18 thoughts on “Day Trading Cryptocurrencies For Beginners Guide To Cryptocurrency Day Trading For New Traders”

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  6. So I was summarising for myself

    tips for newbs
    mid 2017 things are nice,
    history lesson for 2 mins (some good points maybe go read about it)
    1) plan trade before you make trades (buy low sell high, when others selling buy, when others are selling buy, DYOR, recent history of the market, risk reward, target entries, )
    2)Stop over trading ( you only need one or 2 really good trades per year) target 15 to 30 % trades looking for x100 type coins, not day trading, swing trade
    3) don't pick tops (like, bite the body, not the head or tails, reduce this by using cerebus technique 😉 3 head dog)
    4) no weak hands, manage your trades, sell some but keep some make a plan i guess
    5) don't chase hype, anticipate it

    buy low sell high, 90% of people don't d it cause of emotions, fear an greed.

  7. "everyone thought I was crazy". Man do I know the feeling. Man did I miss out. I sure hope to absorb all that you teach . Thanks for the vid

  8. Great video! I've been day trading for 4 years now and these tips seem so simple but they are the reason most people will not succeed.

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