Customer Wrapped Coin Rolls – Pennies

I’ve had many of you ask me, “Rob do you
ever hunt customer wrapped rolls?” and I’ve always said that I used to but I kind of
got away from it so today we’ve got ourselves a customer wrapped rolls box Hey everybody its Rob with Rob finds treasure and that’s right I got myself a customer wrapped rolls box and there’s a little
bit of story to this one so I was going to my bank today and I was asking them
if they had any customer wrapped rolls and they said ironically they just had a
gentleman bring in a whole bunch of wrapped rolls and I was like okay how
many did he bring you and they said we have it in the bin and when they pulled
them out there was 43 of these hand wrapped container rolls these are the
exact same rolls that I use when I roll my coins so I was a little bit nervous at
first but there’s no marks I don’t think they’re searched I checked a lot of ends
on the coins and there’s a lot of copper a lot of new ones as well so I don’t
really know what to think you can see what I’m seeing here and I thought man I
don’t know do I do I want to take these but they had a whole red bin full of
them and I thought why not you never know what you get customer wrapped rolls are tough because it could be returns that were searched or they could be
something else so I pried a little bit deeper and I
said well do you know if he usually brings you pennies and they said no no
actually in fact the gentleman brought this in in a jug and was asking how he
could deposit it into his account and they said he needs to wrap them in order
for them to take them so I guess he went back home about four hours later came
back in he had rolled all of these up long story short I have 43 rolls from
one customer and then I asked if I can get seven more rolls so I can fill up a
box and they sure enough had about 15 rolls just like the ones I just pulled
out right here I grabbed seven I should have grabbed
all 15 but I didn’t and they gave em to me in a bank bag well I love this silver
nitrate box from our silver nitrate versus RFT series so when I got home I thought let me just go and put these into this box and make
a customer wrapped rolls box out of it so that’s the skinny 43 of these container
wrapped rolls from one customer seven more from whoever knows brought it in I
don’t know let’s hunt 50 rolls of customer wrapped rolls I’m excited to get into it
we’ll see how this goes if I end up not finding copper or anything good could be
a quick video but if you’re watching it I must have found something worth
filming all right I’ll bring it back in on the first find figured I’d point out
I just poured the first roll into my hands and the good news is looks like we
got some copper so I think we got a hunt we’ll have to see how this goes and I’ll
be checking for errors and varieties along the way and we’ll see you shortly
I hope said I’d bring it on the first find we’re still in a roll number one
and take a look at this one of my faves a really nice 1959 Lincoln Memorial said
that’s my first find what other goodies are in the box
some are roll number eight we still don’t have any weed since I found my
first foreign it is a Canadian 1982 pretty toned pretty beat-up up to three
1959’s one’s a beauty couple of uglies but it dawned on me about a roll ago I’m
not seeing any shield cents so I went back to my discard bin and was like
where are the shield cents we have five shield cents that’s all I got and the
first eight rolls so that’s four hundred pennies eight shield cents which tells
me that maybe the majority of this is going to be from well I guess I didn’t
think about what was in these rules either I guess I’ll pay attention to
that so the irony of it is maybe this jug of coins was something that was pre
2009 it was sitting in a closet and they decided to finally cash it in I don’t
know not gonna make too much guesses right now the bottom line is five shield
cents and the first 400 pennies is definitely odd let me get back to the
hunt I’ll keep you posted roll 14 we have found a few more shield
scents and bring in though because we’ve done another Canadian 1981 no we’d sent
still hmm I’m getting ready to hunt role number 20 of the box and the last rule
had quite a few shield sense and I think I’m finding the shield sense based on
what I’ve seen in these roles and not finding any in these other customer raft
so I’m gonna wrap up if you will this shield sense dilemma looks like The
Container wrapped roles of these type from that one customer must have been
before 2009 and these ones are just regular customer wrap rules by the way
still no wheat sense role 24 we’re probably gonna have our first wheat set
of the Box 1956 out of Philly well the wheat cents have
been few and far between but we’re on a roll number 30 and we have one and it
could be old looks pretty slick on the back gotta be old his data 1920 2d no it’s a 1927 T I’m
not mad at it but for a second there I thought for sure was a 1922 T and I know
it could be damaged but is it me or is nothing like there’s two DS on there
1927 Denver very interesting shadowing but that certainly looks suspicious 1927
Denver man I thought we found a 22 D but we’ll take a 27 Denver it’s only our
second of the bucks it’s a 20s we’ll add it to the fines I can say fines plural
now cuz we do have that and pray for some more roll 30 to give her a third
we’d set of the hunt 1945 Denver will take that all day we’re up to three now
maybe the box is heating up row 41 and this one was a surprise 1921 facing
directly at me I will take it all day a second 20s late scent of the box it’s
only four but two 20s rule 44 we’d sent number 5 1956 D again started with one
hopefully we don’t end with that one and there’s another one well we finished
that customer wrapped rolls box if you will and you know what we had light
finds only five wheat cents to 50 60 s the 45 D and then of course you can’t
get mad at the 20s 27 Denver that I thought looked like a
22 and a 1921 and for those that want to get a little bit longer look at it you
can see why I thought it was a 22 at first but it’s a 27 Denver the side
finds few Canadians some Oh nines a stack of 59 s including a beauty and
believe it or not 369 SS wasn’t expecting it now despite the lack of
finds we did find a couple of oldies and on top of that because there was very
few shield cents in here it made for a fun hunt because I got to look through a
lot of 80s and 90s pennies for the airs and varieties that I have listed here as
well as a few other that are not listed here so the box took me a little bit
longer than normal because I want to do a complete search of those 80s and 90s
possible varieties but would have loved to see some more Wheaties although I’ll
take a couple in the 20s versus 9 or 10 in the 40s and 50s all day hopefully
enjoyed this different on for me I don’t hunt Custer rap rolls too much I might
get into start doing it a little more often especially if I’m gonna find some
oldies in there because I don’t see a lot of those in my bank boxes do you
enjoyed this hunt I’d appreciate a thumbs up and as always everyone happy
hunting and thanks for watching

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  1. In this video, I'll be hunting a box of Pennies that is all customer wrapped rolls. I got these rolls from my bank – after they told me that a gentleman had brought in a jug of change and had to roll them by hand in order to deposit them – so I figured they may not have been searched. I ended up with 43 rolls from his deposit and took an additional 7 customer wrapped penny rolls in order to make a full box for this coin roll hunt.

    I'll be hunting for Wheaties, Indian Head Pennies, cool foreign coins, copper and any error or variety cents.

    When I hunt pennies I don't just search for Wheaties and Indian Head Pennies. I also am not just a Copper Hoarder either. I look for double dies, error coins, and other variety coins that could be hidden in the rolls. As you know – it's rare to find a super key date for any coin in circulation, so your best bet is to familiarize yourself with the error and variety coins as those are normally not as easily spotted and you can still find some GREAT FINDS out there.

    Keep hunting and good luck!

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    What do you prefer to hunt? Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, Quarters, Halves?

    What's your best score from a box of Nickels? Which of the "Big Banks" do you think gives up the best boxes?

    I hope you enjoyed the video!

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    Thanks for watching!

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  2. Thanks Rob, love these penny hunts… for reasons I can't quite explain, but regardless I appreciate the content. Thanks!

  3. I like customer wrapped boxes because long story short… I was walking into Chase about a week ago and asked them if they have any rolls of pennies, and they said that some people just brought some customer wrapped rolls in. So, I bought them, and it was a full box worth, so when I ended up doing the hunt, I got 5 steel cents, King George and young head Canadians, 21 total wheaties, Balboa foreign, and more. It was INSANE! Awesome 1922 D and other finds!

  4. Nice video. I tend to have better luck with the bank-wrapped rolls, but don't usually ask for them, I just take whatever they hand me. Yesterday it was a box of customer-wrapped rolls and only found three wheats and a few Canadians, not much else of interest.

  5. DUDE! Find a bank or credit union that has a coin counting machine, and buy coins in $50 bags, not ones wrapped in rolls. First, you’ll know these aren’t going to be pre-search coins as much, but coins brought in by multiple customers, and you don’t waste your time opening all those damn rolls! Also, the banks don’t have to re-roll them when you take the coins back to the bank. They’ll just have to roll less, after you take the collectible ones out. It’s a win for you, you’ll find more rare coins per $50 searched, and it’s a win for the bank.
    Some day soon, banks will wise up to this coin roll searching business, and start charging you for these coin rolls to search.

  6. I did a customers Nickel roll an got my first War nickel about two months ago. I don't do boxes but when I can exchange my old coins for new ones, I do. my wife work at hungry Howie's and she's the boss so she takes my old coins and exchange it for her new coins at the store

  7. Rob, I haven't watched the video yet but, I just finished doing the same thing!! I found three wheaties that were toast and a lot of copper. I just pray you have better luck than I did my brother. Now, on to the video……….I'm gonna love this. I think!!

  8. Very nice video Rob! I personally enjoy hunting customer wrapped coins that i often get from my local stores. As you can see the results can be surprising at times.

  9. Custom wrap rolls have always been a miss for me. I do find a good amount of copper but wheaties are rare lol. My record is 400 customer wrap rolls without a wheatie found.

  10. Interesting. Those oldies saved the box. I've never hunted a box of CWR pennies, tho did once find 2 buffalos in a CWR of nickels. HH

  11. Still some cool finds there with those 20's and that amazing '59! What I say, if you ever feel the inkling to do something, don't not do it or you may be passing up a good opportunity, or some nice shinies in this case. 😉 I've heard too many bank teller stories of customers bringing in the least expected.

  12. Great video Rob. Maybe "dime time" or nickle hunt next? Or really change gears and do a quarter hunt. Either way I enjoyed the video. Thanks

  13. I'm a sucker for some customer wrapped. Looking for the unfortunate dump from people that have no emotional connection to the coins. Good video👍🏻

  14. Well Rob, it turns out that I just can't keep up with you. That 1959 was a beauty for sure. The only wheatie worth counting that I found is what I believe is a 1918 looking through the microscope but, that scope can be misleading. It seems to make things look transparent. The loupe wasn't offering anything better. The 27 that you found though….D/D….who knows? I love this kind of hunt, it always make me think that someone out there just wasn't paying attention or just didn't care. Dammit this is fun!!! I am so grateful for finding your channel while recovering from two knee replacements and for that I thank you. I am finally back to work again as a Locksmith, always on call at a large University in South Carolina. Mercy What did I do to deserve that? I can't always be on the stream but, I always try to leave a comment and say hello to such a great non-cliquish and giving community. Hope to be there tomorrow night.

  15. I have a 5 gallon water jug filled with change half way up. Don't think I will be checking these coins anytime soon

  16. Always good to find pre 40s and with mintmarks I searched a box today it was a good box 27 total wheates and 6 of them were pre 40s…14, 28d,30, 35,35s 36, and the 14 and a 54 I needed for my book I consider it a good box when I find book fillers!

  17. Remember, I might be wrong but didn’t you find the 1939 DDR nickel in a customer wrapped roll? They can yield pretty good finds

  18. Hi Rob I have a question for you about copper Pennies is it worth to keep them or put it back to the bank I’ve been collecting wheats for a while now thanks for your good or best information

  19. It might be just me but I get the impression Rob pretty much has his collections done and dusted and just buys his rares etc or gets gifted them so anything he gets out of these box searches etc unless it's an ultra rare is just for the videos and not to keep but ends up being in gaws or sold, would that be a fair assessment ?

  20. Some Britsh youtuber is trying break Guinness book of world recorders in same year minted coins something like 54,504 which an Australian man has with 2006 5 cents currently holds the record.

  21. nice hunt, in case your wondering I hunt EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great video

  22. I've learned to not underestimate the customer wrapped rolls, especially considering my first ever buffalo nickel came from one!

  23. Great box rob. I just got to do a hunt With my day. Almost 200 wheaties in two boxes. My favorite bank teller put them aside for me. Now dad is hooked. He got 3 IHP’s and over 100 wheaties just in his box. I’m almost positive she watch someone do a collection dump and saved the best boxes for me. HH&GL Chris

  24. I have good luck with customer rolls lately! Lol not sure if there are a lot of coin roll hunters in downtown Chicago.

  25. I have a really weird penny misprint you might want to see a picture of.

  26. Sweet.. Last spring my customer wrap box had 200 wheats.. 6 or 8 60 ies proof pennies and the rest was all different 1982 …and about 50 canadian… was so funny😂hey i scored 17 half dollars at face from my teller today 2 walkers and 7 40% kennedys… 3 1974 i havent looked for ddo yet… Rest commons but super great score… And i got 4 loomis quarter rolls… Found 1 war in pacific w… Went back got 10 more rolls and NOTHIN! But was happy with the one W! Good day at the bank!👍

  27. You've inspired me to start hunting pennies. I got 4 boxes earlier this week and in just this third box I'm up to 22 wheaties, interestingly there's half a dozen 1956 and 1957 ones that look like brand new.

  28. I love watching this channel I don’t care about the coins I just like seeing a someone torture themselves by sorting through thousands of coins for no apparent reason. It’s almost masochistic. No homo.

  29. I went through 100 customer-wrapped rolls and only ended up with about four wheats, if I remember correctly. Oh, and quite a bit of dog hair.

  30. I feel like the Coinstar, etc. wrapped rolls pay out more cause the customers probably don’t handle the coins as much as they would with hand wrapped rolls. But that’s just my take, I really don’t know lol. Love the vids as always

  31. I think the 1927 D is doubled. freezed the frame and looked at it with multiple magnifying glasses I definitely believe it is a double d unfortunately I believe it is not valuable because of the condition.

  32. You should do finds in coinstar machines I’ve recently been having amazing finds I found an Indian head 1887 within some penny’s on the basket and I recently found a 66 40% Kennedy

  33. Hey rob, I found 2 rolls worth of almost mint 1959d and 2 rolls of almost mint 1960p was wondering if you wanted some

  34. Can I ask what the significance of a shield cent is? I find them in change all the time and never thought they had any collector value. Is it just a fun thing to do or do they have value??

  35. Another great hunt from my favorite Texan RobFindsTreasure!
    Yah I like customer wrap coins too.

  36. I have 15 gallons of coins I have been saving since the 60's. I am sorting them now. Question: should I clean the coins I keep for my new collection??

  37. This was in my recommended and I know nothing about coin collecting. I watch the whole video because it was fun but could you tell me the value of the coins you found? You seemed mildly excited about the 20s so I was interested in the cost to return ratio of what you bought.

  38. To the fellow coin hunter I met in SLC Utah, hiiiiiiiiii hahaha was fun talking about finds and YouTube. Aka You ROB hahaha I was like, "you watch anyone CRH on youtube" he says yup!!! We continue to talk about W quarters and halfs, was a good day! Except I got a UNCIRCULATED penny box, booooo

  39. Does YouTube just assign thumbs downs? Like who thumbs down a basic video that was pretty cool to watch. No filler, no ads, just searches and finds.

    Any ways thank you for the video

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