Ð is for Ðogecoin

Let’s move onto Bitcoin shall we? That’s a virtual- Online currency Bitcoin has now almost over- All time high this week of 900 dollars Now, at its peak, if you had of invested 1000 dollars Very music Shibe fast Such graph such amaze! Much amazing wallet! To the moon we go! Dogecoin good! Many doge needed! Very science! Very technology, Wow! Much Mine! Very Rocket Much mine, Very math hey look its reddit! Dogecoin An open source cryptocurrency, favored by Shina Inus worldwide. www.dogecoin.com & reddit.com/r/dogecoin

100 thoughts on “Ð is for Ðogecoin”

  1. doge was a great concept people used it hadgreat tech idk why the creator of it didn't see it that way, very foolishefadskjDJSADJDkjsDKJSADFDF

  2. Olá Pessoal venho aqui trazer para vocês um site novo que esta pagando Doge não é scan, realmente esta paga já fiz meu investimento nele e está fluindo garantido e sem trapaças !

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  4. Dogecoin
    ᛞ ᛟ ᚷ ᛖ ᚲ ᛟ ᛁ ᚾ

    Five ways to write ‘Dogecoin’, by Sam F. And yes, I had to copy-paste the elder Futhark runes from Wikipedia and it took a long time.

  5. Doge is in the position to make themselves billionaires and others if they play there cards right and start being a little bit more serious but still keep that funny side

  6. A brother need much doge got robbed by this scam exchange for 1000 us
    This is my petition!

  7. Способ как бесплатно получить dogecoin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgYeTn16lmI

  8. That was amazing, I just bought a million doge coins for fun. This is actually the third most popular coin by active holder address. More widely used than ripple lol.

  9. ставь лайк если не х*я не поднял бабла,но видосик нравится

  10. Hahha 5 year old video CLASSIC! Unfortunately it ended up like the Mars probe that missed and is now floating away in deep space. Coincards.ca accepts it though!

  11. Godliness is all about cleanliness. Those old fashioned coins transmit Di-zeeez. They are fomites that mortals use. I cantz wait for the future. It will be a fun ride.

  12. Much video, such amazing. Seriously, the animation is great and matches perfectly with the music. I can't stop watching this.

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  15. I swear to God this coin is gonna end up being worth like $10 each just because it's too funny / cute to ever die lmao

    Luv U Doge ????

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