Crypto's Price Prediction | BTC, ETH, XRP – August 26, 2018

welcome everyone to hear the news today it's August 26 2008 team this is our daily crew the currency market news analysis we're here to give you all the news according to the chars as well as our price predictions that's where we expect some of these cryptocurrencies to move over the next day or so and that's what I'm showing you all this website right here first of all coin a market capitalization calm definitely show you all what the market is doing and for today we put the currency market continues to move a lot lower especially within the top ten we do have some outliers the market cap is still around 215 billion dollars with the Bitcoin dominance around 54% so nothing too exciting there to speak on but there are some things that has been out shining a lot of the other all coins over the last couple of days first of them definitely was nano you guys can see that Nano is up nineteen point seven seven percent and as well as that you can see that icon has been a given us some in the cases of some recovery going on into the space and last couple of months were Walton chain which is about nineteen percent and one chain up thirteen point seven to one so these are literally the only all coins within the top 100 I was saying that has given us any cases of some movement to the upside and I'm not necessarily expecting that to continue must long for those all coins those coins were just simply oversold to where they were literally making all-time lows into the market so we're just making a bounce from that and I am expecting some consolidation to continue for those all coins and there but you can't see that bitcoin is still moving a little bit lower down point four forty percent point four and zero percent when definite ELLs you that we are pumping the burst around that $6,800 that is a huge area of resistance for Bitcoin and as we go into our analysis for today if we do not see any indication some market strength in Bitcoin and will continue to move to the downside as it did today in the market it's gonna break $600 so just keep that in your own particular trades if you are interested in Bitcoin now before I go into these charts I definitely want to mention to you all that we are a news organization and we analyze these charts using language the price bars and the volume definitely speaks to each and every one of us and if you understand hunted how to interpret those price bars and volume that definitely you can understand and predict where the prices are likely to go and that's what we've been doing ever since 2017 showing you all how it is very feasible and probable for you to predict prices for your own and we do it the uncuff you zhing away so many other people within the space are giving you charts that are very confusing color coordinated patterns shapes using a lot of tentacle indicators that are lagging literally meaning that the market will have already moved before you being able to make a trading decision this is one of the most powerful and analysis that is available for all those who are interested in learning how to trade for themselves you won't need to use any trade alerts have any financial advisors will have to even watch any YouTube videos anymore once you understand language analysis so we definitely want to give you all the opportunity to understand that for yourself because we definitely want you to become your own independent trader not being dependent on someone else to give you their analysis because the market is very volatile and it has many variables within it to where you and only you would be able to pull the trigger on whether or not to get into a train and when to get out of a particular trade and that's even one of the shortfalls that we at this particular organization have is that we are not privy to understanding your situation what makes you greedy what makes you fearful any of those type triggers we are not pretty of and that's one of the main reasons why we don't give you financial advice but rather we give you all the news according to the charts and you guys can make your own adjusted trading strategies on your own as to what you need to do to become more profitable but later on we will give you all the opportunity to learn how to trade using language in the houses and I promise you that you all will not regret it it is definitely one of the best investments that you guys will make in your life because once you understand this particular analysis you will if I ever understand what the market is telling you and you can come in whenever you want to and make your profit and get back out the market so now without further ado this is go ahead and get into it look at a couple of all coins right now first one up is going to be Bitcoin city's currency is down 1% last trade was six thousand six hundred seventy dollars and five cents and again that six eight hundred dollars is a very hard area of resistance for Bitcoin not a surprise that the market today moved to the downside I think I've told all of our members on our – news patreon page to expect Bitcoin to contain to move floor and literally you can see you know even on the three iron bars on coinbase let the weakness is still here in Bitcoin literally expected a market in this currency to continue to move to the downside ultimately cannot break that stick to $600 level just like it did during these two three-hour bars we cannot allow Bitcoin to brace $6,600 because if it does then this currency will definitely continue to move to the downside and if three IRA bars we still see indicates as a market weakness I'm not seeing a lot of strength coming in Bitcoin at this particular time so definitely I'm still expecting Bitcoin to move to the downside $6,600 dough is the support area possibly even six is 6:40 okay but given the fact that these last couple of one error bars are definitely indicators of weakness I am respecting Bitcoin to move and leads back down to six $600 so even six or 640 so as we go through our training tomorrow if we break both of those prices then definitely we're gonna have a larger movement to the downside possibly all the way back down towards $6,500 and maybe even lower in a net if a lot of fear comes into this particular space so now let's take a look at it there real quick so we're looking at a theorem on daily price chart this currency is down 1.75 percent last year it was two hundred seventy two dollars and forty three cents in a theorem has literally just been in the consolidation phase the last five six trading days we haven't been actually in a direction of movement to the upside nor to the downside but I am still expecting the theorem to move a lot lower in price through our chart you can see here that we aren't getting some indication some some stockpile come into the market puts to go down bars we're not seeing any any cases of strength the only thing that will keep in thermal I'm to trade in a consolidation pattern tomorrow will be if it stays about two hundred and sixty eight dollars that is the support area if the theorem breaks that support area tomorrow in trading then definitely expect the market to lease come down to around $260 even lower than then so right now we don't have a lot of going on in the market for these currencies but I don't see a lot of interest in higher prices either way so definitely leaning more towards a very moving lower in price keep that in mind might hold support though relatively quick again came bright $268 anything though I could see 270 as well so now let's take a look at a report we're looking at a triple right now and this currency is down almost two percent 1.79 to be exact last trade was thirty two thousand one hundred and thirty I'm sorry last trails around 32 cents right so we've been seeing a lot of weakness around thirty thirty-five cents over the last seven eight trading days and even though we have not been moving to the downside from those weakness I am still expecting ripple to move to the downside thirty-five cents is resistance though so just keep that in mind looking at the three iron bars literally just like with the theory I'm a lot of these all coins that they are just literally in the consolidation I am still seeing more weakness in this particular space though I'm not seeing a lot of strength coming into the market for ripple just like what the theorem came break to 68 ripple cannot break 31 cents as we go through our training tomorrow if it breaks 31 cents and trade tomorrow then definitely the continuation to the downside is definitely still in play so I'm still looking for ripping the move lowering price although and my whole support above 31 cents so just keep that in mind but weakness is still here my analysis for report is for this currency to continue to move lower so that's all I got for today on august 26 2018 if you're interested in learning more about language analysis come on over time he finished patreon page and there you have access to more exclusive content that is not available anywhere else make sure you all maintain your probability I will talk to you all later

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