21 thoughts on “DavinciJ15: Bitcoin & Ethereum Time Is TICKING!!”

  1. Does Davinci still believe if bitcoin doesn't retrace below 6200 that there will be a world economy crash?

  2. respectfully, as a novice. I feel BTC is here to destroy "traders" . This is symptomatic of a Macro event. BTC= Galt's Gulch , but I'm just a welder from TX. ample salt.

  3. truth is the nobody knows what is happening, but for sure we are in a bull run. for how long? no one knows also!

  4. YOU GUYS THINK TOO MUCH ! Simply buy Bitcoin and hold ! … But then there would be no content to make for your videos right? 😉

  5. Thanks for the videos guys. I’d second the request to state the levels. I often watch on my phone and I can’t see the levels. Any chance of some TA on BTT. It’s in the middle of a big move at the moment.

  6. Tether buying bitcoins- Its like a gov buying gold through quantitative easing, or buying good coke with counterfeit notes. Fake money buying real money. Wont end well.

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