Daystrom Institute – This is Only a Test 505 – 6/20/19

for Thursday June 20th 2019 welcome to
this is only a test the official podcast of tested dot-com and all is right in the world where is
my dubstep intro wow did I just click blow things out right doing it like
wilted last week oh well you got no dubstep intro but we have the full squad
back not since our five on one spectacular have we had Jeremy me and
our sweet quiche khari watch 2019 I thought we had I
thought we made a deal that the show was over after 501 we all shook hands we our
separate ways I’ll give each other that look like that was a good run you know
the people demand more soft reboot sequels or always a thing remember how
this works I don’t think I ever knew how this worked in the first place
well sure thank you for coming back for it’s it’s a wonderful to have you back
and we’ll get caught up first of all how is how is everyone doing how you doing
Jeremy you feeling better this week I’m feeling better I am I’m feeling better I
am not a hundred percent but hopefully I won’t have any moments where I
completely lose consciousness this episode what it’s referring to
and I don’t know if I’ll post a timestamp in this but if you watch the
video from last week’s episode which fuels like over a week ago now it’s been
a long long week but last week Jeremy will and I were here at recording and
halfway through the episode will and I are talking about some nonsense that’s
what I thought I don’t remember what it was but if you look at Jeremy’s face he
does that they weren’t patton oswalt did in that episode of king of queens you
remember his famous scene where it’s it’s what a weird reference well it’s
this thing that had always talked about before but he was in that but he was in
TV show king of queens he plays like a younger brother of one of the main
characters or something but some scenes he’s in the scene but he has no dialogue
mm-hmm and so there’s a particular episode you got to say present you got a
you’re still acting live studio audience so there I believe could find this on
YouTube you got a search like Patton Oswalt King of Queens or something but
if you just look at Patton he think I think he did this intentionally see if
they could keep it in and they did but the whole scene plays out there’s
dialogue all the other characters and he’s just standing there and his eyes
darting left and right between the other actors yeah
and it’s hilarious and that’s what basically you were doing you’re like
standing still and it looked like as someone put on line the drugs are
kicking at that moment I have no recollection of this happening but it
did clearly happen there’s video evidence on it on YouTube the only thing
missing was the beat dropping it have been perfect yeah I’m sure somebody
could figure that out so but feeling better that’s great
yeah sure and you want to know where I’ve been for the last month I just
assumed you were at home well no no I’ve been at home I have been undertaking one
of the most important missions of 2019 I’ve been single-handedly trying to make
endgame pass avatar by myself savelii of 40 million dollars to go I’m
doing this heavy lift by 45 at last I checked but you’ve been watching endgame
on repeat non-stop making most of that whatever movie paths you have and I’m
making sure that Disney gets its receipts I mean it’s the actual reason I
haven’t been here is mostly because of summer camp reasons and like end of
school year kind of fun but I left my corner yeah I’m going to theaters every
every time we this podcast being record witness that come out on video never I’m
gonna keep it alive in the theater I’m just gonna keep going and like well
people are still showing up to this thing yeah well we’re talking a little
more about the box office as we get to our first section but everything cool is
everyone good all the ketchup done anything fun you guys did over the
weekend oh no man no good no I go no I got lists things it was Father’s Day oh
that’s right so happy waves Father’s Day to you thank you
happy Father’s Day to all of us your first Father’s Day I think hmm yes
because I think your child is not one so yes no no no well the reason I hesitated
because for money our child no I don’t have a child thank goodness
but for Mother’s Day some people count eat when the child is still during the
pregnancy as the first Mother’s Day because they’re you know they’ve
impending you know that’s it the first father’s no doubt that’s what that’s why
I hesitated because we had our first official Mother’s Day this year
and yes the official first Father’s Day this year congratulations what did your
son get you nothing what did you get Jeremy I got a card oh you got a nice my
daughter made me a pop-up card it was nice I got a full evacuation I know
right yeah I might be back in another month I got the best gift I got
comfortable insoles for my shoes because being a dad is hard that’s good your
feet hurt yeah it’s not hard compared to being no no question being a bum way
harder I feel like I use Father’s Day is another another opportunity to
appreciate mothers and mother of my child
hear hear Danica we did go to the park and we just learned that there is a
Boston Terrier meetup this coming weekend so that’s exciting that’s crazy
this is your first child yeah yeah all right let’s move on all right let’s have
to our first section top story this week so friends with
sight Simone Simone yet known yet launched a video this week a couple days
ago now that kind of blew our minds and it’s it’s our top story this week it is
the truck law you guys watch this yes so it’s a project that I think she’s had
in development for a while now at some point we’d love to get her either on
this show or on still entitled it wasn’t talk about it that long I mean like
earlier this year yeah we saw her when she bought the car I think she’s had it
kind of just hitting her brain yeah a long time she hinted it something when
she first initially you know showed up with the with the model three and she
posted images of that when she was when she’s just taken home taking the taking
it and we knew something was in the works but wow that she’d go to fruition
it it is beautiful so if you haven’t seen this yet and it’s only YouTube
trending right now it is Simone and and also Elora comp was in town and also I
don’t this must have been when they were here because they also both participated
in Savitch builds episode we’ll talk about savage builds in a little bit but
they also worked with a Tesla mater ship he’s a cool guy as far as I can tell I
really enjoyed his contribution to the video it would you know the experience
of taking part Tesla’s and doing and doing modifications he has a lot of
experience with with fixing Tesla’s but with taking parts from ones that don’t
work rich rebuilds is the name of it and ones
that don’t and then you know having a working Tesla again and Marcos – yeah
and and basically carved off the back end of a Model 3 and put a flatbed in
there a flatbed with an inverter for AC power you can plug in
well that doesn’t like everyone’s talking about the inverter like that’s
amazing it that is a sweet touch it’s it’s like all this and the fact to get
full voltage it’s the temperature that is awesome
yes and it’s it works perfectly with this car because it’s flat yeah in the
back and you know you can pull out the backseat and it goes it’s the backseat
or metaphor for basically flat we’ve talked about how people with their other
Tesla’s have you know camped in them before right and this basically taking
that idea and they did it in a destructive way but not
interfering with some of the electronics like rewiring electronics building these
these these cable bundles as soon as they made a couple cuts the car went
into emergency mode like now shut down yeah so they had to figure out how all
those wires were supposed to be reconnected and they got it working
again and you know the camera system works and all the the functionality I
don’t know if they’ve done like autopilot and it before I most she has
that but presumably like it’s still within the just the volume of a Tesla
Model 3 so most of the stuff huge it’s not huge like pickup bed it’s but it’s
the only three and a half we feet wide right she was saying well she wished it
was a little more so she could fit a full sheet of plywood right four by
eight yeah yeah but you know Tesla has their own pickup truck coming out soon
and no one knows what that looks like soon that is well eventually yeah
there’s that there’s a there’s debate in the the Tesla community about like what
the one angle that they’ve shown in a concept drawing which side of the car
that is the front it’s the front it’s supposed to be some futuristic Tron
looking car but for people who want that car not Simone has done it she’s made
the truck and I’m coming out here with a hot take I hate truck ler truck Allah is
trying to replace cheese Louise cheese Louise for the pinnacle of electric
vehicle you know ridership I don’t understand this like everyone’s just so
easily pushes cheese Louise to the side because there’s a Tesla truck Latino
team cheese Louise which one would get more attention on the road which one
would actually survive on the freeway jeez Louise I don’t think could had a
lot of like juice to actually go see like the truck Allah is gonna get you
from point A to point B yeah he gave you a sheet of plywood cheese Louise’s and
experience you’re gonna be telling your children about the time that you
survived being in that car I’m telling you I don’t think I don’t think it’s
officially retired I bet she’s gonna drive both and the
awesome thing is no one else has this truck right if it’s it’s in the bay area
if she’s driving around the freeway people
no that’s that car no I bet you one in 10 will know and the other nine are
gonna think it’s a new Tesla because it look it’s it’s so well done yeah I I
want to shout out like the part of the the build video and if you haven’t
watched it you should watch it it’s 30 minutes long it’s really excellent is
when they cut the frame and the frame starts bending in the problem-solving at
that point to sort of get it over the the line and reinforce the structure and
there’s I think a lot of great scenes with the the whole team kind of working
together as Adam said on still entitled this week there was like a wee moment
there of all of them working together and I really enjoyed its kind of the
problem-solving of that me too that was a good moment attention when they cut
that frame what do you speculate Elon Musk’s
reaction is because as far as I know he hasn’t mentioned it publicly was he off
Twitter now know what he’s you know you said he was used to Twitter he was
tweeting memes yesterday okay um I mean my assumption is that someone in his
circle has seen it and shared it with them he’s definitely seen it because
everyone so everyone was tweeting at him about it yesterday yes 100% he’s he’s
seen it I think he I mean what does he think about other Tesla mods because
other people have modded Tesla’s test limos you can’t grip this with those
this stands by itself it and it was also a creation of something he’s also making
I think that’s why he can’t say anything about it yeah because he’s he’s doing a
pickup truck they were doing a pickup truck and so any type of praise or
acknowledgement of this validates it in a way that you may affect I don’t know
yeah expect more speculation investor curiosity all that stuff the stuff that
he’s gotten in trouble in the past for doing I guess which hasn’t stopped me
before but I wonder I want to see her take it into her service yeah I think
she might avoided her warranty yeah so take it in see what they say yeah I
won’t go for ride in it who doesn’t I want to go in the bed in the bed yeah I
also the the team that put the commercial together who we we know a lot
of those people just amazing yeah just amazing how they captured the
essence of every pickup truck Hershel I’ve ever seen the Lasser was
killed me is it al a suit or lasso how is that like how did that not translate
I don’t understand that I don’t know I don’t know and people will point out
it’s technically it’s not a pickup it’s a ute yes this is true
all the Aussies are on people have explained that to me that is an
Australian phrase for a utility vehicle that’s a coupe like we have crossovers
yeah here which are this hybrid you know as SUVs and station wagons in Australia
there are cars in over the world there are cars that are coupe like but have
like a bed pickup bed behind it that not necessarily as big and this totally
falls into the category of you do you think the official Tesla pickup will
also be in that category no I think the official Jessica will be a big car big
battery bigger yeah okay it’s sort of my speculation one last question on this
norm when do we start on your car when does the conversion start know it Jeremy
you’re willing to come over yeah I have an angle grinder hmm I’ve got wire
strippers and we have a tutorial with watching this video online
sorry your strippers tools you could choose I think but uh baby seat yeah
then I can get the sign-off I think that’s the most important part retain
the baby seat capability yeah now I think this one does no unfortunately no
there’s no rear seat for for babies but the dog is happy yeah get fresh air all
day long I guess this also fits into pop culture
but a lot of our friends are putting out awesome awesome things this past week
Adams show premiered this is savage build so hope you if you didn’t get a
chance to watch the first episode it is on Discovery preferable we’re not for
free in the u.s. you don’t need to login or anything it’s just the next couple
weeks right yeah yeah the first episode out I think if you want to watch the
rerun science channels doing an encore presentation this Wednesday after their
presentation of BattleBots I want to call out something I don’t
think enough people are talking about with the show everyone’s talking about
the the suit which is amazing the titanium 3d printing and like their
shots of it doing like real-time printing amazing it took me on this
YouTube rabbit hole of of metal 3d printing that I found just totally
informative that whole area about laser fusion of metal powders into a solid
shape so absolutely fascinating it’s the way all laser centering printing works
tell us yeah yeah yeah in terms of you need to to do as opposed to having a bed
it’s a volume and the volume of the powder kind of recedes from the volume
from top down as opposed to from bottom up and you want to fill that volume with
as many plates so a lot of it is in the arrangement of your parts and your
pieces to particle shape saw how they all can kind of Tetris together without
touching but I also love how the material properties are different than
pure titanium like there’s real just like a different sort of structural
integrity and strength and all sorts of different components like changes
because of the process having messed with you know home 3d printing in
plastics and you know some plastics that have filament or a metal inside of the
filament things like that like I’ve I’ve seen prints that look good
I’ve I never thought like I honestly did not think there’s any way even though it
was had titanium in it even if it was mostly titanium in the filament that it
would retain a bullet-proof property that mo and I thought the 45 was gonna
shred yeah and not only that type of strength but the rigidity that you can’t
you can’t bend it like they had trouble even cut just
getting it yeah right you believe they tried to burn holes through it amazing
the whole problem solving of how do you piece together these plates
and hold they showed a bunch that but you know if you had any they’re like
number of people hours and the crew hours of of just sorting and arranging
and and that’s something that they’re showcasing with this show is just a lot
of the team effort going in you know a gender who work on Adams team just
organizing and in labeling there are a few extra pieces and we’re lucky enough
to to grab I have a titanium piece I think you can give Jen PTSD if you show
her like one of those like metal punches yeah oh yeah yeah Sean helped Kate
helped it’s a lot of the extended tested family was also contributing here and
there too that builds totally awesome episode there’s a lot of great photos
just like I’m was so stoked to be in that and and it’s in the cave now um
alright this this weekend we got Toy Story 4 coming out I know we
talked a little bit last last week but there’s there’s more Marvel and or
Disney Pixar Marvel news so first of all toy story 4 retains the trend of Toy
Story films a hundred percent on Rotten Tomatoes last I checked I think drop
drop drop to what 98 99 99 who’s that I still don’t I don’t want to see it why
don’t you want to see it because it’s about a spork it’s yeah norm defend Toy
Story 4 the spork idea for ki Tony Hale does a great job one of doing the voice
acting for it and I know that’s a big novel like idea character for this film
of what Diggs it’s existential crisis of a toy that is created from essentially
garbage as opposed to being bought as a toy that is totally a important part of
the story but I would say that’s still probably the be story in this movie and
it’s less reliant and has a lot of humorous ride from that story line but
the feels all come from the characters we know and love so I think I said last
week this film no one thought it had to be made but I’m still glad it was made
and it right up there with the other Tory storm
suits you’re saying this movie still had a lot of soil to it that’s good yeah
yeah yeah that’s good before we get that segue I will
acknowledge I know very nicely done – sure but last week we speculated
whether this movie would have a pixar short and it’s now but since been
confirmed we didn’t speculate we assume we assumed and we assume oh if a course
is gonna have yeah I can’t wait is it gonna be a good night day is it gonna be
like a Jerry’s game yeah it’s what’s your favorite it’s not a we know night
it’s not gonna be that Olof one that was like 21 minutes right it was gonna be
something reasonable like that Piper that wasn’t yeah one of a Pixar movie uh
it wasn’t oh why is it wasn’t even it was either Disney or Pixar obviously but
yeah I it was definitely a short to think about wasn’t that in front of good
dinosaur the Olaf then oh yeah that was more recent than that and Coco possibly
yeah maybe it was Coco yeah yeah let’s do it let’s say that Wow I know we
talked about him guys okay it actually wasn’t because it would got so much bad
press that they took it out so by the time I ended up seeing whatever movie
was it wasn’t there anymore oh and I remember that movie posters for the
short they did yeah in pewter like gotta watch you gotta watch this upcoming
story this 21 minute story for for Olaf well it turns out long story short there
is no pixar short and crazy story story for it wasn’t front of Coco yeah what’s
your favorite Pixar short cash or what do you think it is
Sanjay your super-dee I knew that and your your bow I’m bow yes right and your
90 day yeah yeah for the birds is a close second thing it’s day and night
day night yeah one front of up it’s so good but only in 3d like you can’t even
see it in 3d anymore it’s true not on the Toy Story three blu-ray if we are
there’s our chance oh please in VR please write 3ds
built-in I have I’ve gone deep on this one I’ve tried to contact the director
and I’ve had you want that experience yeah you want to put it in big screen
yeah have your giant virtual cinema and be and relive watching night and day or
day and night whatever it was yes it’s so good
it is fantastic so no shortener front or story flow but we do have news is upward
what’s what’s the name of their there next to the next film the word
onward onward you know I think that’s confusing to me because onward in my
brain is the VR game yeah it’s very different from onward yeah yeah yeah so
onward is there next one but after that coming out I believe what is it 2020 is
soul and you said it’s directed by Pete docter it is his first film sense inside
out so is it a sequel ish I don’t think it’s a sequel is it case they said after
Toy Story 4 they’re putting a halt on sequels but thematically it could share
some of the themes as inside out what they said what Pixar said is that yeah I
guess it said that’s next year holy yeah it’s a year from now she’s not one word
later this year uh Pete docter his previous films where monsters
incorporated I know onwards next year of March of next year it means to close to
get they are are on board is March 6 2020 and apparently June 19 20 20 that’s
weird a mere three months apart is Sol that is weird
Wow okay so Pixar will take you on a journey from the streets of New York
City to the cosmic realms to discover answers to life’s most important
questions Disney and Pixar’s soul arrives in theaters June 19 is a
crossover with the Eternals I answer enliven questions most meaningful
deepest questions I’ll paid 15 bucks for that no problem that’s great hmm that’s
a good deal yeah I bet logo tells me nothing I tell
you I bet this is gonna be a hundred percent out of the gate to like Toy
Story 4 and and like inside out yeah it’s breaking ideas this is opening
itself up for some awful headlines accompanying the Ruby is why Pixar’s
soulful yeah there’s gonna be so many puns bad soul good
it’s all it’s all good I hope it’s different than onward not that I don’t
like not I’ve only seen the trailer for onward but onward seems to be like a
story that’s more fairytale like yeah right with and and familiar
relationships and the it’s like it’s like fairytale creatures living in the
real world though right yes yes but there’s a lot like real world stuff and
yeah and I hope this is more on the inside out working otherworldly yeah I I
agree because that’s Pixar’s always done that so well I mean obviously they
started with Toy Story which was actually they tried to make realistic
looking toys that existed in the world but they went right on to worlds that
we’d never seen before and it’s not like I think one is better than other I just
want to see if they’re gonna put out to movies three months apart
yeah have like take big risks with both of them and have them be very different
so it doesn’t feel like we’re just getting Pixar Pixar and Pixar alright if
I had if I’m placing bets on the pixel art directors this is the guy who I feel
is most consistent Monsters Inc up and inside out are a trajectory that goes
upwards and they’re all right all good I think we should start a fantasy movie
league with directors of Pixar films oh let’s see what I mean there’s a lot of
new contenders going on who’s the wall-e director Angus Andrew
Stanton interesting injury Stanton yeah give me them all day you like him you
like the finding finding Nemo under glory that’s that’s pretty good track
record to Brad Bird pretty good track record
yup credible Incredibles – yep also ratatouille pretty good and then you
have the new directors coolie I think who did toy story for Lee Unkrich
or Tori for its coolie uncredited three yeah and also Coco so there you go
although he’s retired it’s hired Toy Story 4 is Josh coolie I want to say
this is just pulling on my brain first time it is Josh coolie yeah oh you know
why I Josh Cooley was familiar to me why he did those books I want to say and I
won’t do some the best thing you can do for a podcast which is to Google search
he did those books movies are fun I don’t know no no that’s not what I’m
thinking and this is also from Google it’s okay we can edit this podcast we’re
gonna edit it we’re not yeah never mind never mind I’m thinking
of someone else all right other Marvel stuff cash or
Avengers endgame yep I’m working on it so far as not beat
avatar in terms of the box office so far 5 million short
Marvel’s gonna do one last push for endgame and they’re pulling out all
stops we’re getting yeah extended cut is that what it is
no no extra footage supposedly ready to leave it’s something smaller than that
well you you have a hunch of what it is well I read the article Kevin Feige said
that it is they’ve confirmed that more endgame before it leaves theater will
have yet another revision because endgame already had two versions right
there was the diversion that we all saw an opening day and then they added the
spider and homecoming trailer at the end of it has an updated version and then
now apparently after the credits it’ll be post credit content but not a post
credit scene in the traditional sense and what it sounds like is they’re
taking some of the behind the scenes or deleted scenes footage that would have
been on blu-ray would have been on the digital release probably pudding and
will probably still will be and putting in that in theaters so people will go
back to theaters to the tune of hopefully four to five million plus
mm-hmm is that why they’re doing it I think so you think so I think they
really want and I will see you all there as many times as it takes
average ticket price is about ten bucks now all right so you still need about
four to five million people globally got it so rewatch ending no problem on it
mathematically it’s working against tickets or is it I think so I think if
you look at the trajectory is it real tough I give us all day and you will
speaking of Marvel you know the next Marvel movie well they’re bunch coming
out but Black Widows in the works and Nick m-files talked a little bit about
Black Widow they haven’t really confirmed whether it’s gonna be a sequel
or prequel but it’s get more indications or showing with its origin it’s gonna be
a prequel story the kind of prequel story he alluded to a better call saw as
an example of a prequel that really revealed a lot about the characters even
though didn’t need to push plot forward so someone else will presumably play a
black widow no no hey Julie doing Hanson sorry I mean just like a bit across all
you know same actor played Saul except obviously older yeah yeah right
and Marvel will be back because DC will not be present at comic-con San Diego
comic-con this year Marvel will have a big Hall H presentation what could that
mean something that means you’re gonna be there right
sure I’m gonna go let’s do it yes let’s go road trip Bridget come yeah what has
this been in the past well it’s been where they’ve shown footage first time
footage for a lot of upcoming films of where they gather the they cast
introduced new actors like brie Larson was introduced as Captain Marvel Josh
Brolin was introduced as Sam that’s what first Avengers team assembled before
2012 how deep you think they’ll go I think they need to in kung-fu that date
I think they’re gonna have to turn Olsen shank she be pretty present there and I
think those are the ones that they need that’s the reason to do that comic-con
as opposed to a place like d23 because they need to get the comic fan buy-in
and really ride that wave are you checking I’m just checking to see if his
eyes are doing we’re doing the comics plating if your reasoning out playing
with my cursor so DC Ike I said will not be there in fact DC’s booth is gonna be
consolidated with Warner Brothers booth so would even don’t even have that big
comics booth divorce a lot of like in in the comics world about a turmoil because
vertigo looks like is going away and we haven’t talked about this the podcast
it’s a super sad note I mean comics publishing is a real tough business I
haven’t read it ago imprint a while but I mean it just
oh yeah exactly the legacy of vertigo it’s where Sandman was born out of it so
me swamped there was it was one of the great indeed lines that like kind of
also landed on the mainstream became mainstream yeah and and they have merged
those characters into the main DC Comics lines so it sucks that it it’s not going
to allow like different risks be taken but again the comics world today is very
different than it was ten or you know 20 years ago
DC we talked about this on podcast last week either we
lieu of getting any type of DC panel because we of course have the run Robert
Pattinson casting as per Swain for the matarese Batman movie but next year is
when Wonder Woman 1984 comes out oh yeah we saw the poster for the first poster
is it poster or slash costume image I know there’s too bright for me to look
at it was something the poster yeah as you see no it was a Google list
right now yes sir it is an amazing costume designed it it woke s’ it has
the the Eagle chest plate that is almost like people said it’s a kins of the
kingdom come Wow chest plate it’s like that that Hulk Thor movie right right as
the colors definitely has some of that really vibrant 80s vibe to it I’m hoping
somebody in this movie has a color-changing shirt feel like that’s
the callback and I’m looking for well dedicate said that in the very first
promo image that was shown of Wonder Woman night 84 she hurts your look more
like a headband like a tea stop oh nice Lynda Carter throwback we talked about
color changing did Lynda Carter have a color change shirt no I just feel like
that’s like a lady thing Oh like frizzy freaker’s yeah yeah yeah so what is this
Eternals thing you keep referring to yeah no sure you want to explain I did a
pork chop explain we can explain it but no no to it no we’re not talking about
the Eternals okay like we’ll wait for it vanos is an eternal there’s like
genetics to explain like there’s too much stuff you know cosmic yeah he’s
real bad wait for the movie to come out and watch the the cheap explainer after
a comic-con will be d23 that’s end of August and the expectation is that
addition to a lot of the Disney films and the Marvel film that I’ll be shown
there they’re gonna talk about Marvel’s involvement in Disneyland because and if
this summer you know Star Wars land will have launched and obviously in the
Marvel Disney is looking forward to what else can they do to their theme parks
and sounds like in Disneyland they’re gonna build some type of MCU
area well that’s this is actually all News they actually started construction
in October then shut down the bugs life in September and they began totally
renovating that and they have the Starks industry signs up our construction
surrounding that then yeah but what just happened was they just got permits uh
and I’ve had to give them permits for like Barney exactly yeah okay yeah so
there’ll be another place where you can buy alcohol I guess it’s gonna be themed
after ant-man it’s a micro brewery do you get it and I
don’t know there’s a lot of shopping gosh if it was themed em for a man they
could’ve kept the bugs life stuff there that’s funny that’s good yeah so not a
full ride well what do you mean like it won’t be as big as likes cars cars and
well they already have power of terror remake so that that’s what their anchor
is for this whole side of the party and this is just phase one
apparently Phase two is actually gonna involve using the parlance faced yeah
right phase two is gonna involve like a
serious roller coaster that’s indoors and this is California Adventure then
yes but they’re doing the same thing I think in Beijing okay also I would
imagine this Disney World yeah there is a new co-star under construction at
Epcot and I think it’s a guardians of the galaxy because it’s the only IP they
can use in Florida that’s right because east of the Mississippi it’s still all
Universal has the rights for the Marvel characters and third of hold on those as
long as they can spider-man ride do it Universal yeah own
those rights there’s nothing like going to Universal Orlando and seeing like
above a cafe a bit a giant Silver Surfer I’m like they’re a little out of date a
little 90s does it but I don’t think kids care spines spider-man rights still
great and Universal do you guys plan to go to galaxies edge this year no no I
mean I got an invite and could go I would show up with the opportunity have
you guys watched any of the videos yeah people building lightsabers that’s a
whole like I expected there to be a ala carte place you go and you spend however
long you want building your lightsaber it’s a it’s a 20 minute production
boutique like a special experience so it’s cost $200 exactly yeah so you’re
surrounding you get into a bar like area with someone in the center who talks to
you about the force and you choose your copper copper crystal what color do you
want then you basically pick all your parts and then it’s about the experience
but it’s about like keeping it to a certain amount of time
they can roll the next group in there which which is how they do the Harry
Potter one thing that was more of a performance yeah that’s more of a
performance this is a little bit more because you don’t everyone’s about you
know you go to the store the wand store and you’re just taking this the wand off
the shelf nicely packaged but you’re watching the short performance it
chooses a lucky child in the room and lucky parents up the buy the wand or sad
kids you know rest of the day is it true yeah no we thought about this right like
a small group of like five seven people and then the whole you know magic
happens in the room and then the the performer the lead wizard picks a lucky
child the wand has chosen you now my system will scorch you to the checkout
counter where the parents are you don’t get it for free the parents will to
spend you know fifty hundred bucks or whatever it is to buy that one they say
they choose the children of the parents who look like the biggest suckers yeah
who can’t say no who can’t say no no our arms aren’t folded right but everybody
can buy one though right anyone buy one but you want to have a story the
experience I see what’s what’s what’s better like if you’re seven years old
you’re five years old and you’re at Universal Studios you know Hollywood or
Florida and you’re you went to the store yeah it looks like the amazing one store
your parents took one off the shelf and you go check I think yeah you’re gonna
be happy with that but to go back to school with the story of being in this
magical room and things happening I think and then a one choosing you yes
yeah you’re but the way you tell it it’s like you have a good story you go back
you can retell it but I think for children even like 10 and under is
having the wand like no that’ll change your life yeah that’s exactly like
you’ll think I’m saying I was chosen you you that that is that is why it cost
hundred dollars into the theme parks right you’re buying experiences you’re
paying for memories right as soon these memories are being forms a crucial
periods in true developmental time okay so yeah Star Wars land or galaxies edge
there’s a whole life service thing there’s a whole what is it the there’s a
real world data storage things what are those things called I don’t know I was
thinking of the character there’s a there’s a blue haired woman who is a
character and she’s a new Star Wars character and she’s wandering on the
park oh and she and what she talks to you and you
can help her avoid the Imperials and help her you know do certain things
within that area the part I which is neat because I haven’t seen them do that
anywhere else in the part um the thing I read actually it doesn’t
have to do with the data storage things but it is the Kyber crystals apparently
there’s a whole mythology about the Kyber crystals that you get at the Star
Wars land and people are unraveling more secrets secrets yes I know there’s black
ones and if you like people already discovered if you hold the the
containers up to a light do your cell phone flashlights you can see if you
there’s a black one inside and they’re rare the holocrons were out from
thinking about I think they’re they’re tied there’s a hole basically there’s
more you get out of the lightsaber then just the lightsaber
right again that’s why uh they’re they’re very expensive you guys see this
video with the boss town dynamics I did I mean in like it I think it made the
rounds cuz everyone thought it was real or some people thought it was real at
first well yeah so let’s give him props for doing a video people oh the CGI in
it is excellent of the robots fighting back in in the context of a Boston
Dynamics video right it looks really good you see them torturing the robot
for a while and then it finally flips out at the end but say this is from
quarter and they do a lot of like short films and special effects films and this
is a really really well produced it’s it’s a like a three minute video that
goes through your standard series of tests of what the kind of harassing of
the robot you see from Boston Dynamics videos it’s a show stability starting
with a hockey stick which is what Boston Dynamics themselves have done and then
they did things like you know put markers on the walls and things to make
it look like the robot was tracking and then doing all these like a dexterity
test yeah you know playing keep-away with it and then the robot starts it
turns it turns the very last minute which I think was a smart move on their
know at first it grabs the hockey stick from like they’re hitting them with it
and then it grabs it in a way that only robot could like immediately and very
quickly and then they kind of put their hands up and then they resume the
torturing of the robot like in the next scene but then eventually the robot
fights back and grabs the gun it all goes wrong and it all goes wrong
yeah the grabbing of a hockey stick happens halfway through the video that’s
the one I saw and I saw it first on on Twitter someone made an animated
gif of it oh yeah I think that was the better way of sharing this piece if you
watch the YouTube video and full 1080p it looks super CG like it’s great great
animation yeah but it looks clearly like CG the lower res compress and gif of it
yeah I’m much more convinced yeah you probably right
still the CG is it’s great realizing like good and then they kind of reveal
how they do it at the end yeah which is just worth watching yeah
totally worth watching moving on Oh a reddit thread this is me okay this
blew my mind this was that it wasn’t even him I want to believe it’s real
this some from the Star Trek subreddit and a user posted there realizing
theorizing but if you look at Wesley crushers famous sweater
this is a sweater gray sweater with the three stripes on top red yellow and what
green blue blue okay that it’s kind of green blue it’s not awkward marine okay
that those three stripes are supposed to represent the three potential tracks
that an ensign can take or cadet can take going in the Starfleet Command
engineering medical science why does he think this because the colors match I
disagree it’s an ugly 90s sweater you think it’s an 80s sweater 8000 late 80s
right yeah yeah oh you’re saying it’s the three colors of the uniforms that
people wear in Starfleet yes I see as like this is the potential you wear this
as your unlimited your unbound potential right and as you go through your cadet
training you’re at you know to be an ensign what are the colors quarterly –
what are they well the Reds red it’s command okay and yellow in next-gen is
security and engineering huh and blue is medical and science okay so who wears
red and next-gen right for the card right that’s it no there’s some you know one lower
Wesley and said Wesley as an ensign does wear red on lower decks there are some
instances so I flight you where I think you where yeah Rob’s the ops you wear
red look didn’t Worf not wear red no no for yellow okay sorry Dayton wore yellow
and Beverly and Diana war Deanna war over blue in data data were
yellow alright as engineering I guess he’s technical what is he what
department is he in Android UPS is it engineering I guess it makes sense it
you know obviously the colors were swapped from that’s what Wes that’s cool
but along with that but no one else was wearing that I would assume like no did
you see any other cadets no he was special he was acting ensign right but
like he went there was an episode with him in school and no one was wearing
anything right so the official uniforms of cadets actually look very similar to
the Starfleet uniform so you don’t get the pips okay so the episode you’re
talking about is we’re in San Francisco the red squad yeah with Tom Harris the
actor except not playing Tom Paris you know that was supposed to be the damn
black card oh yeah that was supposed to be the equity that the the the same
character of going into Voyager but they just change up the name just just
something pop with them reddit yeah yeah I don’t know I’ll go along with that
it’s good do not browse like – from Institute from
time to time no the what daystrom Institute do you know the days from
Institute is no it is one of the premier physics and space science research
institutes in the 23rd century days from uh-huh who was the name of a character
in the original series he was the one who created I believe the holodeck he’s
one of the most famous scientists like he create the AI that would eventually
lead to things like the holodeck okay Richard de strim you can read about this
memory alpha no memory of this I I can’t dictator is that like Wikipedia
for Star Trek yes alright what memory alpha is the wiki for starch got every
episode every character of Richard days from was an original series and he
created the the inventor of the compy tronic and electronic computer as I’m
reading on memory alpha which Star Trek fans have theorized is it because about
AI it’s basically about the similarity right putting your brain inside a
computer and a Star Trek fans the cannon the head cannon the Star Trek fans have
created that is also the technology that allows for AI in the holodeck artificial
characters in the holodeck for things like Moriarty yeah but what are you
browsing every week so days from Institute which is a fictional place in
the Star Trek universe is like that’s their their space Princeton or sprays
MIT space mm IT okay right a station Institute on reddit there is a subreddit
called the days from Institute in which serious Star Trek fans right like
there’s any other kind right post thoughts and ideas about their theories
and create the fan Canon of the show and have honestly amazing discussions uh-huh
about things from starship design like one of the things that popped up
recently mm-hmm right why is ds9 why are the pylons concave inward as opposed to
convex outward for for ship docking yeah sure I’ve always wanted that it’s a
legitimate legitimate question and it’s because as has been theorized by posters
on in daystrom Institute say the warp field bubble oh yes your bubble shield
bubble is you’re one of those but then you go and also the arc for Defense’s
because it was a military base for Defense’s you want to put you get the
most widest range for the for the phaser the photon torpedo launchers if your
pylons are posting inwards plus if you have the ships on the
outside the ships become vulnerable and since all the ships have our warp core
base antimatter matter reaction base they essentially become bombs that
become targets you want to protect them within the pylons between the two no
give me that’s a very Cardassian thing so the kids
from galaxy quest browse this vid yes they probably are moderators on this
fifty six thousand members it is an amazing stuff ready well alright
nice good putting out there alright damn alright that was like two years of warp
field theory that took me and that’s about it
Oh last thing in pop culture I will give once again a recommendation Jeremy to
watch black mirror this is your homework yep
see in the five is out finally watched all season five i’ma give my quick
review I do agree with a lot but a lot of people have said online that is the
weakest of the seasons that I think it’s lost what it’s trying to say about
technology or it’s kind of saying the same thing over and over again I do
think that striking Viper’s the episode with MP Macke and forget the actor who
plays Black Manta he’s also a knight I think that’s probably the strongest
episode and while people said that’s absurd about VR I don’t think it’s
episode of my VR it’s episode about video game culture and friendships and
connections so watch it with your family watch it with my family they told me I
could not play VR anymore and that does it for pop culture before we move on to
our next time I want to let you know that support for this is only a test
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dot-com / test again that’s indeed PRI em / test it’s kind of a
programming montage sound that whole sounded soundtrack is for this segment
that’s like what you would imagine in some type of 1980 show about like you
get close-ups of fingertips tap typing on the keyboard night stressful thinking
wiping off sweat off the brow yeah in a nice aha moment and then like spinning
around the chair and go I got it I’ve solved it he gets me hat I disagree
completely it sounds to me like the theme to Doogie Howser MD oh yeah which
is opened with a computer not too far right type on a computer right wasn’t
that what the the opening sequence was yeah it’s true there you go we’re gonna
kick off technology news this week with crypto so Jeremy hope God
time for you to explain no no no the look it’s on your because it’s a big
piece of news the thing is none of us are qualified to talk about it but we
need to mention that it’s happened Facebook has introduced their own
cryptocurrency cryptocurrencies you know like Bitcoin
except this one’s called Libre and it’s supposed to be more like I don’t know
less volatile and can connect it what that’s what I’m told
günther Kerch our producer is an expert on these things even he couldn’t explain
this to me but it’s supposed to be you know a little bit like ripple if you
followed that one and it’s um you know it’s I have questions I want to know
like why would I use this currency why is Facebook doing this so low volatility
probably the best interest to them Yeah right before using a currency it
sounds like you know the reports think this will be used as payment systems for
whatsapp and messenger like a worldwide currency they exactly sir you lose all
that going between banks and exchange rates and all the skimming off the top
that the fees essentially yeah if they own
the currency and they can they control the transmat every exchange like charges
you something so if you’re gonna trade if you’re gonna convert this back into
whatever your local currency is it’s still gonna cost you something I’m
curious like if anybody out there thinks this is a great thing I’m curious and
let us know in the comment below one way but maybe you can only put money in
right that’s what they can’t take money out I imagine that would be good for the
hoe it’s very Hotel California then all right there hey and I don’t mean this in
any sort of cynical way I legitimate ly don’t understand this and here’s a
comment from an ARS technica writer in the like article announcing this Libre
is a permissioned blockchain where there’s a fixed number of notes that are
all known to each other Cybil attacks aren’t a concern so
there’s no need for proof of work security mechanism so my guess is that
energy consumption won’t be a significant concern I do not understand
anything in that entire like paragraph basically I would actually love to
understand more about this and if there is some good explain I don’t know that
energy consumption I understand yeah a big complaint about Bitcoin because it
cost so much money to run the computers to calculate but it doesn’t mind yeah
but it doesn’t map like why a fixed number of nodes would write okay yeah I
don’t understand this at all okay that’s that all right well let explain it to us
it only works if it’s gonna be seamless and for the end users not to worry about
any of this stuff not for about volatility transactions yeah if they can
put in money and get more value out of it and have it make it simple
low-friction transactions is I guess the goal it’s not some type of investment
scheme that they’re building up presumably yeah
did you about Google’s doing locally this is interesting so it more relevant
to the Bay Area but of course Bay Area we have a housing crisis I have a lot to
say about this and a lot of like a lot of a lot of big tech cities right with
all the growth you know they’re displacing people and basically more
people are coming in with high income then then the housing market can support
and it base it is a thing that the local governments are reckoning with right
it’s a big big controversial topic Google announced this week that they are
devoting what say is a billion dollars to help
mitigate housing needs in the housing crisis in more and close to where they
are and Mountain View not necessarily San Francisco but let’s look at the fine
yeah let’s break it down because split between this billion dollars is really
50 million in cash right it’s which is dedicated towards alleviating like
keeping people in their homes essentially it is like a a second
housing subsidy for right so which is that’s not an insignificant portion of
it but we’re talking about that’s five percent seven hundred and fifty million
seventy five percent of this is for what they its value of land they own that
will then get turned into development that they’re gonna use to develop or
lease out for housing to be built over ten years so this is the big issue so
they have property commercial that is owned commercially that is valued
currently at about seven hundred fifty million dollars there’s a really good
box explained podcast about what I’m about to talk about which is that zoning
in California is mostly done as single-family home zoning so that
multiple units can’t be built on that land commercial zoning slightly
different what Google is saying is we’re gonna give over this land for home to be
built but it has to be municipal II approved to be rezone to housing and not
only not at not to single-family housing which is what homeowners want it to be
zone to so that their property values stay the same but to multi-unit housing
so that construction can happen on it that step has been a step that’s being
explored in California for decades and the fight over zoning regulations is
incredibly complicated is fraught politically because homeowners have been
rallying against this for a number of years but they point to some really good
data that’s important so last year in the South Bay where Google is talking
about doing all this this land transfer there are only three
and homes built 3,000 homes built yeah for a market where unemployment is below
two percent that they’re suggesting that if this turns over they could build
15,000 homes there are so many problems with those ifs that I think there should
be a skeptical I delivered to this there was a great discussion on kqd forum this
morning about the complexities of this it’s really unfortunate is basically if
homeowners said yes we want to see multi-unit housing built and we started
just building housing a lot of things could be solved but all the the
prognostications at this point is that this will go nowhere well you did a much
better job with that than I did with the Facebook crypto oh just wait till my
Eternals explanation and then the other 250 million is incentives for other
developers but again these are they’re categorizing these as investments so
it’s not pure that one’s actually more interesting to me because if you’re a
developer and you’re looking at like a 10% return on like a luxury condo
building and by having this fund they take a low-income or affordable housing
unit whose margin is only 5% but mitigate the risk by investing the
capital in well then like I can move that can move things from a finance
standpoint but wow this is really like really weird for our podcast we’re
talking about stuff like this in depth but I mean it’s getting the headlines
right like the you know the it’s working from their PR perspective that they’re
announcing well a billion Oh billion dollar and whilst Margo came out today
and also said they’re dedicating a billion dollars and very similarly
structured but that you know the skeptical eye you know the fine print
should be read it’s a people problem it is a single-family home lower problem it
is not a corporate part this just came out say wirecutter has a advisory for
people if you have bought a nest cam a used nest cam like on eBay Craigslist or
something this is nest owned by Amazon like I think about who owns who know
nest oh my Google sorry ring is owned by Amazon
Holly’s copies would be brought up back to
back to Google if you bought a used nest cam there’s a risk that your camera can
be accessed by the previous owner still maybe they tied it to like there even if
you like sign out or something yeah yeah oh yeah okay so so how do you fix that I
don’t think there is a solution if it’s linked to a they say a wink hub – it’s
still piping – there they need to fix it on their end so buy a new nest yes or or
unbought to use one unplug it from now until they make the announcement that
they’ve solved it on on the server end yeah for a factory you said it okay and
that might help okay I just have the thermostat that’s all I
have well somebody else is gonna be until they start you buy used on eBay
because somebody else is really controlled the time here right have been
wondering why it’s hit maybe recently it makes no sense in Bay Area or not we
don’t have AC the thermostat yet yeah yeah last week did make a case for some
new stuff with carplay dude you guys don’t use carplay otherwise I think
there’d be more excitement on this panel about this
so iOS 13 was revealed at WWDC and since then the betas have been released to
developers and 9 to 5 Mac did a rundown of the most recent beta 1 & 2 of carplay
and it’s got some cool stuff in it that I am personally excited for because I
live on carplay when I’m in my car in my car number one it’s gonna show multiple
things at once so you’re gonna have your map on the screen as well as music
controls and there’s nothing I do more than switch between those two things all
the time like in the menu so that’s great it’s also I don’t know it’s gonna
have a calendar functionality which I don’t totally understand but I guess it
potentially if you if you you know if you need to call somebody at a certain
time it would show that in that window this isn’t replacing the iMessage anyone
Ishi 8 no it’s still there you can like initiate a you know call that way
you can get directions someplace if it’s on your calendar like it just it’s it
surfaces the things that are relevant right now but maybe like best most
important to me is the worst thing about carplay is if you’re in a car with your
family and somebody wants to use the phone and it’s in using
carplay the the phone has to be on whatever screen is on carplay and so if
they hit the home button your car play maps go away it’s mirrored yes with
essentially mirrored it’s not the same thing but it’s the same app and if
somebody opens up messages and I’ll open up messages on car play and that kind of
thing and if you say no I need the map and you hit it on car plate will force
their screen to go to those theoretically you don’t want people use
you know someone who using their phone you just want them they interface to be
the car play voice interface uh I don’t know if that’s the theory I mean that
they probably didn’t figure a way to multitask that properly well they have
in iOS 13 so now it’s completely independent there’s a background event
using the process own and you can be the person right and your seat can be doing
whatever they want on your phone I assume the music will be the same
right but they can use a different app and car play stays the same I wish that
was the case for more than just car play because if you’re using airplay you know
if someone has their iPad or their phone and piping the movie for my to like to a
TV or something want to you know sometimes you don’t want that device to
be incapacitated yeah well this now shows that they can do it I mean this is
when we talk about diminishing returns for the products it’s an unnecessary
feature but they have way we’re finding out there’s a lot more processing power
in these devices than is really needed for a lot of the day-to-day stuff and
this is maybe where some of that stuff can that processing power can be put to
use here here going to more car stuff now this goes and we’re not gonna jump
into a Elon shower this this week but some Tesla news Tesla cars news last
week at e3 the weirdest presentation was a fireside chat with Jeff Keeley I
always confuse Jeff Jones Jeff Keeley yeah
who runs like the the big show video game down there in video game awards but
had Todd Howard and Elon Musk together on stage why was the on muscat III I
don’t know because because it is the crowd drew a crowd video games yeah okay
I guess and and then well they announced that fallout shelter uh-huh it’s coming
in to Tesla cars the mobile game the mobile game okay
they kind of like you know base-building yeah free-to-play
free-to-play mobile game is coming up it’s coming to cars your car
sure I mean I thought cuphead was a interesting enough announcement yeah but
you know you plug in the there’s now support for ps4 Xbox controllers and
addition to touchscreen and there’s a beach buggy racing was something that’s
coming out does a new racing game you what have you seen the video for the
city whole commercial of like a race car driver getting into tweeting it out and
and doing a full racing game in a parking lot is this a new game then I
think it’s a new game and like all the cars in it like the car that you’re
driving it to is a Tesla so we’re doing I think it’s a mobile it’s a multi feel
like this is mission creep in the worst yeah it’s it’s super weird as a as a
engineering resources but they work with developers vector unit so it was a
mobile game iOS and Android and tablet game beach buggy buggy racing – Wow use
your string wheel to steer you use your steering wheel thus can you do that with
pole position currently yeah you think you can I mean I guess they’re trying to
make the car and entertainment experience while you’re charging that I
think is the the thinking because web browsing Netflix is you know stuff
that’s eventually going to come that I know they’re proud of a battery capacity
and this stuff in the grand scheme of you know power required to drive push
cars down freeways at 65 miles per hour is inconsequential
people are can be sitting in their garages or really in parking lots you
know there are drive-ins playing these game it’s a place to do it is super
super charger or a not so super charger right I need any other type of of
charger and people have their phones anyway which is what most people are on
but I guess here’s a way to who’s gonna be spending because because they fallout
felt shelter is not a pick-up-and-play you know no three-minute thing I’m
invested be a time suck so this is rolling out now do you have it I don’t
have it yet and in addition they’re also using this as a showroom
attraction because between now and the end of the month they’re gonna have demo
units at their showrooms which they’re gonna see I say so I’ll have a few of
those around when you mean a demo unit they’re calling it Tesla arcade where
people can go to Tesla centers and play games
that’s RSVP at a store near you the most fun thing you could possibly buy i guess
that’s that’s their mission yeah and I assume it’s gonna be free cuz there’s no
point in selling games yeah okay yeah it goes to show like there’s a lot of
processing capability on the on their dashboard yeah and maybe because they’re
working with third-party firms as third parties aren’t interested in in making
these work for the cars to you know increase appeal for people who have the
cars and maybe will download them on their tablets does it use force feedback
on this Jerry little I don’t know B that’d be cool I don’t just don’t I have
no interest if I’m if unless I’m like even a charger right you go to you’re
one of these super chargers everyone’s on their phone checking email surfing
happy do that I’m still plugged in dude what if though what if don’t say
multiplayer you could say motivate car multiplayer like everyone synced up at
the soldier at the supercharger yeah and you gotta send challenges to people like
you oh this super superchargers I’m gonna skip this one
only one car I’m gonna go to the 130 miles down the road all your audience
would be seeing cars there I love this idea and then like whoever wins
you could get get like the lights could flash and the horn can honk and like
everyone else would know that’d be great you could have a high score list that
was persistent and everyone gets out of their cars and high-fives each other
yeah yeah this brings you together it gets you off your phone and the guy kit
makes you friends with everybody my experience has been one of two kinds one
at the supercharger superchargers one where the Kettleman city one people are
friendly and especially in the early day like last year when there weren’t as
many model threes the road people were curious about the car yeah look around a
lot of people seeing what type of mod they’ve done you know car wraps and and
rims and stuff and they have a friendly chat like all it’s a cool thing you did
for your car right or the other experience is no one
talks to anyone everyone’s head buried in phone exactly I don’t know what type
of community they want to build you could do I mean even without multiplayer
you could do a pretty great sound in that car because it’s watched the
trailer for rise the Skywalker out of supercharged right and pipe the sounds
bass Bluetooth and it sounded really good I don’t know I think this
multiplayer thing might have legs like remember version tried to do that on the
airplane well yeah you could play against people different seats but that
experience the experience of actually getting into a game was unpleasant well
as they were using the old interfaces which are super slow yeah very laggy
yeah I mean back then version wanted people just send drinks to each other to
say hi ping each other yeah it was tinder on a plane didn’t work out so
yeah would you like to poke Norman c12 in mmm no no no I just want to kidnap
Google pixel for all right pixel did wasn’t Google IO just like last month
this is what’s weird so pixel for the rumors are and it’s been pretty much
confirmed by a Verizon will be out in October
there were like can you call it leaks when Google itself puts out images of
the phone well that responds to real leaks yeah that went out and then a
tongue-in-cheek well you want pictures here they are yeah and you see the rear
of the phone which has in its upper left at least a three camera system if not
four so this is this is the design theme I think for this year right the camera
module becoming less of it used to be just a circle like if you look at like
the iPhone XR it is just this the bulge is just a circle for the lens the lens
element needs to be out there to on many phones now a two camera system so for
example I’m going back to the iPhone ecosystem you have two cameras and it’s
an oval bulge right it’s not exactly an awful to go long like I don’t know what
that shape is called but like it’s connected right to the theory is that on
it looks like confirmed on pixel for but the theory also is whenever the iPhone
is going to come out this she it will be more of a larger square a
rounded square rounded square as a bulge because there’s more lenses because
hiding behind it lends elements as well as the light as well as depth sensor
maybe but think of that as like the the imaging unit of the phone and that
becomes more more accepted as as the back of the phone yeah yeah and there
are also leaks a bit out in the wild so the image is Google put out I have been
pretty much confirmed by some of the images we see this is a real non story
what there’s nothing here oh I put in the wrong link that’s why
you can see the actual image if you go to a different thing in okay I think I
think the design of that phone is actually like as norm set is pretty
indicative of the phones we’re gonna see this ball yes and maybe not even like
this year but like going forward the the back of the phone just more of
that real estate being devoted to some type of world facing sensor as Apple
wants to do or more world mapping build up on it slam technology as we expect
them to go into a are pretty heavily that makes more and more sense
I’ll make phone cases you know relevant again and people have to buy a whole new
phone case is to have the right you know holes for these these notches but we’re
never gonna go back to they have the flat the flush back of the on the back
of the phone you need to go to old days right now iPhone 4 iPhone 5 or the phone
could sit flat on the table and be flush no yep that’s not going on yeah yeah
unless it’s in a case yeah any either you use Kindles I do I still use a
Kindle paperwhite no do you use it right before bed mm-hmm Wow Wow your eyes must
be hurting well depends on what you have in the room you don’t the back later one
right it’s the paperwhite have the back light it does it back later okay
Oasis is their high-end one $250 I can’t believe it’s still a thing but there’s a
new canoe Oasis that does color temperature adjustment
at night do yeah there you go 250 bucks really kicks filters out the
blue light still believer in this blue light thing oh you’re a scientist my
doctor just like this week told me I need to keep hearing it everywhere yep
no no that’s right because I do it I put it on the night mode right before bed
just in case just in case and blue hits you yeah and then you know I feel like I
sleep I sleep all right I don’t know it’s it bad I don’t know I’m skeptical
that it really has any of these impacts there’s constant because it’s not like
you’re staring at that blue light consistently you’re like putting up and
pulling up and down your phone I’m just not mm-hmm I gotta look into some
studies about this yeah be careful cuz you might look out in a month from now
when I’m back again yeah I’ll have informations actually and I think that
does it for technology news this week let’s move on this week’s episode of
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with a t pedal PE tal slash test now inside for a moment folks Oh welcome
return yeah it’s been a long time I’m glad my port my intro was about as
consistent as always with Princess Bride is one of the possible books that my son
can choose for summer reading oh so I’ll give you a choice right now do you want
to hear the princess bride story do you want me to get on my soapbox oh that’s
that’s a sprite story okay it’s just right sorry okay always choose your
princess sprite have a boat why not both we will do get to both for sure all
right do you want polydactyl ism is it is the now edition where you have an
extra digit on your yes oh yeah and for the longest time oh polydactyl ism had
actually been pretty well studied there are even references to people with extra
digits going back about a hundred years in scientific literature for the most
part polydactyl ism is is indicated that that finger isn’t incredibly useful well
as we’ve gotten better understanding of polydactyl ism and now we’ve able to
apply genetics to it we’ve seen something like shifts in our
understanding in a paper that came out in early June of this year there was a
study of two children with six fingers and they were superhuman with this six
finger x-men they’re able to do incredible things that we see as mundane
they’re able to tie their shoe with one hand and not like oh they could tie
their shoe with one hand they could just tie their shoe as we would with two
hands normally with six fingers which doesn’t make sense because most of our
understanding of polydactyl ism is that the the fingers sort of attached and it
won’t have freedom of motion this actually had an extra degree of freedom
and when they looked at some of the anatomical scans and then MRI scans of
the brain found independent musculature skeleton skeleton structure and then
independently developed areas of the brain they’re controlling that digit so
it was able to be controlled independent as opposed to some other polydactyl
cases where when you had control that four digit it would like cause another
digit to contract I’d like people sometimes I mean the plasticity is brain
like you get locked in pretty early in her life where well people can’t move a
pinky finger without moving you know the ring finger because it’s not their thumb
you’re not using it all the time you’re not Tarzan this is also as much a
Gattaca story as it is a Princess Bride story remember in Gattaca ethan hawke
Numa Thurman go to a concert pianist and the penis is 12 fingers and he’s seen as
like inferior because he’s not genetically perfect but he’s the only
one who play this music that was basically arranged for twelve fingers so
this reading the study made me mad at my fork the other night I’m like stupid
five finger hand like I have to control this fork in this dumb way imagine we
talked about the word we use the word DAF a lot on this podcast degree of
freedom yeah think about if we could apply that to our hands if we an extra
degree of freedom on our hands people it’s just an inheritable trait no I
think it’s likely not it’s like a mutation that we don’t see passed down
yet okay so are you looking for it are you know it’s wandering it like is this
is this the kind of my tinder profiles that are like six digits only is this
evolution happening right in front of our eyes it is definitely a mutation
that I like could potentially there is no selection pressure that’s going to
make this sort of propagate down in a way but I think it’s just sort of
fascinating like we think about ourselves as as being sort of a highly
evolved sort of specimen just like this story and also I think the
neuroplasticity part is super weird so boxer boaty mcboatface so what I
really care about like I talk about science on the show a bunch should talk
about science elsewhere the thing that really matters to me there and it has
been this way for more than a decade is not about like being out there as a
science communicator there’s always been better people in me doing that work
there always will be but what is mattered to me is like how
science communication actually fits in the greater context of society today the
Wellcome Institute which is a foundation based in the UK released a report where
they collaborated with Gallup where they surveyed a hundred forty thousand people
across a hundred forty countries about how they feel and perceive science in
their own towns and one of the key indicators that are looking at is trust
in science and Trust in scientist which is an indicator I sort of like dedicated
my life towards because I see like the real positive outputs of science
impacting society and when you delve into this report which I think is a good
read for any nerd you see some like really meaningful outputs here is when
trust in science is high we see people that are more likely to follow certain
types of health advice their their quality of life tends to go up and
there’s a lot of discussion about people that don’t trust science like whether
it’s people that aren’t vaccinating whether there’s like it anti science
quote unquote agenda out there and this report across a hundred forty countries
really shone a light on what that actually looks like there isn’t really
this group that is anti science or if there is they’re very few most of the
people that actually have diminished trust in science have a high degree of
economic insecurity in their life or they have a high degree of distrust for
government for very good reasons we see that in Brazil we see it in Iran we see
it in Korea we see it in like all these regions that they looked at pretty
consistently and most of like science communication tends to speak to people
are already kind of interested in science for the most part like I kind of
imagine that most of the people are listening this podcast probably are kind
of into science already that’s cool I love it but it it tells us like if we
really want to make a difference for people like especially people that are
making health choices in their lives that are gonna affect like real
meaningful outcomes for them we really got to talk to people that are
economically insecure and like more communication more science engagement
where we listen to those people has to be incorporated in in a more strategic
way this report like really shaped shaped like shifted in my opinion on
like who really needs this at this point who really needs access to scientific
information and who really needs to have that done on their terms
last thing I’ll highlight is they looked at gender disparity in science so one of
the things that they found is that men tend to have a lot more confidence in
science knowledge than women with winning even when you control for like
the same degree of education and this is across the board every country every
region and what that tends to result in is men tend to explore science and like
find more scientific information like to a much higher degree than women
counterparts in every single country they surveyed that’s not just like a
that’s not a a developing nation issue it’s not like every single country and
that gap was somewhere between like six and ten points and it’s like a massive
gender disparity that is across the board about about women just begging not
being either encouraged like there could be a million different like not being
encouraged to to pursue scientific knowledge systemic issues that are not
allowing to encourage this is like massive quality of life issues and it
also limits the progress of scientific research by limiting that sort of like
human and mental capital that’s coming into the field this is like sort of like
the challenge of our time like when I saw that data this morning I was up at
five in the morning like seeing the unveil this report I like I I almost
like kind of started crying because like this is it this is the data is in front
of us of people from all walks of life and they’re showing us and they’re
showing us how these systemic issues about how their economic situation their
cultural situation are limiting their ability to really benefit from
value that science bring stuff that is not a delightful soapbox but as a
soapbox oh that makes you feel any better my daughter has always loved doc
McStuffins and what and she just did a report on made Jemison mae Jemison
actually was at this panel this morning looking veiled this report well she’s
been on Star Trek yes husband actually my back my friend welcome like whitney
tweto picture made Jemison like quoting my Angelou about the need to to listen
to people as he like wrote and princes like she was also instructed so and I
love heard about on savage bills I hope this is a continuing motif I love that
there are women in the workshop yeah it I think representation is a as a start
but I think it like it go the data tells me there’s something more then we have
to do it’s not but to the extent that yeah that is systemic to puts in
societal I think just getting those examples out there is a great step if I
have any like legacy that I can leave on this planet it’s like I want to see
those numbers shift in my lifetime I want to see them shift in a big way
because if they do that means like the progress will have made in in science is
going to be untold all right happier things even though I find that just
totally energizing boaty mcboatface we made fun of this name even though the UK
Research Council who said like they weren’t actually gonna give the boat
this name yep laughed it off it was named for this boat that was gonna go
out and measure sort of surface sea surface sea temperatures well boaty
mcboatface even though it’s not called that came back with the result of its
study it was examining wind patterns and how those wind patterns are affecting
global sea temperatures oh it’s terrible news boaty mcboatface
is bad news a bearer of bad news it found that the accelerate there is an
acceleration of temperature change that and there’s some current patterns that
indicate that warming is accelerating whoo boaty mcboatface no to mix sad boat
sad face you know we made fun of that name you know the reason it’s getting
all these headlines this study is getting headlines is that it was boaty
mcboatface yep but it came back with this like super
serious results right I am all for these ridiculous names because it kind of cuts
through the noise this is like an important finding and now we’re talking
about the thing the cups of the noise is internet humor cats that’s the saddest
thing Leba d yeah should we talk about this moon thing yeah talk about it yes
oh what’d you say that cuz you didn’t pick it
no no I’m asking if you would like to talk I don’t know anything about it that
I saw there was a science story and I was gonna research it in case you
weren’t coming on and I didn’t but it looks like there’s a big mass there’s a
big something massive beneath the moon’s surface that we didn’t know was there
what was the movie where we kind of saw the animation of like of the moon kind
of splitting off from the earth via collision there’s like a famous kind of
movie and like early in the movie because it’s the theory of how the moon
got there not theory we just know that’s all right right so like everyone knows
that but yes come on this is where his eyes start darting back and forth by the
way like this move it but there it’s like we know the moon’s been hit with a
ton of asteroids over time yeah what they’re showing is based off of
essentially like kind of a heat mapping in sort of a lidar under the surface
kind of detection they found an object embedded under the crust of the Moon
which means it was like an extraordinary impact that must have happened that left
some sort of crater but some of those have been covered up by other impacts
over time but now there’s this just under the surface a like another object
that’s just embedded in the moon object like creating an asteroid could be a
transformer oh it could be I’m not saying it’s not right exactly but it’s
not but it’s something that is not of this earth and not of that moon no it
has to be like some sort of asteroid and it’s not enormous like what they say it
was 4.8 quintillion pounds that’s a number I don’t understand no I don’t
know how many zeros that is yeah let’s see it is hey 2024 men 12 just get back
up there and take a look it’s 17 zeros all right that’s a lot that’s a lot of
poundage that’s not even metric so now zeros are there do they know what
the what its gonna compose doff so master it okay I don’t know I mean like
they think the impact must have happened about four billion years ago okay
there’s a lot we don’t know about the moon yet Hey
science is back yeah is that it for ya one of science oh good moment thank you
for sure yeah let’s do it again sometime let’s do the VR minute virtual reality
this week oh boy speaking of people of certain
socio-economic means that’s why our headsets this is not exactly people who
are you know it’s struggling I’m gonna give him more for that transition yeah
really a poor segue no yeah I mean it might have been negative and like you
know not not really good didn’t have a point didn’t know oh man you know I like
VR it’s all good we all like VR all right okay
you know cash or you might regret my soapbox so yeah go ahead
last week we talked about the the controversy that was boring in the
virtual reality community specifically around oculus quest and the restrictions
and kind of the guidelines that Facebook oculus have created about app developers
and and especially there are some specific examples from to the top to
pavlof VR to climbing climbing and island island and was it to the top that
was most notable 100 chill that stop of course about you know whether they could
publish on the the store or virtual doesn’t was about the feature they’re
getting or the virtual was a feature that they were asked to pull back yes
man and what that meant and you know we had our say about it from listening last
week but oculus you know they actually came out and had Jason Rubin address
each of these circumstances and and talk about their perspective I was impressed
by the not the fact that it wasn’t he could have come out and made a very
generic you know give us time we have a standard that we’re trying to uphold
generic kind of overarching excuse but he came out and he specifically
addressed each of these games and I thought that was great I thought that
was very transparent of him well let’s talk about the actual the actual
responses in the circumstances around each game and at the end we can talk
about whether this is reasonable or we still think there’s there’s much to go
like overarching lis you know the he acknowledges that this is a this
platform it’s early they’re learning and I think this is talking specifically
about virtual desktops it’s a disruptive new features landing without notice
don’t give them time to contemplate safety comfort and platform
ramifications notice platform ramifications that’s probably mean sales
numbers and and up sales they don’t review the updates but they
do or ask the devs work with them on major changes compatibility changes let
them know yeah yeah yeah so specifically let’s ask for so he’s saying that
virtual desktops should not have included that feature without owning a
buy them exactly yeah because they do their approvals for the app releases
they could have avoided all nos at the updates which sounds like a bandwidth
problem right like you mean a personnel problem personnel problem you know and
if they’re gonna create these guidelines like there’s nothing stopping before a
developer from releasing something and then that’s approved and then updating
it making it completely different so that’s just fundamentally this is like
if you’re building a walled garden that’s that’s you know kind of the
business geranium but the reality you have iOS has always had this issue where
they get apps that are you know perfectly legit and then they embed an
emulator a Super Nintendo emulator in one of the updates and it goes out and
people discover it and then it gets taken down yeah yep so it’s very similar
in that regard but probably don’t have as being a preview team as example I
example does so okay to the top the Jason Rubin says he appalled they
apologize for falling short with few devs that they sent quests to have units
to before they had settled on their curation process so this is the example
where to the top that they’ve got a dev kit which means presumably it was
approved getting work on and the assumption was
that this week it you know goes through the formal process I got early hardware
but then the the rules for what could and could not be in the store where the
turbine after the fact and they’re not gonna move back they’re gonna change the
rules it was just sorry you don’t make it now yep
you didn’t make it we should let you know ahead of time before you put more
work into it that’s a bummer it doesn’t change the fact that to the top has been
proved for all sorts of other platforms including a psvr and it really it hasn’t
affected experience there right as in taking down the the comfort of psvr
virtual desktop they said they asked him brought back the update because the new
features through user complaints hmm so this is this is tricky we found out
about the new features through user complaints and it took us a while to get
it to work yeah and I can understand that because it does take a little bit
longer to get everything working than it would if you had native hardware but
just getting the theory here is that the problem with this update in terms of how
it affected the platform yeah was that people were complaining to oculus well
that’s how they’re that they’re framing this right now people were complaining
the oculus about a feature that was not advertised that was only kind of shared
within a very hardcore VR sub community I think this is suspect I i I’m not
entirely convinced that anybody complained to oculus right this right
like I heard you could do Steve I have steamvr setup yeah I heard you could you
steam yeah I heard it down in in some
subreddit oh no it’s harder to get set up then then I realize I’m complaining
to all its oculus is for oh I don’t think that’s the case that said I you
know I I would imagine that the way it could have gone down is people
internally tried it and found the experience to be less than optimal which
it is it is but it’s also it wasn’t advertised they right in knowing that
this wasn’t oh they probably read about it on reddit like everybody else and so
when it and tried it and they realized that setting up steam
we are within oculus the the quest context is not really great and your
experience will depend on your wireless connection and your house door setup
it’s never going to be up to their standards of whatever the eight
milliseconds motions to photons is that the quest is capable of it’s probably
less than that but given the transmission over Wi-Fi the encoding
decoding it might be imperceptible to to you even to your naked eye but I don’t
think it’s imperceptible to your lizard brain and they’re not gonna be happy
with that so they’re making a stance thing this was not a platform
consideration this was about comfort safety and quality of experience that’s
then the the fact that this unpublicized experimental feature for the people who
did not have the proper setup for it or you know the optimal setup for right it
put it in the category of her you know heard the consistency of experience on
on quest yes now on the other hand they have allowed is the developers name
györgy they they’ve allowed him and everyone else to provide apps that you
can side load that add this functionality and they’re not saying
anything about that ya know and it’s gotten so simple to do that with
sidequest that I’m kind of I’m now on board with with that solution because
they could they could try to do with Apple does and completely lock that out
this and not until their credit absolutely I think that is the right
that’s the right thing to do I just think that as as much credit we’re gonna
give them for addressing all these things yeah like these are still very
carefully chosen words and they still dance around the topic what it all comes
down to yeah I’m also encouraged by the fact that Jason has said I don’t know if
isn’t this twit tweets thread but he said that until they can figure out a
way to do it that satisfies their requirements for user experience they’re
not going to allow it to exist on the store so that just tells me they are
continuing to work on it and I hope that they do have a system in place
eventually that yeah I told you last week I was not comfortable using how I
got my you know motion sickness from laying beat saber over using virtual
desktop steamvr if they–if oculus can find a way to
play PC games stream to quest great yeah yeah who knows if they’re actually
working on that the other responses they have he has to like Jedi land and Pavlov
I think more reasonable that was clarifying for example offering them off
from support for mobility never hearing back so that’s the other side of the
story and also for Pavlov I think that is a amicable ending where the developer
is moving forward yeah and getting support to put it on quests and so
that’s good and to be clear the two that I mentioned last week climbing into the
top those I saw those developers respond to the to the top Fiasco they were in
the threads talking about that issue and saying that if you weren’t allowed in
the store I’m giving up and I just I in those common areas I encourage them not
to because I love those games and I want to see them on quest and I’m glad to see
that oculus is open to talking to them yeah as long as the rules are consistent
and developers aren’t putting a ton of work and and then being closed to
publishing yeah for for no good reason you know then it’s okay again the side
loading thing head for experimental features I completely agree it’s
obviously not a market it’s not gonna be making money for the devs who need to
get paid for their time I wonder I wonder if those guys will add some sort
of a way to pay for games on site quest I think the moment that happens then
oculus would shut it down I wonder because then it is something that
affects the doors yeah yeah but it’s money that they left on the table
everything on side quest at least currently by design is things that that
you can’t get on the oculus store that oculus has said no thank you to but
maybe maybe you’re right maybe people would prefer to be on the side quest
story if there was a better revenue share I mean I think I said it last week
I think some of the stuff is could be market driven right like if people are
buying these things in Mass and there was a huge market like market for it
which on the desktop side that’s that’s how something like pub G got its start
right yeah launching and kind of open a early access people paying full price
for building community and then even though you know early early on full of
bugs it came the phenomenon that it was and VR
aside so I’m like onward right it isn’t fully polished but enough of network
effects have made it a successful thing why not
right obviously the community right like and the curation on the store right like
what’s surfaced right like for people in rent users for your mom and dad who are
jumping in it doesn’t have to be front and center onward or whatever you know
what experiment so VR less less comfortable VR because even even within
the acceptable VR experiences there’s a range of comfort mm-hmm right and a
range of quality to be honest it’s a it I’m having a hard time imagining a
scenario where I’d rather be on side quest in the oculus store but maybe it
may be one day I don’t know okay off of off of quest into rec room and non VR
news I guess raccoon has an Iowa’s beta why not
they’d on every other flats bring any other every other flats room yeah so you
can sign up now go to the rec room Twitter has a link and you can go sign
up to play rec room on your phone you can get your your quests fix without a
without a heads I wonder how do you play it with touchscreen Oh everything does
it you it’s gonna be a swarm is it I just imagine it likes the lobbies are
gonna be full oh yeah I wonder I wasn’t what a place
like I don’t even I hadn’t considered even trying it I mean do you think that
they should implement a way so that when you jump in you can say I want piano VR
like not individual side quest but VR Jim only well you can join the specific
activities as VR own I know not the activity not the quests not the
minigames but the mayor’s motto yeah there’s no main lobby that’s rough
but they’re changing that there they’ve talked about a new set up where they’re
going to have club houses mmm where you can set up your own
Clubhouse and have it be the way that you want and then it would only be the
type of people that you want to play with or allowed in there
don’t say type of people well I think a VR chat does it works around that with
but with every instant having a unique identifier so I can say I want to jump
into write him a main hub number this number and then all my friends can type
that in because the biggest problem we have with rec room is trying to get into
the main gym together because they fill up so quickly that’s not my biggest
problem well one of one of the problems we have getting started yeah
Mars I start darting back and forth Hey but on the subject of my biggest problem
mm-hmm there’s there’s a new game from that game company coming out next month
called I think it’s sky you know the guys made journey and
flower okay and it’s another game kind of like
journey and I guess there’s a social component to it and they’ve struggled
with how do you get people to play together and not antagonize one another
or not you know troll yeah and like that’s so much of what happens in rec
room whether it’s just kids being kids or whether it’s racists or what-have-you
like it’s it’s not all the time but it’s frequent enough that has become like
that my experience of rec room is tainted with that and I just want to go
and play with you guys in private rooms and they’ve the the guys who that gump
that game company I have an interesting solution where I guess there’s some kind
of it’s a free-to-play so there’s some kind of in-game currency and the only
way that you you somehow get currency by interacting with other players but the
other players are only allowed to chat with you
if you’ve sort of built up a reputation formed a relationship with it we’re
using emojis to begin with and so you can’t run up and you can’t there’s no
voice like you can’t hear people right away you can’t well it’s not even it’s
just the right but physical banging to you and then and throwing their hands in
your face and we’re just yeah BM to see how much of that you can do without
actually being friends but I think that there’s something there I think that the
concept of having to forge a relationship before they become a
full-fledged communicator there’s something to that but it’s an
interesting concept I would see thought through by other well I think they’re
great examples in pass mmo’s and past multiplayer experiences where
they can make a business of creating you know private servers if you want if a
company if if a group wants to create their Clubhouse and pay for server time
and let their community members like you’ve tested what did you a here’s you
know it tested fans and communities can can only can jump in and only with this
password or because your verified in a certain way then that becomes the
opportunity for them to create a site business out of that yeah sure but that
that I think they’re still probably a little ways away from that I think the
there aren’t enough users overall users out there they want to populate these
rooms and maybe that’s why they’re on the sixteen by nine platforms
I wonder hey remember that Mario Kart VR that we saw in Japan the video that went
viral yep it’s coming to Irvine to Southern
California take me to it I know I know it’s gonna be at in arcade
this is a licensed game and it’s gonna be at the VR zone portal starting it
down yeah it’s at the k1 speed entertainment center why don’t we yeah
we’re why are we not in a car let’s go well I’m serious you know
anyone’s in Southern California go and send us pictures of the experience tell
us how it was oh this own South Bay this is so enjoyable in California
exactly so I think been bandai namco makes this version of it people wear
vibes you know i think there are hand controllers as well apparently it’s a
platform because you have what you’re in this kind of go-cart simulator but mario
karts just one of the games there’s also this game called Argyle shift and ski
rodeo no thank you it’s LBE that you can choose which ryuko type of seated racing
game VR racing game you want but yeah i think we all want okay if somebody gets
in there ahead of you and there’s like a line for this and you watch them playing
ski rodeo yeah your head will explode maybe they already did Mario Kart you
know maybe they’re trying at all yeah you can’t fathom why you would play
anything with Mario Kart no I can’t do you remember that game I reviewed our
previewed rather on projections a couple weeks ago called battle way yeah you
were to you played at GDC this is from Serbia’s I said
there’s no way this is coming the quest cuz you said the graphics looks so good
guess what I was come on the quest whoa yeah I mean I guess it’s no surprise
because they have to quest titles already read and Electra nods
mm-hmm so yeah good for them it’s I you know I look forward to playing it on
quest now probably because asking me to look at least friction and psvr it’s
coming to me it’s a good looking game it’s a pirate
game kind of a deathmatch ii where you control a boat and you can it’s really
impressive graphics hey the VR Awards 2019 finalists were announced this is
gonna be done let me see if I got that were you guys nominated for Best VR
coverage no no we weren’t no it was an honor to even be considered it’s an
annual a non-profit event and it’s through AI X are the it’s gonna be
November 11th so end of this year and they’ve been running for the past couple
years I think it’s this is a uk-based one UK or the XR is the Academy of
international extended reality they didn’t see annual VR awards they’ve a
great logo but the finalists for content was announced so I wanted to run them
through us and we’re not on the judges there’s like 80 expert judges but we’re
not good because I get a bail I know oh I’m sorry
hardware of the Year quest riff des vive pro i reverb Tesla suit or the XL v KH
TMJ quest next question okay VR game of the year I agree with you as
well if I was to vote VR Game of the Year last robot hell-blade shadow point
blood and truth vacation sim Falcon age Transpo’s firewall zero hour which is
the psvr counter-strike game creed rise to glory
freediver up Angry Birds Fishman’s tail Angry Birds
come on and prose enlightenment I’ve played all but one of these all but one
or two of these if i had to give it to one right now I’d
say Astra bye yeah me too that’s my mouth as my gut as well
although yeah I think between those I give a special mention to the bloody
truth but that’s pretty I haven’t played many of these VR experiences so I’m not
gonna weigh in on that okay VR experience is Vader immortal
UNBC has one call 11:11 start VRS thing called awake we don’t have to do all
yeah all right I think I think VR moral is probably a shoo-in for that one and
then there’s VR films and VR companies of the year we are marketing of the year
hey no number that educational stuff it’s it’s always great I love the spinal
says because it shows that there’s a lot of stuff out there right now in VR not
just in games there are stuff in healthcare house definite education LBE
ones – yeah and it gives me a good list of things to start this morning for
projections but no key November 11th all right OVR journalism award yeah yeah
next year guys yeah yeah and I think the said our last story one more story no we
gotta go he’s gotta go we gotta go uh thank you so much – sure thank you for
sure for joining us this week really good to see you yeah I’m glad I’m gonna
I want to get to a poem work and stop thinking you know because then you just
be back on and not feel like a special guest yeah I won’t be here thanks for
thanks for letting us know ahead of time we got an outro this week Jeremy we do
from Jessie is from Earth walk we are all spooky she may be me no no no
just sweet quiche have you been all dimensions you ever have to eat quiche take whatever’s out of the fridge and
one time he made with berries and like fruit and it was really really gross
like super duper bad all right question answered hey maybe somebody makes a good
people we Quinn’s blind we propose quiche your pregnancy is sweet yeah yeah
we’ll see if they going back so it was quite Gary maybe Thanks whoa hock you
made the list

48 thoughts on “Daystrom Institute – This is Only a Test 505 – 6/20/19”

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    VR Minute 1:26:15
    Outro 1:47:04

  3. Kishore, the gender science stuff: Isn't there credible studies that highlight the differences between male and female babies before they've been socialised that demonstrate that males tend to gravitate towards objects and females tend to gravitate towards people? I agree that there are some systemic reasons females aren't interested science that should be addressed, but maybe there are genetic reasons too?

  4. Here's the Wellcome report I mentioned on my soapbox.

  5. Let's take the opportunity to celebrate Mothers on one day and Fathers on another without apology or need to compare. Women and men have different roles in parenting, nether less or more important than the other. Please don't downplay the effort of one vs the other.

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    Why to Americans get all french when pronouncing 'erbs
    but mutilate coupΓ© into coop?
    mutter mutter
    grumble grumble
    and don't even get me started on solder and buoys…..

  10. ….science communication…yawnnnn…good show guys. go figure, intelligent guys can be so dumb when making diet decisions as to what they drink….diet soda dude?? come on, it's the worst decision a "science guy" can make….or anyone for that

  11. The El Camimo and Ranchero were "utes", and the only thing Australia actually "invented" was the term. That body style existed in the USA decades before Australia decided to take credit for it.

    Truckla is an abomination. It's like a Subaru Baja with a fraction of the utility. Going to that much work to butcher a Model 3 and not giving it a full 4 x 6.5 foot bed with drop tailgate so full sheets of plywood will fit is insane. It also is not the first Tesla truck – EV West did it before her with a Model S.

  12. I've always thought that Wesley's stripey sweater related to the starfleet uniforms, figured his granny made it for him. There is so much going on in that piece of costume.

  13. So are you telling me that when apple users stream their phones to their TVs they cant use the phone for anything else? I've been doing that for a couple years with android and chromecast.

  14. Low number of pre qualified nodes means no need for validation computation on transactions, basically each node just trusts each other. The validation computation is the expensive and energy intensive part of PoW crypto mining.

    FB's crypto is not really in the spirit of most other cryptos though, since it's centralized and controlled by FB… It's almost a complete perversion of what the community is about. It's basically just a distributed markle tree ledger with computational abilities…

  15. Who is that black blob talking in the middle? You people don't watch where you place a camera? Why not use a smaller body mic like TV weather people do?

  16. Kishore, Polydactylism is inheritable.
    The Hemingway Cats are an example of this.

  17. you need to talk to low income people about science to solve the worlds issues??!?!?! WTF. How about your government stops controlling world finances and keeping the poor poor.

  18. I hope the object on the moon appears to be a huge black monolith with the proportions of 1*4*9 πŸ™‚

  19. It is a mistake for Oculus to block PC VR streaming to the Quest (like Riftcat and ALVR), instead they should embrace it and double down on it. They would have a wireless PC VR (isn't that the goal?) and a mobile VR HMD in one. Since many games are single purchase for both platform they're not lose that much money.
    Time for Oculus to "cut the cord" and let go of the Oculus Rift and Rift S. Instead they should work on making streaming to Oculus Quest even better. BTW, the Oculus only games doesn't go away because some still want to take their games with them without a need to for a PC. I have Beat Saber on Steam, but bought it on the Quest so I can take it with me to my friends house. Imagine taking your Quest to your friends house to play VR on your Quest cross play with PC VR.

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  21. I'm a Performance Model 3 owner and I would absolutely drive an extra 30 miles like Norm said in order to play / challenge other Tesla Owners to in car multiplayer games !! ???

  22. For Kishore being "science minded", it surprises me he can't objectively look at data, but still sees it through his social lens.

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