48 thoughts on “DavinciJ15 – For Bitcoin Something is BREWING!! $8'500 or $7'200? EXACT Gameplan!”

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  2. LOL, I love all the comments from these haters blaming you guys for not knowing how the market will move at all times. People, ease up, no one can predict the market all you can do is give a best guess based on charts, and all the advice they give is free, make your own investment decisions, don’t blame someone else for bad investments unless you pay for that service. Thanks for all you do guys.

  3. Great advice! Fortunately I am already all in at 4k . But if I was not in already.. Anything below 10k is a bargain. I think there will be one more big wash out before ATH. Is this it? who knows. Please Davinci what do you think about Factom and what is the price Davinci would buy in at? and sell at?

  4. What a couple of clowns! Oh the glee when they decided BTC was going to 16k less than a week ago. Blah blah blah.

  5. Hmm.. you guys said 16k definitely couple weeks ago.. now it's 8k. Man.. I can call just as good as you two guys can.

  6. The 17% pump was caused because we finally tested the parabolic “curve” we’ve been in. Tested on July 17 then we pumped on the 18th. This can been seen if you pull up the monthly chart then draw a perfect curve underlining the monthly price action. Assuming you lined up everything properly you should be able to then pull up the daily chart and see that we tested this line corresponding to the dates mentioned. You’re welcome. Napolean M.

  7. Davinci thanks for calling out levels. We can’t always see the levels on our mobile devices when watching the videos.

  8. Great – tell everyone to buy at 8700 so it wont drop lower. You are Genius! If you want to BUY – why tell everyone to buy and drive the price higher???????

  9. im starting to think the whales wait for these videos and then do the opposite with bitcoin price, maybe its time you fool the whales and deliberately give the wrong prices

  10. Not everyone will get to the promise land. So true!!! Everyone trying to cheat their way to the top! LOL

  11. Because we are expecting it to go to $8000 or $7200 – its most unlikely to do that. This market always does something different from what we expect.

  12. Thank you DaVinci and Chris for the knowledge bombs…. Much appreciated. Chris….. 4G will allow outdoors broadcast (we like the green yes), but you will need 5G for outdoors + walking ;). just kidding. keep them videos coming on a regular basis. Thanks

  13. I am waiting 8.4K. to buy. See the BTC Future CME there is a gap on 8k lavel does not covered still. Trump spoke about BTC because he had to attack facebook Libra, this will be so clear at the crypto comunitty soon and BTC bull run again.

  14. Institutions want to further shake the weak hands, as Davinci has always said, look at the bigger picture and forget this choppy price action, accumulate those Satoshi's if you can.

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