Daily Crypto Overview 03-20-2018 – The Best Cryptocurrency News Outlet

what’s going on guys this is B Wells and
let’s get this daily crypto overview for March the 20th we have three days in a
row with Bitcoin going up and most of the market as well on top of that so
that’s definitely good enough good news wasn’t sure if we were gonna see a
breaking point from 7,000 mark that Bitcoin hit three days ago so I’m really
glad to see that’s been going on the last three days and hopefully we can
stay in a bullish market for a long term period here breakout of all these losses
that we got so let’s look at the top 5 gains on the day you got Bitcoin dark
and nygma request network icon and Tron only ten coins down total on the day
which is good top 5 or dent smart cash GX chain factum and V chain so it’s
really good to see 90 out of 100 coins up on the day it’s really good to see
Bitcoin in this area moving because obviously most of the markets been
following Bitcoin as of late not always like that but the the latest trend has
had most of the outcome all coins following Bitcoin as well so a lot of
other coins going up today’s card a know over 10% I owed over 10% Tron which was
in the top 5 Nana over 10% icon over 20 verge they had another successful round
of funding so let’s pull up coin desk see if there’s any news popping off
other than the g20 thing and I think that’s really the only big news it’s
been moving the market ahead here Ripple you know really like a ripple just
because it’s a centralized cryptocurrency so g20 did call for
crypto Rikku recommendations by July Trump stopped the United States citizens
from trading the petrol other than that it doesn’t look like there’s really much
news the last thing I’ll do is just go to Google News type in crypto so yeah same type of news popping up
here and once both from one desk as well but um gunning for 9000 almost there
just a few dollars off I think we’re definitely on I see you soon we’ll just
call it call out a day for this daily crypto overview I’m going to be bringing
you another coin here next tonight as well for the top hundred kryptos and a
hundred days so stay tuned for that thanks for any support to the moon take
any of you guys

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