35 thoughts on “David Chaum’s Elixxir Platform”

  1. I belive in David Chaum and his new project! looks pretty cool, let's make next years faster and more confidential

  2. Privacy is the key to the future. If Elixxir can really provide this, no one can stand in front of Elixxir.

  3. Extremely proud to be part of the Elixxir team. Please take a minute (or 11) to watch this video of the Elixxir project. Arthur our office dog's cameo (around minute 1:35) is a must see!

  4. The fact of being able to make my confidential conversations in a safe environment, and at the same time being able to make payments in a decentralized way through the Elixxir platform, makes me very excited!! I can not wait for this to come true!

  5. https://medium.com/@EddyPM/elixxir-el-nuevo-proyecto-de-david-chaum-cb47bfefc05d

  6. Hello @Elixxir, great primer presentation, Have been waiting for this! Very intrigued, are you building a platform only or will a digital asset be associated with it? Thank you so much!

  7. I love it, heard about it just a couple weeks ago. I hope I can buy some of this technology in the market and add it to my portfolio of investments! Xrp and Elixxer baby!

  8. Yeah privacy is important. But how to find out criminals/scammers/taxavoiders when every individuals transactions are private not available to be shown to government i mean police?

  9. With all due respect to Chaum and all that he has done for cryptocurrency… I have to say, when he says "with blockchain inside" it doesn't sound like someone who knows what he is talking about. First impression is that Chaum has joined a long list of notable people who have decided to "cash in" on their reputation… Hope I am wrong, but…

  10. So happy this project exists! It is truly going to revolutionize the way we use crypto and its privacy capabilities. Studying it and doing my best to understand every facet of it. Amazing, David Chaum. Glad to be part of this NEW ERA.

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