DavinciJ15 Calls Cryptocurrency Bottom? Bitcoin BTC Analysis. NEO, Cardano ADA Price + News 2018

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into this because there is a lot to cover now I did not give credit to mm
crypto correctly last time forgot to post their link in the comment section
so I’m going to be posting the link number one to this video number two to
DaVinci j15 channel YouTube channel as well in the comment section of this
video so if you guys are interested in going to check it out make sure you do
go ahead they’ve been doing a series they’ve done several videos several
videos together talking about different things that are happening and well this
one was huge as you guys can tell he is calling the bottom of the altcoin market
now keep in mind I said all coins specifically because this does not
include Bitcoin and it’s only for the Bitcoin pairings of certain all coins so
keep that in mind when ago more detail about it really quick though
before we get started mm crypto did a video also with tone vase who is a very
renowned technical analysis expert a lot of people follow his predictions and I’m
gonna share some things that da Vinci and tone vase do agree on and we’re also
going to talk about some things that they completely disagree on number one
thing they disagree on I’m gonna say him right now tone vase said that he
believes the areum could eventually fall back to its ICO price he said to as low
as twenty cents which obviously caused a lot of people to panic I’m gonna have to
disagree and say that twenty cents for theorem sounds way too low and I
personally looking at the charts myself don’t think that’s something that’s
going to happen obviously he said it could happen right this article went
twisted a little bit and said it he thinks it will happen he actually said
he thinks it could happen which obviously is a lot different than will I
do obviously the possibility that it could happen is always there but I don’t
think that’s something we are going to be seeing however Bitcoin they do seem
to agree on what could be happening so we’re gonna look at the monthly we’re
gonna look at the weekly and we’re gonna look at the daily technical analysis
just to give you guys an idea of what we could be seeing moving forward I
switched it up I’m doing the news at the end of the video and the technical
analysis and the market talk in the beginning of the video so that’s also
something you guys enjoyed I think the format will work better this way
so let’s go into it on the monthly I did notice one particular trend so one thing
is we’ve been following this trend line for a very long time on the monthly all
the way back from the all-time high and it’s similar to a trend line that we
follow in 2014 now I know I know I know enough about the 2014 comparisons and I
agree to an extent we shouldn’t compare it too much because a lot has changed
since 2014 but it’s always it’s always important to try and recognize patterns
where patterns are so one thing we saw on the trail and over here was a huge
job eventually after following it for some time a huge drop which led to a lot
of sideways action for a few months before eventually entering the bull run
so a lot of people are asking if this is something we are seeing here as well as
we have had a sharp pull back Wow after following the trend line for some time
and potentially would be moving sideways here until we
enter able run that would line up perfectly with people expecting a bull
run to happen in 2019 maybe mid to late 2019 after having a lot of volatility in
the first grow the first half or the first quarter so that’s one thing to
keep in mind that looks really interesting on the monthly moving on to
the weekly though we do seem to be a ways away from entering bullish
territory and one thing that can highlight this is something that da
Vinci j15 said as well and something that a lot of people will agree on is
when we look at the MACD the MACD is still a ways away from crossing over to
a bullish territory so until that happens and again if this is something
that could take several months for it to happen again would line up perfectly
again with the possibility of a bull run in the queue in the second half of 2019
so things are shaping up a pretty well in that direction at least 2019 looking
to potentially be a better year than 2018 now moving on to the daily which is
the last one were to do I’m not going to do the hourly right now I’m not gonna do
the hourly or the for hourly I think the daily will suffice in terms of what the
prediction from tone vase and also da Vinci has predicted it’s something I’ve
talked about previously as well a lot of technical analysis people have been
saying the same thing well one thing we could see is a dead cat bouncing that’s
going to mean that we will eventually make our way up and I think potentially
touch the 200-day moving average that’s something we can definitely see as it
drops faster and faster on the way down this is the 200 ma as it jobs faster and
faster I think it will per work as perfect resistance if we do eventually
go up and touch this now on the micro micro perspective of what we could be
see happening in the next hours maybe even the next few days there’s two
scenarios that play out the more probable one I believe is eventually
having a pull back down to test the lows that we have seen over here right test
the lows again over here before eventually moving up and having that
bounce to these regions before eventually and this is one thing that a
lot of people are agreeing on before eventually turning and coming right back
down and may taking lower low so that on the
technical analysis is important to know this is something that a lot of
technical analysis people have agreed on obviously you’re gonna find counters and
people who disagree with it but at the same time I think a lot of very
respected people have said that it’s too early to say that we are not going to
see a lower law overall we are still in a bearish pattern and that should always
remain in people’s minds now another thing that could happen which is a
little bit less likely but at this moment I think it’s still too early to
tell because as of right now the 18 EMA has been working as perfect support and
also the support we’ve had at the 3700 has been holding up very very well so
that could indicate that we could just move directly on up to that bounce into
the region again which I think if we do meet up with a 200 ma it could be
anywhere between the 2700 the 5700 to the 5200 is range so it’s a decent range
that we can see it happen and then from there same scenario as of right now
moving on the way down that’s why it’s difficult to make price predictions at
this moment or in general because so much changes and people have to alter
their price predictions given what happens in the market and we all know
crypto to be a very very volatile market something that you know isn’t like most
other markets out there if any other market out there meaning that things
could change so fast that we have to be prepared to update the technical
analysis and update predictions overall if something does change in the blink of
an eye now one thing he did notice although we’ve agreed that Bitcoin most
likely at this moment will see lower lows is the fact that all coins look a
little different or at least most all coins look a little different than
Bitcoin now he said while he was showing charts to a friend because he’s so busy
right now he’s not looking at charts he noticed that he was missing out on some
of the best buying opportunities out there and that he was excited this is
DaVinci j15 again he was excited about what the market was showing him mainly
being that it was it was impossible to draw Fibonacci retracements now for
those of you guys who don’t do technical analysis a lot of people use Fibonacci
retracements one to learn how to use them they are very
very helpful and Bitcoin has been following some patterns that fit
perfectly with this for some time now they went into detail in the interview
on three specific all coins and those three are stellar Cardno and neo and
well starting with stellar this was the one that he said did not look great for
him as of yet he still has a by significantly lower for it at a lower
level on the Fibonacci retracement but he did then point out that the pattern
as of right now still looks like you’re buying at a premium of what could be
seen and although maybe we don’t reach that price he would rather miss out on
that opportunity and getting cheaper on some other awkward’s and those ones were
talking about our card Arno and neo two that we’ve talked about a ton on this
channel stellar as well we’ve talked about a ton on the channel but if you
look at the graph for Cardinal you can see that Hugh saying that this looks
like the perfect opportunity to buy and similar to neo because you’re getting
things at the very very bottom at a super super a discounted rate Neil the
same thing we can see that it’s just been going down and contrary to stellar
that’s held on actually relatively well in this market stellar has been
following F for a trader a pretty easy cycle a pretty easy pattern to trade but
as investment you are paying what he believes to be a premium at these prices
long-term I personally think stellar is going to do well so that is that fits in
there I think it’s always gonna do well at long term so if you are buying or if
you do a hold it I still have faith in it although this I’m not a financial
adviser this is not financial advice this is just my opinion on the overall
breakdown and on some specific crypto currencies well Neil looking a little
bit deeper into it I guess can see where I got the thumbnail picture from I took
put it into dark mugs I thought it looked a little cooler either way Neil
is looking very very good because it’s almost impossible to draw the Fibonacci
retracement now he acknowledged that if you go all the way back this is the
bitch if you go all the way back it starts to get a little easier button you
are able to draw eventually however just looking at it like this he is saying
that these are just some ridiculous prices to get in on neo now he did
explain that he’s very cheap when it comes to buying all coins and
if this small little pump over here he would look for a correction first before
buying in to ride it as a trade but in terms of the long term holds in terms of
what’s a good investment all coins he is claimed and he’s calling it all coins
have hit their bottom in BTC pairing because he still believes Bitcoin could
see a drop moving forward seeing lower lows which
again we’ve talked about a lot in the last few videos and just in terms of
technical analysis this has been mentioned a lot and I think a lot of
people do agree with that as of right now until maybe we see something change
but he is called the bottom is in for all coins to Bitcoin
pairing now again he’s not a financial adviser either they remind you this in
the interview I highly recommend you guys go and check that out it was like
52 minutes long 55 minutes long tons of information DaVinci a very very smart
guy to listen to and I want to ask you guys before we move on to the market and
the news what do you think do you think we have hit the bottom for all coins do
you think right now in terms of BTC pairing we are only gonna see all coins
increase in value or do you think there is still more room to drop let me know
that in the comments down below guys I would love to hear what you have in mind
what you think is happening in the cryptocurrency market everyone has an
opinion so I’d love to hear what you guys think while we do look at the
overall market though it looks like it’s a little bit of a red day but again the
relatively sideways not a lot of volatility we do have an expiration for
a futures coming up tomorrow I believe so I do expect some volatility to be
coming in at around that time but as of right now it’s a 127 billion dollars in
market cap with a 52.1% Bitcoin dominance again relatively sideways days
but it looks like there is a little more red than green let’s take a look
definitely a little more red than green maybe it’s 65 35 percent red indicating
overall it is a red day some of the biggest gainers
eternal token again it’s up 144 percent what’s going on I have no idea I don’t
know eternal tokens honestly it’s looking like a pump and dump
at this point decks as well Komodo is Akimoto one that is has a better
reputation I believe next so theorem classic is
factum is up several cryptocurrencies are up although there is more in the red
meaning we have 10x ontology still falling suffering a little bit here
aurora crypto comm Vivek’s a on Pontiacs all those are falling and again
strengthening what is a red day in the market but nothing to worry about we do
have a lot of news coming out and some good news in terms of especially for
some specific people and that number one is that cryptocurrencies may soon be
legalized in India this came through a report that crypto currencies like
Bitcoin may soon become legal in India a country known for its not so friendly
approach to the industry that has in the past moved to ban digital assets now
personally I think this is going to hold the country back a lot I don’t mean to
offend anyone but I do think if you are that against new technology if you are
that against something that a lot of people aren’t picking up and starting to
adopt more and more if you’re looking to ban that and make that illegal you’re
going to hold your country back from future success now we’ve seen this
happen with a lot of countries and I think 2019 we’re gonna see a lot more
countries start to ease up on their bandwidth this or on their strict rules
because they’re noticing how much they are leaving behind by not researching
and by not adopting this form of technology but I remember while the
Indian news was going on which we don’t talk too much about right now but a lot
of people came up to me and asked me what are we gonna do how are we gonna
buy a Bitcoin can you buy a Bitcoin for me I’m some of those might have been a
scam in hindsight but I didn’t do it anyways
now hopefully moving forward there’s not going to be it’s it’s not going to be
illegal things are gonna go back to normal because that is a huge population
that if can adopt cryptocurrency if they do add up cryptocurrency that’s a lot of
people that could come into the market more people in the market means more
adoption means more money overall means prices will increase now the by Nancy
ocz who is always in the news again says that the industry will grow stronger
than ever in year and review so while summarizing 2018 although we’ve had a
low in prices he said that it was one of the best years for adoption for
technology and for growth overall and I a lot of us can agree with that we were
seeing some crazy things happen in the market that although prices don’t
reflect the actual value and this is something that happens in every market
if you think about it most of the times market caps are prices for something
stocks and so on aren’t a full reflection of the valuation of that
company reason being Facebook for example suffered a ton when you know
somebody comes out and says something bad maybe a public figure for a company
they found out that ten years ago he said something bad people get mad at the
company they sell the stock that doesn’t change anything that the company has in
terms of technology in terms of product whatever it is doesn’t mean they’re you
know worse at manufacturing something or whatever it is but the market price does
fall the shares fall they might lose ten percent in a day twenty percent in a day
and the same thing can be said with Bitcoin I don’t believe price is being
reflected I don’t believe price is reflecting the
actual value of it because a lot of people are growing are going through
weak hands are going through selling because they’re scared of what they
invested and they didn’t know what they invested in that’s just something that
happens so I don’t think bitcoins price or most cryptocurrency prices are
reflecting their true value because some of them should be valued at zero and
some of them should be valued at a lot higher but he does say that in the
industry will continue to grow stronger than ever in 2019 and that hopefully at
least from my point of view we start seeing some better price action that
might reflect a little more of what cryptocurrency should be valued at and
what it brings to the table now this is pretty funny and I think is very very
accurate this was tweeted by Erica Voorhees
he said asking Jamie Dimon about bitcoin is like AXA is like asking a taxi driver
what he thinks about uber point being is that cryptocurrency and Bitcoin aren’t
here to take away exactly what Jamie Dimon does which is now I’m not gonna
speak 100% accurately what he’s involved in Krupps and stuff like that but
there’s a lot of no no’s that shouldn’t happen in the world but are happening
with big banks and with just manipulation over all this the thing
that’s been happening and so crypto currencies and Bitcoin trying to
overtake that you’re basically asking a taxi driver what do you think’s about
uber uber was made to take away the taxi market and to make things different
a lot of taxi drivers have been very upset with that with that technology
coming in so when you ask them about it they absolutely hate uber and they will
tell you a bunch of bad stuff about uber because it doesn’t benefit them it makes
their life harder so I agree with this a hundred percent moving on also not
only crypto so not only crypto suffered this year not only not just crypto in
Bitcoin but every major asset class had a major fall back in 2018 we’ve seen
this happen especially recently with stocks that look like they might be
recovering a little bit but still overall crypto currencies and we’re not
the only assets to struggle this you guys can see a list over here that shows
in 2018 that there were very few winning options some were commodities a like
natural gas weed coke Cola oats palladium and corn however I have a
feeling most of us did not invest in corn so other than that most people are
suffering the sp500 is down a majority of assets at least the ones that most
people invest in are down and one thing that’s really cool and interesting which
was posted by Pompey on oh right here so short pump on Twitter he is verified so
we know he’s legit he posted that the S&P 500 lost almost seven hundred fifty
five billion dollars today now this was a while ago this is you know 20 days ago
twenty two days ago whatever it is the time you guys are watching this that is
more money lost in a single day for public equity investors than all crypto
investors combined this year math don’t lie and he actually was talking to
someone on Twitter who were applied to this and I thought the response was
really cool as well he’s saying you are comparing the equity value of every
public company to a speculative project that turned into a bubble terrible
comparison Pantheon came back and answers saying Bitcoin outperformed the
S&P 500 for the last ten years five years and last two years it will
outperform the next ten to two which the person responded all that means is gains
have materialized and you are late to the party and will be more likely to
underperform in which case he said crypto market will
outperform SP over the next ten years won’t be close pub bump up public
equities are in the longest longest Bull Run in history and are over vited today
so I think he exposed perfectly the crazy mentality that people have in
terms of the fact that they think Bitcoin has you know it’s peaked already
it’s had its run bull block meanwhile on the other side we’ve had public equities
that are having a there was been a crazy bull market up until recently then yet
people don’t blink in Hayate and people don’t think that’s a bubble people don’t
think that’s a struggle the person said money never goes out of style in which
case someone responded and I love this fiat does so money does not go out of
style and I agree with that fiat goes a style money will always be
around in a in a particular shape or form I don’t believe it’s always gonna
be in the way people think it’s happening or though in the way it’s
happening right now last piece of news a light coin fights off other kryptos to
become the first UFC sponsor some a little bias here I do like watching the
UFC if any of you guys are up to date with the UFC well they’re going to have
the litecoin logo on the canvas at now as the official cryptocurrency partner
of USC – 3 – namely known because John Jones is going to be fighting Alexander
Gustafson so I’m gonna be watching that if you guys are gonna be watching as
well let me know in the comments down below if we have any UFC fans in here I
wasn’t crazy up Sea fan but I’ve grown to like it more and more as each UFC
goes by but that’s not the main point big news for litecoin here happy to see
them as a partner and I’m gonna be watching out to see to see their logo on
the canvas but guys that’s gonna be for this video hopefully you guys did enjoy
if you did don’t forget to leave a thumbs up and leave a comment down below
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I’ll see you guys tomorrow for another video

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