Daily Cryptocurrency News: BTC On Verge Of Breaking $9,000!

hello everyone and welcome back into cryptos news I hope you guys have had an amazing weekend a relaxing weekend and an extremely fulfilling weekend if you are long Bitcoin long kryptos you've probably been just so happy because we've seen the prices pump quite drastically over the last weekend actually it was a I guess even since Friday it's just been bumping up a shorts getting liquidated people who strangely have taken huge bets against the freest market that the world has ever known and if you don't believe me guys what's up no more formal what's up a suburban thank you guys for joining me here on the crypto minute live for this so just gonna share some thoughts about what's going on so there was actually a super interesting report that was put out to the SEC as commentary for the NYC ARCA Trust I believe it was not for the ETF but for the trust I talked about last week what's up Eric what's up Josh what's up Chad good to see you guys and this report it's a white paper actually put together by bitwise asset management you might remember bitwise asset management because they were the ones who wrote up the report that was talked about in crypto when it came to the 95% fake trading volume for Bitcoin on most exchanges pretty much providing the most minimum with our api's performing washe trading faith things to pump up their volumes and so–but why I submitted a new white paper talking about how the widely held belief that the crypto markets are extremely inefficient extremely manipulated is wrong in fact what we see is that crypto is actually quite small which is good when compared to the volumes we might see in something like gold or a Bitcoin in all of that and the white paper goes on to argue funny enough and relations of gold that cryptos are not really especially Bitcoin not really holding up to this idea of digital gold because they have about a hundred times the trading volume in real terms relative to gold for spot gold and that the markets when it comes to crypto are incredibly liquid because of how easy it is to move Bitcoin and heart arbitrage which is basically how different traders are able to take advantage of pranks discrepancies across various exchanges to to profit off of them by buying for example when the price is a little bit lower on this exchange and selling it at a higher price on another exchange or vice versa and therefore this kind of thing especially with the ten real trading volume exchanges which bitwise looked into they have the best api's for Bitcoin all of that things like locations like BitFenix coinbase beatrix finance some of the top names that we would expect you actually look at trading volume that's very very low and arbitrage that is extremely efficient which goes against that widely held belief and it goes to show that you know we're gonna have more stability it's not that there's what I like manipulation like everyone likes to say with these markets these markets are just very young and you're gonna see something wild as people transition into these Kryptos and so I thought that was a super interesting paper I shared it on Twitter just now so you can check it out on kryptos news on twitter I thought it's amazing I'm still reading through it it's kind of a long paper but it's well put together another thing that's going on right now is obviously I mean Bitcoin about to break 9k I think that if it breaks line K 10 K is gonna look so easy I already said that after a broke 6 K so to me it's just been a matter of time I'm not really taking profits I'm here happy to huddle I think huddle works really well when we're in a bull market which is how it seemed more and more right you saw people calling for $4,200 Bitcoin $5,000 Bitcoin before they buy I'm not gonna hold my breath on that one I'm happy to have my positions right now and then we're seeing various alts pumped like today some of the top names some of the coins that I've held in my port waiting for these pumps you guys been following me for a while probably know that and many of you follow these coins are like coin and AOS like coin is gonna have it happening coming up in August it's like the Bitcoin have any which is happening next summer which is an extreme supply shock actually when the supply gets cut in half that's distributed to miners as a block reward and so what we saw before the last happening for like coin was that it pumped about three months prior to the happening so people were expecting the same thing to happen to like coin and broke $100 I tweeted out I think it was two days ago that I took a position and that probably meant the the price was gonna dump it actually held up pretty well I bought around 102 bucks it dropped to around a hundred bucks as a small bit of a correction and now it's I got a hundred and fourteen dollars last that I checked I actually expect like coin these are my targets going into the happening and maybe just passed it we might have some Corrections along the way but I'm really just holding this stuff until two hundred and fifty dollars I expect to be kind of where the public will move it of course just trade safely I'm not that's my personal target I don't know what you guys are thinking you owe less as well so it looks like you OS right they launched this us the resource exchange Rex which I talked about which you guys can use this protocol to get five percent interest on a OS that you might not be using and it allows developers who need that us to buy it in the form of RAM which is necessary to use the operating system that is EOS in order to to allow more users to make it more scalable your application to basically allocate some more of the system's resources so that your adapt your smart contracts can function more efficiently so block one prior to this huge release is expected on June 1st everyone's waiting for June for what's gonna be announced by block one what exactly it's gonna be well block one purchased about twenty five million dollars worth of RAM speculation that they're gonna be launching a new steam it like application the gentleman who created steam it really architectural E which is Dan Larimer who's the lead CTO he's kind of the chief architect over at block one has talked about his issues with steam in and direction it's gone since he's left and I'm sure he's gonna take those lessons into steam at 2.0 which is gonna be called meos mios right and so that could be the big announcement that's coming up and it could mean that they're getting ready to give free accounts to people that they're getting ready to make this a very scalable application to onboard what could be really that social media platform that we've been waiting for a nice decentralized I know DISA you guys like to say and many people like to say EOS is not decentralized but you have to realize that decentralization is a range right this is more decentralized than that because there are more nodes or you can run a node whenever you want to and it's definitely the case in my opinion that u.s. is not as decentralized as let's say Bitcoin or if theorem when looking at just node count right in the amount of nodes out there so sure that's something that's anything that's into consideration the possible collusion of block producers who work together to garner votes but what we're seeing actually in fact is that the block producers have been done nothing but good in I would say for the most part in trying to benefit users of the ecosystem and granted they have an incentive to do so because if US grows if more users find it valuable if there is not blacklisting against users who are not purposely trying to be malicious to the system if they're building out tool sets like us tightened it in order to help people use the EOS resource exchange easier which is one that i highly recommend us tighten and their tool sets for the resource exchanges what i use super super easy to do to create those loans and earn some 5% APR i think it is on those tokens if you're not going to be using them and helping the system grow we're seeing more and more things come out like this granted there are problems it's a new blotching just launched last December and I think it's actually doing really good I'm excited to see what happens in June my price target was like 12 bucks and it's just around seven dollars and 50 cents today but I've taken my position I'm happy and so I'm not personally taking any profits just yet oh it's not gonna be the name mr. Sheffield thanks for the heads up so it's not gonna be me Oz mr. Sheffield here is right in the comments section it could have a different name but whatever it is we might get that announced in June and it's definitely not hit my price targets of around 12 bucks but granted it like again it could just be anything it could go beyond 12 bucks it could hit eight bucks it could stay here so trade safely as always say say but that's personally what I'm holding out for and I'm a long-term holder of that token personally right now XRP is another one so while I personally don't hold XRP for more reasons epical reasons as i've talked about in the past XRP is on the verge if it didn't already cross of a golden cross looking like after this recent pump it could be shooting much much higher and that's something we've seen again the ratio correct versus Bitcoin versus ether for e4 XRP holders so that could be another token that performs really well for for people very soon we're trying to take a position in that another thing is on May 30th Justin son of tron as well he announced on Twitter that bit torrent file system is going to be launching so this is going to be a way to incentivize people who use torrents torrents are amazing because they basically allow different node operators to upload pieces of files and then users can get pieces of those files by downloading a torrent file opening it up with something like the BitTorrent application and then getting pieces from various users so that hosts so that basically they're not getting all of that file or like it's a game or movie or whatever or a book or it doesn't even have to be illegal oftentimes it is used illegally right now but the thing with these with this is that it's not hosted at one central location what is hosted are torrent files which plug into this decentralized network can download pieces from Cedars who are seeding either pieces of that file or their seeding or the whole thing right there hosting on Peter and all of that traditionally what we've seen is we have centralized websites kind of like the Pirate Bay or I remember kickass torrents it was another one isohunt these places hosted torrent files so people can find the torrent but they don't host to the actual file at the users are seeking themselves aside from the torrent file so this BitTorrent foundation was bought by Justin son and they're gonna be launching that it seems on May 30th so Tron Tron is another of the meeting movers today that we're seeing as the man wraps up because it could mean that people will be using Tron now to transact in in torrent files because they can get rewarded for efficient file transfers email the BTT token which had launched via by Nance's launchpad when they launched one of the first ayios were initial initial exchange offerings which has been just the talk of the town we went from III ciose to you know ayios and and and whatever else you know different ways of creating tokens but the end of the day ice these are basically icos that are listed on exchanges ie OS so it's basically the same thing so I want to know I actually put out a poll on Twitter are you guys going to be using something like the BitTorrent the BitTorrent file system or are you gonna stick to something like the Pirate Bay The Pirate Bay to me has been such an amazing example of what we're doing with this decentralized system that is Bitcoin oh thanks like in for the donation bro first donation I don't get it all more if X RP will will move up why not by I mean like if you're trading right if you're somebody I'm not saying it will move up again you have to take that carefully thanks again 9 it's 99 cents bonus like and yeah but to to add on to that you know it's not wrong I don't think to trade in order to increase your Satoshi value right if you like that's the maximalist idea I'm only gonna hold Bitcoin because I only believe in Bitcoin when you could trade some of these alts and basically eventually move that back into Bitcoin and get better gains I'm not gonna knock that like you could totally go for that like in I could if I felt like it but I'm not really trading very much there's risk with trading the into an exchange that might hold that value you know and it's not a for sure thing but I've seen it in the past and I can knock XRP all I want but it'll still shoot much higher and deliver profits for people so I just wanted to give you guys a heads up like I said for me it's just certain PR reasons I don't like XRP certain risks with security that possible that can make it a security possible down the line because ripple holds such a huge share of it the ripple the company that is person that's just where I come from just sharing that I've talked about this at length in the past piratebay links can use BitTorrent they are not mutually exclusive oh thanks mr. Sheffield okay okay that makes sense yeah for sure they're not mutually exclusive it does create more incentive for people to be a seeder which is something we haven't seen in the past I just want to share a file and host it somewhere and you know I just wanted I just want this file to be available to people but I wasn't necessarily being awarded any sort of value and that could be possible I think Pirate Bay is an amazing story but alec tweeted out a fantastic article i tweeted it i think it was yesterday or might have been two days ago on my on my twitter page i retweeted it and and it's also on potala expand oh how far back there and it goes into the history of the Pirate Bay and I love the Pirate Bay for the way that they've been so resilient how they've managed to make it almost like Bitcoin anti fragile while government ages agencies try to continue to seize the domains and take down the Pirate Bay it just springs right back up with backups of the entire torn Hosting page somewhere else and it's been like whack-a-mole and it goes to show how Bitcoin is is even more decentralized just the pirate bay for example and how it is going to be whack Amole even if the governments try to make this illegal it's going to be it's gonna be basically impossible for them to take over Bitcoin and disrupt it 22 a huge degree and what Fiat system just really headed into really murky waters I'm just following the China tariff situation watching documentaries about it reading more about what's going on in China what China thinks about themselves and how what the US thinks about itself and I think that you know China is extremely over-leveraged they have huge amounts of debt they still hold a lot of US bonds they seem to want to be friendly with the US but I don't know man I could see a situation now and apparently this started happening after 2008 where it was you know China used to believe that the u.s. knew how to control things that we knew what we were doing a lot of the world believed that we knew what we were doing despite the fact that we weren't pegged to gold that the dollar is no longer pegged to anything besides faith right we've seen a loss of that faith around the world we have China and Russia really in the background China work to make themselves leading leading currencies in the future the the fiat currencies a tissue the making themselves basically the superpowers of the world and it makes sense when you look at the way that we've ran things it really does and so there's kind of this new cold war and I really hope it doesn't lead to a real war but it's kind of becoming this new kind of cold war and it's really in the shadows right now but there's reason reasons trade agreements haven't happened but imagine a world the dollar is no longer the fetter that the world reserve currency I can totally see that we just don't have the clout in the global system that we once had and while we try to become more nationalistic make more steel here those jobs they don't exist for a reason due to automation due to AI due to the fact these corporations have incentives to to from the US to go and make something somewhere else and to try to disrupt these connections that have happened is going to be catastrophic now we can get out of that whole situation by opting into something like Bitcoin instead we take some of that currency risk out of there and I think that's again just one of the biggest thesis –is that is going on right now around the world which is people buying bitcoins to protect themselves I had a question also on Twitter because I asked I asked today what are some of the trending topics in crypto that you feel needs to be talked about more and people are just not talking about let me see if I can pull some of these up and you're welcome to to participate in that tweet if you guys want let's see here see here huh pull of the day which do you expect to trust more this is one of the polls that I did seems more people are gonna trust the pirate bay than Tron's BitTorrent system so that's winning right now 59% of 19% 22% say another torrent service okay so here are some of the top ones I asked on Twitter what is an important topic in crypto that you think people aren't talking enough about please no self project or undercover advertisement Schilling because people will just show their their project right or their tokens down below so why p2p transfers are the future and not exchanges well decentralized to answer that man p2p transfers are likely the future and not exchanges I think they're both kind of the future because that's how we move in and out of these tokens is exchanging them but I think the ability to exchange them between each other directly is going to be a huge thing for example with smart contracts that enable this like enable this kind of movement like decentralize exchanges as you well know and also with things like atomic swaps and make it down light downright cheap like super cheap borderline free to move between tokens that are on different protocols like light coin and Bitcoin although they do share a lot of similar code base obviously since like coins a fork of a Bitcoin but I think peer to peer exchanges are wonderful because they also add that currency aspect of it so it's not just you know will hotle it and forget about it you definitely want to see people trading the stuff that's kind of what gives a market value and and hopefully we will see people exchanging these things and not fiat currencies in future I don't think Fiats gonna be going away anytime soon but for those of us who are a little bit wiser who are looking at all these different dynamics we are going to be holding more than anything while we have this huge transition into the digital currency age that huge players like obviously Facebook and the global coin are trying to get into but in the future we are gonna want to move these things peer to peer and that's what bitcoin exists for is to have no middlemen no exchange in the middle that could get hacked and we have to share our information with and all this kind of thing so that's ideally what we want to see in the future cheap and free transfer between individuals but that's more of the currency aspect of it rather than the pricing aspect of it which is important at this point to determine that value what's up like it's been declared extra fee is not a security where was that declared Mikan thanks for the five man I don't hold BTC anymore sorry you took my kana wrong but I truly believe X RP is the future but they're different use cases right I mean bitcoin is just very different from XRP again it's about whether you care about if there are more nodes or not you care about all these this is different use cases so I can see why you might not hold Bitcoin but I also understand why people want to hold Bitcoin we don't know who Satoshi is and it's led to more decentralization people who hold Bitcoin versus XRP there just are more wallets out there for Bitcoin that's what people were exposed to first the inflation rate the the fact that in well really excerpt fee is held a lot again by Ripple and they still hold a lot of it that they give away to companies to incentivize them to build on ripple and use ripple whereas Bitcoin is on the code you can see them out that's gonna be given away over time right on the code that happening happens I think it's just a beautiful experiment and it's that first experiment that's been going so strong so it's hard for me to uh to just like you know believe in something else besides just Bitcoin so I still I still also hold Bitcoin in addition to the other things I believe but thank you for those thoughts and the end the other 99 cents bro you're like my number one donator today so thanks shad outs to like and out here bp's have a lot of us for sure it hasn't been declared get out your bubble this short just be one part of it they would okay okay okay let me let me continue here with some questions okay so this is a question Brian asked if a depreciating currency such as the Argentine peso or Turkish lira is used to purchase a lot of Bitcoin and that currency continues to depreciate doesn't that have an adverse impact on the price of Bitcoin I've never heard anyone talk about this well no because the thing is and that might be something confusing right so Brian Oh wonders you know if these currencies keep dropping isn't that technically bad for Bitcoin if they're used when it comes to providing liquidity for Bitcoin on earth for Bitcoin isn't that bad no not at all because the thing is these currencies are buying Bitcoin at bitcoins spot price when they buy Bitcoin so what they're doing is they're putting that money into Bitcoin and it's in Bitcoin now it's not like it's in Argentine pestles anymore no you bought Bitcoin or whatever cryptocurrency with that and then the Argentine peso continues declining as its doing about 50% right now per month it's just dropping your value that means that if you kept some argentine pesos it's not going to cost you 50% more of the Bitcoin price is the same to buy more or you know you gain 50% by having it held in Bitcoin and then you buy your Argentine peso after a month so that's why it's an amazing hedge for these countries that are depreciating in value it's only providing value to Bitcoin because you're taking money out of these fake systems when all that fake phony money should be in the crypto market caps instead which are more transparent than these books that are just obvious gated not but just Argentina but the US dollar and all these other systems don't people were saying like is it wouldn't it be nice to have Bitcoin and have these governments operate over Bitcoin when it's a transparent pledge ledger and we can see where the tax dollars are in fact going wouldn't that be nice if we are going to be paying taxes now we see politically where that money is moving I think it would be nice to know what our dollars and the work that we provide then we give the world and we earn money and we give it to our governments and know where that is going and Bitcoin will enable that I think that's a beautiful thing what's up vention nice to see you eventually I saw you in a stream recently I forgot where it was you're like everywhere dude hold the extra pee is like sleeping with a transsexual no amount of makeup or surgery will turn XRP into a decent crypto it's insanely overprinted garbage there is something to that comment vention like you you can't necessarily erase the history of something by changing it in the future like the genesis of something it reminds me of dart pointing – or even like horizon and Zen cache despite you changing the name of something or the branding of something or adding some features it doesn't change where this coin came from the fact that Evan for dark coin for – held a lot or pre mind a lot of the mass masternodes and holds a lot of clout on – that's just something that can't really be a race with – specifically over the 51% attacks that have happened with a Zen cache and now the horizon you know it you just can't erase that history despite what you add in the future that's really what comes to mind there I'm not gonna bash XRP you right now because I've done enough in the past realistically and again I was just talking about the prices and what's going on with that golden crossover as it's being called yeah anyway let me let me see I had a bunch of stuff to talk about but as we move through the week we'll see if you actually break $9,000 Bitcoin as I'm seeing right now it's up about 9% Bitcoin insane theory I'm six percent XRP ten point sixty two percent but if you look at year-to-date XRP has been a laggard here it's it's only up 22 percent year-to-date and that's one of the lowest that we see on the first page on chain effects are like coin market cap the other one is iota iota has not performed really well stellar as well so these might be coins that could jump much higher there are risks again I hurt angle technology from iota just is not there yet but they have a huge partnership so you can buy Jaguars so you can actually use that in a Jaguar in the car they're building wallets they've been testing wallets to use within Jaguar and that price didn't really do much I mean that Musa didn't do much for the price of iota we're gonna have to see demand really climb right now for the for that – they actually use case for iota to actually move but I mean that could be a good play right now stellar and ripple again could be other good place or XRP whatever you guys want to call it yeah that's nice we've done pretty good on chain link right now I'll say that I'm personally out of chain link nothing I guess check I think chain link is an amazing project super important I just don't think we're gonna see the actions happen right away after their main net launch at the end of this month as I've said before so personally I'm happy to buy a cheaper I expect it to drop a little bit it could just stay right here and and maybe not dump or it could move much higher but I think we've had some significant pumps with chain link I've been holding since the ico so I'm happy to take some profits right now and I'm super forward looking for that when I think that's a really good long-term hold and the reason I've kept it when I sold so many other of my coins during the bear market is because I think that's one of those coins that really could provide the most for the crypto space its blockchain agnostic connects out world data from the outside world and feeds it into smart contracts super huge use use case we'll see because the the coin isn't supposed to be extremely expensive from my understanding to actually have it be used corporations businesses whatever that are going to be using this these api's aren't going to want to pay too much the market might find a decent value for these coins that is not obscene it's not meant to be like Bitcoin regardless of you know what you think about the project I'm actually excited about what it can do here it could definitely jump much higher as we see a climb before it settles but I'm happy to buy a cheaper from the levels where it's at right now that's me personally and and we've seen it move down to like you know that's what is it 60 cents in the past before although it's been higher in the past chain link no actually I'm sorry I think it's at all-time higher around all time highest but it's a historically been about half the price so we'll see where it goes I'm happy to take that these XRP shields need to read the creature from Jekyll Island yeah I think thanks Danny I appreciate that dude yeah I think you need to fuel the fire against the banks and realize that they're not really our friends and that that's really where I operate from I realized that shadiness I don't want to support them I don't want to continue to put money in their pocket I don't I do think that peer to peer exchanges exchanging is the way of the future without these intermediaries and and just the creation yeah of the Federal Reserve and the way that this was born is so upsetting to me when I read the creature of Jekyll Island and I've talked to leaders in the space I've met Edward Griffin Griffin who wrote the book you have to check out that book just for your own awareness not to hate XRP don't be like I'm gonna read this book cause I don't understand like why the hate XRP why that whole idea exists it's not that at all it's just so it you understand the game that we're kind of playing against them why bitcoin was born and you can bet your butt the Satoshi has read that book or encountered it or similar kind of ideas about how the banking system exists what fractional reserve banking is one of the biggest scams in society and how it was born to me that's such an amazing story and it makes complete sense right but it's time for a new system it's not that I hate one individual I don't the more time goes by the less I believe in this idea of the Illuminati right like this one group of people who are sitting around a table just thinking about how to take over the world no there's a lot of players in this game and you're all players in this game as well just to a lesser degree and what you what you decide to do with your life kind of strengthened systems so you play with the bank's you're giving them power if you if you're really helping them out if you participate in their systems whereas if you participate more in Bitcoin more in peer-to-peer systems you're giving your energy in that direction that has more impact that you might think we really didn't have many options besides what they were trying to do in the past and the world has gotten better because of banking without without without money and the way you've had it before there probably wouldn't be where we're at right now it's a form of communication of value but now we have a better form of communication of value because of these crypto systems that are open that are accessible to anyone it's it's a brand new idea it's still early your very early in this and where this is heading but that's why I'm here with you guys to just update what happens along the way I think it's gonna be an amazing road I say that because I really do believe that and to me it's exciting to wake up every single day and I can't even I'm like you know I'm gonna take the weekend off and it's kind of refresh and like feel myself a new energy about crypto but I can't help myself but still follow this stuff and hit up Twitter and hit up the news and check everything that's going on all the time despite being in this years upon years it's just it's so amazing and exciting and I and it's it's the most rewarding thing so thank you guys for allowing me to do this with you guys let me see I got another donation from a like and thanks like and again I'm gonna hold strong Tex RP and huddle NEX RP under $3 as a steel you will see in the future more and more x RP favorite pairs are coming every day soon x RP will trade with stocks like Apple and Ford or maybe Apple and Ford will trade us Kryptos on crypto markets when they tokenize themselves hmm maybe not Apple because their share price is so huge and the amount of cash that they're sitting on is so use a putty don't care as much as Ford I think these automakers are in big trouble so they might be one of the first ones to start tokenizing to tokenize themselves which is perhaps why we see them experimenting with the blockchain so much like toyota who isn't it i think they're a part of the etherium enterprise alliance or jaguar with toyota they need to try to save their industry and blockchain could be one of the biggest ways that they could do that disruption of jobs automation of creating these cars electric vehicles they have so many threats right now the model they've experimented with maybe they'll be the first ones to tokenize themselves it would be amazing to see these things trade because we'll be able to trade them on days like today when the markets are closed right markets are closed because of Memorial Day that's fine you want to celebrate a holiday and close the markets the thing with kryptos is that nobody gets a say in that these things can trade 24/7 there's no intermediaries there's no banks in the middle to say you can't trade it's after 4:00 p.m. in New York so you cannot trade right now no it's it's property these stocks should be property certificates of ownership a pieces of a company I should be able to trade them whenever I want to based on the news rather than having a few insiders who get the ability to do that whenever they want they get the ability to trade these futures whenever they want and I cannot because I'm not an accredited investor I don't get I'm not doing high-frequency trading on Wall Street and this is opening the doors for trading these free markets to anyone and everyone whenever they want and that's part of the beauty of it so I would like to see these things on on the Crypt in a trading as crypto asset right with smart contracts with algorithms and do believe that we're moving to maybe that's why the New York Stock Exchange is interested in this stuff maybe that's why I backed and Isis getting into this they probably have long term visions most companies do have long term visions five years out maybe even 10 years out that's a smart thing to do not month-to-month okay we're gonna long launch back so then another product no they're probably thinking about how disruptive this technology is they want to get a piece of the pie and they may help onboard these companies to be traded as stocks as the IRS the SEC really has to see that CFTC they get their shit together here in the United States like countries overseas are doing because we are shooting ourselves in the foot here and I think we realize that more and more anyway I got a jet because I gotta go pick up my girlfriend out work she's calling you right now I let you guys go I love you thanking for

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  11. Personally i'm not selling anything until we see what the halvening does. I've accumated and will keep on stacking. Same rate. Got 360ish days left. Keep calm bois.

  12. I quit trading and saved my ass from march to now. I just work and eye the sats. Alts are interesting but tbh ETH still seems to be the one.
    I appreciate the lack of tribalism on your part Omar. Some people can neber bring themselves to see ETH, EOS, XRP etc being use. Blinders on.

  13. Good point about how we give the power to the illuminati knowingly and not…. seems you understand the game well. BTC is the way out.. a chance given to us by the……. 🙂

  14. So, you read The Creature From Jekyll Island and actually met G. Edward Griffin???? OMG!!! So impressive, Omar! The federal reserve and the central banking system are all going down. Bad news for XRP. Also,you may know that EY unveils its protocol Nightfall which will run on top of the public Ethereum network–announce prob this week. Super for ETH as other companies could follow. EY plans to open-source the code, put it in the public domain with no license at all. Adoption! Thanks for all you do for us. I follow you on Twitter. XO

  15. I don't plan to sell any BTC till December of 2024 though ! I laughed at many of my friends that sold off their portfolio at 3400, I have been quietly trading and making a lot of profits with a strategy that has changed my life in the last 2months, within the period of the heavy crash of Bitcoin, I refused to sell my Btc like the rest, after making a lot of Researches, I watched a video on The Moon’s Channel, a man spoke about a Smart Trader by the name Rupica Puri Repeatedly, he mentioned him being a Great Mentor to him and he urged everybody to reach out to him, I was among the first to do so, I texted him on telegram, I had 4.2BTC then, he sent me a few videos and i followed His instructions, Now I can boast of 16.3Btc since i learnt how to trade myself, I can now sleep and wake up to see my Profits.You can reach him on ? <[email protected]> Telegram/Whatsapp- + +1 919-391-8034 and ask him pretty much anything about trading and how he can help you become a better and more profitable trading of cryptocurrency.. . .

  16. I don't plan to sell any BTC till December of 2022 though.! I laughed at many of my friends that sold off their portfolio at 3400, I have been quietly trading and making a lot of profits with a strategy that has changed my life in the last 2months, within the period of the heavy crash of Bitcoin, I refused to sell my Btc like the rest, after making a lot of Researches, I watched a video on The Moon’s Channel, a man spoke about a Smart Trader by the name Rupica Puri Repeatedly, he mentioned him being a Great Mentor to him and he urged everybody to reach out to him, I was among the first to do so, I texted him on telegram, I had 4.2BTC then, he sent me a few videos and i followed His instructions, Now I can boast of 16.4Btc since i learnt how to trade myself, I can now sleep and wake up to see my Profits.You can reach him on ? <[email protected]> Telegram/Whatsapp- + +1 919-391-8034 and ask him pretty much anything about trading and how he can help you become a better and more profitable trading of cryptocurrency.. . .


  18. A friendly reminder….Cripple XRP Corporate Centralized Tokens are worthless Chucky Cheese Tokens….Bcash is another fraud Btrash!

  19. BCH is Bitcoin like it's meant to be. Cheap, Fast, reliable . There's no need for a litecoin since BCH has more than what BTC and LTC have combined! BCH will be the King in the future!

  20. Hey bro! I appreciate your positive sentiments about the XRP price. Myself I deal in XRP quite a bit. But I can appreciate your point of you. Peace and stay cryptic

  21. Good info as usual ?Interesting to see what the Łitecoin OKEx Exchange rumours turn out to be. Have heard there may be more info early June.

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