35 thoughts on “DavinciJ15 – Bitcoin RALLY or DUMP!? BEWARE NOW! + Altcoins”

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    Bitcoin RALLY or DUMP: 2:20
    XRP Big MOVE?: 22:43
    Ethereum LIT TA: 27:18
    Litecoin TA: 33:00
    IOTA Buckle UP?: 47:40
    EOS too late?: 54:05
    Verge TA: 1:00:28
    PundiX What NOW?: 1:10:42

  2. Chris thanks a lot for yesterday's Stream, you guys are making the best channel on cryptoworld, congratulations!! Chris a question, do guys are planning to have signals for entries and exists like cripto Kirby… it would great!! if you guys do I'm in..

  3. Can you guys cover TokenPay as they have CryptoBet/Cbet token and EFIN Dex (a real one) launching on 3 Jun.

  4. If technical analysis worked for davinci , davinci would have more money than small country considering how long he has been in this space. Maybe he has that kind off money but he dicided to spend his time watching charts for entertainment.

  5. Awesome as usual! I do see that the market has been more positive than Davincij was expecting over the past two weeks. But indeed, a large correction could be around the corner. You are right, we are all moonboys at heart :). Greetings from the Geestman in Stockholm!

  6. Just to let you know guys: opening videos longer than 1 hour is sometimes impossible from certain networks, it loads for a minute then it says there's an error. Not sure what causes this. Appreciate your work!

  7. I don’t think You can figure this market out with TA. There are entities who pushing the price up against all the TA

  8. I think btc resistance level is the previous high of 20K usd. Then it'll do a pull back and continue the uncontrollable bull run passed the moon right to the sun

  9. Thanx a tonn for the content and you time. The content is valuable and exciting. Had a great time watching!

  10. Tons of OTC not showing on charts!!!T.A. doesn't show the paper shorts on it or the squeezes.T.A. does not show manipulation.Geo politically Europe,South America ,China,USAIran ETC are a mess and people are buying BTC….

  11. Love your style, love your honesty, but guys, you need to focus on 30 minutes or less, and you can do it, cut out the fluff and we will all be grateful.

  12. Nope BTC going up….BIG WHALES FOMOING…..BEST TIDBIT…BETTER THAN any on video!!! READY???!!!Grayscale investments bought 17to 21% of ALL BTC in APRIL..!!!!!

  13. Money is pouring out of China. Where do you think it’s going? Crypto. Yes, it’s different this time.

  14. im playing it safe ,selling the lot before the retracement just my gut feeling ..always a great upload ..Plus i hope davinci has still quit smoking .

  15. My crystal ball says, CW-RIGHT, is planning a coup d'état on BTC, to blow everyone's mind and end UP proving, he is the OG SATOSHi, flipping us off with his SV bird, to all the doubters and bad mouth mothers, when he sneaks up from behind, and takes all are money!

  16. Again the same conversation?
    BTC will go up up up!!! Forget TA and focus on what is really happening!!! With content like that, you will loose a lot of subscribers!!!

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