Daily Crypto Price Update 03-28-2018 Best Cryptocurrency News channel

what is going on everybody this is V
Wells and it’s the March the 28th 2018 daily crypto overview we’re just gonna
look at the prices the day you see bitcoins up just a little bit hovering
around the eight thousand dollar mark it’s been a very stagnant day as far as
like there’s really no huge gains huge losses and everything’s fairly even-keel
today so you got I told you guys a couple days ago about Tron how there’s
probably gonna be a little pump because the test net was about to get released
for their blockchain and as you can see I think there’s been some anticipation
over the last few days Tron’s jump a little bit it’s probably that biggest
gainer in the top hundred today so let’s just go ahead and take a look at the top
five and actually yeah that one jumped up there mithril 120 percent Dave I
didn’t see that eight chain cysteine vitam and iOS token so I was pretty far
off on I I didn’t take a look beforehand I just said figured that that was the
biggest gain on the day but yeah there’s a couple of huge ones here today don’t
even know what this project is all have to do some research into it maybe bring
it to into you guys on a hundred cryptos in 100 days video but let’s look at the
top five losses as well you got veritasium crypto next digi dow ardor
and litecoin as the top 5 losses on the day but his feet as you can see that was
a lot less of a loss than the gains here so you get 7% is the biggest loss on the
day hundred and twenty is the biggest gain so that’s good news hopefully we
can break out of this little sideways market we’ve been in here lately I want
to see crypto pump up soon and just to go over some quick news for you guys I
did hear there and I keep hearing there’s gonna be a huge injection in May
I don’t know if there’s any veracity behind this but supposedly trillions of
dollars are gonna start getting injected into the crypto market in May we also
have Jack Dorsey although twitter did ban cryptocurrency ads the CEO of
Twitter and square cash says that Bitcoin will be the single currency of
the future for the internet and even like replacing the US dollar so that’s
really good news and you see bitch Rex wants to move to
Switzerland that’s another headline that was in the
news today and other than that it’s been kind of quiet we’ll see what happens
with these regulations but I do think that the markets gonna bounce back
fairly soon here you never know it could be in a bearish or sideways market for a
year or two before it jumps up but there’s just so many coins that are a
tenth or twentieth of their price all-time high just a few weeks ago and I
think it should bounce back quick I’m hoping that it does we’ll just look at
the Bitcoin chart really quick for the last seven days to see what it’s looking
like and it looks like it’s on a tad bit of a Down trend from 9,000 to 8 so we’ll
see if you know everybody was saying it was gonna hit $6,000 before it really
pumped back up that’s what the technical analysis people were saying so we’ll see
how that plays out I don’t see it going to much lower but purple is hard to
predict and nobody truly knows and anybody who can tell you that they can
guarantee they know what’s gonna happen unless they have insider information
they’re lying to you so you know that’s they’re all out for it today for the
28th of March make sure you check out the hundred kryptos in a hundred days
video that I released today on smart cash and also the number one blockchain
in terms of activity and the number of transactions is another video that I
posted tonight so make sure to check that out make sure to give me a
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give giveaways for crypto every single weekend thanks a lot for watching and
any support I appreciate it guys and I’ll see you on the moon take it easy

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