39 thoughts on “Deadpool Explains Monero | Altcoin of the Week”

  1. Good morning, There are many people from other countries who would love to know more about that cryptocurrency, and your video seems very good and easy to understand. Do you think you could be able to subtitle the Spanish to this video? I would appreciate it enough !!

  2. I knew monero was solid the second AB started accepting it way back in teh days. been mining xmr ever since x) ty minergate

  3. nonsense we know exactly where it came from…. it came from the sleeping giant….BYTECOIN! (still love the vid and the coin!).

  4. Yo Minergate! Let's get our hashrate up to 51% like we did recently and give ourselves more Monero! Jk jk jk 😀

  5. There's a fork coming up, MoneroV, that is the new coin which is supposed to be airdropped. Can anybody help to give some guidance about it?

  6. while i agree monero is a quality coin and i wish i got into it way earlier, the newer coins are ripe for investors to get in now. privacy coins are showing the way forward. and the newer privacy coins will be the biggest gainers in 2018 i think. shield could be a massive sleeping giant. Deeponion is a sleeping giant for sure but that giant is starting to wake. get in now for later big gains is my advice

  7. I like your videos, especially that you talk about coins with privacy like Monero, I am sure you will soon talk about DepOnion another great coin with total privacy and anonymity, using the TOR network which makes it even safer! You are right privacy coins are on the rise! indeed, and DeepOnion is one of the hot coins to invest right now! why? Big community increasing each week, DeepSend (Untraceable, hiding your Ip address) and DepVault (Notary on the blockchain) etc, etc! 2018 the year of privacy coins!!

  8. with one of the main groups of users currently being millenials this stuff is priceless- the serious side is still there maybe keep it 5050 but fuck all that thats my opinon lol but the edgyness fits the product, and u didnt go too far, and u added the legitimate purposes of it as well….. touche – reference – milton the legend friedman – predicting the pro's and con's of a future "ecash" that would come from the internet – – – interesting stuff –

  9. hmm, I like that P – violet woman on 17sec, she look soo confident 🙂 and she have proofs ( . ) ( . ) if you know what I mean). that PIVX is the best cryptocurrency!! But… on the other hand, take Deeponion , it has sweet Airdrops, not bad too.
    I wonder, who will win the fight ( . ) ( . ) or Airdrops?? LOL ))

  10. Hey man, this is one really cool video! I was always fan of Monero & Dash, privacy coins for me are the future. I've been looking into some more upcoming privacy coins like DeepOnion, have you heard about them? They have features that are actually better then monero and they are obviously cheaper too making them more attractive for investors. Do video like this about them 😀 All the possibilities you could do with Onion! 😀 Will be epic!

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