Day Trading Using Scalping Strategies 9 Winning Trades

hello traders its samurai trader here
welcome to this recorded training session I’m going to be covering a lot
of information in this session and for my members that may see this on YouTube
before I send them a video don’t panic I’m going to be doing after I record
this video well hopefully today if not tomorrow a more in-depth explanation of
some of the trades that I took live on Friday just to give you a better
breakdown on the step by step basis so how this recording came about traders is
not a day goes by that I don’t receive an email about scalping the market and
I’m a scalper but I normally go for a slightly larger profit target and I
wanted to try a theory and I with my circle theory I’d executed 12 trades
which I’m going to be showing you and still with great success but a couple of
made a couple of mistakes I want to explain those because so we’re just so
stupid I’m really angry about about them but I thought well let me go back
show you what’s and all the mistakes I made and explain them and this’ll also
as I mentioned be really good for my members so in this video I covered
around 12 trades in 90 minutes nine winners two break-even one loss I could
have easily entered 20-plus trades I was trading the NQ at the same time which
we’ll talk about because that also cost me some money by trying to trade to
markets and I know traders I talk about this all the time focus on my market
I still netted $299 per contract 2990 on 10 contracts and I stuffed up on
three trades so we’ll be looking at those are my hubs so what exactly is
scalping let’s let’s talk about this for a moment a trading strategy of at a
tense this is scalping a definition a trading
strategy that attempts to make many profits on small price changes or small
movements traders who implement this strategy will place anywhere from 10 to
a couple of hundred trades in a single day of course we see scalpers on stocks
particularly doing hundreds of trades a day you can make many a days are about
to see on the futures markets and the forex markets as well so we’re after
small moves one thing that you don’t have is a luxury called time that is
time is of the essence when you’re scalping you’re in and out in and out so
time in your entry and exit is absolutely critical when you’re scalping
the markets now one major advantage it’s very very big advantage I should say you
have when you’re sculpting the market is you have smaller stops now I have a rule
and all of my students some members are very aware of this set we have a maximum
of 2 percent exposure in any one trade I trade with a maximum of 0.5 so it allows
me to add to a position so if we take the ES mini contract the futures
contract as an example a 6 tick stop a tick is $12 50 USD
is $75 plus if you add in the Commission when you actually trade and you have a
loss that’s $80 so 1 or $4,000 account 2% is $80 so to trade per contract you
need $4,000 now I know your broker will tell you look you only need six or seven
hundred dollars a day trading margin however that is a great way to wipe
itself out if you have that attitude well I can start day trading with 800
you can if you trade minis or micros on the on the forex markets but not futures
remember we’re in this business to stay in this business so looking at the
bright side of this also if you’re targeting $200 a day that’s $1,000 a
week that’s 25% on your money per week remember how we’re about to get to the
disclaimer traders and so let me say that this is an example
and in today’s examples but I showed you the trading I was doing I was trading
ten Lots five off at one level and five off another if you were to do this just
with two contracts you need to double that
remember risk management is absolutely critical we’re in this business to stay
in this business now in the day traders fast track program which is what all of
my members purchase and trade with you learn all of these strategies some of
the world’s best scalping and day trading strategies I actually teach you
over twelve different strategies and what is really important is that day
trading becomes so much easier when you’re a pettern on the trader we are really
pattern traders and we’ll shall show you that we’ll talk more about that I don’t
want to make this a big one hour video I’ll try to keep this as short as we can
and I want to go to the live charts in a moment so understanding the risk traders
if you’re new to my channel please read the risk disclaimer very very important
or perhaps even if you’re not so new perhaps you need to read it again
remember traders you do not trade with the rent money
very very important now as we’re also going to be going to look at some charts
in a moment if you go to full screen down the bottom right hand corner you
will be able to do that so let’s talk before we go to the chance I’m going to
talk more about scalping now scalping the markets has a reputation of flushing
money down the low and it’s very very true if you approach it what’s a word if
you’re not prepared if you don’t have the discipline the focus the patience
and all of that goes with it you may as well just really go on a great holiday
because you can lose so much money as a scalper so it’s about learning how to
scalp correctly never great news is anyone can learn how to scalp the market
I’m going to be showing you a few ideas in a moment and for my members will go
much more in depth on the video that I’ll shoot after this one and for my
members we’re just using the same standard strategies maybe just a little
bit different on the money management just some ideas for you and
unfortunately of course those are going underprepared of course end up losing
their dollars now another thing here is of course indicators the more indicators
you have on your chart the more it starts to look like this it’s very very
hard to read and nothing could be true when it comes to scalping because
scalping time is of the essence you need to be able to make a decision very
quickly if your very short term scalping less is best you wanted what I call if
possible trade naked and as we know my students know we’ve got some great
strategies there but what’s on trading basically naked but what’s really
important is you get those indicators off your chance so which is the best
market for us to scalp well of course you’ve got stocks you can do some great
day trading on trading stocks scalping the market there and of course right
across the USA particularly we see prop houses or day trading rooms they’re all
over the place we can go in you can rent a seat and day trade as much as you like
there quite often directly through a brokerage house so there’s some great
opportunities there and remembering all of the strategies our strategies are I
show you all work on stocks forex or futures then of course we’ve got forex
great market and then we’ve got futures now one thing that consider is them and
this little diagram in a way is almost applicable to the reverse is that I’m
here on Australia and of course the New York market opens up at the moment with
daylight savings 11:30 at night so my hours are upside down but thanks to
Forex of course we can trade the London session futures now is basically 24
hours a day and it and for my European friends there’s some fantastic
opportunities trading the European session now and it’s it really brings in
a few questions from members that I hadn’t the one I was going to answer on
a separate video today is it for the European session
I love trading the 233
the ES 233 volume and during the main
London session provider sorry us session providing the markets are going crazy
for 1000 volume I’m really in love with that on the ES right now
so thanks now to the global markets you can basically trade 24 hours a day now
what market do I prefer for scalping I prefer futures and the reason being is
fixed commissions is it I’m paying four
dollars sixty four seventy round turn so it’s very low a great liquidity
particularly on the NQ on the Black Gold on oil oil is a fantastic market for
scalping today and a great trading range in all of those NQ I am ES even if you
go over euro stocks 50 and some of the others you’ve got great trading ranges
and that’s what you want you want the market to be moving liquidity and you
want to know and you want to be able to see those waves and you get to know the
personality now for the day traders of stocks of course you may day trade and
focus on half a dozen stocks and get to know their personality as well they all
operate differently well in my opinion they do I think NQ is very
different to the ES as an example another reason for futures over stocks
particularly in the US. of course is the pattern trader rules over there if
you have any more than four trades a day I think it’s some over five particular
days you’ve got to have a $25,000 margin now there may be ways around that but of
course with futures you can get started with as little as realistically staying
within our risk management rules $4,000 and $1000 with Forex so there’s a whole
lot of benefits are there now scalping requires 100% focus traders and you’ll
see a couple of stuff ups I made on Friday and I want to show you what those
are so you can learn from them look I really have a 100% perfect trading day I
make mistakes every day but I also learn from them and sometimes I
need to have multiple learning experiences so you know lock your door
close your blinds make sure the dogs being fed turn off the phone closed down
your emails and put on your Zen music because if you are scalping you can do
really well as you’re about to see but you also need to be really focused so
the trades are going to show you are twelve trades in approximately 90
minutes and I was trading the other t1 T2 the T9 the t20 now for
those watching is for the first time we code all of our setups it just makes it
easier we have about fourteen fifteen different
codes that we use so you learn those in the course okay now by the way it very
quickly quick advertisement it’s only $197 dollars for now over forty hours of
recordings of this training so it’s a very very small investment but anyway
back on this slide so in the examples I’m going to be showing you I was
trading ten contracts five of it plus four ticks which is two hundred a
fifty dollars less 45-hour dollars I in brokerage now once I hit 4 ticks the
last five went to break-even and thanks to the trading domes really all trading
platforms you can have is simply coded on automatically
soon as you to target you got a break even then I had my second target at six
ticks which is three hundred and seventy five dollars now I had a fixed stop of
six ticks and this is a question that comes up regularly where do we put our
stops normally traders I would have my stop two ticks above a swing high or
below a swing low for this particular exercise and I’m not sure if I really
went into about the training session I was actually by the way this will come
from emails I’ve been getting in a training session I’m going to be doing
much more in depth on this is that I thought well I’m going to use fixed
stops on this exercise so the maximum gain is 625 now if you think about my
risk is 750 the gain is 625 on a risk reward normally I talk that they must be
minimal one to one so it’s out there but this is very high probability trading
now I’m going to try maybe a five tick stop during next week and I’m going to
experiment with that and a larger target which we’ll talk about so nine hit plus
four ticks and it went then it went to break-even then out of those nine five
went on to hit plus six and as you’ll see one or two of those I moved to up
break even plus one then I had to break evens and one loss which are all around
each other which are actually mistakes and I’ll show you silly silly things I
did wrong and so it was need of around two hundred ninety nine dollars per
contract somewhere in that set of vicinity now I would also quickly
discover this with you is one major advantage of scalping is believe it or
not you can actually remove some of the pressure of day trading scalping by
having two different targets now if we consider slot machines and we can
actually learn something here I want you to be open-minded here for a moment
what’s the psychology of slot machines you’re going there there’s lots of music
playing the casinos you’ve of the machines going ding ding ding ding every
time you have a win it pays something out and it you know most slot machines
of course every couple of minutes you’ve got some sort of player whether it be a
tiny one or a good sized one unlikely you’re going to hit the jackpot but
you’ve got some sort of cash flow some sort of reward and so just bit like
Pavlov’s dog you’re being rewarded on a regular basis one of the advantages of
day trading with a small target providing you’ve got a high win ratio it
actually removes some of the stress because you know your trades going to
breakeven very very quickly and overall your loss is going to be well and truly
covered by these small scopes or small wins you’re going to have
the way and just think about that it works really well and this is where
after the session I’d recommend you give it some thought anyway so scalping
requires the right the right markets and the right stops of course the right
forex market and future so you need to consider that you also require the right
to the right charts which I’m going to go into more
in male members video and of course you require the right indicators and I could
spend hours talking about this my members will be covering this in the
next video but it’s all about keeping your indicators down to a minimum so a
couple of other things I want you to think about here is that with our high
probability entry signals let’s consider scalping a contract that is the first
contract offer to set Rochelle and in this particular case I was working on
four ticks hey it might be the ideal one might be five but I use full and swing
trading the balance let me just get rid of this thing here no swing trading the
balance that is either for a fixed target or trailing your stop so instead
of getting six ticks you may get ten twelve fourteen ticks be what actually
happens traders and we’re all are well aware of this we have sweet spots every
day we have a sweet spot in the market and that second contract you could
possibly run and gain that sweet spot so with the examples in this recording as
mentioned earlier the first target was four ticks
and the second one was six so mastering your tools so let’s just quickly talk
about a couple of critical factors here is really this takes work now yes I may
make it look easy for some of you but I’ve been doing this a long time but if
I’m not focus you’ll see I still make mistakes but you know wax on wax off
practice use a simulator because scalping can be a great way of really
making a great deal of money out of the markets but it takes time you know now
on the simulator execute one hundred a day become a very very good if
you listen to someone like Tony Robbins people say Tony you’re a brilliant
speaker how did you do it was Tony said I would go out and do three or four
speeches a day I become very very good at it because the more often you do it
and likewise with this or more often you use a simulator then the more often you
live trade the better you become at it so how do we gain mastery because to be
a day trader a scalper you need to become an epic day trader being good is
not good enough now I love this statement small disciplines repeated
with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time now
I’m going to be showing you on the chart in a couple of moments a number of
trading setups however you only need one or two of what I’m about to show you and
over a two or three hour period you’ve hit your profit target for the day now
very important here the final thing before we go to the charts will that
you’ll is two more slides I want to show you stand guard they’ve a daughter mine
and don’t let anyone steal your dreams you’re going to have people tell you why
you can’t learn today trade because 95% of traders lose their money and that’s
absolutely right and that’s why you’re going to join the five percent Club you
know I’ve had people say to me stop trying to lead people or down the
path they believe they can make money because they can make money you can
succeed if you’re willing to put the work and efforting and I’m constantly
saying to my members join the five percent Club and we do that by gaining
mastery and how do we get mastery through small disciplines repeated every
day in other words gets who master your setups wax on wax off wax on wax off
become very very good one or two trading setups traders and you can have enormous
success as a day trader and as a scalper before we go to a chance all of us of
course in my program your invest investments
$197 this is the last program you’ll ever investing go to my website to find
out more about it so to get my free ebook whatever but traders you can do
this let’s now go and have a quick look at some chance so what we’re looking at
here is the ES 1000 volumes art and excuse the lines I know it’s maybe a
little hard to see here so the first trade this up by the way is 1252 what’s
actually 1251 there abouts I shorted the market based off this little trade here
now even though it’s a green candle I won’t go I’m not going to go to all the
aspects here now I was in on this trend actually rather late and let’s have a
look at this so you can see here for those that are traders we had it t25
year to 34 bounds t25 t25 34bounds he already had three or four winning trades
if you had been trading so I jumped him right at the bottom here and remembering
my target was four ticks on the first contract and go to break even and on
that particular trade you can see here I was out on my five contracts at four
ticks and breakeven on the balance when it come on up so I then entered
t7 and I was filled I got my four ticks and my six ticks on the
second lot that was a nice trade then I want to quickly just run through a
couple of stuff ups members or going to this in detail
I had done an 89b right here I jumped in based upon a t25 move and then I had
a secondary entry here because very very confident but at the same time I was
trading NQ become very stay focused something else on this happening I exited those trades based upon what I
was doing at the time on the NQ saw that I had t9 set up and went long very very
stupid you know because I was looking at something else traders let’s stay
focused so I exited at breakeven on two on
twenty contracts went long on ten stopped on that that cost me 750 plus
the two trades that I would have been out on we can see here it ticked up one
tick above me here I still would have been in with my six ticks top and so
that was very very I was very very ed at myself therapy so anyway look
we learn we learn look the lesson traders stay focused if you’re scalping
or actively day trading stay focused on one market if you don’t get many signals
well then okay you’re going to look at multiple markets but please be very
careful moving on we had then a t25 and this was actually a t1 89bounce I
jumped in here by the way on this one that was a nice sum I got to my plus
four plus six another one here I jumped in it went down it took me out of +4
then it started to rebound I then moved my stop down if I’d have left it I would
have got out at my plus six instead I got out at I think it was plus two
instead of plus six should have left it alone what it should have cut her come
up here I had a t25 that was good filled on both Lots now here I did this same
thing again so actually there’s more than three stuff up so if as much as
this is very profitable it come down filled me on four it started to come
back up again so I thought stuff it on a go down a plus one that took me out a
basically break even plus one then it continued down whereas we’re on this
trade here and this trade no sorry I would have been right on that
one bed anyway on the on this trade I got out I should have just left it alone
once again members I’m going to go through these in detail in a more
detailed video here I had another beautiful lung t9 which is why I jumped
in on this one along with virtually t20 and that was great for both lots
of contracts fulfilled jumped in here on a t20 and that was
killed on one lot break-even at the other and I then had here I missed out
on this t20 here I jumped in on this t1 and a t10 I was in late but I’ll going
to that on another video and I achieved both lots on that particular trade and
that was it so overall traders it was you know just
under $3,000 on those trades or just under $300 a contract now one of the
questions that may go through mind what if I had have just scalped every one of
them for four ticks not gone on the second contract on six well good
question by ledee by getting out on one contract at four ticks I would have
netted twelve hundred thirty dollars after taking away all the brokerage to
breakevens of course and the loss of 750 I still would have netted twelfth at
twelve hundred and thirty instead of just under 3,000 what if I had have had
both contracts on the plus plus four tix only I haven’t done the math on that one
but what concerns me there if you consider that my risk is still six ticks
for a four to gain yes I know on this high probability it you still miles in
front however risk reward is very very
important so traders hopefully you’ve gained some information or some ideas
from this video why one thing I didn’t mention is to grab a notebook and a pad
pad and a pen to take notes as I go through these so members I’m going to be
recording a video just going into more in depth with some of our rules and some
of these and if you haven’t subscribed please do to my channel or go to my
website and invest in the best day trading program you
can invest in for $197 Thank You traders

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