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Eddie we’re live again back again. Good morning, everyone. I hope everyone’s having a What is it a beautiful Saturday morning? I’m gonna give it a few minutes while people people get on in here as I do understand this is a little bit out of the out of left field for your usual timing on a Weekend stream. Let me just bring up all of my proper Pages over here while I got set up myself and let’s see. Let’s just notify some people, that’d be good you typically want people to be in here, you know, but anyways, I hope everyone’s having a Nice little weekend. Whatever you might be doing this world. There. We are. Okay. We got it over here, beautiful Let me just do that up right there. Absolutely. Awesome. Get this link out over here Make sure that this is going well and we can get started in just a goddamn moment Okay. All right. Let me get the chat up over here and alright. I’m there. I’m there. I’m here I’m here with you. I’m wishing everyone a happy morning where you might be in this world. Let me just make sure that This is going well over here. It is. That’s all well and good. Okay Did some funny comments on the off hand over here if you’re wondering what I’m laughing about but Gonna be a nice little probably a shorter morning stream as I’m sure it’s probably not too many people up right now as it is Very early morning over there in the good old states So if you’re coming back from a night late-night in the in the good old clubs then then I welcome you I welcome you and I hope that you’re having all kinds of of What’s it called? Good old hangovers in your life right now and we can talk about some good old charts right here What’s up, man? How you doing? Let me some CPT. What’s up, man? Good to have you back to me as well and I guess I’m just gonna start talking as Looks like what’s up. Can we how you do a man? Can we a pleasure as always pleasure as always. Mr Ken wean and let’s see candlestick addition indeed. Mr. Myko. All right, so I’m gonna start I’m gonna start Going over what we see over here and with yesterday’s daily dildo. We did or daily do daily daily We did essentially put in. You know, do you want to call this a long-legged doji? Do you want to call it doji? I don’t care what you call it, but typically a sign of indecision and perhaps reversal now Yeah, now that’s kind of your traditional way of looking at it right? However We noticed very clearly that it’s on very low volume. So I’m really running through all the things of Potential possibilities going on right now. One of them is One of them is a little bit bullish. One of them is is pretty bearish and one of them is extremely bearish so so unfortunately, We’re just gonna have to deal with all this for the next most likely month out. Imagine again It looks to me like on the lower timeframes. We are in some sort of a rising channel If you want to call this a bear fly, you can definitely call it a bear flag It does seem to have the right proportions the right shape the right volume characters So if it looks like when it smells like when it’s probably one right anyways Coming back down again last night while I was sleeping. You might have been awake You might have been having a nice night out on the town When we whipped down and test this blue box area once again a decent reaction off of it I guess that was due to the coinbase news that they’re gonna add some more shit coins, or I don’t know about that But again, you know coin base is very interesting place to begin with so you can never really truly trust what they’re gonna say Brian Armstrong is a questionable character in my mind at the very least so again what I’m looking at right here, is that as long as we’re kind of within the within the bounds of This support in this resistance I’m just playing the range so I actually am in a little bit of a long right now I have an entry about nineteen dollars I’ll probably be getting out of this as are the stuff as I have a stop about about a buck and a half away Right now again, not the best trade. I really don’t like to be taking Long’s in a bearish market Typically not the best thing to be doing. In fact, it’s quite it’s quite literally against my my proverbial strategy. What’s up Dee? Jamie popsicle how you do man? The world is so sad. Let’s all sing together. Let’s give it a good old hug simply gains What’s up, man? What it do indeed What else we got a 0 1 to 8 crown you have my baby. Ok. Bye you uggs and iPad Oh, that’s exactly what I need in my life baby a little bit of Starbucks in my right hand as well Hey Rick, Lewis. Welcome back, man. Welcome back. Good morning to you, too, and ok. So Back now over here. It looks to me to be very clear that in a more shorter term time frame we talked about this yesterday this resistance right here at about 6300 and if we zoom We can see a very clear a very clear. What do you want to call this? Pattern is being formed or sorry a very clear range is the right word to use here A very clear range is being is being formed again with your support right here and your resistance right here So if I did want to be more of a day trader if I didn’t want to be more of a a proactive trader on? This lovely weekend, which is typically fucking boring But sometimes we actually have been having some action actually the last the last couple weekends. I’ve been completely wrong about that As typically I do look at my weekends as you know, pretty pretty low volume Just you know, fuck around range that kind of shit. So again, you know if we did have like a 30 minute dildo close Sorry, 30 minute dilly close above 6300 then. Yes, we could. I think that we will have a little bit of upside Here we do have resistance somewhere right around here around 64 75 on Phenix And by the same token, as long as we’re above here, you know, there’s not really too much downside I know that’s not profound and anyway to say but here’s the reason why it is very very uh, what’s what’s the word very Important, you know with the given the whole entire you know charting sphere going on right here and That is because if we do break it to the downside and if we do confirm below this area right here Especially below this horizontal area as I do like to you as I do favor horizontal over diagonals They just seem to just seem to work out better in my experience around 6040 then this is gonna really start to look like a bear flag our site it already does look like a bear flag but it’s gonna look like it’s it’s gonna be Confirmation in my mind and if we do have a bear flag and if we do have confirmation we can make him measure move off That doesn’t mean it’s always gonna work. But you know, let’s make the assumption that because we’re making assumptions here Just be quite clear. And and if it did well look at that It’s just another thing pointing us down to this, you know, 44 to 4500 region again, very similar to our smaller cup and handle Right here where you can see the the red going on there Sorry, let me just get this. Uh, let me just get this going one more time So again now we have two things kind of point in this in this direction now. Yes, it’s not perfect It’s kind of more like a range So I’d probably it’s probably best to represent this as like another blue box territory And that’s really how supporting resistance are you know, it’s it’s it’s it’s a fucking range So again, what is happening? Where’s Mitch Who am I where am I? What is this? Who’s this man? Who’s this massive? Idiot talking right now. Hey, what’s up SAR Chuck? Good to me you too. My name is crown I’m not Mitch, but good to have you in your man. What’s up, man? How you doing? Crypto, hash pleasure to have you back in here as well trying to hide from me I see how dare you I would never do that. Bitcoin bits are bits bit Zaun bits bits on pits I see what it is now a clever turn of phrase. I understand that. All right. Yeah, man We’re just a little bit of a collaboration. I hope that you don’t hate my face too much I know that I am ugly, but I can talk pretty well so I have that going for me anyways, so we have two things now pointing this down into this 4,000 region right here and and not only that we actually have much more and I want to talk a little bit more about Something that I haven’t been mentioning recently But it is starting like it’s starting to get a little bit weird in the way that this could play out So again, here’s your bit stamp chart, you know, this is you know, you’re almost 10 year history of Bitcoin We have a logarithmic trend line going all the way back to the inception the Genesis block that’s never been broken in the almost ten year history of Bitcoin and And that is is this trend line right here Now the relevance of this is that you know We do have a way another just another way of getting to this 4,400 region right here It’s also a nice horizontal err you’d imagine that oh, I’ve just got just got ticked on my stop and then also you can see this 200 exponential that purple line right there is gonna start to curl up and in and probably around That region also you have your 7 8 6 Fibonacci retracement Now I’ve talked about all this before what I’m gonna talk about new right now Or at least new on this channel. Is this right here? Ok. Alright. So so you have your log mythic trend line right here your downtrend line that everyone was talking about, you know You know up until this area right here in in mid-april when we broke out which is which was quite impressive indeed You know, we had a very similar thing going on over here in 20th. What is this? 2014? Yes, sorry Well, you know you break out of your your first log nether dent downtrend light line right here And then you form another one right there and then you kind of find your lows along that logarithmic trend line Ok now with that said with that said I need get out of this fucking position man. Jesus Christ ground ID Sorry about this a little bit of a little bit of a stutter step over here and as I started myself Anyways with that said we do have now all of these areas converging right around here and there is a date on this area The date is April is actually August 10th which if you’re familiar with all of the the good Mimi’s going on right now in the crypto sphere is the date of the of the decision for for the ETF now that’s actually a little bit less incomplete than Then then what’s really going on? Actually, that’s not quite It’s not quite clear when the date is gonna be. Yes, it technically is 45 days out which would put you at August 10th however more importantly There is a stipulation that says that they could take up to 90 days to make that decision if they if they deem it necessary So again, you know these these games are played in the in the in in all in all realms You know again I come from a come from an equity options market making background and in A very highly regulated market like that, you know when I’m down on an exchange like like New York Stock Exchange ARCA in Chicago Board of objects, you know They’re still there’s still a lot of questionable shit going on is what I’m trying to say, you know so at the end of the day You know games are played and these sorts of things juice you know if they do have confluence with each other you you Start to wonder you start to wonder so I’m not saying that it’s gonna happen one to one I’m not saying it’s gonna happen you know verbatim or anything like that just offering it up as an idea of Something that I haven’t seen anything to negate it so far again, the two big things pointing us down There now is we have two formations we have this bear flag the measure move on this bear flag and then the measure move on this inverted cup and handle both of These patterns have a high degree of playing out in my experience Ok. So again This is also making the assumption that we actually do break out this bear flecked and confirm itself below this this support trendline right here If that does indeed happen, then then yes, you know, it’s just just another thing to take off the box another snowball snowball type event if you will so More importantly though more importantly the reason why I’m not short right now and the reason why I don’t want to be aggressively short is because as long as Long as we’re within the bounds of this bear flag right here We can whip around and play rope-a-dope along the support in this resistance again, keep in mind. This resistance is constantly rising over time so we could get all the way up to here to this blue box and We would technically still be you know in the context of a bear flag Which is statistically more likely to break out to the downside. So I always have to keep that in my mind so again, this makes it a little bit difficult for Bitcoin bulls because Because you can’t get it You don’t have any sort of change of behavior at all whatsoever until you actually start closing Dilly’s above this area right here 7100 so again, you know, that’s the whole thing with that is that we’re in it We’re in a big range right now And you know, you might see people get excited about this coin based news and about all this all this, you know Bullshit and all that kind of stuff but at the end of the day the trend is is very very clearly still, you know The same we haven’t had any sort of change behavior Nothing at all that division that that designates that fact back then over here. Let me just make sure okay It looks like there’s two million in the order book right there But I think I should get filled. It’s not there now They are selling it pretty hard but fair enough I’m gonna go down to the lower timeframes right now just to kind of make sure that I’m gonna be They don’t get you know fucked up in this one. You know what I might actually not want to get out of this position Oh, yeah, I do. I do want to get out of this position Okay. Yeah, fuck this So again, you know I really don’t like trading against a trend but I thought it was an okay risk reward opportunity and I like this kind of Reaction off this um off the test of your blue box support right there. So again, that’s you know, typically Typically, you do see some follow-through after that Maybe we do but I want to be a little bit more careful here as I am on live stream and you know sometimes price Action can jump around extremely fucking fast, and I don’t want to break up with a red dildo in my asshole Sorry, red Dilley in my butt hole in my bunghole Anyways, let’s see what else we got monthly still equals rekt says Tyler. Yes indeed, man. Let’s go Check it out guys. By the way, this is why I’m overall extremely bearish as well, man The monthly is is telling you something right here is telling you something we have a three year bull run tweezer top dilly formation Right here That’s a reversal formation consolidation between 6,000 and 12,000 right here and then break that consolidation resolving that consolidation to the downside Which to me means that we’re actually just getting ready to play out some some serious downside As this was just consolidation right here again I can represent it to you in a different way which might which might make it a little bit more a little Bit more convincing as I take off this this inverted cup formation right here. Let’s just get this area over here Did you guys like my office or what? So so over here we have the green triangle the green triangle of peace if you want to call it that and again this is this is why I really do believe that this was consolidation and why I’m very About this likely being a more prolonged bearish market This green era of consolidation tied in the area between 6,000 and 12,000 You have a lot of characteristics of distribution over here and over here You do have a little bit of accumulation going on but obviously when you have a consolidation and it gets resolved to the downside that’s giving you confluence that there’s Participation in the market with us or agreement in the market with us, you know more than likely playing out a more prolonged downtrend So again you we have this We have also a very orderly fall off and Valen going on over here as well so again all these characters do qualify this in my mind as as consolidation and again resolving that consolidation to the downside well, Likely leading to more downside so I know that that’s probably counterintuitive to what a lot of people think They’re probably saying crown what the fuck this this was a bear market right here will actually know buy buy buy buy oxford dictionary definition It was not it was consolidation. It was not until we broke this This lower support right here Sorry on this red Dilley right here where you got this this nice spike in volume after a long time of you know falling volume that we actually that now we actually entered a real shit Like we had a change behavior resolving that consolidation to the downside Probably leading most likely leading to to more prolonged downside. All right Okay, let’s see. What else we got over here. Um We got some we got some drama going on everyone loves good drama, let’s see, let’s see Okay. Yes a cow stream cat. Yes, you like the casting couch Oh indeed man, indeed. All right, uh who else we got? Lol, I don’t know if I’m okay with the cast on the couch I don’t know if I’ll enjoy that video that comes from that. What are you talking about man? This is this is my office What what are you guys talking about? That background made me jump watching on a 50-inch flat screen in the dark Anyway, Mitch was great but these streams get got to long and kept diverting from the main purpose best wishes Tim, though Well fair enough man fair enough you you’re gonna probably also notice that I do I also crown you too, man Hey, I’d really do appreciate them and you’re gonna notice that I also jumping around a lot as well but please you’d be the one to tell me when I When I’m doing it a little bit too much or if it’s not or something’s not clear I’m happy to to you know offer some points of clarification At the end of the day at the end of the day man, you know, it’s it to me It’s it’s more important that people get it as as I know, you know I can be a little bit spazzing the way that I represent things. So again going back on over here It looks like I did get jumped. So let’s see. What should I really be doing? I need to go over here to Mex to really check out what’s going on. Yeah, we are turning down right here So I said I certainly don’t like that. Well, I got filled at my at my order. Well, that’s a good question Here’s gonna be my plan for this cuz I do need to manage risk quite soon as I really don’t want to take Don’t want to take a massive massive hit off this one. So if we go below 6200 – I’m gonna take this position off So yeah, it’s gonna be like gonna be like a $15 loss I’m pretty much perfectly okay with that as at the end of the day, you know It’s a risk/reward type play and if I can just find it and if I can just what’s it called? Identify these good risk/reward plays over time. Well statistically speaking and making the assumption that my technical analysis is you know is somewhat good Then then I should be successful just from a risk/reward perspective, you know a expected value scenario Okay, so let’s go check out the higher time frames Do we have anything new to look at from the higher time frames? We have this major Darth Darth Maul Dilla over here Just poking through both sides a clear rejection of this 6300 area yesterday. So again, oh man, this is going fast now Oh god. Damn it bitcoin. Are you gonna fuck me right now? Well fair enough anyways, um, so let’s see the four hour would have gotten the four hour Not too much going on the four hour either. But yeah, this makes me Yeah, there’s not much to say about that either What about the six hour six hour not telling you much much different either all these look bearish to me 12 hours same sort of thing under the Darth Maul Dilli over there. What about the to day to day looks like shit I mean Jesus Christ man. This is you know, I’m trying to find a more bullish case I’m trying to find a more bullish scenarios because I always want to be as balanced as possible So here’s the best that I can come up with for the Bulls and it’s basically just going over to this right here again We have our you know that this whole market cycle going down over here Which is very analogous to what we saw in a in a previous big full Bitcoin market cycle in 2014 again just kind of recap we have the Devastation cross with year 100 exponential that cyan line crossing to the downside of your purple line the 200 exponential and then we had this This price action, you know You’re dumped consolidation pumped your yellow 21 dumped a little bit lower again pump up above you’re 21 based on your 21 reach for the 55 dump back down now put that in your mind’s eye because this is kind of what I Was thinking with this with with this idea this morning, and this is really the best that I can come up with for the Bulls Right now everything else to me says down, but it you know it for the purposes of being thorough and offering up both sides Let’s look at this right here Okay. So again This is the only other time right here in the almost 10 year history of Bitcoin that we’ve ever had this exponential cross again the exponential cross is the the Reason why it’s um, it’s powerful and has weight within the market is not because it’s some sort of like magical mystical You know cross and like the death cross, you know people is talking about that but what it does signifying what I am a huge believer in is that it’s telling you what the bots and the algorithms are likely doing and to me this this is telling me very likely that they’re intensifying their sell programs and they’re becoming it very very Aggressive as we gain momentum for the downside. Okay. Now let’s just recap this price action over here It looks pretty damn similar down. Doesn’t it? You have the you have the cross right here dump consolidation pumped your yellow on yellow 21 dump again a little bit lower Yes, it was more aggressive in 2014. So again, you can’t analyze these Dilly’s, you know one to one in historical sense That’s very misleading to whoever’s doing that I know that there’s several You know technical analysts out there saying well we did what we did this on this day in in in this era Well doesn’t quite work like that But this is why I do use indicators so that I can kind of like smooth out price action over time Okay Now without getting too far off track after that we pump back up again above your yellow 21 reach for your green 55 Dump back down find your find your local low Right near the right near the dilly body of this former low right here and then put it in a major fuckin bull trap Right here. And guess what? Also we have this to look at today as well as with the current price action up Sorry about this. Okay, it’s a little bit a little bit convoluted here. Let me um Yeah, it’s a little bit convoluted here. Let me just get rid of this. Alright, we can just get rid of both of these Okay, but here’s the thing guys. Here’s the thing Is that now? Look at this guy’s we had we put in a nice bear flog over here brawny wedge Bear Flag Where the fuck you wanna call? It doesn’t matter to me You don’t get points for the right word you get points for the right, you know, don’t the right What’s it called? Uh, you know trading styles based on based off You know where you’re breaking or breaking or not breaking this formation anyways To me. This is extremely similar with what we have going on in the current price action and In that being we have perhaps some sort of a bull trap being put in over here where we do test the upper the upper resistance trendline of this some of This bear flag formation before selling back down to your ultimate low right over here Which again would very likely equate with that forty five to forty four hundred region now? I do have some things pointing a little bit lower than that than that region so fair enough I will talk about that in just a little bit But again going back on over here, you know, you see the bear flag right here You see the bear flag right here The same sort of price that I mean just take everything off the same sort of goddamn price action going the whole way through So if we do start pumping back up to twenty the yellow 21 exponential I will probably take a little bit of a preliminary Long position or at least I wouldn’t be cash at that point so again this You know again going back off this and making the we’re making assumptions here making major assumptions that this is even right But this is the best that I can find for like a short term bullish scenario right now Until that actually, you know in until we actually break this range one way that one way or the other There’s really not much else to be said about it And so we can play rope and open this fucking range for quite some time We’ve already been in it for about four weeks And we can certainly take or about three weeks actually and we can certainly stay in it for another you know Another few weeks as it’s not really like an apex here I mean, I mean, yeah, I guess you could say, you know starting like sometime next week it’s gonna start to get a little bit full but But again, you know, I don’t want to be caught in a bad position as a saying kind of whips around. So with that said With that said, you know that does imply that you know It kind of it kind of goes very synonymous with our idea over here that as long as we’re below this blue box territory Right here. This is extremely bearish we’re essentially we essentially have no chained behavior to be quite clear no change of behavior means well, well the same behaviors keep on playing out and And and the way that I look at it Especially on your higher time frames and the eight hours someone that I’ve been keeping a big eye on is Is that your Exponential’s are really agreeing with this idea as well. Your Exponential’s are actually signaling Some some some very bad crosses right around here and I just want to kind of point out the validity of this cross That’s your yellow 21. You green fifty-five pretty much every time we’ve gone across on this It’s actually led to a pretty damn big move You do get some fake outs here and there but overall it’s been pretty damn consistent So I’ve had my eyes on this one and this one is did just cross to the downside to be quite clear. So again, You know That’s the best that I can come up with with for the Bowls in the in the more immediate time the more do the more Immediate of future however, at the end of the day at the end of the day everything else is bearish right now There’s there’s quite literally I I’m really really struggling to fought to come up with both sides of this the weekly is fucking wrecked Look fucking wrecked. So I guess I can’t be too loud today as we do have a sleeping mermaid in the background over here And the week, I mean if the weekly ends here or lower this just you know this just look looks like a reactionary balance off your off your cyan to 100 exponential right here and then complete failure of it Now when you have that it’s very Um these you know the big deal with this Oh what I should say what I should communicate over here Is that is that this is telling you that this is you know It’s just another sign that this is not your low right here This is not your market shifting market cycle, you know changing low right here I mean first things first you have you know, you have very little volume on this So there’s very little participation within this rally on top of that, you know, once it gets sold into well well then You know when you come back and test your lows After putting in a potential low it typically leads to new lows in in my experience So again, this is just kind of the market cycles taken over From in in my opinion now going over here I just want to also talk about this the reason why this was unlikely to be your market shifting maneuver over here Now this green dilly over here on June 29th was on very low volume But it’s what kind of you know sparked off this nice little rally Now what happened on on on June 29th, we can actually look at the underlying market fundamentals or market dynamics I should say and here’s is a here’s a here’s a chart of the shorts on finnex and look at this on June 29th we actually lost about About 3,000 shorts right here a shit ton of shorts in a very short amount of in a very short amount of time no pun intended my point but this is is that that rally was sparked off most likely by shorts closing and Shorts closing. It’s really not the way that I want my market shifting Dilly to kind of be sparked off by I want to see it I want to see it sparked off by legitimate by not just my shorts closing So so what it looks like to me is it’s that this was you know I don’t want to say doom from the start, you know nothing’s ever 100% but there’s there’s a lot of warning signs and I feel like And I feel like you know despite what a lot of people were saying on on YouTube Twitter and tradingview I think there’s I do strongly believe and I hope that I was very consistent with with communicating this at you know, There was very little reason to believe that we were That that we were kind of switching this upwards and onwards here now, is it still possible? Yes, I mean as long as we’re within this Bear Flag formation I mean you can I’ve seen bear Flags break up to the upside before it certainly does happen It’s very very rare, but it does happen You know, maybe if Trump came out tomorrow and said hey, we’re not using that fucking USD shit coin anymore. We’re using bit cones We’re using that magic internet money. I’ve heard about online. It’s good so Again until we actually do something like that I really don’t see any, you know any sort of shift in market in the overall market cycle Changing even more to that point, you know If we were gonna play this inverted head and shoulders which again was not even an inverted head and shoulders despite. What? Despite what reddit might have told you It was it, you know, you want to see kind of break out right here instead We got a clear rejection and then a stop hunt aka liquidity pool You know dynamic going on right here and then price action just forced the other way. Just your classic classic classic What’s it called scheme right there so again, maybe schemes not the best word to use up Looks like I’m about to get whipped out of this this trade over here. Okay do it to me Just put that red dildo in my asshole and let me scream to mom. All right Let’s see. Hey Jan, relock knocking on the door. What’s up, man? How you do a man crypto hashes office of a true Bitcoin bill Billionaire. I want to be quadrillion air man Bits bits on bits says Rick Lewis or anyone wait where to Mitch go crime is cool But just wondering where where did Jesus man is? I have no idea man. I hope that he’s still alive though I will say that oh That couch is scary. What are you talking about, man? What are you implying about my office over here weekly with TD sequential? Yeah, DJ meet pops code. This is this is something a lot of people are gonna be talking about right now and And and yeah, we might as well talk about it cuz you know everyone’s gonna be going on about this But we need to talk about what about the validity of this? So I’m sure everyone on good old tradingview and Twitter and all that all the heroes of the of the cryptocurrency world are probably looking At this and they’re saying crown we have a red nine on the titty squinch Oh, we will be going upwards and onwards. This is a reversal formation. Well, there’s a problem with this There’s a problem with this. Let me explain the TD sequential is It’s a very misunderstood indicator as you know, if this really did if this worked just blindly then every fucking you know Every fucking Club who looked on who looked on tradingview with this indicator would be goddamn. Rich instead they’re just posted on reddit in trading view and It’s crying to mom. No, I won’t even finish that sense But my point with this is no this is actually not your traditional bottoming 9 what you want in a bottoming 9 with your what your perfect 9 count looks like to the downside indicating that perhaps reversal is you want to have the low of your read 9 trading below the low of your read 7 and also to add validity to that you want your the Low of your read 8 trading below the low of your read 6 we have neither of those right here In fact, we have both our read 8 and our read 9 turning us down in almost rejections fashion So with this said yes, we do have another you know 36 hours or so until the daily delayed our sorry the weekly daily closes so a lot can happen in that range for sure I always want to leave leave it up to possibility a fucking you know 36 hours is the goddamn eternity and cryptocurrency no doubt about it, but The way it is right now. This would be this This would be more likely a continuation and I’d say probably the more accurate way of reading This is if again, if it did finish here or lower is that this is probably actually a ret This is actually this is a one-off green one And this is going to be your your your the start of your of your next read trend so again, sometimes sometimes these are deliberately painted by, you know, bigger accounts, but you know the whales that be because you know They know that they know a lot of retailers are looking at this sort of thing Blindly, cuz tone vases on is on the Internet’s and a lot of people listen to him and he sounds very smart He doesn’t really trade himself, which is I won’t get into that. But but he is but he is on my couch So I like that. Alright good tone and So getting going on going going off over there That’s kind of my that’s kind of my limitations of that that I wanted to offer up also Let’s go to our three-day our 3des again coming back down to your two hundred exponential your purple line right here Just not good, man This just looks like a reactionary bounce off of your 200 exponential right here that you had going on from here to here just again an algorithm a bought type thing going on there a bought type down dynamic at the end of the day it makes It just makes this look like you know That was that this was just another another air of Distribution as we get ready gearing up for another move lower could be bounced again off the 200 exponential Yeah, but if it is weaker than this bounce right here I’d be very very very very very very very comfortable in saying that we’re probably gonna get to get a nice big big Massive girthy red tight dildo. Sorry dilly Campbell Down you’re bullish Angus right around I mean again, that would be kind of your catalyst for the move to 4400 out. Imagine again Okay, so let me get over here to the comments. We got going on. Let’s see. Don’t swear so much dude. I apologize I will not fucking swear anymore. I apologize What do you say to that don’t swear so much dude, okay mom Sorry, I thought a so I thought what’s up crown don’t mind me asking this on the watching but hey sure Amen, anything goes here. I’m happy to entertain any sort of conversation Even if you’re gonna you know, regale me in the comments, please do please please do it’s all good. It’s all good But since I just joined back Karis sharing a small story your background in crypto in trading genuinely asking Cuz impressed so far. Yeah, man, ok So sorry Aki if you’re not familiar with me or Who I am and where I come from. Well first things first I’m my name is crown. It’s a pleasure to meet you also sort of my What you’re more interested in most likely is my sort of unique background in my my unique take on this market now I started out As well I started out I began My trading career as a as a market maker in equity options on the floor of the New York star of the New York Stock Exchange ARCA and and then I later moved on to the show to the Chicago Board of ops exchange the reason why I think that that really gave me a great experience is because when I was on the Like in an actual pit environment, you know being one of those market makers that well people People, you know people always complain about on good old reddit over there is is it put me around a lot of extremely successful guys Who more importantly had had had had also? continued that and reproduced that success over time and when I say over time, I mean You know twenty years thirty years and in one case forty years and these are the kind of people that I want to learn from something that I learned early on in my life is that if you ever want to get good on something you want to? Or at least or at least I found the best way to get good fast is to get around people Who who are where you want to be or where I want to be so that’s kind of where who I sought out over there as a kid I used to go down to the floor of the of the Pecos as well and and kind of be a clerk there I don’t know if that doesn’t really count But cuz I wasn’t really like actually trading but being a market maker and seeing the other side of things, you know Because people are always complaining about these people People are always complain about these people people The the retailers are always complaining about the market makers You know using dirty tactics and I can say and I can say from experience as someone who can verify this that that that’s very misguided and it’s very unfounded market makers are in a straight of competition with every you know with with all themselves and we’re all fucking whores so whenever someone does say Whenever someone does say I you know These these dirty market makers are just manipulating the market. Well, that’s very impossible to do because Because there there’s a lot of us and we’re all competing against each others. So good fucking luck with that anyways that’s kind of where Who I am and where I come from then I moved on then I said like I moved on Chicago and Traded and traded over there which put me Round some some some very impressive people as well. So a couple billionaires actually which was quite a quite enlightening I also met the wolf of Wall Street, but like not the actual not Jordan Jordan Belfort But like the guy from who like his Chicago doppelganger, if you want to call him that pretty fucking cool guy So you had great experiences, but at the end of the day I decided you know I would rather just do magic internet money because well it gives you a lot more freedom. Doesn’t it? Anyways, I’m back on over here. Let’s see. What do we got? Peter North says you sure about that I will film it Oh Peter North. Hey speak of the devil. Do you know this place? Have you been here? Have you been have you but do you recognize these people Peter north? But fair enough man fair enough good to have you back in here Peter North it’s it’s a pleasure. I’ve always missed you I’m Rick Lewis. That’s very good stuff. Just got to keep up he is fast. Yeah, man. I do apologize about that I do apologize about that guys, you know Please do you guys be the ones to ask me if? you know if anything’s not clear if you want me to kind of back up something or if you do have like a like a Counterpoint please do bring it up. I’m happy to talk about anything Anything and everything as you know, I really do feel like it kind of brings about a better discussion and something you know I’m gonna be wrong, you know, I’m gonna be wrong sometimes And maybe we have experts in other areas and it gives us a more well-rounded discussion. Also guys, keep in mind This is this is unlike my the streams on my channel in the way that in the way that you know I can read everyone comment over here. Once they disappear from my visual view. I can’t see them anymore So if you do want me to read your comment Please do just just add it at the bottom and I’ll get to it Thomas cops is crown Hey, what’s up, Thomas caught by the way crown. I just joined your trading course today, and it’s so legit. Hey awesome, man Hard to believe anything could be better than your streams But it is it is so nice to have step-by-step focus and instruction Thank You. Amen. My pleasure again I feel a little bit dirty talking about this on someone else’s stream. I apologize about this But hey, man, you know, I’m I’m glad that you’re enjoying it. I always want to say that and of course mr. Thomas Cobb I want to say do not do not hesitate if you have any sort of questions at all whatsoever to hit me up I’m always here on discord man. I’m constantly available in discord essentially. So again, man massive massive Thank you, and I look forward to talking with you to talk to talking about it with you soon All right. So the sarthak says Rick Lewis sounds good. Love the pace. Holy. Moly on modafinil seeking soaking it in awesome, man Yeah, I just took a little bit of caffeine myself this morning and feeling good man. I haven’t had it in a little while So so it’s working. I feel like I didn’t get enough sleep last night either, but that’s okay We have peds in the form of in the form of legal caffeine Starbucks Great, Peter North says wait what you talking my words there? Wait, you talked to my word. Say more swearing, please crowns Mike What’s up, Mike? Oh, how you doing, man? Might go a very highly a distinguished member of the cave a very good trader in his own regards and my god, man I’m glad that you’re here Thomas copses and don’t forget to wash me. Here’s ground. Yes, indeed. I’ve been a bad boy I’ve been a very bad boy. Do you want to spank me? No, yes. No What no handshake round give them a good old handshake. Do they do the handshake? Yes sorry, of course, not of course not we all respect you humor and says Craic instead. They will list all coins on coin hard kept so I put all of them and lost my money What do that’s right guys. Listen it Crackin would never lie to you. No, of course. I think they were having a little bit of a joke and Humanism is a funny motherfucker and it’s in his own right but but yeah I think you’re taking a stab probably at coin bases tweet this morning which was a little bit interesting in the way that they worded it now wasn’t it a Little bit interesting the way that they worded it. Let me just check on this position over here We are we finding the some sort of support down here. What’s going on over here? We got a nice little line chart going on. Hey, you don’t see these too often Hey, you got a fucking gap in price Actually, you really don’t see those too often and um in cryptocurrencies, but yeah, we probably mmm I don’t think I’m gonna make it out this one in love. Probably get out now But yeah, I’m just gonna leave that market and order in there and and let the chips fall where they may again This is just just a straight-up risk reward just a straight-up risk reward trade. Nothing more to it Really? That’s just that that’s just all it is a little bit of boredom thing to say to say the most off-kilter concepts that says He traded an Apple for a snack pack in the second grade. And here we are today That’s right, baby start him young just buy low sell high or sell high Or sell or buy high and sell higher that always works, too. Let’s see Thomas cops and can you talk about 74? Can you talk seventy four point five four three percent lower I mean talk faster, I mean just dance for us crown It’s very interesting, you know ever since starting livestreams men, it’s been very enlightening to see Some of the demands that people can make on free content out there in the world But again, you know, that’s why that’s why I love my crew man it’s just such such good people really tracks these high quality people that I’m so goddamn proud of and The conversations are so fuckin good a lot of the time man. I really do appreciate that And I really do I feel like I’ve become a better trader for that and I hope that that’s you know I hope that that people have found value off that as well. D Jamie popsicle says crown could trade a paperclip for a house? Hey, I’ve actually heard about someone doing that. Is that real? Did she just make up but I’ve actually heard about someone doing that Sorry, thought says crown haven’t received so many direct responses on a stream in three months. So we swear to follow you every day Hey, man, that’s my thing, man Is I I really do believe that everyone has something valuable to say so I always want to be engaging with everyone now again I want to remind everyone that you know As soon as your comments disappear from the visual range, I can no longer see them So if you want me to read them I’m happy to just just re add them at the bottom of the Or just read a tree add them and I’ll certainly get to them. So yeah, man Yeah, man, that’s you know, I’m more than happy to do that as you know What else is the fucking point of having a live stream if I wanted to if I say if I don’t want to talk to? Anyone, I just I just posted a video right? All right, let’s see. Let’s see Bitcoin. Hey rocky How the fuck you doing, man? How the fuck you doing? Mr. Rocky, by the way guys Bitcoin ascent is mr Rocky Palumbo himself the man the myth the expert the Bitcoin legendary expert of of all this great technology So say hello when selling my soul to the devil. Oh my god. Are you gonna break that one man? Jesus Christ, all right. We’re getting desperate now, man I’m wonder what’s gonna be like around if we get below 5,000 just saying just saying I’m not saying that we’re gonna get there, but you have to wonder you know, you really have to wonder Milan 10 says reaction off the blue box seems to be getting weaker and seems that that long quite That long has lost quite a bit within the past few hours looks like distribution of me But I don’t know what she think. All right. Well, let’s go check it out. We have lost a significant amount of longs in the Yat malenky NIH’s Mullen good fucking eyes. We’ve lost a lot we thought about Mm. Yeah about 2,000 Long’s in the last, you know in the last half day from here to here So yes, I do. I do kind of read this as distribution near and more importantly more importantly more importantly Oh my god, crown slowed-down. Take a fucking deep breath More importantly more importantly Milan, Mohan How do I speak I don’t know is that you know, it’s happening right at this resistance right here So I do I believe that you’ve identified that properly and that its most likely distribution and if this is most likely distribution or in this case redistribution if we need to accurately coin this term Then it looks like we’re actually gearing up for a move down to the downside now I want to offer this back up one more time Again, taking everything off over or actually no, we need it wrong. But again look at the bear flag right here Look at this bear flag going on right here. We’ve had two tests of this lowest port trendline right here now, okay I’m just kind of spitballing ideas right here I’m not saying this is gonna happen But I do want to kind of be thorough with what’s going on over here We did have in 2014 but before this major bull trap I think that we were kind of right I think that we might be right around here on this second touch So that’s what I was a little bit thinking. I wanted to try something I’ve been taking a long trade in the long and in a goddamn a long time But uh, but yeah, you know, that’s that’s what I think could be going on right here It could be going on again, you know, very careful language could be going on But if we do break the lower support of the of our but of our bear flag Then it’s very likely that we do kind of accelerate to the downside I’ve been saying this for quite some time that if that as soon as we Assume as we start closing dillies below this horizontal area right here at 6040 and I’m being a little bit generous here It actually is a little bit higher Into the blue box turn into the blue box territory But as soon as we kind of, you know close close below this area right here I believe that we will really start accelerating to the downside quite quite quickly. So again going back on over here Nothing again. There’s there’s nothing bullish about this formation right here Even though I am long it’s just it’s just appear straight up. Nothing nothing else to it. Just a straight up what’s it called a Risk/reward play in fact, you know it just kind of um, well do I want to do that? Let’s go over here to Mex and see what’s going on Yeah, Mex next has we could get back up to 20 bucks pretty easily All right back, no over here to the to the comments and let’s see what we got Um, so yeah, excellent, excellent. Excellent Analysis Mullen DJ meat popsicle says yeah, someone did that. There’s a TED talk on it. That is fucking amazing man. I Think he was Canadian. Well it goddamn but I’m probably wrong and he was Mexican. He’s American Well fair enough man, who cares where he’s for a man that’s pretty in plus thats pretty impressive. Nonetheless Marco’s a chica says, can you take a look at a da BTC? Yeah, man We can go take a look at at card on you over here. All right, good old card ano on Bitcoin let’s go look at tracks. And what do we got? We got a nice little rally going on up here off this nice this nice react another reaction off this low over here at around 2000 Satoshi so last time that we talked about this we talked about how you know It doesn’t that nothing about this looks good to me to be quite clear. Nothing about this looks good to me however, you know it you know what it did defend this port right here, which Which has led to this nice bounce so far. There has been some good volume on this Pope on this pop So I do like that but again as long as you know, we are respecting this area’s resistance this horizontal area 2200 So the the the the thing that kind of throws me off our side the thing that makes me very apprehensive about this Ad a cone over here is that we’re getting a lot of very bad Crosses on your Exponential’s you got the death cross right here, and you’re about to get you know That one hundred to the downside of the two hundred right there Very nasty indeed. Now, here’s the thing though. Here’s the thing with with card ano As long as it’s holding above as long as it’s closing daily daily dillies above this area right here. 2,000 Satoshi It’s technically okay, and I mean technically, okay Let me explain this is technically can still be interpreted as some sort of a major consolidation phase going on like this Does that mean that I like it or that there’s not warning signs in here? Absolutely not I mean, I I don’t really like what’s going on here. But but it did defend here and it did have a good reaction Let’s go into the lower timeframes to check it out and over here. Yeah, it does look. Okay. It does look okay But here’s here’s what I want to see from 88 to kind of to kind of say that it’s in the short term got something Something. Okay, and that is in this instance right here as long as we’re closing our leaves above 2100 I’m okay with it. I’m okay with it. I don’t love it. But it’s you know, you can respect that Maybe it’s a little bit. I mean it’s an ugly flag, but maybe it could be a flag It could kind of find some support around here. And if it did hold again if it did hold above this area right here I’m okay with it, but overall, you know, the overall picture is that you know, I can still make the case for consolidation, but it’s It’s I really do not like revisiting your lows right there. You did have significant divergence on your oscillator So that is a good sign that is certainly a good sign But look at this on your RSI you are oh, there we go. I just got filled we are kind of you know just just fucking around the neutral zone and And that’s gonna be the next big test if we can if we can start if we can here’s a big point if we can Close dailies above this area right here 2350 then yeah We might have we might have something to be excited about but that’s about at the current moment in time I think it’s way too early to tell and god damn it now I’m just feeling it like a complete moron forgetting out this position Because well I have we have we done what I wanted to see Yeah, we did man Jesus someone just someone must have just market bought some contrasted with them Alright, so, uh so back now over here to the comments and let’s see. Okay, melanne tense says reaction on. Oh wait, nope Just read that moe moe moe moe moe, what’s up, DJ? Publisher says man. This chat is censoring me. So so hard you can’t censor the plug delicious roll over there How dare you how fucking dare you publish this roll it? Is maybe one of the funniest people I’ve met through the interwebs. So always has me rolling man Ha ha ha our IP time for some chicken crown. Yeah, man. I think I’m gonna have a rotisserie chicken today Good thinking DJ me pops go good. Thinking Tyler says. Hey by the way, what’s up Tyler? How much wood would a woodchuck chuck would cut off goddamn it you motherfucker you motherfucker Poke delicious says there are some well-defined patterns for chucking wood the heck. Hey, what’s up in the heck? How you do a man? Long time? No see morning crown. Have a great day. Thank you. I really do appreciate that, man I wish that you have the most phenomenal day possible as well Saur Saur thought says crown on NZT 48 brilliant pace. Thanks, man I don’t know what ngt48 is but fair enough. Yeah, man, let’s go. Look at a theorem. Yo Steve. Let’s before you let’s go Let’s go. Look at that as I do. I think it is I think it is worthwhile to kind of pay attention to all the big all the big market cap cones over here and aetherium I’m gonna take off this area right here I don’t think that it’s very valid and I think and I think it’s better represented by these horizontal areas Even though they are a shit ton of them going along here. I do believe that they are all valid so to say and With that said well, maybe we can get rid of this one Well now we need that one as well with that said with that said it does seem similar to me that that aetherium similar to Bitcoin is creating some sort of Some sort of a rising channel bear flag formation as well as long as we’re respecting this area We have a very yeah, we have we have a very well defined area like this. Ok I do like that and we are kind of fucking around our our support right here Fair enough. So as long as we’re closing for our dillies above, let’s call it for 29 on Phenix. It’s not a Clio k It’s technically okay, but I don’t like this formation right here. This looks weak to me Do we have any sort of indication of a loss of momentum? We actually do we actually do we’re losing a lot of momentum toward the downside right here So this is so you’re so you’re all sliders are suggesting a pop You’re stochastic digits cross back up to the upside after defending the neutral zone. So I like that as well So Bo those things are suggesting a little bit of a pop here You do have your next level of resistance right here at about 4:40 and a half above there is about 450 and above there is about 461 and then obviously The top trendline of this of this flag formation would be coming somewhere around 500 bucks I’m not saying it’s gonna get there, but I’m just saying, you know It’s certainly possible as long as long as here’s here’s the big point. Here’s a big point as long as well As long as we’re closing for our dailies above this area right here again 429 on Finex then it’s it’s technically safe But again this you know a Bear Flag is typically a bearish continuation pattern I’ve seen them certainly break up to the upside before it definitely possible So that’s why wait for confirmation, but the second I get a four hour daily close below this area right here I get the fuck out of this beuter alcone Alright back onto the comments over here Joey I says how accurate is to look back and pull ta from four years ago when the number of investments in crypto was so Much smaller and the type of investment was quite different still very accurate to compare. Okay, Joey So this is something I hear a lot man. There’s some that I hear a lot. I’m glad that you brought it up now Here’s the thing. Here’s the thing. You’re right. You’re right. There is a lot less people back in that time. No doubt about it No doubt about your 100 cent right about that. However, however, we’re still fucking people and what and what is consistent over time What has not changed in not just four years, but actually more like, you know, four hundred thousand years or whatever it might be is human emotions in human psychology Essentially we have we have we have conditioning in our in our emotions in our and in our behaviors From that goes way back, you know to like our fucking pro mot primordial brains our lizard brains essentially that that that is, you know quite literally what’s the word conditioned within our psyche and this is why you see this is why you see market cycles and Market trends play out very very very, you know brotherly over time. No, they do not happen one-to-one I do not want to represent it like that at all It’s certainly not it’s not a verbatim pattern if that if that makes sense, but what is good? But what is but but what is pretty good damn can sense an overtime and what I’ve noticed across all trading assets not just magic Internet money, but also, you know equity options Forex and commodities is that you do have brotherly characters in the way that in the way that Long-term trends play out again that’s likely due to the way that you know are It due to the way that work in addition from like a primordial level You know going back hundreds of thousands or millions of you I don’t know what the fuck it is man back to dinosaur times if we were if you believe that we were around when dinosaurs were around I don’t even fucking know but my point with this is is That on top of that not only on top of that But but but but it’s not necessarily the retail investors that move this market What does typically move the markets in my experience they are the bigger accounts the bigger accounts? You know who typically run algorithms and boss because they don’t have fucking time to be sit around the to sit around the the screen All day they’d probably be life And what they do is that you know, they program their BOTS they program their algorithms with a lot, you know very I don’t say predictable things, but very very very Consistent things over time. I’ll put it that way and that’s why I use these indicators like our exponential moving averages and also You know and also some of our all sliders over here which do show Which which would do show where these algorithms and where these BOTS have interest within the market and that’s what I want to know That’s who that’s who moves the market not the retailers despite What reddit tells you the retailers don’t mean shit if you have less than if you have lessen like a hundred million dollars you’re not Doing shit in this market and I do apologize about that I’m not trying to they’re trying to come off aggressive or arrogant or anything like that. That’s not my intention What is my intention is to kind of? dissolve a lot of the a lot of the mishaps and a lot of the Misleading information out there within this realm because again that the mom-and-pop or anyone, you know If you have less than 10 million dollars in the market, you’re not you’re really not making any waves And really it’s it’s really up to like 50 million or 100 million where you can start doing things With that said so again you know these algorithms needs in these BOTS are programmed to kind of Respect the same things over time and that’s that’s exactly what I’m looking out over here. So yes, you’re right They don’t happen one to one over time But there is certainly the same psychology going on over time at least in my experience and again, I’ve noticed this throughout multiple trading assets not just magic internet money, but you know commodities over over quite literally like you know 50 60 years also, you know equity options, which is where I come from and also of course Forex as well, as you know has plenty of a plenty price section as well All right, Tim. Matthew says you’re the only person besides me in crypto. That isn’t a total d-bag Congrats. Hey, thanks, man I appreciate that. We’re the only ones what? There’s gotta be someone else not but fair enough man fair enough. I do appreciate that. Mr Jim Matthews and hey pleasure to meet you pleasure to meet you now. Hex says na na hecka fication hey, by the way in the heck, is that is that is that like a Is that like an ode to Egyptian background? I feel like in the hex is like something to do with the Egyptian, you know type shit But please do let me know man. Maybe I’m just way off over here. All right, so let’s check out a venn BTW see this is brutal. Alright. Well, let’s go check it out then BTC oh and by the way guys just for just for full disclosure. I am AMA I am out of my position. Now. Let me just get rid of this this market stop right here, and I’m just gonna be watching I’m just gonna be watching with you guys. Maybe I’ll put in another trade Oh, we’re resolving this to the downside right here accelerating to the downside. Let’s go to the let’s go to the higher time frames Oh, oh this this is really big right here guys. Huge huge huge huge. Okay, so So so so we know we’ve known that venn chain looked like shit way over here and over I believe that we talked about it over here I don’t know if it was you who brought it up next but someone did it in one of my live streams and we said Right over here was kind of like your last big area and once we broke this area, you know Yes, you have support on the way down, but it ain’t stopped and they ain’t stopping that fucking train so again this to me looks like a very fucked up version of an inverted cup and handle and The measure move does take us down to this area right here. We’ve been talking about this for quite some time So again, I don’t I don’t want to sound like mr arrogant saying like, you know I told you so I knew it because that’s not not my intention But what I do want to say is is how I got this so that you can reproduce it for yourself. Yes This is indeed brutal because not only you know, not only did we confirm this, you know, you know a weeks ago over here But now we’re now we’re actually you know confirming it in current and current price action in a very very very very very slap in the face way if this daily dilly does close below 36 our sorry 32 500 then there’s very, you know, yes, we do have a measure move taking us around here There is a little bit of support but it ain’t you know, it ain’t strong It ain’t fucking strong and all of this looks like right here all this looks like to me It’s just distribution the people the smart money was accumulating down here and they distribute on you’re bullish buttholes right over here Again, you know, yes, we do have a measure move taking this right here Maybe there’s a little bit of a stutter step maybe even a maybe even some some upside after that But you know I don’t see any sort of any sort of any sort of indication of strong support until you know a little bit at this area About 500 and this area right here which which which should be, you know decent at around 6,000 ish area But again, he you know key point and again, I you know I
want to show you how to kind of recreate this this thing this sort of thing for yourself and whenever you see this rolling over, information like this on low volume that is a signal that is a very clear signal of distribution and when people are distributing well
What comes after that the markdown so you had your first kind of markdown right here your throw back into this into this resistance Right here confirmed as resistance as you’re at your six one eight Fibonacci retracement Which is which is quite aggressive selling to be very fair And then we just saw acceleration to the downside as we get our next mark down right now So again taking out this if we do confirm below this support right here, which I mean for all intents purposes we we very likely will but there are a lot of there are a lot of hours left in the day Then then you know, it’s the the the this is the problem with going to the moon it’s fun It’s fun over here, but you don’t build up any support on the way and this is this is essentially the result over time So again, man, you know, I I salute you. I wish the best for you, but just you know keep that in mind for next time because because that you know, we I feel like we’ve been talking about that for quite some time and and hopefully, you know Hopefully you’re not you’re not calling that all right, let’s see DJ me pop says Should look at my line ground. You would have stayed in the trade. Um I shall name you of Ron Burgundy Goddamnit, lol Baxter. Wait, which one which line? DJ me pop school. Did you post in my discord? Let me go check this out Do I have you over here? Um Okay. Alright Let’s see. Let’s see Hmm Yeah, I don’t I don’t see any sort of post from you So fair enough man, but fair enough, you know, if you do want me to look at it just posted in the discord, bro Let’s see. Let’s see. I wanted to hear him. Say it both though would have been nice again guys I want once the comments disappear. I can’t read them again. So just repost them at the bottom and I’m happy to look at them alright, uh Anyone here like new trophies nootropics. Yeah, man, go go have yourself some of that some of that alpha brain No, man. I just I just eat clean and and that seems to work pretty damn well, too But yeah, I used still tap back in the day still tap was pretty But you know any anytime you kind of boost up your brain with these nootropics You know, there’s there’s always like an equal and opposite reaction Some somewhere down. The road is what I always is kind of always been my experience with them. I like hydroponics Fair enough a different type of nootropic but also very valued as well. I prefer BIC Did connect good old bit bit cone ret Let’s see word. Hey, what’s up, Derek? Damn. How you doing, man? How you doing? Mr. Derek? I like cocoa Oh, Like Cocoa Puffs, are you a man slightly, but I don’t identify as one I like honey, sir I’m pretty certain Adam and Steve were roaming around with dinosaurs in fuck Mean that’s just mean JJ meat popsicle who also a sexually identifies as a Bitcoin ATM by the way, if we have any Bitcoin ATMs in the house Please do meet my main meet meet my man. DJ meet pops go over here He is a great Bitcoin ATM. Very very very very very high quality He’ll take you out to dinner mate might even call you back. He’ll buy some seafood and eat you out. Just kidding He won’t do that Joey Joey says thank you. Hey, man, no problem. No problem. And again Joey, you know, I’m glad that you brought that up man I always want to be encouraging of Of criticism or sorry. Oh, not not that’s like, you know like a legitimate like like a like a like an aggressive criticism but like, you know, but like someone not necessarily agreeing or anything like that because you know Then we can kind of come to a better understanding together. Can we says crown the inverse? Hey Everything is an inverse covenant. You know, it’s very funny man. It’s very funny because because when agent when agent Ari Sorry, it’s so fucked up agent Reed was calling this a cup and handle right here And I was saying no, no, man. We have an inverse cup and handle right here This is not a cup and handle at all whatsoever. Because he kept on just saying you can retrace more and more guys It’s just it’s just a 6-1 April retracement. Oh, sorry. It’s just a 7 8 6 retracement Oh just it’s just an 8 8 6 you tradesmen. Oh, it’s just a full retracement. Wait, you can’t have that cash Wait, you can’t have that Kenya. So yeah, man fair enough. Let’s see Melanne 10 says we’re we’re short ven can finally upgrade my or hug my cardboard house. Can you short ven? I don’t think that I don’t think it’s on a shorter book strange Yeah, it is on Finex actually. Okay. Well, I don’t I don’t have it charted on Finex. But you know if you were Here’s the thing about shorting guys and I’m gonna say something that’s gonna piss you guys off But you know the best place to short is when it’s not that obvious the best place to Short would have been on your break on your confirmation a break right here of this inverse cup and handle Which we did talk about quite some time ago But yeah, I mean like if you do, you know if you want to be if you want to be aggressive here Where where does it make sense to short? I’ll be here my problem with that is I always want to be shorting near near resistance So it makes my risk management easier and I can you know, have a good risk reward play going on right here We don’t quite have that as we’ve really accelerated passes this support right here Or sorry now. It’s it’s likely to be resistant. So it’s kind of bout no-man’s land. It’s a little bit too far gone for me Too far gone. It sounds like the tide of a movie I backed now over here to the comments and let’s see ‘no hex says no ha ha I was 12 searching for a CS 1.6 name and I just wrote a HEC and liked it Well fair enough man fair enough now I randomly is it for some counts? It sounds like Californication man, which which reminds me of the Red Hot Chili Peppers And I absolutely fucking love them because well, I’m from California Ladies Celtic boys. It’s a crown. What’s up? Hey, how’s you doing man? How you doing? I’m but hey, thank you for asking man I didn’t have enough sleep last night, but I have coffee so performance enhancing drugs on my side I hope that you’re doing well as well man. Rocky says yes, I programmed computers with punch cards, but I didn’t walk with dinosaurs Rocky had some fucking great one-liners man. You got you good Scott. I love him man Just gotta love them images are in the cave. Alright, let me go check it out I can bring it up on screen over here, too Okay, here we go. I’m gonna bring it up on screen just really quickly guys just really quickly over here So this is this is what this is what DJ meat popsicle. Wanted to share and is this valid? So I’m curious what? What this is coming from? I’m I’m just I’m just curious like why this I’ve never some I’ve never seen someone represent supporting resistance this way So I’m just I’m just curious of the validity of it. You are pretty you’re pretty damn in danger over here, though But yeah, man, I’m uh, I’m curious myself. Again the DTD the tittie sequential over here is not It’s not your picture perfect formation Let me just get the screen back on over here before I show something embarrassing on my screen online on my stream over here all Right so back now over here to the to the comments and let’s see what we got going Okay, um Moon up the like people. Yeah do a little bit of moon mooning on the on the likes But I don’t mean pulling down your pants I mean, you know clicking the button But you don’t have to if you don’t want to if you want to regale me in the comments You’re more than welcome to as well, man. I I encourage you to call me all sorts of bad names. All right, Nick sucks Tod’s How did you get that name through on YouTube man, this is a pretty like liberal platform I feel like they wouldn’t like that too much that one just caught my eyes Maybe it’s a little bit of a as Freudian. Slip neck says South Rock check out Serge fat go In my five or what? Medium his articles are extremely interesting. Hey, what’s up? Crypto? Hash. How you doing, man? Not guys, wake me up with Bitcoin tanks out of nowhere. Well fair enough I’ll send you the I’ll send you the crown signal. Well, I’m pretty sure you’d enjoy them crown I’ll leave them in the mists Channel. Yeah, of course man. Of course, that’s what it’s for men and massive massive. Thank you, man That’s why we have such a great community man. Just always sharing good information. I probably would actually all good. Got it Marco sage says power Bitcoin if you have if you have the time. Amen, this is this is what it’s fucking for Men is what is fucking for? Okay. Let’s go over here to powr BTC on treks I’d like to look it on treks and actually I guess I have to order this thing before and What are we doing over here is the is the real question now? Let’s we need to go to a lower timeframe as this is a more new coin cone over here And I do see something a little bit a little bit interesting to begin with But is it legit is it legit is a question? Are we the question is are we working on some sort of a following channel coming off of this Jesus Christ? This is why I hate these fucking I see Oh, this is just all I see Oh dumping right here And it gives you these nasty red dildos – sorry red dillies to look at. I apologize about my language So over here, I don’t I don’t know if this is accurately representing it. Sorry. I’m sorry about those guys It’s just an ugly. You know, it’s just just ugly for ugly ugly ugly Formulated if that if that makes sense, but essentially yeah, we have had a good reaction off this off this buff There’s potential bottom right here. I do like the by volume on this area So that is significant and we do I do believe that this is some sort of consolidation We do have that fall-off in volume scooting down over time. Let’s see what our all sweaters say Our also waiters are kind of a green as well You know you can see that our RSI is very clearly getting back into the Above the neutral zone right here and playing between the neutral zone and the bullish zone So I like that as well you also you have your stochastic sternum turning up. It looks did they? Know that they’re not turned up just yet. So so so that so that is kind of disagreeing with what I’m saying over here Well, let’s check out what the volume profile says I’m curious with what this is gonna spit back and the volume profile is showing the pointing control right here Right where price action? I mean, you know, it’s obvious a little bit lower But this this volume profile would suggest a little bit more heavy pressure on price action But again, you know the big thing for you know, of course, you know here’s what your instant the big thing for power ledger is that I can’t get too excited about this thing until we start closing a Tower Dilly’s above this area right here this area being 6200 if we can do that then yes We might have a nice little run up until Dan up until this blue box area right here, which would look good to me However, this this is with the caveat that that this thing must hold above this area right here I want to see Power Ledger hold closing date Our Dilly’s above 4200 as long as it does that I do I do like this for some bottoming volume down there It does look okay, and that is some serious participation in this rally and it does stand out So yeah, you might you might have something there but again Keep keep your eyes on that level because we do take out that level then I wouldn’t then I would take back my statements Right there. So as always, you know – two different scenarios Broussard. Chris broussard, what’s up, man? How you doing? How old are you? and how many years have you been reading charts but reading charts since I mean I mean if you really want to go back into like if you want to you know interpret this as If you really want to like be as fucking, you know Strict strict definition as possible You could say Back to when I was like 10 or sorry 12 12 or 13 as I used to go down to the to the floor of the Pacific Stock Exchange with With my dad who was a trader over there But it wasn’t really Intel it wasn’t really until I was like about 19 or 20 when? when I when I really started you know going into it and learning it for myself and doing this as as more of A professional type thing in a professional type environment and then I’ve been doing that for about 10 years of that a question DJ meat popsicle says I’m a dirty BT Bath – mouth it’s not that means talk nasty to me. It’s my line Since the game says are you able to chart? I see X you see T on – or just not much history Hey, what’s up Sibley games, by the way Let’s go. Check it out. Oh, sorry. What was it again? I What was it? I already forgot it Okay. Yeah, I see X. Okay. Yeah, man you what you’re always asking about icon. Is this the Korean one it is Is that what it is USD T on Finance? Let’s see Okay, I’m guessing yeah, there’s not that much history here, man What I can say is that it looks really bad there. There’s not enough history here And I know that this thing does have more price history in general So, I wonder if we have another exchange where we could see Where we where we would have more history Bit thumb maybe But this is against so I mean this looks really bad man over no matter which way I look at it. It looks very bad again anything that’s anything that’s consistently making new lows is is not good you had you had your support right here which which you know could have had a chance you basically put in like A little bit of a bear flag right here between this area and in this area and then you broke to the downside So yeah, man, there’s there’s no indication that this thing is stopping to be quite clear Unless if you get above this area right here unless you get a what is this area? Hey, what the fuck? Where’s my uh, How come I can’t see price action over here. I guess it’s uh, it’s like a dollar sixty So as long as it’s below a dollar sixty and using this area’s resistance Which it does look like a try to get above over here and was rejected I really don’t like this and I’d say, you know, I don’t know where this is gonna go but it’s you know It’s it’s extremely bearish Again, you know when thing when things are making new lows after new lows, you know a traditional thought is like hey guys It’s gone. It’s gone low enough already. You can’t go any lower. It’s you know, look at it over here owes three dollars Well, no, that’s the wrong way to think about it actually in my experience you know the week at the same is one of the same is one of the scenes are is oh My god, do I even know English is? The week get weaker and the strong get stronger it and this one is very clearly weak So so we’re not only in a bearish market, but this one is in a heavily bearish trend and it’s just you know It’s just getting pummeled. So so yeah, man, there’s not there’s not anything it’s just like it’s just the opposite of a blue sky breakout in the fat in the sense that In the sunset in a blue sky breakout, there’s no, you know There’s nothing to look at until you get some sort of a some sort of a topping formation Well same thing they’ll be here until we get a bottoming formation. There’s nothing to look at It’s just going through it’s just going fucking down. No, no, no other analysis to say other than that All right back in over here to the big cones. Let’s and back in over here to the comments. All right, uh on The chart was that a big titty. Oh Jesus Christ, man These comments are moving too fast, and I can’t see them all guys again If I do if I do miss your comment, please do just add it back at the bottom Unfortunately, I can’t look at them like they don’t stay on my screen forever So if you do just add it back on the bottom. I’m happy to look at it speed drunk He says yo crown a what’s up speed? Junkie. How you do a man and rocky? What’s up rocky? So Bitcoin ascent once once so sold to the devil when agreed to bear it on naked in a field When agreeing to bear it on naked and afraid oh my god, let’s just take it one more Let’s just take it one more step baby. Let’s just take it one more step Let me just get my my good old phone over here. Jesus Christ man, always Always a fun time on the good old phone. All right Okay. So, um, let’s see. Let’s see LIC X. No says Peter K. Yeah, man. Well I’d say I’d say there’s a pretty good analysis of it. Am I being censored? Maybe maybe you are unfortunately. I do not have I do not have control over the comments here This is a little bit more of a of a of a less traditional crown scripto cave Crowd so so I’d imagine that they that maybe maybe some of the language is not as as as encouraged here I’ll put it that way. All right speed junkie has a nice little emoji to share Deejay me popsicle says yeah, the D word is censored. I’m alone I allowed your last your last due to context lol it DJ me pops Were you censoring people a 0 1 to 8 says great tonk content, man? But these twelve-year-old virgins need to stop being such snowflakes ad object is a legitimate word haunted cuss fair enough man fair enough Yeah, man a good old Dilli good ol dilly-dally if you will there you go Broussard Chris Broussard says What are the best ways to get your content specifically your YouTube channel Twitter medium my my youtube channel I apologize If this is if this is not supposed to be talked about here but my youtube channel is is the name that you see in the As much it’s just crowns crypto cave and that’s kind of where I hang out. That’s where I do my live streams I do I do a live stream here and I’ll do a live stream there pretty much every day So yeah, man, also, yeah, we have plenty of plenty of other venues within that realm as well So so I look forward to connecting with you my friend And I and usually I go on usually I go live on this channel at about you know, what is it about 2:00 2:00 Or 3:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. And then I go live on my channel about 11:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time Uh, let’s see. Bitcoin wasn’t says Jason it told me like when it would hit a hundred this week I bought at 85 am I ok? Oh my god. Jason it by the way guys Jay snip a a genius age He’s a genius in the way that I have. No idea how this guy got fucking popular. But yes, I yes I do He’s been telling people everything’s going to the goddamn moon for the whole fucking time And by the way, Jay snip wait, is he on my couch Jason? Are you there? Jay Jay Jay is that you know, that’s tone Notated dated – looks so good man. Wow dated – you really wear that dress so well But yeah, man. Um, so again, Again, guys. Oh, sorry. I need to go to look at at litecoin Yeah, man date rsj snips guy Jay. Jay snips has a very fucking interesting technical analyst Who does this is? This is my problem with Elliot But he’s been telling everyone that litecoins gonna go to fucking a thousand or like ten thousand bucks by the end of the year extremely extremely extremely Misleading and this is this is why you know, sometimes I do want to be a little bit more aggressive and saying hey I don’t know if this guy’s is got if this guy is being deliberately misleading. But but this is just it’s just straight up wrong There’s no other way to kind of get to it. So again going back over here to like cone There’s nothing saying that we’re good. Whoa – 100 bucks. Absolutely fucking not man Oh my god, so he’s telling you it’s going to 100 bucks The way that I look at this is that we have some sort of a again We have some sort of a bear flag formation of broadening wedge Whatever the fuck you want to call it right up right over here. So your upper resistance of that area would be 91 So as long as we’re living below 91, there’s there’s nothing bullish about this And in fact, we’re very close to breaking this support right here And if we do break that support, well, you can’t make a measure move based off of you know This this bear flag or brawny and wedge formation and that’s essentially going to put you Right around here around this horizontal area around $55. So I’ve kind of a I’d kind of disagree with mr J snip respectfully disagree that probably the charts would most would more likely indicate. I’m not saying it’s gonna happen We don’t we do not have confirmation just yet. Of course. I want to be very clear about this no confirmation on this idea Just yet, but but we’re damn close. We’re damn close if we close this daily dilly below this area right here 74 74 and a half bucks on comb based GTX then yes You know that the next kind of area to be looking at is this horizontal area right here at about? 55 and 55 and a half bucks Overall litecoin extremely weak by the same token, you know Yes You might have a little bit of an uptrend you might get your $100 number if you were to close a daily dilly above 87 bucks, but at the current moment in time I don’t see anything indicating that it’s gonna depend on Bitcoin at the end of the day if Bitcoin rallies like coin we’re about will Rally if Bitcoin falls like coin will fall probably harder so again You know keep that in the back your minds and you know that I don’t see anything else indicating that At this current moment in time. Could it happen? Yes, but we’re actually much closer to breaking this and resolving this pattern to the downside than we are to the upside But maybe King Bitcoin does save the day. You never know. You never know All right back, no over here to the comments and let’s see Um Yes, I see I yes I see expect I see oh price yeah, man, you’re gonna see that a lot with a lot of these uh with a lot of these I SEOs Patrick says do you think Bitcoin likely to have a little rally than 44-hundred? Um, so Patrick Yeah, man, so I always want to kind of ask myself. What are the two different scenarios? like there’s always got to be at least some trigger for a bullish scenario in Some trigger for a bear scenario and the best that I can come up with is essentially Is essentially the price action going on in? 2014 where we did have a major bull trap essentially where we are right now in the current price action So going over here, you can see in 2014. We have a very we have our indicators are very similar in that. Sorry about this our indicators are very similar and that our Exponential’s are kind of crossing over at the same time and producing the same sort of price action movement again This is why algorithms and this is why Why bots are so powerful in this market because they will tell you where where the sell programs are and in right here I believe we’re somewhere right over here and
and if we are doing something like this and this would imply a major bull trap being put in which would put us at the top of our at the top of our Bear Flag range the top of our Bear Flag range being this area right here around 7,000 so it’s possible it’s possible. But the way that this this looks extremely weak to me right now I don’t see anything indicating that that’s gonna happen in the price action. That’s the only thing that I can come up with so again I always want to be as thorough as possible and offer up both sides because there are always both sides to the coin you know, no pun intended, but With that said man, I want to be very clear in this I don’t see anything really indicating any sort of reversal any, you know, any sort of prolonged upwards movement Even you know again the here’s a scary part guys. Here’s or maybe not scary. It’s we have perspective. So it’s a good thing It’s an opportunity and and this this is the perspective is that as long as we’re below this blue box area right here There’s that there’s there’s no change in trend. There’s no change of behavior There’s there’s really no no reason for me to believe that we’re switching the market cycles. Could it happen? Yes But it’s not until we actually start closing Dilly’s above this area right here where I start believing that instead I have every other indicator telling me we’re likely going downwards So again, we might have already tested that that area already and maybe we are getting ready for a move down But you know, but again, you know, just just just in the same sense that you know We don’t have confirmation on upside just yet. We don’t have confirmation on downside just yet either It does look ugly within this formation in this formation is heavily bearish but it’s not until we start closing dillies below You know 60 40 where we start saying. Okay. This looks like it’s confirmed It’s very and it’s now extremely likely that we that we play this out. All right. Um, okay All right. Let’s see. What else we got Hyped on crypto says no, you are not being censored fair enough. No censoring. No censoring going on beautiful. Thanks. DJ meat You gotta love good old DJ meat. Hey, thank you for posting that hyped on crypto. I do appreciate that Marcos age says what volume would you be looking for for during capitulation? Okay. That’s that’s a really good question, man Let’s go over this over here. Let’s let’s just look at past past past capitulation volume type styles and Well over here in 2014 when you actually did have true capitulation which again? Capitulation on this Weekly Dilli over here was quite literally a move of 45 percent 45 fucking percent in one week one seven day trading period forty five percent. Okay, sorry I’ll saw a slop exclaiming on that. But essentially this is kind of the volume This is kind of the the extreme volume that I’m looking for to signify something like that We did have a significant volume right here on your February 6 low However us making new lows below that that makes this not really stand out in the current price action In fact, it looks a lot more like what’s going on over here when you’re kind of topping still so again again big thing big thing with this is that Is that you know, I’m sure people are gonna say hey crown, you know what in 2014, you know? The price was a fraction of where it where it is right now How could you compare this volume to – looking for something over here? And I have two things to say about that first things first To kind of address any questions before it comes up first things first. We have like a friend said before earlier We have more people more participants within this market. There’s more deep pockets within this market So yes, you know Even though the even though the price is a fraction Of what it was over here and this volume is represented in bitcoins traded not dollars traded to be to be quite clear there’s also more people invested in or there’s more people interested in the market and and we certainly you know, I don’t really have I’m looking for something like that And and the big point being is that you know, it doesn’t need to be one-to-one volume on this or even this right here I mean, this is your turnaround Dilli right here, but this is your capitulation delay right here but what I’m looking for is something that stands high and hot Head and shoulders above all all the relative volume in the current timeframe. That’s what I’m looking for here You can see very very clearly right here. This is just this just stands out right in your face Looks like a middle finger to saying fuck you. Fuck you and and over here. We kind of have it right here But it’s it’s it’s not in the right context of price action. So again, again, man I I’m looking for something like this in in the way that it’s read that is relatively just absolutely massive in how we stand out to the relative to the To the surrounding price action. That’s what I’m looking for There’s not a there’s not necessarily a number that I’m looking for but I’m looking for something like that to To signal that some sort of some sort of an institution some sort of a some sort of big money has stepped in Said hey, I will be accumulating now. So step aside little boys And and that’s that’s gonna be the big that’s gonna be the big thing. Alright big point talismans, bro. Come on Ella Well, you think I own like Oh, goddamnit. Toddler. You’re trolling me. You motherfucker room now. Just kidding. Of course, not of course not Hit zero. One two eight says eight. Oh, yeah. I know. Of course. Tyler doesn’t have fucking like coin He’s friends with rocky. Jesus Christ eight zero one two eight says eight our Foreman ELISA ELISA never heard of I’ve never heard only some people are Let’s see. What is a what is a like a like a like the like the Simpsons patterns? Yeah, man I mean a tower just you know, this is your Darth Maul This is your Darth Maul Dilli right here. And whenever you have that, that’s that’s pretty fucking bearish to be honest, man And this really does look like a bear flag right now Man, I’m it’s it’s like it’s big. It’s like it looks a little bit too obvious is my biggest problem with it It looks a little bit too obvious. All right back, no over here to the to the more recent price action We can just get the movie mode going. So it’s more and more interesting Okay Marco sage says, how about a digi byte BTC Sherman cherub. Let’s go check out Did you buy Toby em d g/b BTC on let’s go Polonius actually Do you like charting on Polonia ax and did you buy it? Okay
so did you buy it’s got some interesting going on in that it’s actually doing something completely different to the rest of the market that Being it was rallying massively over here. Yes. It did put in a nice topping Dilli right here But oh we do what we do have some bearish divergence going on So yes, you know you you do kind of have your topping delay right here And then it’s likely that we do consolidate lower but I don’t I don’t think that this run is done just yet To be quite clear. Yes. We do have support right here. But this is not strong support. This is quite literally distribution right here Where I’d be looking for? You know on this one is that as long as we’re above this area right here about you know, four 490 I’m actually very cool with being a buyer right here at about 419 ms Stop-loss right below it around, you know, 475 480 or maybe if I’m more aggressive right around here around 523 But overall the greater picture, you know What’s different about did you buy in comparison to other things that it’s overall in some sort of a major? Consolidation phase and actually really being a keen weighted below this level right here below about 435 So again, as long as long as we’re close in dillies above 490, I’m okay with it And I’d actually be okay with being a buyer right there myself but but the big area the the Big area to have your eyes on at least in mine at least in my opinion is this area right here this area right here being a 765 if we can start closing dailies above 765 then this thing can actually start really taking off but until that happens, you know It’s just consulting and we can you know fuck around in this range for quite some time We’ve already been doing it for you know more than half a year So we can certainly stay in it for quite some more time But overall overall, you know it’s
It’s telling you something in that it’s actually doing something different than the rest of the market and that is that is quite powerful indeed All right back onto the cut back on in the comments over here Okay Mystery mystery crypto theater says good stuff. Hey, man. Thank you and in pleasure to meet you, man I haven’t seen your name here before so I just want to say welcome and good to have you in here Ladies Celtic boy says I always play Celtic board you even know what selcuk is. Okay. Can you please check bat? And what did you think about the the coin base news moon? I Don’t think I don’t think it matters man. I really I really don’t care what they’re doing at the other day I you know, I mean does it doesn’t matter? Yes, it doesn’t matter Of course, of course, it does matter just because you know Pete You know coin bit coin basis like the first point of entry for most people. Okay, so let’s go Let’s chart this one out though That’s that’s what your incident over here and very clearly we have we have actually a very very well defined pattern this is actually quite nice to look at as You know, maybe I could even be a little bit more aggressive. Let me get over here more aggressive like this. Let me just Scoot this on over here something like this would look right or maybe no Let’s do it like this or let’s just get ready about this guys. Let’s do it. Right Jesus Christ. Let’s do it right here Okay, this is what it’s looking like to me right now. Is that right? Mm. No, I’m just gonna get rid of that. We’re gonna go with the horizontal. I like horizontals more Anyways, okay. So this is what I’m looking at right here It looks to me like we’re having a clear consolidation after this big dumping action over here and we’re forming some sort of a this is typically a bullish consolidation pattern not always and of course, you know, I always want to say this with the caveat that every every pattern can break out every goddamn which way possible That’s why I use trend lines to kind of tell me, okay? well
Where where are we actually getting confirmation on a true breakout and that would be for for bat a brighter here around 580 or sorry 5800 if we can start closing daily Dilly’s about 5800 This looks pretty damn fucking good to be to be quite to use a technical term it looks pretty damn fucking good because we really don’t have anything stopping it from getting to From from getting into like a blue sky breakout territory after that I mean, yeah You do have a little bit above there but it starts looking extremely good if we if if if we can get daily Dilli close above this area right here 5800 By the same token by the same by the same token. No pun intended I want to see it use this area support. I want to see four sixty four sixty fifty Active support and then this area obviously right here needs to act as support You know in the in like the greater in the greatest game So if we did if we did come back and test this area right here, which is pretty damn common You know you come back and test your breakout area I’d happy to be happy to be a bar and have a stoploss right below if that area does fail My stop boss gets hit maybe I do try the same thing right around here same sort of idea, but overall It’s I’m not too excited about it until we start closing daily Dilly’s above this area right here at that area again being 5800 ish. Alright back onto the cone. What do we do? Mr Cone and back on over here to the comments Patrick says take losses and tether again, man. I can’t Um, so I I guess you’re not really familiar with me, but I really don’t like giving specific You know advice and in that way because I feel like it’s very irresponsible because I don’t know a lot of things about you I don’t know is well first things first. Are you like are you a traitor? Is this what you do for a living? Well in that case I would say you know, you got yeah It’s it’s it’s it’s always a better idea to – you know preserve your capital and take losses immediately However, you know, are you like a long-term investor? Are you a short-term investment? What’s your wrist homer’s do you have other you have other investments in other places? Do you have other forms of income, you know? All these sorts of things come in to come into the discussion And I don’t know that about you so I can’t really accurately You know say anything of value there If I did it would be extremely irresponsible and and at the end of the day, I can only tell you what I would do and you know, I Think you already know Broussard’s Chris Broussard says Why does that blue box specifically signal a possible turn in the market? What in the chart tells you that which which one the the one near are resistance or the one near our support? I’m guessing you’re talking about this one right here The reason why this one is so damn important right here is because it kind of you can kind of tell that it intersects well Just move this round here But but you can kind of tell that it intersects somewhere around here of this upper resistance of what I look at as a bear flag forming right here So as long as we’re kind of, you know below this if you want to call it right here right here It doesn’t really matter. It’s just I want to represent this area right here in a Between the green and this area right here in that, you know As long as we’re below it enclosing dillies below it We have no macro change behavior the macro change behavior being first things first, you know First things first, is that the way that I look at this the whole the full picture everything nothing but the picture over here is we had a three year bull market right here and And you might might be asking yourself. Why the fuck am I talking about this? But let me just you know, let me just finish this in a second. We have a third we have a three year Market phase right here to the bull side. Then we have your reversal phase right here You’re topping formation followed by your consolidation formation right here the consolidation represented by your green formation Also represented well by your orderly by your very orderly drop up in volume right here Once we broke this green area the consolidation formation to the downside We got a major spike in volume kind of adding confluence that were that we’re now in agreement the market is in agreement that we’re gonna resolve that we’re gonna resolve the consolidation to the downside thus resulting in a more prolonged bearish trend so the way that I read this and the reason why this blue box is so damn important is Because as long as we’re living below this green area right here We have no chained behavior from a macro market cycle perspective If we were to start closing Dilly’s above this area then yes That would be a change of behavior and by definition I would have to reevaluate My sort of stance within the market and have to go at the very least neutral in the market I certainly have to go neutral on the market and maybe even bullish at that point in time But until that actually happens, we have no chained behavior at all whatsoever. And the trend is well. It’s very clear I think it’s pretty damn clear Okay Publish this is I feel dirty bean in this channel. It’s like I’m cheating on crown with crown Get over here baby. Give me a little hug Crown, what’s here? Yeah, man, it’s all good, man. It’s all good Vogler’s, yeah You have some of the you have some of the best one ladders man Could you check ABCD goddamnit GJ me pops cool. Yes I can Some begain says does it feel like we’ve been in the six thousand range longer than any other price range this year. I feel I Don’t know does it feel like that? It’s only been a month man. It’s only been a month. Really Over here we started in about June 10th, and it’s now July 14th So yeah, I mean it’s only been a month We stayed in the well This this is a huge range right here because this was a whole market phase between 6,000 and 12,000. But that was six months, right? Sorry, that’s about four or five minutes between this area right here But that was also a massive range So it kind of you know again, this is why human brains are just not you know while people are traditionally not good traders because it’s it’s difficult to understand and In how perspective on time? Related to that sort of thing. It just kind of it really fucks with our human perceptions for some reason. All right Fuck. Yeah, good shit xlm mystery crypto theater. Thanks man. I appreciate that. Yeah, let’s go. Look at xlm Good old good old stellar lumens stellar rumens if your agent we over there and let’s see Alright, so stellar lumens actually has something interesting as well So and I really do apologize about all these all of these trend lines over here I know that it’s annoying but they are they are valid as a problem I’m gonna get rid of some of the top of some of the top ones I’m gonna clean this up with you as they’re not really relevant right now. They will be in the feet Don’t don’t take this as me saying they’re not relevant anymore. They are still they actually are still very relevant It’s just I want a cleaner chart as I am a little bit OCD Okay, so let’s let’s kind of give the bull in the bear of this thing right here the bull is is that is that it looks to me like we’re consulting this major area right here this area being between 18 and 1/2 cents and about, you know, the sending trendline right here around you know, 45 cents if you want to call it that So so consolidation, you know, this is typically a bullish consolidation However, you know, like I said, I’ve seen every goddamn consolidation break every fucking way so it doesn’t, you know doesn’t mean anything Well, it’s better. It’s better than nothing. Right the more important part. Is that in the more immediate timeframe right here? It looks like we are forming some sort of a falling channel now It’s not a perfect flowing channel, but it does have the right volume characters characteristics and I in you know It’s its shape is okay as well. It’s not picture-perfect, but it’s it’s it’s not wrong So to say so I will interpret this as as a following channel for now And following channels are statistically more likely to break out to the upside and you can kind of see it flirting with this area Right here this area being your horizontal level right here at about 20 and a half cents So if we can hear here’s a key point if we can close this this daily Dilli Above let’s call it 21 cents Then I believe that we would have a nice we would have a nice little move being put in But here’s also the thing is that you know the bear view the bear view is that we have a lot of bad crosses going on in your Exponential’s right here and Overall this thing looks very heavy. Yes. It is performing better than most other things But but you know, you know, here’s the thing. Here’s a problem with it Is that as long as we’re below this area right here about 30 cents. There’s really no reason to be long-term Happy about this thing you know because we just don’t even have we really don’t have any any impressive formation going on this could fail at any time we Could get the bullish break of this following channel rally up to test it to test your green 55 and fail from that I see It all the fucking time so again, you know, you always have to interpret your you always have to interpret your your patterns your Dilli formations It within the context of our current market cycle and our current market cycle is marked off and led by Bitcoin, right? So a Bitcoin plays out something downside It’s likely that stellar will as well even though even though actually do you think the stellar is okay? Although although I had a friend who was kind of being courted by there Bought by their management and he said that they’re not. Okay so fair enough. I’ll just kind of put that out there I won’t name any means because it’s probably not probably not very good But uh, but yeah, ma’am So at the end of the day what I have to say about this is that you know, yes We might have a little bit of a short term pop right here. It is hinting at one But you have a lot of resistance all the way up again this area right here 23 and a half This area right here at 25 cents, of course here 200 exponential, right? Here’s always going to be big resistance And then it’s not until we start closing dailies above 30 cents that I can get excited about this and by the same token If we do lose this support right here, which we just held on by by bought by a fucking hair at about 18 cents then Then as long ways down there’s just not that much support bill tip on the way Around eight and a half cents to maybe even you know, six cents would make sense Which is actually where I used to be a market maker and uh constellar fun times definitely fun times All right back on in the comments over here. Let’s see people still can still care about coinbase. Yeah, man I’m right with you there on that one. But you know, it does matter just from like a public perception right just because Just because that’s like the first point of entry for most people I mean like how do you know that was that was certainly where I first came into crypto is like I’m like, alright Well, how did this how the fuck do I buy this shit? We got like coin bit coin in aetherium What the fuck is this? And that’s also what I want to talk about right now I am so disappointed with coin base as adds a hole Because they are making it just more and more confusing for it for you know Joe Blow to kind of get into the space because you know When I first got in and I feel like you know, at least at least I’m like used to you know, the digital era I’m like, what the fuck is this like coin in a theorem cone going on over here? I had no idea I just knew about Bitcoin and then and that was confusing enough and I had you know It took me a couple weeks to even research into that kind of shit and and figure that one out for myself So you can just imagine people coming in now, you know, mr. CNBC watcher saying, okay Now what’s all this Bitcoin Bitcoin cash aetherium, aetherium classic light coin Now we got zero what the fuck is zero X what the fuck is bat? What the fuck is? You know, what the fuck is this? What the fuck is that at? The end of the day man? It’s just they’re like, what are you ready? Trying to do Brian? I’m strong. What are you trying to do ma’am? Alright, uh, Topher darling say what’s up Topher? How you doin? By the way is TM Robinhood crypto is way more important I have absolutely no idea what that’s even about. But again man, you know at the end of the day Yes
anything anything that allows people to or makes it more accessible for people to get money and Their money into the space is technically a good thing But you know, but is that where the big investors is that way? The big accounts are coming through no and like I kind of you know Really briefly said before if you have less than 100 million in this space. It’s really it’s it’s really a drop in the ocean It’s my point with that and I don’t mean to say that in like an arrogant way But it’s we really overstate the importance of fucking, you know retail investors in any sort of market Ok, simply gained says the only coin I decide to sell for my alt bag weeks ago is bat Ah the pain I’d always it always feels like doesn’t it man? It always feels like that a zero one to eight says you and Frank named Frank. Yang would have fun with some big black D Objects like double D’s or Oh like Dilly’s I see I see what you did there. Thank you says Patrick. My pleasure, man My pleasure. Can we says hey man. Thanks for another scream My pleasure, man, it’s always it’s always good going back and forth. You men, although I’m cheating on you with you All good, man. All good. Hey Z Rex. How you doing, man? Long time No, see it’s only been it’s only been 12 hours, but I’m glad that glad to have you back in here Yo, man, I did did coinbase just pump and dump. Yes a beacon of xlm. Have you used a stellar port? No I haven’t man. I haven’t I I kind of do want to go over there but again I’m a little bit turned off because like I said, one of my friends who is a master programmer was being courted by stellar You know to go do some stuff over there and he told me he he did their kind of trial run eyes but I suppose you could say and they asked him to do a few coding things and programming things and And he said that their that their whole structure is really really bad. So I’ll leave it at that man. All right, Thomas Hey Thomas love. What’s up, man? How you doing? A few days for litecoin crush Horacio wins will win England they’ll win it like they’ll take over England Well fair enough Croatian creation Creationism probably a nicer place but fair enough if you’re English I didn’t say that don’t listen to me mystery crypto theater says even with the coinbase news again, man, you know news Bullish news in a bearish market typically gets sold into and and let me just kind of verify this and kind of run through through It with you so so we can kind of be on the same page here But okay, so so everyone was talking about consensus good old consensus over here. It’s gonna save the day Well, actually in fact consensus was right here and it pumped you right into this nasty of nasty of nasty Crosses right here on your Exponential’s this was your traditional death cross your perfect death cross where price action is being pulled into the cross And then spit back out thrown back out resulting in a major major downside In fact, I would say that consensus was used to fill a lot of short bags over there as as again, you know It’s very clear what the bots were doing over here. What’s another good event that we had? Um, I don’t know taxes was somewhere over here We’re gonna have taxes guys tax day in America and then all people and all the people are just gonna come back with their money And they’re gonna be say like, hey guys, I’ll just wait until the last day of fucking tax day. And and here you go It’s back into the back into the market and then over here over here It was it was a July 4th rally guys everyone guys. We’re just dipping because this is a July 4th, you know People are just taking out their money to buy some hotdogs in fucking beer And who doesn’t who doesn’t want to do that on a July 4th There’s don’t worry guys at the end of the July 4th. They’re going to come back right into this market They’re gonna find all that all that magic internet money back in their pockets gonna say, you know, what? I want to buy some more Bitcoin instead of hotdogs, you know, it’s so again Man, bullish news in a bearish market just gets sold into in my in my experience You know, yes, you will have a little bit of a pump I’m sure there’s gonna be a I’m sure that they’re most likely again I don’t want to be 100 cent sure, but there’s gonna most likely be a pump leading into that um leading into the ETF date and On on August 10th or whatever the fuck it is But at the end of the day unless if the market cycle has actually changed It really I don’t I don’t know if it’s gonna know if it’s gonna you know change anything like that again, man You had you had what was it a theorem a theorem in Bitcoin not securities over here It just gets sold into men just gets sold into again this is this is why this is why reading the news and Listening to the news in my experience is a it’s a very very very very very losing strategy. I’ve never met anyone in my life And you know as a trader who’s been successful over time and not just successful but wildly successful who trades some news In fact, I would argue that if you’re reading the charts and if you can look at charts pretty damn well You’re gonna know that you’re gonna likely know what’s going on in the news Before it gets announced because again the news when it’s announced doesn’t mean that it just happened right then and there it happen it likely Happened much before then as you know people you know the fucking news anchor has to be told by someone and he doesn’t just like go straight on to the news at On to his venue and say hey guys, this is happening today No, he probably fucking talks to his friends, too And then they talk to their friends and then it’s like a week later and then he finally says it So again, this is also an unregulated market There’s no such thing as insider trading you can do whatever the fuck you want and I can tell you from experience that even in Highly regulated markets like equity options There’s still some very shady shit that goes on there, too So yeah All right back onto it over here off-kilter concept says I feel like I’m learning so much so fast Much love fam a my pleasure, man My pleasure always a good time mister off-kilter concepts. So big breaking nose coin lace coin coin paise deal is Bitcoin Oh Mike. Oh, You gotta love it man, you gotta love it Rick Lewis says 3 a.m For me and got to get it bad and got up at 6 a.m. Yesterday. So almost 24 mm. Whoa You’re a true crypto crypto fiend over here great stream ground. Hey, thanks, man I appreciate that is it’s it’s it’s been it’s been good speaking with you. Mr Recluse and I hope that you have a nice restful sleep man. Take care. All right Okay Just just gonna keep on talking as we got a little bit more time here guys a little bit more time here And again just kind of filling out this filling out this flag formation over here So this this really makes me want to go short. Oh my god. Should I should I do it is a real question Should I do it? Okay. So if I go short here, here’s here’s a real question. Where can I manage my wrist that makes sense? It would have to be 6300. So that’s that’s about $75 wrist you I really want that is the real question and Honestly, no, I don’t believe that that’s worth it 75 bucks and we’re still got this major support right here Which has been kind of producing some good bounces so again It’s not I’m very happy to actually wait for confirmation of a break of this support area right here – to begin a short or at least go cash All right. Take care crown. Hey, take care of mr. Simple gains. Good thing. I really do appreciate that, man I hope that you have a phenomenal day yourself. Can you please check a spot? Yeah, man. Let’s go. Check out spy, dude Let’s go check out spy. I already do have it. Um charted over here and let’s see what it’s doing Ah, look at this, man. Ooh Anyone who’s short anyone who’s shorts legacy markets is is very misguided. I feel man Everyone thinks that they’re a fucking genius because Sorry guys, I’m gonna go on a little bit of a rant here. If you don’t mind. I apologize about this, but Everyone it seems like everyone on fucking twitter has become a genius because they found the market the muck the Wall Street market cycles Psychology cheat sheet and and this looks like a topping formation right here It looks like Bitcoin guys and it’s gonna go down we’re gonna have that crash that everyone’s been talking about Peter Schiff has been told me that this that this market is is on its last legs for the last 20 years Um, but but hey, there’s nothing bearish about this right now. In fact, you just had a major break out right here Maybe not a major breakout, but but but certainly confirming above this resistance right here, which I really do like yes You do have resistance right here, which is a former gap and you do typically have pressure there And you do have another gap right here. So you’d imagine that if we do get back up to about 284 We probably do have an initial reaction down, but this looks pretty fucking good to be quite clear I don’t see any any slap in the face signals that this is well we okay. Okay, here we go we do up we do have one signal that this is that this doesn’t look too good is We have a lot of lot of bearish divergence on there all sliders right here But yeah, we just turned down on our stochastic as well So so so yeah, that’s the best that I can come up with right here But again, man again As far as like the dilly formations go it looks good do the only the only counterpoint that I can come that I can come up with is is is the is our all sliders which You know, don’t don’t always tell the full story Volume profile is actually suggesting is suggesting a big move as well. If blowing profile is bullish right here as well So again man Oh overall I think it’s extremely misguiding when you know people just think that there’s expert for some goddamn reason and I I mean that that’s that’s very arrogant of me to say let me explain why It just seems like people are always calling downside for this thing based off of you know Some sort of a fucking cheat sheet that they found online that that, you know made sense one time But again, you can superimpose that fucking cheat sheet on just about any topping pattern It’ll make sense until it actually doesn’t is the big problem? How do you how would you know if this if this was reversing how would you know good question crown? How would you know that is reversing? Well, if we started closing dailies below this area right here or more aggressively below this area Right here to 63 and a half and and more conservatively to 58 and a half Then yes, we might have a reversal on our hands but until that happens, there ain’t nothing bearish about this again As long as we’re above this area right here in this area right here. I Really can’t be bearish on this and in fact You mean you can come all the way back down here and maybe you do maybe you do come back down and test this area Consulta around here and then and then try a little bit higher, but overall man. There’s That’s it’s it’s a pretty strong chart man. It’s pretty strong fucking chart. All right back now over here to the comments. Let’s see okay, uh Eight strip Sierra says crown put it up. Put it up my brother. Hey, what’s up mom? How you doing? Good to see you man. Hey good to see you too, man. Always a pleasure man Always a pleasure always a pleasure never a short as they say Topher says Comte Okay. All right usually like we you know, we use words compte unless if this is a stock I don’t Unless if this is a stock I’m guessing I’m guessing it’s not on trading be so it so please do you specify if you do want to look at? Okay, I’m guessing these are stocks because these are all yeah. I actually used to I used to I used to make markets and xbi Okay. Well we could we can go look at it for a second here. All right Saying two short short the commodities. All right. Well, okay. Does this even trade it’s a real quick This thing does not even fucking trade man, Jesus Christ You’re a hero for even trying to trade this man Okay Should we short this? I don’t I I don’t really see any reason myself men. In fact, I’d say You know as long as you’re but as long as you’re above this area right here, as long as you’re above this horizontal area Right here. Actually, you think it’s okay This area being 37 and 37 and 70 cents If we if we do start closing dailies below 37 bucks and 70 cents and ya might come to come under some pressure You wanted to also look at X P. I I used to make marks in this and equity options, man So I actually am quite familiar with it biotechs biotechs are like the fucking cryptocurrencies of the of the stock market world and what I short this absolutely fucking not oh, My please please do not make me this mistake man. Please do not make this mistake. This will be a career-ending move And I and I say that with all due respect man I really do because I I know I know that intuitively people see this and they’re like, oh it’s it’s overextended. We’re going down No, this isn’t a blue sky breakout man. There’s there there’s nothing indicating that word that we’re topped out here In fact, we just had it. We just had a nice confirmation to break out right here I’d really really really really really really really caution against that thinking the only way that this can even you know hint at a reversal is if we start trading below 83 and 83 and a quarter right here if you if you start closing dailies below this area right here then yeah Maybe maybe you do have a reversal on your hands But as far as our sorry, actually, you know what you could actually save a little bit more aggressively this area right here Which is also gonna likely be your daily 200 exponential right around 90 bucks So so, you know, maybe you could say that if you want to be a little bit more conservative but I Really really caution against that man. You’re awesome I mean you do have some bearish divergence going on in your so it is right here. But is this is this legitimate? I I’m not quite sure about that just yet again. We can come back down to here and to be completely fine We could come all the way back down to here and be completely fine. It’s not until we start closing daily Dilly’s below you know 90 bucks where it starts kind of come under some pressure and some questioning and and And very clearly right around here around eighty two and a half bucks as long as it’s above there man I really really really really really caution against that again. I’m quite familiar with this one as well I used to make I used to make markets in options on it Okay and short EEM All right All right eat dude We’ll go look at it for one second, man. All right, eeehm emerging Well, maybe yeah. Okay. Yeah this one this one’s pretty good short I do agree with you on this one, man Yeah, we just took out this major area right here as in fact If you do gather if you get a throwback to this area right here at about 45 and a half I would sell the shit out of that But again, this is not fucking financial advice and I can change that opinion at any at any given moment, but overall Yeah, it does look like does look like we actually do have some some topping going on over here But again it but by the same token if you do start closing dailies above this area right here Above 40 45 and a half then then yeah I would not want to be short But at but at the same time you’re getting a lot of bad bad crosses on your Exponential’s and overall. It looks pretty weak Okay back on over here to the comments, please Do like when we’ve already done like one, but we’ll do it one more time. It looks like shit. I’ll tell you that straight up overall like Quinn based on its lows once again just like Bitcoin and and you know Bitcoin takes a step down here like coins next area is around 55 and a half if If litecoin holds itself up here, well, it’s still in a range It’s still in some sort of you If you can if you want to call this a bear flag a rising channel or a broadening wedge it doesn’t matter what you call it is typically a bearish formation and and the problem with this man the problem with this is that is that like coin will will maintain the Posturing of this bearish formation as long as we’re respecting this area as resistance and this area’s rising over time You know coming around 90 90 bucks all the way to about you know, a hundred bucks over here So so that means that we could you know, as as long as we’re below this area right here It’s still very very bearish ma’am. In fact, we’re more close to breaking this pattern to the downside so if we if we do get confirmation on this pattern breaking to the downside it would be marked by a bot by a daily daily close below 74 bucks If you have that, then yes, the measure move of–this does take us down to about 55 bucks Which is a nice horizontal area of support So again, I’d wait for confirmation on that because again, you don’t have confirmation Either way you can you can fuck around in this way in this range for quite some time and hey You can also still break out to the upside – that is possible I don’t want to discount that fact, it could happen. I’ve seen it happen before but it’s very unlikely All right back, no over here to the con to the bit cones into the comments. See what we got going on It’s Jose. Zero says any chance. Yeah, man, of course SSH SP. It’s been going nuts. All right Sh SP S age is this shit put is this shit post Sharp sharp spring okay fair enough. This thing does not trade either man What the Floyd what do you guys do but these penny stocks some shit Alright, well fair enough. Hey There’s nothing to say about this man It’s it’s in a blue sky breakout and all you, you know, despite what anyone tells you This is a blue sky breakout all you can do in this in this scenario is you can say It’s it’s just gonna go up until you get some sort of a topping formation and that’s gonna be your signal I mean maybe you could say that this is a cup and handle formation I’m not I’m just I’m not saying that it is but me I mean if I had to say something that would imply a move somewhere around you know $13.20 maybe that’s where it kind of tops off at but overall we have great accumulation going on especially below this level right here about You know, four four and a half bucks, and we’re just seeing it play out man again blue sky breakouts there There’s nothing there’s there’s no technical analysis to do on this It’s just going up until it’s not and I know that’s not too helpful But what I’m looking forward to kind of signal reversal is some sort of a major major You know bearish type Dilli formation on heavy volume and that’s gonna be your signals to potentially get out or at least mine Z Rex says, how about ZB? Alright, man. Let’s go check out ZB Okay. Good old ZB ZB over here. Are you talking about T bond futures? Alright, we can go check it out I’m guessing you want to look at the at the at the most recent expert and Your your daily and weekly are showing that you do have a major pivot on the market right here. It looks like Yeah. Yeah, this is a pretty major area right here, man So the way that look at this is that you know It is it is getting pretty but it is getting pretty bearish you’re getting a lot of bad crosses on your Exponential’s right here But it does it is close for this resistance. And if and if it does start closing weekly weeklies above this resistance above 160 166 and 1/4 then then. Yeah, you might actually have a nice little run your next big resistance would be right around here but again, you know, you just put in a Bear Flag right here and you kind of get you already confirmed that so it’s like So let’s just kind of do the measure move off that Where would that kind of spit back to just see if we’ve even played it out just yet And this would be suggesting that we have a lot of downside into this area right here at about 133 and 16 cents men So yeah again That’s that’s kind of the two scenarios and the two trigger points that I can think of right there. All right, Zorin Jovic says I think bitcoin had five ways up in the last three years I’m not kneeling. I’m not an Elliott Wave sky, man and I’ll just leave it at that before pissing any people off if you look at the monthly chart and we have And we will have a long bear market. What do you think about Bitcoin bottoming out in summer 2019? What is your estimate on that? Um? Okay, so I do have some thoughts on that man. I do have some thoughts on that I don’t do Elliott Way myself, but but but I do have some thoughts Now here is a ten-year chart of a Bitcoin over here on bitstamp And I’ve made this logarithmic trendline that’s never been broken in the almost ten year history of Bitcoin starting all the way back from the Genesis and And we have several things kind of pointing towards this this 44-hundred region. Now, I’m not saying this gonna be the bottom In fact, I do have some things pointing much lower than that 44-hundred region around 29 to 2500 But but if we were to bottom around this region, which does have a lot of things kind of converging out there around it So it’s also your seven eight six Fibonacci retracement. It’s also your your 200 exponential that purple line, right? There is also a nice horizontal trendline and it’s also a measured move off your off your inverted cup and handle right here Taking us down. Sorry. I’ve done it too many times today So I really don’t want to go over it again But but my point with this is is that you know This would imply this would imply a time zone right around here on the intersection around some time in a month actually on August, August 10th Which is funnily enough the date where people think Bic are the the ETF will either be confirmed or denied In the united states now with that said I do have things pointing much lower right around here around twenty twenty four hundred two twenty nine hundred, which is essentially really really marked by This major inverted cup and handle that we put in right over here So, let me just kind of draw this one out as I haven’t done this one today, and I should have covered this one But essentially what we have over here and and the reason why us getting stopped getting stonewalled right here respecting this this area as resistance is that we still have This bear flag intact and we’re still respecting that as resistance And as long as we’re respecting it as resistance, it’s still valid And then when we pull it out We can see that we do have a greater inverted cup and handle. So I’m talking a little bit faster I do apologize about that, but just need to get these thoughts out So with this we can make a measure move as long as it’s valid So we’re gonna make the assumption that that as long as we’re respecting this area’s resistance This is gonna be valid and where does that put us that measure move does put us right around here around you know? this blue box territory around 2800 which is also which is also your eight eight six Fibonacci retracement right here, which is also a nice horizontal level right here Keep in mind keep in mind in 2014 in 2014. We did bottom out over here in the 2014 scenario We did bottom out at your eight eight six Fibonacci retracement right here. So so this is good confuse right here So again for this area, it’s also let me put on over here. Just one second Let me just ring up my indicators and And and if we look at our regular simple moving averages, right? here This red simple moving average right here is your 200 simple moving average and you can imagine that is it is gonna start to curl up and level off around this this blue box area again somewhere in between 23 and about 2900 and this would imply this would imply some sort of a time frame by but by by early November Perhaps perhaps as we did bottom out In the 2014 market cycle along this logarithmic trend line kind of about bringing us down here walking us down Just to just kind of show, you know that this will augment the trend line right here, you know Just consistently walking it down as we make new lows which would be analogous to this area right here So again, that’s kind of what about me think though? That’s kind of what I’m tentatively think thinking right there, but I do agree with you man I do I do really agree with you about the monthly the monthly is what is scary because the monthly is is you know is Is telling you the monthly is telling you that you know traditionally and I’m not saying that this is gonna happen But traditionally speaking your strong monthly support is around, you know, 1100 or 1200 so, you know take that as you both I’m not saying it’s going to have but it is certainly possible and and Yeah, I always have to always have to prepare for things in that way Okay back on in the comments over you. Let’s see. Let’s see a LBX says, hey crown a what’s up? They’ll be oaks how you do man? So we tested the 6800 so many times you think we’ll break that sooner drop the other way. I’m bearish your man I’m berry. Sure. The only thing that’s pointing upwards is basically that bull trap that we had in 2014 Ladies sell tech boy says thanks for your thanks again bro for your ta It’s always awesome much much respect and I hit that like button, but it doesn’t show on my hands. So great and great stream Thanks, man. I appreciate that It’s crowned. What’s up exposed its exposed. How you doing? Theo hit hit mo says, please check card ano weave on man We’ve already checked card on you or next time, but you know, we’ll do it one more time We’ll do it one more time. Then I’m gonna start wrapping this this stream up okay, so So so card on you over here is right at resistance It’s it’s it’s it’s it’s maintaining it so far overall I you know overall you could make the case for this for this being some sort of a long period of consolidation as Long as as long as we’re closing dailies above this area right here two thousand Satoshi So as long as we’re above two thousand Satoshi you could make you could make the claim that maybe we are Consulted in this major area getting ready for a huge run however
You’re getting some very very very very very very very bad crosses on your Exponential’s right here and to that point Really just from a traditional standpoint. You can’t even get excited about this thing As long as we’re below this area right here 23 50 and to a more to a more traditional stance It’s not until you start closing dailies above 2,600 where you might have a nice little run being put in place But again, if it is consolidating, you know, it’s it’s got a lot of work to do and it must hold and again This is with the caveat that we must hold above. This level right here. Mm As long as mm holds then you can make the case for that, but it’s still you know Does this look at does this look like a good chart to you? I mean It’s not the best chart in my experience. But uh, but hey, we’ll just let it play out. All right Expose you follow me around man Card on yeah indeed Excellent. Okay. Well, look at exilim one more time one more time, man. Okay So exilim right here Stellar on the dollar and say quite literally the same fucking thing Then the same thing guys these alts they all do the same thing. They’re all I won’t finish that sense. But you know, it’s again, you’re getting a lot of bad crossing Exponential’s right here You are in the context of a short-term Falling following channel right here A flowing channel is typically does typically get resolved to the upside And we do have the right volume characteristic of it and we do have the right shape So so I’m gonna give it the benefit of the doubt and say that we probably do break this to the upside But I need to see a daily dilly close above this area right here 20 and a half cents then Yeah
We might have a little bit of a runty to test your 55 exponential right here your green line right here And your also your horizontal area at 23 and a half cents. However, again just like card ano Can’t get excited about this thing at all whatsoever until we start getting daily dailies closing above this area right here 30 and a half cents as long as it below there It’s it’s just it’s maybe consolidating as long as it’s holding above this area right here about 20 cents But but yeah, you know, it’s just just a range man just a range if we do break 17 and a half cents, and yes It’s it’s kind of gets quite nasty as you as your next big support is around 8 and a half cents So just keep that in mind. All right back onto the cone over here and back on other comments. Okay, lol. It’s just zero Thanks for cut Danya correctly All right guys I’m gonna start wrapping up the most important things be aware of on bit cone And I’m Lee then I’m gonna leave you off till till the next time Okay. All right. So so so Bitcoin over here Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin Alright, so I want to I want to be the most thorough possible in explaining this in that essentially What we have right here what we’ve had what we have right here is that Is is that we’re in some sort of a bear flag after the second rejection around sixty seven fifty The 6750 rejection was quite intense as as as as as it kind of showed where the big accounts were having their the the the Their liquidity being full filled and with that said with that said it also rejected us getting a higher hide But you know quite obviously and in that way we had no chain of behavior So we just kind of play out more downtrend now, okay I’m talking about shit here the most important thing to be aware of on this is that as long as we’re within the context of this bear flag we can Play rope-a-dope against this support coming around sixty one fifty and this resistance coming around, you know Seven thousand or seventy one hundred it is rising over time just like your support is rising over time So as long as we’re within the bounds of this area right here, there’s no change of behavior It’s not until we start closing, you know you know higher level Dilly’s above this area right here about 70 100 or and rising over time until we can say Okay, we have a change behavior and it’s time to maybe not be so goddamn bearish by the same token It’s not until we actually break below 60/40 right here being being very conservative with that With with that with that number until I can be extremely bearish You know seem to let you see saying we’re going, you know, well below 5,000 We do have several measure moves taking us somewhere right around 4,400 this Bear Flag measure move if it does get confirmed would take us likely below there Also, we have an inverted cup and handle which we showed earlier right here Which does also you know point you in the same direction and in overall that does look you know It does it’s on the menu is what I’m trying to say With that said there’s always a bullish case to everything and going over here just looking at just a straight up Daly’s the the the the The straight up daily chart over here with all of your Exponential’s we can see that very clearly in 2014 We did have a very similar Formation going on right here, right? Here where we kind of took out your your yellow 21 exponential right here Pump back up above and then and then formed a secondary local low right here With your daily bodies putting in a major bull trap and then selling all the way back down Now not only that but we did. Um, we did put in essentially Right here. We put in the same sort of formation. We put in another Bear Flag So again if we do so so so maybe it is the fact that we do come back and test the upper resistance of our current Bear Flag as we Did in 2014 before selling down? But if we do break this bear flag to the downside, it’s it’s it’s very likely to get you know, extremely ugly So have we already played this out or not? That’s the real question here I’m I’m not quite sure myself but uh, but but again, That’s why I’m gonna wait for confirmation again confirmation being below 6040 or and and if we do get above, you know As it is always possible above 70 100. So again guys that’s gonna do it for this morning It’s been an absolute pleasure speaking with you guys I hope everyone has a beautiful rest of your Saturday Morning, or evening wherever you might be in this world and I’ll speak with you guys soon. Take care guys

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  1. I updated the chart below
    Hi guys, for this week end i give you a gift,,,…yes because learning is one point but win profit is good too no? So, this week end is terrible resistance and BTC HH and HL and everyone is in fear lol
    Ok, then i give you one draw chart BTC. You can play EOS as EOS is 2 or 3 times the % of BTC. See below the link, gift for you i did it saturday for you.

  2. Hi again, we have first of all the "inverse head and shoulders" then we have now a double TOP in formation possible by bearish retrace till 5800usd! What do the bulls will decide today/tonight, go bullish to respect the "inverse head and shoulders" (we have the right shoulders but little bearish on it…) or bearish by this "Double top" pattern that should retrace up to 5800usd to respect the chart? Both patterns will be respected if go bullish (inverse H/S) or bearish (Double top). So, decision is in bulls hands,…let see but be ready to sell; if bearish and to rebuy then at bottom 5800usd or be ready to hold positions if we go for bullish. To Bullish scenario we should break 6400usd support…to bearish scenario we should break 6040usd… let see
    link of the new chart below

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