Dash Did Not Move Inverse to Bitcoin’s Rocket This Week… Interesting

Merry Christmas, happy New Year, and happy close of the fourth quarter fiscal year 2016. Hi, I’m Amanda B. Johnson and you’re watching DASH: Detailed. First in price movement, today’s Dash price in USD is ten dollars. This makes for a 69.8 million dollar market cap, a 24-hour transaction volume of 2.4 million dollars, and there are roughly 6.9 million coins in existence. In this seven-day price chart you’ll see that the price has remained roughly the same in USD though it’s gone down against Bitcoin as the Bitcoin price has risen significantly in the past seven days. It’s often said that the two coins move inversely toward one another however, so it’s interesting to see that the Dash-to- USD price has held steady over the past week while Bitcoin has shot up. Here’s our three month price chart where you’ll see that October was the tail end of those roughly 60 days when Dash’s market cap exceeded 80 million dollars. And contrast that with this one year price chart where you’ll see that in the last 365 days Dash’s price has gone up roughly three hundred percent. And finally in this lifetime price chart you’ll see that Dash’s current market cap is still a little higher than it was during the buying frenzy shortly after Dash was released in second quarter 2014. Next to development updates. The oft-used website DashVoteTracker.com has just added historical data to its offerings. This means that by clicking on “All Proposals” you can now view every proposal that’s coming to the treasury including its “yes / no” votes, it’s requested payment amount, and how many payments were made. Elsewhere in Development Updates we have a comment from Dash core team consultant Perry Woodin on the makeover of Dash.org. Wooden reports, “We are waiting on the two or three front-end volunteers to clear enough time in their schedules to wrap up a couple of pages.” Now to Business News. There are four businesses newly accepting Dash. They are LagaiPhone.se which is a Swedish electronics repair store with a focus on the repair of mobiles, tablets, and laptops. Next is eCigar.in which is a global shipper of e-cigarettes and vaping supplies. Next is Xperienced.Audio which is a sound design and music production studio for games, motion pictures, and interactive applications. And finally is CryptoCloudHosting.org which is a London-based web hosting service. Now Crypto Cloud Hosting — as you can guess from their name — has actually been accepting Dash for some time now, but they had not yet been mentioned on the show. Also in Business News is a general scam warning of various websites which pose as Dash wallets or other Dash- related projects but exist only to steal your funds. The most well-known of these is Dash-Wallet.com but there are others to that you may want to familiarize yourself with. Special thanks to tungfa for recording and tweeting about these known scams. In more Business News it’s now become clear that SpectroCoin acts as a fiat gateway for those in Europe. As you see here, users can sign up to exchange euros into Dash. And though a USD-to-Dash option is also offered, user reports indicate that debit and credit cards cannot be used for U.S. customers but that bank transfers can. If your SpectroCoin experience as a U.S. or European customer differs from either of these reports, be sure to let us know. Now to Network Statistics. Today’s masternode count is nearly identical to what it was last week and that is 4221, as seen on this lifetime masternode chart. Also similar to last week is the additional full node count above and beyond masternodes, which is just under 500, making for just under 4700 full nodes in the network. Today’s hashrate has matched a former all-time high of 1.77 terahashes per second, which was first reached about two weeks ago. To put that into context, here’s the three month hashrate chart, which begins at 1.1 terahashes per second. Here’s the one-year hashrate chart, which you’ll see begins at 100 gigahashes. And finally, here is the lifetime hashrate chart, where you’ll see that for the first nearly two years of its existence, Dash’s hashrate sat at pretty much the same: a hundred gigahashes. And in Social Happenings, Dash Core team member Ryan Taylor, a.k.a. “babygiraffe,” has released an extensive report as a response to Input/Output – Hong Kong’s (IOHK) “Governance Report,” which was written a couple of months ago. Taylor’s report covers the points in the IOHK paper which were helpful to Dash’s team, points out the areas of disagreement and the reasons for them, and even points out flaws that remain to be fixed within Dash that were not covered in the IOHK report. In other social happenings, you’ll now notice that within 48 hours of every DASH: Detailed video being published, subtitles are made available on YouTube in Russian, Spanish, and Chinese. In addition, for any mainland China dwellers who would prefer to watch YouKu rather than YouTube — which can be harder to access — DASH: Detailed videos with Mandarin Chinese embedded on them will now be available to view 72 hours after every new episode is released. And now to treasury proposals: there are 22 proposals in Dash’s treasury at this time, and of them 14 have met the threshold to be funded, and eight have not. If you’d like to know more details about each of these proposals, click the video link you see on your screen now to be taken to an unlisted synopsis video. The next payout will take place at block 598,176 — or at around 5pm Universal Coordinated Time on Wednesday, January the 4th. Masternodes who intend to vote should be sure to get their votes in at least 24 hours before the payout time. And finally, in Current Opportunities: the Dash Core team is seeking to hire a front-end developer who is proficient in JavaScript to help with Evolution. Interested applicants can email [email protected] And second, a C++ developer is also sought to assist with the development of Dashd. Interested applicants can send an email to [email protected] And that’s it for this week’s DASH: Detailed. You’ll find links to everything talked about in the show today posted in the description below. Be sure to follow us on Twitter at @DASHdetailed, and if you would like me to email you every week with the newest video, send an email to [email protected] with the word “subscribe” as the subject line, and I’ll take care of it. See you next Wednesday. A little unsure about how Dash works, or how it’s different from other digital currencies? Check out this six-video miniseries made just for you entitled DASH: School.

31 thoughts on “Dash Did Not Move Inverse to Bitcoin’s Rocket This Week… Interesting”

  1. if you dont have 1000 dash and you invest dash in masternode who control that masternode ? and is it posible that 1 person control more then 1 masternode if he dont have 1000 dash

  2. Bitcoin and Dash can work together? Bitcoin is been used to circumvent currency controls by rapidly increasing numbers of people. It has zero competition in this regard, amongst cryptos. So it has such a first mover advantage it's likely that it will cement itself into the psyche because large numbers of people will be using it to store their wealth. However once evolution is introduced Dash could well have a big advantage over the competition with regards everyday use, including Bitcoin. Monero's association with the darkweb is a limiting factor for it's growth, imo. Same might apply to zcash. Dash can do for bitcoin what bitcoin cant do for itself. Furthermore, with two coins in existence that are actually being used; it gives users a choice, spreading any risk they might perceive. What do ya think?

  3. is there a link to a chart or other data indicating acceptance in various regions? It would be nice wayto track growth

  4. Jetez un coup d'œil au Tweet de @bitcoinnewsbtc : https://twitter.com/bitcoinnewsbtc/status/814621668236791809?s=09

  5. There needs to be a way to market to countries that have crashing fiat currency. They should know about Dash at the moment of truth.

  6. how much dash was in the premine Amanda? was the info in your script ? 😉 you ain't no tech chick like the nerds want you to be. you're an actor babe lol

  7. Hello Amanda! Love your channel, I'm recommending to a friend to invest in Dash and I recommend him to look your channel.
    However I find you that you look a little bit "unnatural" I recommend follow a Channel called "Charisma on Command". Its full of great tips.
    Keep the good work!

  8. Just Google "SDC Umbra crypto" Ignore the bad links saying we are a scam these are our opposition SDC is similar to XMR but on the bitcoin code base Umbra's devs actually implemented the very first native HD (hierarchical deterministic) wallet in an altcoin forked from bitcoin's codebase our team are nothing less then pioneers in crypto, they invented first staking mobile wallet, first html 5 wallet, first encrypted group chat, download the wallet it's amazing and the decentralized market is just off, all available from mobile desktop one push buttons for tor i2p it's the privacy inclined persons one stop platform, for decentralized, commerce and finance, and encrypted communication..

  9. Dash now at $16.27. And I believe it's going to keep going up a lot in this year. My money is on dash(literally) 🙂

  10. I think as an "investment" Dash is going to have a big 2017. I just have a feeling. Too much anxiety about BTC. Dash is going to be the low key winner.

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