DCM (Digital Currency Mining coin) PR VIDEO

digital currency mining coin cryptocurrency development with high value and advanced technology ladies and gentlemen introducing DCM digital currency mining coin to you DCM coin is a coin that automatically increases its value just by having the profits of mining business of digital currency company limited how the value can be increased simply by holding it we will explain it step by step first what is the mining business simply the mining business is a business that equips and utilizes infrastructure for mining to generate profits infrastructure is for example facilities related to electricity water roads etc which are necessary to live a convenient life then let's talk about what the cryptocurrency infrastructure is there are internet lines network and smart phones or computers these are infrastructure for transaction and movement of cryptocurrency there is also a mining machine by accessing the Bitcoin network via mining machine transactions can be made between users or exchanges there for installing mining machines all over the world becomes the infrastructure of cryptocurrency digital currency Company Limited is constructing a large-scale mining farm with a capacity of 6400 GPUs and we are preparing a total of 10 mining farms moreover digital currencies mining farm introduced AI mining now if you only mine Bitcoin it's difficult to earn profit because of competition AI mining process AI mining process AI manages the cryptocurrency market capitalizations coin market cap market transactions and cost efficiency it's not limited to Bitcoin also mining coins that are most profitable in the present situation among various kinds of alternative coin such as Bitcoin cash aetherium like coin Manero mana coin and electron IAM finally the resulting coin is converted swapped into a Bitcoin and saved integration with a I greatly increases the revenue efficiency of mining farms revenue efficiency was increased to 30 percent from 16 percent and keep improving now howdy cm coins automatically increase in value for example if someone sells DCM a lot the market price will decline however the a I automatically purchased as the large amount of profits generated by at least 10 mining farms so the price does not decline but rather goes up also even if there is no DCM coin buyer the a I automatically buys the DCM coin so the market price continues to rise when actually doing anything this is a key point of increasing DCM coin value DCM also collaborates with Astec a data center specialist what does Astec do in DCM first aztec is involved in mining farm supervision and is studying thermal measures for mining machines considering high electricity bill we are researching and developing a mining machine with less heat for cost reduction in the future this will enable downsizing of mining farms if downsizing becomes possible you can create mining farms anywhere convenience store sized and container sized mining farms would be available an additional business model of small-scale and high efficiency would appear second Aztecs strong network infrastructure is driving DCMS revenue performance other mining farms can only use general fiber-optic lines connected to the network share of a single fiber optic line resulting in reduction in speed and if the number is exceeded the network reaches the limit and no longer mining however DCMS mining farm uses aztec leased line to monopolize even if you have many machines in mining farm you still get a maximum performance third aztec has large global enterprises as clients and we can promote DCM and mining business Aztecs major works are the construction and maintenance of data centers such as goldman sachs secure JPMorgan Apple Japan Amazon and affiliates Toyota Motor Corporation Nissan Motors Walmart Japan and culture consultants currently we plan to promote DCM through Aztec for collaboration of various services DCM guarantees profits through advanced technology and collaboration and promises to contribute to society through redistribution of wealth thank you so much digital currency mining coin invest now

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