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20 thoughts on “CVC OMG LISK 🤔 Buy/Sell? Omisego Civic Crypto Chart Official Free Bitcoin Review Price BTC USD”

  1. The $6200 level people are seeing for BTC is using the Elliot Waves. Wave one being from $1000 – $3000 correcting down to $1850. Wave 2 going from $1850 – $5000 and now the correction down to $2950 up to $6200 which is the 2.618 level on the Fibonacci if the 0 – 100 is from the base of leg one at $1000 to the top at $3000. So it could be this or it could be the head and shoulders forming you talked about last week.

    There is a short head and shoulders with a neckline around the $4000 level in which case the drop to $3000 would have completed that at a massive support level.

    To me it seems that BTC would have to drop to $2000 run up to around $4000 again before dropping all the way down to $1500 or so to complete that 6 mos head and shoulders you were talking about unless I am missing something on that.

    I posted the wave pattern to $6200 to show CryptoJihadi on Trading View just to illustrate it.

  2. Down under from Oz missed this one because of the time, but I always catch up! Watching you live now on the my phone and this one on my iPad… double time! Lol love your work 📈📉📊

  3. BKs info is extremely valuable. Helped me get started with charts and earn that money!! BK is the BOSSSSSSSSS!!! Entertaining too!!

  4. Thanks again for your time and thoughts. More deep insight into Pivx please! Keep it up KP, in the shade with lemonade by brother. 😉

  5. Thank you BK so far so good with your information its working for me my portfolio is growing and am so happy you are the best!!!!

  6. Hey BK just found your channel all the way from down here in the land Down Under! New into Crypto for about a month now. Could have bought BTC back in the day for $1, if I only listed to that little voice in my head instead of everyone around me! Thanks for your insight, what do you think of Waltonchain? wanting to learn tech anaylsis  and will check out your trading view info, thanks!

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