down to his boat someday thank you for listening you

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