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Hello, and welcome to DASH: Detailed — which is a show to keep you in the know about DASH, digital cash. You like it? Let me know below. Let’s get started with Social Happenings. As you may have seen, the first Dash Open House took place in the SkySong Innovation Center, which servers as some Dash office space for some Dash Core Team members in Phoenix, Arizona. Over 100 people showed up. And you can view the video footage of that event by clicking the card that you see on your screen now. In other Social Happenings, Dash Core Team member Robert Wiecko presented Dash at the WarsawBlock Conference, along with the company Coinfirm, whom you may remember is an AML/KYC company directed specifically at blockchain tokens. As Project Manager Robert Wiecko and Coinfirm seem especially interested in marketing Dash to the gaming industry, they performed this sort of lottery mechanism for the audience. There’s a new Dash rap song out, which means that yes, there are now two Dash rap songs in existence. This one is from Paradise Paradox’s Kurt Robinson. [music — “…The goal is to create a system so resilient it evolves whenever it’s fisted out of commission. The dream is to cast off these bankers shackles that have been for centuries, on our hands and ankles…”] Elsewhere in Social Happenings, Dash Core Director of Finance, Ryan Taylor, spoke with Crush The Street. [Ryan’s voice: “…We’re at the number three spot. It’s forcing a lot of people to take a look at the coin. Maybe they’d heard something about it and don’t really understand what makes Dash different. But it’s forcing a lot of people to invest the time to learn about Dash, and learn what makes it different…”] In Tartarstan, Kazan City, Russia, this billboard has just gone up. Dash Core member in charge of Russian outreach, Alex-ru, has said that this billboard was not paid for out of the Russian outreach budget, but was put up by Dash fans. And finally in Social Happenings, it has been deemed by me that Dash’s treasury is now funding an official Women Welcoming Outreach Department. And that is in the new-comer Stellabelle. Check out this video. [Stellabelle’s voice: “…I know there’s other people like me. And I don’t mean the blue wig. I mean, I know there are other women out there who are very passionate about the future of digital currency. And how it can possibly transform our world. The amount of women who are joining up in our Dash Slack, which is called #WomenOfDash, it is incredible…”] Stellabelle then expounded on how she was hired, in the piece she published on HackerNoon entitled, “How To Get Funded by a DAO.” Now on to Network Statistics. Today’s masternode count is exactly 4,200. And here’s the lifetime chart to go ahead and put that into context. In mining, today’s hashrate is 2.9 TH/s. And here’s the three month chart for mining. The year long chart. And the lifetime chart. The most recent Dash payout, or superblock, took place mere hours ago, which means, we are now in a new voting cycle. That means that the new deadline, to submit any and all proposals, as well as to vote on them if you are a masternode owner, is about a month from now. Now to Development Updates. Dash developer Alex Moran, aka kodaxx, has just published these demo update videos, featuring his project that was funded by the treasury, called the DashPay Point Of Sale. The DashPay Point Of Sale will likely become the go-to way for merchants to accept Dash, as it will be supported both on mobile and, for example, web checkout pages. And uses hierarchical deterministic address generation, which is a fancy way of saying that, it allows you to accept payments that go directly to your own wallet in which a new customer address is generated for every payment that you receive. Kodaxx and his co-developer Nitya also released this video, showing the server-side implementation of the DashPay Point Of Sale, for any merchants who would like to run their own server. For those who don’t, kodaxx and nitty will be running one for them. The software is expected for a public release within the coming weeks. In other Development Updates, the Dash Core business team has recently released this tutorial on “How to Buy Dash on Bitfinex.” [Narrator voice: “…Verify your account. Send the wire transfer from your bank. Buy the Dash. Then withdraw your Dash. Let’s get started… Head to Bitfinex.com…”] You may recognize that sensual voice — yes, that is my manservant. And finally in Development Updates, the Dash network monitoring sites DashVoteTracker.com as well as DashNinja.pl have both recently added voting deadline trackers. As you may recall from last week’s episode, the deadline for masternodes to vote on the proposals within a given treasury cycle, is roughly three days before the actual payout itself. So you’ll find that these websites now count down by the day, and even the hour, of how long voters have to get their votes in. Now to Price Movement. The current Dash price per coin in US dollars is about $69.50. This is a continued correction from last week’s show’s reported price though it is an increase from the price per coin of say, from something like 24-48 hours ago, when it was actually down in the $50s. The Dash trade volume over the last 24 hours is approximately $36 million worth of Dash. And our coins in supply, or rather, coins in circulation — available coins — is now 7.2 million in Dash. Our market capitalization then, is $501 million as of today. And let’s check out the three month chart for market cap. The one year. And our lifetime chart. Now let’s move on to Business & Headlines. There is a business newly accepting Dash, and it is East Line Ranch based in Texas, which produces raw, organic honey-related products. And I can vouch that they are delicious as I was given a jar of it at the Dash Open House. Elsewhere in business, a Dash investor who goes by the handle “C4Chaos” published a piece in which he explains that he was an early investor in Tesla and that he now finds several parallels between his current Dash investment and how his Tesla investment has gone for him over the years. And finally in Headlines, the Russian exchange MaRSe — that is the in-person exchange based in Moscow that is now selling Dash — was covered in Finance Magnates. And in our final category, Current Opportunities, the DashForce tells me that roughly 3.3 Dash remain in their budget for Dash they are giving away to anybody willing to put a sell order in to WallOfCoins.com. The details on how to submit proof of your sell order, as well as how much you are required to sell to get paid how much Dash in return, are included in the DashForce link in the description below. As with all of today’s show links. And finally in Current Opportunities, Dash Core Team member Robert Wiecko tells me that the team is hiring two project managers at this time. One should be based in Phoenix. And one should be based really anywhere in Europe. So if you’re interested in applying for one of those two project management positions, you’ll want to contact Robert[at]Dash[dot]org. I would provide you a link that gave more details on those job positions but I don’t have one, and I just wanted you to know about the job opportunities anyway. That’s it for DASH: Detailed this week. Come back on Friday at noon Eastern time for a Spotlight interview with Evolution Backend Lead Developer Jon Kindel, aka snogcel. I’ll see you then.

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  1. Amanda..you do a great job of keeping people up to date. Looking forward to the interview with John Kindel.

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