DanceDance: Mining cryptocurrency using Dance Dance Revolution

Agnes: So this is a proof of Dance Dance. This is a Dance Dance Revolution mat that mines cryptocurrency on a private Ethereum blockchain and this was made by myself, Agnes Cameron and Kalli Retzepi, the Viral Communications group here at the Lab. We originally made this for a party, kind of as a joke, but since then we’ve decided that it’s real home should be as a true cryptocurrency and so here we are. So Kalli here is dancing and every time she scores a point, the hash rate of the miner increases and the block gets mined. Collectively this morning we’ve minded about a 129 blocks on the block chain. The last party we tried this at, we got about 10,000. And really that’s the collective effort of, you know, hundreds of different dancers. We could see this becoming a real cryptocurrency. I think that the most feasible way of implementing this really would be in a peer to peer network of dance mats and so as the number of people dancing goes up so does the market capitalization of the currency. And really this is just looking at a kind of different and maybe more scalable consensus mechanism than the current proof of work which has obvious bad environmental implications. We’ve been talking a lot in the group about, kind of possible futures that this project could have. I think as well one of the ideas that has been passed around is when robots have automated all the jobs what are we going to do all day? How will we create value? And well , maybe it’s through dancing.

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