28 thoughts on “DavinciJ15 – Bitcoin Dump BUY or WAIT? & Altcoins!”

  1. Hi guys I saw a couple of videos ago that MMCrypto was using a color kind on Tradingview, could you share that indicator with us?

  2. love your vids, but please remove your head and chat window when Davinic is showing us the charts, your covering vital info, keep up the good work!

  3. The new rise in bitcoin prices has shown that bit coin has compelling power, so many people thought before we would never go over the $6000 price chart again due to a constant decline in price. I used this space to give praise to Mr. Benson Ramirez for his strategy / signal used in the last 2 months to trading and saw my bitcoin portfolio growing at the initial 4 BTC in the current position of 10 btc and i am still trading and earning at this point. Bitcoin is currently important right now, and I urge everyone to embrace this sweet opportunity to invest in and learn to learn how to trade . You can make a decent profit every week by using Mr Benson’s strategy, I guarantee you will not regret it. You can reach him via mail ( [email protected] .com ) or WhatsApp ( + 48 732232489 )

  4. You really need to educate yourself about GRIN inflation.
    Many coins have an infinite supply, especially all the proof of stake coins. This does not affect the price action that much.
    For example: Did you know that there are more EOS created every day than GRIN?! Why are people invested in EOS??
    WHAT has stopped the "Raven Coin" to run 600% recently and found a support there!! The inflation rate on RVN is crazy. Not to mention the reserves on XLM, XRP, TRX, and so on.
    Educate yourselves

  5. If You are looking on such old project whit price only dumping from 2018 than beter check first github lol like LSK have almoust 0 activity so basicly dead project keep that in mind 🙂

  6. if You think it was fat finger mistake than You are newbie lol guy who made such manipulation to drag price 20% down in 5 min candel its genius and he made milions as well on this whit most likely x50 short on ponzi Bitmex now the same guy whit profit that he made gona manipulate once again to drag BTC even further below hes last manipulation and rebuy, this is easy rinse reapet action in such low cap market

  7. It funny me to i get emotionnal that why i have a training routine before i check any news or prices, people forget when you work out you also work out your mind and will power not just your muscle

  8. Hi Chris and Davinci?
    As u are talking a lot about hodling in long term, can u guys tell us which Wallets are the best out there? Which one do u use currently?
    I now about Pandoras Wallet, but it is with monthly costs.. pls answer the question in the next Episode.. THUMBS UP

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