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alright guys so da Vinci j15 has an updated additional view on the Bitcoin market right now he will share is his exclusive game plan and his plan how to crush that market right now with Bitcoin in our episode and in the end we will also have a very special announcement for you guys so make sure you stay here it will be a quick episode but a very important episode especially for the view on the Bitcoin market right now so that being said we want to get as always to the most important question of today da Vinci j15 how are you feeling today after Pandavas wallet has finally been launched well actually Pandora's long has been launched for a while back now and it's just that we've just been doing some updates and and the last the last update is a huge one we fixed a lot of issues added a lot of coins we have over 50 coins finally yeah and we're really happy about that a lot of work has gone into to this update I am exhausted I've been working for the last five days of 16 hours non-stop every day the last five days to get this thing done and also you know with all the meetings and problem projects and stuff like that it's been and problems right it's been that has been a long haul for me I had a lot of days 16-hour days even just just not all in a row at da Vinci I can talk for all the viewers right now everyone can see that you have been working very hard that you you really you were working on that project very hard so everyone who can also see that a Vinci is a little tired sent him some laughs with in the comments he is reading that sometimes send him some laughs with some thumbs up would be really appreciated he is working very hard and yeah trying to improve the security of our fans with Satoshi's wallet no Pandora's wallet sorry I need a peace out so what do you actually do today is yeah we want to because everyone is asking right now wow you said that Bitcoin will consolidate Bitcoin will go even lower with the red candle in that week guys remember the week has more days to come but you have an updated view on the Bitcoin market might you share your updated view maybe please whether bitcoin will go maybe even up or whether you are still in the opinion that Bitcoin will go down that we will see a big red candle in that week and also please can you share your own game plan your strategy for that market in the short term as well because it's like everyone is asking us in the chili gram group as well link down in the description yeah sorry I couldn't I haven't been able to go join a telegram group to answer some of the questions I really enjoyed that it's just that as you know I spend a lot of time working here ah so anyways I was looking at the Bitcoin chart and as I said before last week I think the highest probability we're gonna have a rollover but now with that being said that doesn't mean that it rolls over immediately on the next week we can write the candle could have like a large wick where it goes up really high goes up to like six thousand dollars even and then comes right back down right and closes a little bit lower and then the next week CEO or that would be the Improv or this week of be like goodbye right problem is I don't see it like staying like it where we get if we go let's switch over to the chart chip that's better I showed so I'm gonna start sharing my screen and if I go to the big picture candle because that's that's really what this matters here and we gonna scroll this out I'm gonna change it to weekly I want to save it as here as you can see right we're so far away from that that bottom bowl in Japan that green Boulder man that it's like okay whatever whatever you are not in a new bull market like last time I don't think so also I want to say something because the market is pretty volatile within the last two or three weeks this episode is pre-recorded so we are currently at a price if you cannot see it at 5235 just to set things into perspective for the viewers because we will upload it actually a little bit after the recording so yeah please please go on I just wanted to say that yeah so anyways yeah this thing this was the Green Zone right is obviously a good trade location so if you're buying here right and just long as you can have the stomach to to handle it when it comes all the way back down here you'll be fine because that mean this is this is this is a good buyer zone if you're just so basically if your dollar cost averaging you're okay don't worry about it you're all good so what we are looking at right now is not the short-term view that's the big picture for the very long-term view so not it's not about this week next week this is the long-term view dear viewers this is the long-term dollar cost average view from four thousand three hundred to seven thousand six hundred that's the trade location not in the short-term guys not in the short term but in the long term for the very very big picture that's actually the the prices da Vinci would say or da Vinci would consider bid con being low enough to buy for the very long run yeah exactly this perfect time for if you're just hot ler any time right now is the time to buy so just long as you just keep keep it in the cost average method so moving on to a shorter timeframe what we have like here is a clear clearly we have like a ascending triangle wedge here that's absolutely clear and and usually this resolves to the upside I would say let's just draw this like this here right here yeah perfect and like this here I wonder if this will line up nicely let's see if we do a Rea see if we have any kind of like a lining perfect pattern here I don't think so oops it's not a Rea here we go delete Ray Ray Ray Ray Ray Ray Ray Ray yeah wait about here maybe here no how about here no so this would probably the only ones that we could use that higher over or that lower no okay so this would be the long view we don't want to cross down here as you can see you have a perfect set up for if you were trying to make some money off of this market and take a gamble I'm gonna make this bigger so that you can see it if you want to take gamble off this market this is this is ascending triangle it's not very clean yeah that's fine it's fine we can we can see what it what it means right it's not very clean but if it stays in this triangle doesn't break down and this would be your stop-loss here get way down here you don't want to stop losses this is a this is a knob stop right here all right hey brick see you wouldn't wanna be it would be like it knob stops right here here down here all these are knob stops right they will probably break those and and and you know break the hearts of many many people who are fully leveraged to the tilt yeah exactly now trading like a Forex currency so they like to do that the banksters day they go after your stop losses was they know where they all are and they they they do that they they stopped it stopped you out and take all you and because this doesn't give you a huge profit margin where this thing takes you up – it's probably gonna be a likely likelihood either you're gonna get up to the golden ratio or the 2.0 which is that $6,000 which is huge I mean we get up there man Wow impressive I will be impressed hope we get up there all the way up here to $6,000 even up here I mean right up here this is where this is this is a shorting zone this is the zone keep this in mind this is a trade location for shorts so we are close to it already exactly so you know these guys there's people hitting the the cell button right now yeah a lot so so what what what you would actually say is that we are close to the short BAM to the short trade location right now there is some upside also in the very short term but once we get into that short location you would also go for maybe some short trades or moving a little bit out of Bitcoin because you can see some downside yeah possibility for the Bitcoin prize in the short term as well after getting into the short location yeah I mean this is here's a thing right this triangle is not well formed right we have we're really at the short location you can see that all the short though the sellers were hitting it here hitting it here hitting it here getting it here they're hitting it every single time because this is where they're supposed to be selling and so you're this is a to take a long bet you're going you're you're actually spitting in the wind yeah so actually we are just we are just facing a new fight between the Bulls and the Bears just like within the next few days maybe so what is actually your outlook if you if someone would come and say okay please decide for the for the highest probability what would you think will the Bears win or with the Bulls win once we get into that trade location for shorts and what would actually be your game plan right now honestly it's a coin toss and if I were to do this I would take the take the long side okay I would down long stop and do this I would probably try to get in right about here and all the way to here and see if I can make it and I can take a profits right here which is two to one which is perfect right mr. Turner one risk/reward ratio is I bought that well that you know what that is actually probably Goodin happen because you know why because because of all of my sell points actually we've had these on the charts for forever right yeah remember some points and look it worked up to the exact two point two point two to one risk reward ratio market whenever it sets up like that they ends up doing it so even though we see keep in mind I drew these lines a long time ago yeah and the markets already set up the two point the two to one risk to reward ratio I didn't set this mark the market came up here these lines were here a long time drew to put this put this side is this put all together all this is all these chart of these candles altogether exactly into my lines and then it turns out this would be the trade so you would snot a coincidence you you would you would actually scale in between four thousand nine hundred and five thousand two hundred and then scale out between five thousand two hundred and five thousand eight hundred no no you listeners you misunderstood okay okay you see the market set up even though I had these lines here drawn out and I didn't know that this was a 2 2 of 1/2 here I didn't know that beforehand until I put this down this this thing here you see how it says two to one risk to reward ratio right yes it the market set up into this this these two lines without me knowing that it was going to set up way back like two weeks ago when I drew this all right I didn't know was this set up to do this and it did yeah and now it set up the two-to-one risk to her or ratio so that means it's probably gonna happen no okay no no I got sure no I got shot so it's it's actually mind-blowing how that's that plays out or that how that played out it's is it's great to see man it's great to see so I'm actually tall I'm referring or coming back to the last episode where you said that you can see a high probability for the market to correct with a big red candle within this week we are at right now can you still see that probability or can you see that see that high probability for the market to correct with that high a big red candle yes definitely I mean honestly just because it goes up this week doesn't mean it's gonna go up forever that's not gonna happen because it's our as I've shown you in this it's just this chart here if it goes all the way to 6,000 imagine we have a grilled green candle and it closes I don't see it closing out here there's not just not gonna happen people will take so many profits probably the probability of that happening is so low unless unless the dollars actually collapsing we don't know about it right now yeah the probability of that is just so low it's not it's not funny but but I mean it is possible but it's very unlikely but you can still actually the probability of the price moving even up until the 6000 levels I mean you set that before also but now you can also see that probability for that specific week how about the correction do you think that it is still possible that after that big I mean you said that a high probability is that the next move might be an upwards move but there will be a correction and what do you think where with that correction yeah actually come into place and what would be the price it will end ok perfect question you know what that's easy to do if I'm right about this and I think I probably will be because that's very shocking that how these lines actually drew these lines I drew from a long time ago turned out to be exact to the one at frigging shopping so if that's the case what we need to do is do our finis fibs to see where we're gonna come back down to and if we were to go from here six thousand guys dear viewers can you see that six thousand can you imagine the price being back at six thousand I mean that would be crazy it's it's not like it's not like that it will be but just imagine it will be at six thousand in the in the comparable short term that would be so amazing to see and I'm just wondering how how the outcomes will look like when the breezy price yeah I was probably gonna go nuts guys it's crazy so so you I let let us take a guess you will be looking at the sixty one point eight isn't it yeah so look you look look at that look what is seventy a bit alignment in the sand this is called the line in the sand right so if the mark market to this this is the source is called the line in the sand is this is the line in the sand up here as well the line in the sand is where the market says okay this is it if the shorts the shorts like come in and say nope on this side up here and then the lungs they go nope that's it you can't go any lower that's called the line in the sand if it breaks the line in the sand that means it's gonna fall roll over hard but if it breaks the line is then here it could mean that it's gonna go a lot higher yeah but I don't think so that's a huge resistance yeah there's too much resistance there's a whole bunch of people up here going yeah and Bitcoin gets the six thousand other so I bought it six thousand I'm gonna sell everything and I'm never gonna buy another Bitcoin again yeah so there's a lot of people up there selling you're selling so that's unlikely but take a look at where where we will return to in this big red panel perfectly lined up with the breakout level the seventy eight point six line in the sand beautiful beautiful that's forty four that's forty one that's water and beautiful I mean wow and it's it's perfect the lines are perfectly so that's that's where we're going well you saw you actually think that after we had we will see maybe a short-term rise of the bit comprise two maybe even levels of six thousand you can see the probability also in the short term of VidCon retracing back to the seventy eight point six level naming Lee 4130 us tell us not even the six one point eight guess now here's the problem we then get like it's crazy volatility man yeah you can get price but not time and you get kind but not price okay so keep that in mind that's really difficult this could go on this this could happen what the what could happen here is the Bitcoin goes up to six thousand comes back down and create crits a smaller candle right here like like a little tiny candle and then rolls over to next week so that's another probability of happening so it cuz go could go like this come back down close like here and then next week oh I see you want to see you all right so so actually this big correction and it can be in this week actually but it does not necessarily necessarily have to be in that week it can be also in the next week but is there any is there any expiration date or so do is is there anything like like a date you would say okay we will most probably see that correction after Bitcoin price has been rising like within the next few yeah I don't know days weeks we should see the correction in the next several weeks all the way I mean we should be back down here within next three to four weeks for sure okay all right so now we have so yeah like beginning of May that will be the latest point you will see the big correction back to the prices like forth close to four thousand two hundred which is which would be crazy to be honest but especially if we have seen really prices like six nearly six thousand in the in the short term having a big correction of again more than 30% would be actually mind-blowing to see but yeah I mean thank you so much for that insight because this really is is really an additional updated view on your Bitcoin market right now and it includes also a little bit of positivity especially because you are implying that the Bitcoin price might be rising within that week actually that's the update that's the additional review on the Bitcoin market but you are still sticking to the high probability of a high retracement Nia maybe even two prices like 4130 so you are sticking to that the only thing which has changed is maybe a longer timeframe that you are you are projecting that maybe not necessarily for that week but within the next three or four weeks just to make that perfect conclusion in the end exactly yes perfect so now guys please stay here because now it's getting really really interesting and the reason why da Vinci j15 is so tired is obviously because of his most laughed project Pandavas wallet so what we will do now exclusively and that episode we will open that and da Vinci maybe you can show us some currencies which are supported and also maybe one or two functions before we wrap up that episode and also to give you some context guys within the next episode we want to maybe even show you some exclusive trades of da Vinci j15 in real time with the exact prices with the exact coin obviously do not act like he is doing just because he is doing but that will be perfect actually to show his training great behavior and also in the same time show the functionality of Pandora's wallet but for now maybe we can do some basics show the people something about it and amia everyone obviously the link is given down in the description down below check it out and you are really working hard on that man yes thank you very much Chris have been working really hard on this project and I'm really proud of it and I will be will be getting to the level that I'm that I wanted to get to it's just a long process software development and in time things will get better and better over time and so that's that's a positive thing after after this discussion I'd like to talk about our trip to Moscow oh you don't mind yeah sure so anyways here I want to show you a quick overview of Pandora's what can you guys see my screen right now yes so okay perfect all right so basically we can it's really straightforward wallet right we have we have you have all the different currencies here you can add more currencies and I'm gonna just log right in because there's it has to unencrypt your wallet you can see that this is all the different currencies we've got a lot of different currencies like 51 currencies here maybe just wine and trade you could have some of the test nets so that you can play around with the test net so you could try it out the finish if you have a lot of you have a lot of privacy protected coins in there I can see privacy for a grab hello coin – I thought saw something else yeah yeah yeah that's right that's true that's true – is privacy protected but they're not we don't support the privacy part of coins just yet because this is just a trading wallet I'm focusing on trading because that's what I do but later on we'll be adding more features such as such as multiple addresses right now because we only have one address for every single coin the reason why we do that is because one exchange support most exchanges the support that you could only track withdraw to one address for security reasons and for compliance with the law reason so that's that that's why you would have what's it called to one address now this is a maintenance mode that means you can receive coins you can't send it don't worry this will be out of maintenance mode today because we did fix this I just need to run some minor tests on it and then it will be out of maintenance mode today so yeah let me just quickly show you how to send some coins it's really straightforward I'm gonna send some coins straight to myself and right here and send my available balance and there we go so enter my password it's it's easier than at an exchange and you have everything in one place also to remind everyone watching that you saw like six or seven different coins but if you go to the drop-down menu you can see that they are already more than 50 coins and yeah implemented in that wallet and more to come yes well I mean way more to come you have a target of 500 or a thousand or so so you can do everything you can you can you can exchange with the different exchanges you can trade on that exchanges you can send money from all different coins all from one single wallet so you don't have to I don't know have a huge management of your of your different exchanges and wallets you have everything in one place and I think that's the biggest value at here exactly exactly because most most cryptocurrencies are just traded on a day to day basis between each other and not used to actually purchase products but that's fine and we've we've come up with a solution for that if you want if that's what you want to do and you can get to keep your currency so you know that I think that's the most important thing here with my Pandora's wallet is that a lot of people keep their currencies on the exchange and I feel sorry for them because it's not a matter of if the exchange will get packed way matter yeah and let me remind everyone you can go to da Vinci j15 channel just scroll back until 2013 the mid of 2013 he has uploaded every video called remove your coins from all GOx and everyone knows what happens six month later mount GOx was hacked do you want to be the person watching that video having your money on by Nance BitFenix or anywhere and then in six month time actually seeing that balance effect hopefully not guys hopefully not but let's say that will be the poem in the case do you really want to look back at this specific video and say oh da Vinci j15 was right again my funds are gone so you can't put it on his wallet you can put it on the hardware wallet anywhere but don't leave your money on the exchange for the long term guys this is very dangerous yes definitely yeah that's number one everybody all the crypto people that out there have told everyone don't leave large change the people do it anyways and so that's kind of because easy I mean you you need that easy way to remove it from the exchange because everyone who thinks ok I remove it now what if I want to trade it tomorrow I'm not willing to deposit once again so that's maybe actually the biggest pain point for everyone so it's it's great to see that you are actually trying to solve that problem not even trying to you are solving it right now as we speak so thank you so much for that and for everyone watching in the next episode we will not only bring the next updated view from da Vinci j15 on the Bitcoin market we will also take maybe one or two icons into consideration and also show more functions of the Vinci's panoramas wallet and maybe even da Vinci you can say what a share one or two or three trades and specifically on few different outcomes so the people can see your exact game plan on that specific different our cards so what you guys have to do right now watching that episode smash the subscribe button and the little bell to get notified at the next episode of mmm crypto afterwards you can go to da vinci's yeah Pandavas wallet link is given down in the description down below you can go to the Vinci's channel yeah subscribe to him as well because he is now uploading more wallets and more videos and videos also from time to time and now maybe quickly at the beginning of the up at the end of the episode we can also talk about Russia where we are actually going to exactly I mean I'm excited man this is gonna be cool we're gonna to the Kremlin everywhere drink maybe just a bit of vodka a little bit of Russian food and it really cool man everyone watching that can you remember that Vinci and mmm crypto we were at Davos and we also made an interview there maybe we will do one or two videos over there we will have some cold drinks we will have the trading event da Vinci I cannot wait to meet you again in person it was a great time in Davos and now we will have Russia it will be way it will be not so cold we will have better drinks maybe even it will be cheaper and yeah we will have a cool trading plant exactly I mean I'm gonna sign up to the that trading the the trading contest because I'm giving away a hundred thousand dollars the person who wins in the three hours of trading and I can trade I can trade day trade and I give it a shot especially since it's like you know fun money it's easier to do so and and if I win if I win I don't have to win and if they say that no I can't win that's fine but if I do win guess what I'm gonna do I'm gonna give away that hundred thousand dollars instead of to a charity which everybody says they do I'm gonna give it away to small like a small amounts to different people in my channel just for fun I mean everyone knows that that it's not 100% but the highest probability lays in that you will be winning because you have in a 15 so it would be cool maybe like I don't know 100k to 100 people or saw 100k to 50 people also there – life-changing money for someone it's great exactly it will give $1000 iam to a hundred thousand people or something like a hundred people sorry we want I mean I think watching is completely for free man we showed it in the last episode just go back you will see the channel you have to subscribe to you can just watch it for free if you don't want to trade you can just watch us on YouTube I guess watch the life event and amia see us life in that event and we want at least like our videos have twenty thirty forty thousand viewers we want at least twenty thousand viewers from community joining us and watching us so yeah thank you so much for being on our show again we have to wrap up that episode I also have another appointment right now so I'm yeah thank you so much the next episode on Saturday with you will be actually really really lit everyone who is missing out on that you will regret it we will have an updated view on VidCon we will have some outcomes we will have some life traits from da Vinci j15 so do not miss out on that that being said do you want to say anything before we wrap up that episode of entry yeah just make sure that you take propria risks if you're gonna if you will follow that bet that I'm doing please do not bet the freaking farm the maximum you should lose on that bed is like maybe a hundred bucks 200 bucks nothing more if I'm wrong please don't do that don't go oh well I'm gonna put everything I got on black exactly exactly what you guys can do is just measure your portfolio in percentage terms and then you take a very small percentage on the different beds you are willing to take but only with amount the amount of money you are willing to lose completely so that being said thank you so much for your words of wisdom in the end of that episode and yeah guys we will see you at the next episode of mm crypto tomorrow day after tomorrow also and also with da Vinci j15 on Saturday at 12 p.m. Central European summer time so guys thank you so much for watching and as always guys bye bye

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  1. Always take profit. Those obnoxious green candles always retrace. Whatever your stable coin of preference take some profit. It will come down. Even if it's a small amount it's a no brainer way to build your portfolio. Even in the bull run, like he said dont bet the farm but it's an easy way to double small profits.

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    Bitcoin is BSV and after checking YouTube videos all I can see is just crooks and extremely uninformed people who have no idea what Bitcoin is, just talking about price.

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