Cryptos Crashing? Marijuana Stocks Recovering? Now What? with Rich TV Live

Cryptos Crashing? Marijuana Stocks Recovering? Now What? with Rich TV Live cryptocurrencies cryptocurrency bitcoin pot cannabis hemp weed david moadel welcome to looking at the markets I’m
with rich and welcome to rich TV live because I’d love to have this on both
channels if you want to we got rich here in all this turmoil in
all this confusion in all this craziness what the heck is going on
I need Rich’s perspective today rich how you doing sir first of all oh man I’m
doing great uh yesterday was the Super Bowl yep and I loved it it was an
amazing game I thought it was a game for the ages
yeah so from that perspective I was I just I just I don’t know I just enjoyed
the Super Bowl and you know the markets of the markets Dave you know I’ll be
honest with you I’ve been in the market since I was 21 okay and I’m 40 now so
one thing I’ve learned about the markets is that they go up and then they go down
and I have never really allowed the markets to dictate my attitude right and
I’ve seen a lot of people panicking I’ve seen a lot of people saying I should
have sold higher what people have to do when they trade is they have to learn
from that they have to remember these feelings because I know what it feels
like when all of my kryptos are going down yeah and then what I try to tell
people is when you are in the crypto game or you’re in the marijuana Star
Game and last week was probably one of the worst weeks I can remember yeah in
the marijuana stock industry and crypto industry both at the same time yeah so a
lot of people got hurt including myself and the reality is anybody who was
holding crypto or marijuana stocks got hurt yeah because the whole industry
took a haircut like as far as the marijuana stocks the whole industry took
a 30 to 50 percent haircut yeah yeah it’s crazy it’s crazy the industry
always we’re not talking one stock here or two stocks we’re talking an entire
sector going down 30 40 percent something like that some
stocks went down 50% or more and I don’t know about you rich I’m sure you well
I’ve seen your whatsapp group some people are concerned to put it politely
some people are okay they’re freaking out some people I think I I think
anybody who is losing money in the markets is going to be hurt and the one
thing I have to remind people is the more money you have in the markets the
more you’re getting hurt yeah yeah so even the biggest guys right now if
they’re holding yeah they’re getting hurt
right and I’m talking about the billionaires because when you have
companies like Bitcoin that have gone down from 20,000 to now 6,000 I mean
it’s ridiculous so it’s a meteoric fall you can see it right so it’s a meteoric
fault and it’s a fall that was predicted by a lot of people yeah and anybody that
was a good trader made money you know I’ll be quite honest I sold all my
Bitcoin at 17,500 you know I did I make mistakes yeah I made a lot of mistakes I
saw my big coin like Quinn etherion pretty much at the top
cuz I figured it was a 52-week high I also sold on my marijuana stocks at the
top yeah cuz I thought it was a 52-week high I mean that’s the way I trade I
don’t get emotional right the biggest mistake I made is that re-entered too
soon and then when I had the opportunity to sell my ripple I didn’t and I
remember telling everyone in my group when ripple was at $2 I made a mistake
and everyone’s like what do you mean like you how could you make a mistake
I’m like well I made a mistake I showed us all the 330 right now ripple
is that like ridiculous like 60 cents right yeah rip was at 66 cents like you
see the SIA red here it’s mind-boggling yeah all right take a look at the
security let me say you see that that’s that’s 20 percent gains across the 20
percent losses across the board and this has been like this for now for weeks
yeah essentially since the beginning of 2018 this is crazy I love that III don’t
see wow it’s it’s all not just red but deep red 20%
I see 26 28 % there people are getting hurt
oh yeah ripple in the 6065 sixty-seven cent range I ever thought I would see
that again once it went out bill I know it’s going back to 20 cents you heard it
here first it’s gonna go back to 20 cents because charge don’t lie but
people do it charts have a tendency to go up to 52 week highs and down to 52 he
glows yeah and eventually they’ll find the floor and they’ll they’ll do a dead
cat bounce yeah yeah and you’ve seen that today in the marijuana stocks you
see the marijuana stocks all bounced back nicely today take a look at pop
ventures up 18.9% beautiful take look at cannabis wheaton it’s up at one point
percent and not huge I mean look at aurora cannabis up seven point six
straight up at seven dollars and sixty five cents yeah percent I mean these are
some of my favorites right a fire up is a six point three percent they are
altering a dead cat bounce because last week they just not annihilated right can
it be growth corp of 4.7% Organa gram of 4.4% these are some of the biggest and
the best opportunities in the industry vibrators is leading the way today of 18
percent so I love the marijuana stocks because it’s an industry that actually
has something that backs the company it has medical marijuana or CBDs or
nutraceuticals it has real product which you can vac whereas in the crypto game
is one thing I’ve been saying since the beginning how can you actually say that
in the crypto game how can you say that you have a hundred billion dollar market
cap when you have no equity to back it when you’re a public vehicle when you’re
a public company on the NASDAQ you’re on the New York Stock Exchange you’re on
that you know the sp500 you’re on all these major exchanges you’re on the
Toronto Stock Exchange you have to have equity to back your financials you can’t
just say oh I have a 100 million dollar market cap but it’s all in research and
development it’s all in R&D and some companies do it but I mean eventually
you know you need to have some revenue you you can’t just have debt dead
instruments and have no equity to back it right now I’m not suggesting these
cryptocurrencies have debt I’m not I don’t know nobody knows how they’re run
cuz they’re not public right so nobody knows how they’re being run nobody knows
where the money’s going the owner of ripple has a hundred billion coins so
you know even at a dollar it’s a hundred billion dollars so and he has the right
to sell it as much as he wants essentially right sure so I mean he has
it locked up and he can say I think there’s some type of lika provision but
even that LICO provision if it’s 1% a month that’s a huge amount that’s a
billion a month yeah Wow so there’s no but regulating these people yeah you
have to understand that like there’s nobody regulating those markets like
these markets in the marijuana industry they’re being regulated so that’s why
I’ve been telling people that the marijuana stocks are my safe haven right
right but it doesn’t mean that they’re not gonna go down of course and I’ve
always said you know what do we tell people did I am NOT a licensed adviser
I’m telling me what I’m right I’m telling you what I’m doing and sometimes
I’m winning and sometimes I’m losing but usually I’m holding and I’m just gonna
hold and I don’t be honest with you if ripple goes back to 20 cents I’m gonna
buy a lot okay okay it’s for me I’m in no rush to buy more at these prices
because I feel like it’s free-falling right so let it free fall I let it go to
a penny I really don’t care um you know for me I care for everyone else but for
me as a traitor I want to get it as cheap as possible because I’m thinking
20 years from now right the banks are still going to be using Ripple okay and
that’s the Warren Buffett strategy yes we’ll just company be in business in 20
years he’s not worried about January 2018 right or February 2018 he’s not
really concerned about that that’s not what made him the best investor of our
generation of ever essentially in the stock market
right right very so very true I’m glad you’re not catching a falling knife when
it comes to the cryptocurrency space you’re not catching the falling
and I recommend that ya I’m not a licensed or registered investment
advisor rich is not a right register or license of investment advisor you need
to make your own decisions okay this is not investment advice in this video but
I will say this this this is what works for me I don’t catch falling knives if
something is going down fast day after day we said we saw Rich’s screen there –
20 % – 26 % – 28 percent in a day okay yeah look at that it’s been like this
every day for the last I don’t know how long now right crypto world is so crazy
yeah and this is not necessarily my opinion only this is not necessarily the
time to get in you want to wait till investors calm down and show some
confidence and in this particular market okay what I like to do it my father
taught me this you know I used to want to get in because I heard a Warren
Buffett said buy when there’s blood on the streets okay
but that doesn’t mean you buy at the worst part okay all right you buy this
is what my father taught me and he’s been in this trading and investing game
for a long time when something’s falling falling falling fast you wait until it’s
done falling okay and then you wait till starts to go sideways that means the
market is calming down a little bit and then it starts to hook up words a little
bit that’s even better you get that little fishhook okay down down down
sideways little fishhook upwards that means that the bleeding has at least
slowed down maybe even stopped no guarantees of course it can go down more
but I’m gonna wait until the bleeding at least slows down okay and if you’re
already holding that I’ve been getting a lot of emails rich I know you’ve been
getting a lot of messages in your whatsapp group everybody needs to check
out Rich’s whatsapp group just go to whatsapp also check out rich TV
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what you want to do is get okay if you’re already holding first of all I
hope that you didn’t over invest rich and I have been telling you not to over
invest in anything this has been consistent with us so if you put too
much into it I’m sorry this is happening but there’s not much
we can do for you at this point yeah as far as if you didn’t put too much in you
put some in you put a little bit in the question is do you buy more again I say
wait until the bleeding at least slows down rich what do you think I agree I I
don’t think there’s any reason to buy some I haven’t bought any Kryptos and I
haven’t bought any marijuana stocks since they started dropping because my
attitude is I already have them yeah so why buy more right and then secondly if
I’m going to buy them I want to make sure I buy them at the bottom so what’s
the rush I’m gonna rush it I already rushed it right you know I sold almost a
hundred thousand dollars of marijuana stocks and then I put 60 back in now is
the houses money it went from 60 down to 41 in a matter
of a week why it was disturbing yeah but I also know hey man I’ve seen this
before I mean how many times I wasn’t so just hold it out and then today the
marijuana stocks are all back up yeah but the cripples are not you know
so this is why I say like you gotta find a safe haven like everybody has their
safe haven I like the marijuana stocks okay that’s I gained you know like you
look at Aurora cannabis the way it’s trading like this like it’s nuts look at
it it’s crazy it’s madness 7.1 million shares up 7 percent at 7 dollars and 36
cents but look at the level 2 on this it’s just like a Christmas tree lady
right and that’s showing volatility that’s showing interest that’s showing
investors buying and selling the security so there’s people interested in
this now in the crypto game when you see day after day after day of just this
pummeling as a trader I’m thinking shorting hmm I would be honest with you
now I’m not a trader that likes to short yeah but that’s what I’m thinking so if
I’m thinking short it’s short the market because everybody’s doing that right
that’s the trader that’s what’s happened let’s be honest people are shorting this
market sure whether they’re selling panic selling short trading it right
whatever they’re selling the crazy panic and it’s creating this market this
devastating market right yeah just the top 10 it’s everything right so
everything is down probably there’s a handful that’s not down so all your talk
poins are down so yeah it’s the time to buy it’s time to buy I’m not gonna tell
anybody buy cuz I’m not buying okay so why would I tell anybody to buy right
right yeah no I appreciate well first of all your strategy is very interesting
because most people don’t think of marijuana stocks as a safe haven most
people think of the marijuana stocks as speculative as risky I’m gonna put that
in quotes angers risky okay but you know what all you have to do is look at the
S&P 500 right now the S&P 500 is selling off massively so if you think that blue
chip stocks are safe take a look at today’s price action s SP 500 down over
three percent this is huge this hasn’t happened in what a couple years I think
I don’t remember the last time this happened correction I mean we talked
about it they were up 20% last year they had their best year ever
yeah the market has to have a correction yeah it has to go down for it to go up
it’s the game okay the shorter short it down they take it down all the way down
and then the Shorter’s are covering it so the reason why these stocks have gone
up today is the Shorter’s have covered they have fought and scared they thought
about it they’re like okay we’ve taken this down a lot last week yeah let’s
cover our shorts now right just in case and you’ll see everything is bouncing
back up after a devastating really really bad week last week roughly and
now they’re starting to kind of go back in the red a little bit here you can see
everything is starting to retract again here so these markets are very risky so
when I say it’s a safe haven there is no safe haven in investing okay right when
you’re investing in the stock market and you’re investing in kryptos there is no
safe haven this is all extremely speculative it’s all very risky that’s
why I always say that rich TV Live is strictly for education and entertainment
purposes we just want to educate you and teach you and show you what’s out there
I’m not telling you and I’m not suggesting you should buy any of these
things I will tell you what I’m buying right I’ll tell you prices I bought I’ll
tell you what prices I sold at right now I’m just accumulating you know
the 2018 just started and my strategy for investing is accumulate my favorite
stocks and cryptocurrencies okay I don’t focus on the price when they go down I
buy more and that’s my strategy it’s always been my strategy I just the way I
trade and it’s called dollar cost averaging lowering your cost average
it’s something we’ve talked about on our show and I’ll just continue to do it to
the day I die that’s how I trade that’s the way I’ll always trade and I don’t
put all my eggs in one basket right when I trade I don’t take my mortgage money
and I trade with it I trade with the like right now I’m trading with the
houses money right if both the crypto and the marijuana stocks so the way I
trade is I hold I buy what I like at a little price I watch it I buy it I hold
it and then when I get enough profit 30 40 % or sometimes hopefully more
sometimes a thousand percent yeah but at least 30 40 % I’m trying to get
sometimes I’ll even take 10% it depends on how much I’m playing with you know
but I don’t really take less than 10% I’ll be quite honest with you okay I’d
rather hold and if I really believe in the company I’ll hold and then as it
goes down I’ll watch it I’ll watch it I’ll watch it I’ll stock it I’ll watch
it a lot you don’t watch it every day just like this watch it
alright I’m watching everything in the crypto game I’m watching Bitcoin every
day go up and down and like it’s hard to believe that bitcoins at 6,800 like for
me to believe that this is at 6800 now it’s hard to swallow yeah but then I
also remember it was at 5000 in November not that long okay I mean like November
wasn’t that long ago yeah you know weirder
so it’s a quarter away so that’s how volatile crypto is hmm it’s and that’s
how I’ll Bitcoin is yeah and the marijuana stocks are also very volatile
so you have to know what you’re getting involved with right when you get into
this game it’s very there’s very high very big highs and very big lows but if
you are able to withstand those lows and buy it those opportunities then when the
big highs come you also have to remember those days when you feel like you got
kicked in the in the guts yeah you feel it in your guts
and you’re like oh and it was like last week that was for me you know right and
and today you know the marijuana stocks at least are doing a lot better crypto
Millia is doing terrible but at least the marijuana stocks are doing a lot
better and there are some examples of stocks that are doing good today oh yeah
but you know what they’re starting to go back down right now so that’s the
markets day you know with seamless so if you’ve grown up in the markets like us
right unfortunately you’ve seen too many of these days yeah it’s it’s we’ve been
there done that that’s why people look to rich TV live again go to rich TV if you haven’t gone already also check out his YouTube channel
you know links in the description below this video for goodness sake subscribe
subscribe rich do it do it do it get the updates so what are you saying well
first I’ll tell you what I’m saying because I’m sure people have emailed you
a lot saying oh my god what do I do I’ve gotten a lot of those emails every
day for the last week two weeks what do I do
I’m way down I tell them well first of all if you’re feeling emotional then you
put too much into it but that’s you know that doesn’t make them feel any better
so to help them feel a little better I tell them look if you have a long-term
outlook okay if you are willing to hang in there then just do it just hang in
there and don’t look so much okay maybe step away from the computer or the phone
for a little while that’s what I’ve been telling people to kind of as swage their
fears a little bit rich I’m just curious what have you been telling people who
because I know you’ve been getting emails and and text messages all the
time oh my god I’m way down what do i do what do you tell those people I just I
just tell them listen man don’t panic this is the markets the markets go up
and down and you’ve got to learn not to panic and if you believe that that stock
or that crypto or that investment will disappear you should sell okay okay if
you believe that that company has a future which is the only thing I try to
invest in these companies that I believe have a future not to say that you know I
don’t make mistakes I do but I’ll hold on to something usually like especially
a stock or cryptocurrency I like to hold for at least for me like I will sell it
if it goes up really quickly but if it I don’t mind holding for a year okay
okay right that’s kind of the way I look at it I don’t mind holding for a year I
look at it more like this is an asset that I’m accumulating right this is an
asset in an industry that is growing yeah it’s going to have ups and downs
it’s going to have changes there’s going to be more regulation especially in
crypto yeah even in marijuana stocks as well there’s going to be more regulation
especially in Canada and in America so and throughout the rest of the world
so as this regulation is happening and licensing is happening more and more
things are gonna happen and stocks are gonna go up and down with solo crypto
currencies you have to learn not to get emotional and really you got to learn
when it’s up you got to learn to sell because there’s a lot of people that are
like oh I should have sold when I was way up I was up 60 grand a hundred grand
a million dollars I’ve heard people been up and they didn’t sell Dave right and
what I want people to learn from that is when you’re up you need to sell yeah
yeah all right and I think a lot of people I did so you know and I did well
yeah I reinvested again with the houses money and I’m down on both my crypto and
my marijuana stocks right now I’m not gonna lie to you to start a 2018 but I
also was down to start 2017 and in the end of 2017 I was up so yeah I remember
this it’s happened before right it’s not to say the 2018 will
finish like 2017 well that that’s not guaranteed for sure sure but I also know
that as a trader I can also buy more I can buy more at a lower price and
especially coins like ripple that I really believe in the biggest mistake I
made with ripple is I didn’t sell it 330 the next time ripple goes to 330 I will
have a lot more coins because my goal was to get 10,000 I’ve got nine thousand
right now so now I can buy another thousand really easily yeah so for me to
get ten thousand which was my goal this is like perfect
so technically all the coins I like I’m just gonna be able to buy them now for
cheaper yeah yeah so I was never planning on buying them
with the money I was gonna make selling those coins right right
that was never my plan in the first place I was just accumulating coins and
accumulating marijuana stocks that I liked and I believe in in 2018 okay now
do I like the fact that they’ve gone down no I think it’s terrible do I think
it’s terrible that people have lost money I do can I control the markets no
unfortunately I cannot if I quit I would have said let’s all have 52-week highs
and everything let’s make millions and billions of
dollars and let’s live comfortably yeah but unfortunately I don’t control the
markets and you don’t either so all we can do is try to educate people and show
them what is happening what is out there and there will be opportunities and
eventually Bitcoin will hit a bottom so you’re seeing right now Bitcoin has went
to 6,600 and right now it’s pushing to go up to 7,000 yeah so it’s good to see
that you know it’s going up but I mean like when is the bottom gonna hit you
don’t know yet and I think it’s very risky especially crypto to play that
game yeah I would rather play that and play that game with the marijuana stocks
right now okay okay that’s my opinion sure and that’s what I’m doing but to be
quite honest with you I’m not actually gonna sell anything or buy anything for
the next month or so I’m just gonna watch the markets and focus on other
things because I think that what you focus on expands and if you can’t focus
on the market and you can’t control it then trying to focus on it will really
only stress you out true-true don’t bullshit it only make
you feel unhappy and I’ve been there I’m isn’t it I’m in there you know yeah you
know I ripple at one point was worth 30 grand and now it’s worth probably five
grand so as a trader I know I made a bad trade and I and I even told my community
I made a bad trade I admitted to it that I should have sold it at 3:30 right and
I think as a trader you’ve got to learn to be honest with yourself yeah and when
you make bad decisions and you don’t sell at the top you
you should learn from that and don’t get angry at yourself but just learn from it
so the next time ripple goes to 3:30 and I believe it will again and I believe it
will again in 2018 and I believe it will go higher at some
point I don’t know if it’ll stay there because if you look at kryptos it’s not
it’s a moving target yeah oh yeah oh yeah
so ripple so ripple you think it’s gonna possibly go down to 20 cents yes and up
to three of more than three dollars per coin per token this year in in this year
that’s amazing that’s my beloved aiming point we’ll also resurrect Bitcoin will
do better and I believe that this is just a cycle okay and I believe that
things need to go down so that all the rich people can make money yeah yeah
okay I mean that’s just the game right so if you are at a market that’s not
regulated and you have the ability to take everything down and give everybody
the chance to get in cheap right and all the new people that are getting into
Kryptos they’ve never bought any crypto scan now get in cheap again a Bitcoin
yeah yeah guess what you know Bitcoin just hit 7,000 it was
just that 6600 right so you know ripples is 69 cents it was just that 64 okay
okay I mean the markets will turn around at some point Dave let’s be honest yeah
now do I want it to go to 20 cents I think selfishly I wanted to go cheap so
I can buy some do I really wanted to go down to 20 cents hell no I’m not insane
but I mean selfishly I’d like to buy some cheap that’s the only reason why I
wanted to go down but you know am i praying that it goes down hell no man
I’m not insane so it the other day it’s just like it’s one of those things where
you just learned when you’re in the markets that that’s the markets right
right you know coach like being in a boxing match insane man I don’t want to
get hit well you’re in a boxing match you’re probably gonna hit you know it’s
gonna happen yeah there’s a market yeah you don’t want it to go down yeah nobody
does but it’s the markets it’s gonna go down right right gonna go up in his get
go down if ya know then there’s no safety I mean II
and bonds with bond yields rising people who already own bonds or have owned
bonds they’re not even doing that well they’re suffering I mean even bonds are
not safe anymore the stocks blue-chip stocks aren’t even
safe right now the the S&P 500 is down two and a half percent as we speak this
is massive and it was down 2% on Friday so we’re in the middle of a market
correction so even though safe quote unquote safe stocks McDonald’s Disney
Exxon Mobil whatever coca-cola even those aren’t safe right now so if you’re
in the markets you’ve got to understand there’s gonna be volatility and
sometimes you’re gonna lose the idea is to win more than you lose and then you
come out ahead over time if you’re in the cryptocurrencies space awesome I
want you to be part of this if you want to and if you can afford it that’s the
important thing don’t put money into cryptocurrencies
marijuana stocks or any investment that you cannot afford to lose that’s hugely
important right now a lot of people are suffering a lot of people are in pain
right now but hey look at that back up to 7,000 during this program it’s going
up okay things are getting better if you sold at the worst possible time you’re
already starting to regret it a little bit probably it’s already it look at
Rich’s screen it’s already going up so I mean there’s a bottom to everything deal
in the markets there is gravity in the markets I always say there is gravity in
the markets and the markets do go up and down so yeah you’ve got to remember when
it’s down that’s the time to buy and then when it’s up that’s time to sell
yeah when it’s up it’s not the time to hold right and that’s the thing that I
really want to teach people is educate people is let’s say you buy something it
goes up and you sell it and you make money isn’t that the reason why you
invest it yeah people have this thing it’s like they they’re afraid to sell
you know and and I’m like why and they get emotional they get attached to these
stocks and I’m like listen do you think that these stocks care about you if they
go down like the way they did last week do you think any one of these stocks is
gonna give you more shares do you think any of these companies are gonna send
you some shares for your losses away so when you’re up you got to play
the game like the bankers are playing the game you got to understand the game
is being played yeah and the people that are playing the game the bankers that
are playing the game the institutions that are playing the game that are
buying those stocks and those cryptocurrencies the the whales the
high-net-worth investors that are buying Bitcoin ripple aetherium you know and
all the top marijuana stocks or technology stocks like Amazon Facebook
Twitter Lincoln it all these huge companies Google you know what if you’re
one of those people buying those things you know you know that there’s gonna be
absent flows in the markets and there’s gonna be ups and downs you got to learn
how to get out when you’re up yeah that’s a big part of the game and it’s
also learning how to watch them and stalk them and get in when they’re down
right and that’s something that you know I’m gonna talk about all the time and
when they’re down is right now yeah and learning how to watch these
opportunities and find those opportunities in those windows yeah and
then when you see that they go down that’s people that are just taking their
profits essentially you know sometimes if you’re a banker and you’re playing
with millions of dollars that’s 5% in a day that’s enormous yeah oh yeah oh yeah
people are going to take profits Bitcoin just went up $200 in the last couple of
minutes while you were saying that so for the people who sold it the worst
possible time there it’s still going up look at that for the people who sold at
the worst possible time man I hope you’re learning a lesson here when you
sell in the red man you’re not following Rich’s advisement not that this is
investment advice it’s not but you’re not follow you’re not doing what rich
does which is buying the red and then selling the green look at Bitcoin going
up 70 to 50 it just went up 250 bucks in the last few minutes as quickly as it’s
coming down Dave it can go up so you nobody should be kidding themselves and
thinking that bitcoin is going anywhere right now as much as Bitcoin has its
flaws and I think that there’s going to be a day that Bitcoin cash will surpass
Bitcoin and that’s something I’m concerned about with Bitcoin and I don’t
know how they’re gonna deal with that yeah so personally I would be more
interested in buying Bitcoin cash and that’s kind of my strategy but
bitcoin is still the name that everybody on a global scale has heard after first
and foremost before Bitcoin cash so that’s why it’s difficult for me to try
to figure out what is going to happen in the future right so that’s why for me
personally the one that I have the most of is Ripple okay
I have ripple I have stellar lumens I have a Bitcoin you know III have Cardona
I have red coin so I’ve accumulated a few coins and I’m just gonna keep buying
the coins that I own that I like that I enjoy their technology like I said I’m
not putting my mortgage money into these things I’m you know I’m playing with
essentially the money I made from investing in both Kryptos and marijuana
stocks last year so yeah am i down yeah do I like it no but I also know that I’m
gonna accumulate more and when it’s down that’s my opportunity to accumulate more
but I’m also no rush to accumulate more right right not I’m not I’m just kind of
watching and I look at it like we’re in a fair season right now so why should I
be buying anything let’s just see how low it’s gonna go gotcha I mean yeah
it’s going up right now but to me does that mean we’ve hit the bottom no right
no you know so that’s the thing like I want people to understand that like it
and understand like oh it’s you can’t oh it’s going up 500 points since rich has
been live you know yeah it’s going back up to ten thousand well that could just
be another setup and then it just goes right back down again so you’ve got
understand the game that’s being played and the manipulation what’s happening in
these markets yeah god okay and and I believe that there’s a lot of
manipulation that’s happening these markets because they’re unregulated
markets gotcha all right and just to wrap it up because I know you’re a busy
man and you got places to go things to do but rich TV live I know you want your
website to be a hub of information and resources for people I want I’m gonna
send people over there for my channel for sure rich TV and subscribe
to rich and rich TV and rich TV live as well what what’s the latest
I mean what what’s rich TV going to become for people well we’ve
got an app at Google Play you can get you can download our app and join our
group chat at Google Play rich TV live you can find it at Google Play so we’re
very excited about that and I want to thank Dan RT IT guy for that
for making that happen and we’re working on getting our app hosted on iPhone and
Apple Store so very excited about that that should be happening soon go ahead
rich TV live calm right now is growing very fast we are doing about a hundred
and twenty thousand unique visitors a month and our goal is to get to 1
million unique visitors a month so we have we’re very excited I have a lot of
people working with us behind the scenes to build our brand to help us with with
getting our name out there on Google Analytics so when you type rich rich TV
rich TV live you’ll see we pop up pretty quickly when you’re typing up marijuana
stocks crypto currencies you’ll see that we’re printing it we’re starting to show
up higher on the rankings on Alexa so because we have had a really huge month
in January Alexa is not updated I don’t believe it’s right away probably be a
couple months so you’ll see the rankings are really growing
we’re also becoming one of the largest hubs for I see or reviews yeah yeah I
know you’ve been doing some I see reviews as well so we are becoming a
very trusted resource for ico reviews and remember guys if you’re buying like
I SEOs and our I see your reviews don’t please like don’t expect that those
reviews are going to be like a hundred percent and and don’t buy them just
because I’m talking about them on my show please like that is strictly for
education and entertainment purposes the only reason why I even do that to be
honest with you is because I want to educate the public about what’s out
there sure but I want people understand that I’m not buying those I SEOs you
know I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea that I am buying anything
right now in crypto because the reality is I’m Knox now that doesn’t mean
going to and I’m not set up to I am set up to and I am going to right now I’ve
chosen not to because I feel like when you’re on the Titanic and you’re sinking
you know what are you gonna do you’re gonna sink with the ship or are you
going to you know jump off you know I’m gonna jump off I want to save myself and
my people let’s jump off for a bit you know let’s get on some lifeboats and
when it does come back to life and there’s like you know a plan of action
and there’s a safety net somewhere then I would feel more comfortable jumping
back on that ship but if there’s like a huge hole and there’s water and it’s
sinking I think we need to save ourselves don’t we Dave like what are we
gonna do like are we like when I say save ourselves like I’m not selling no
I’m oddly I’m holding on for dear life okay that’s the way I treat I’m always
treated that way and I trained that way for almost 20 years so right that’s
what’s worked for me but if you need to sell and you need to sell and if you’re
up you should definitely sell or any of you need to sell and you’re down and you
really need to sell then you should probably sell okay that’s my advice to
you but if you can hold it and you can accumulate more at a lower price think
about it this way let’s just say you bought ripple at $3 near the top and
right now it’s at 73 cents it’s interesting how it’s just exploded up
since we’ve been talking yeah so let’s just say you you bought Ripple and now
it’s at 73 cents my attitude is well if I wait six months it might go back to
five bucks mm-hmm good so why don’t I buy somewhere at 73 cents and if my
average cost is three dollars and I buy some at 73 cents let’s say I spent a
thousand dollars and my average cost was three dollars now if I put another
thousand in at 73 cents it’s gonna reduce my average cost dramatically so
average cost will now no longer be $3 my average cost will be like round maybe
about dollar 30 maybe yeah so you’ve just reduced your average cost by 50%
yeah and now do you believe there’s a chance
that ripple could go to 150 that’s more likely than three dollars so that’s how
I trade so I don’t put all in my eggs in one basket into that one specific trait
gotcha so I have other investments and tools that I can use to get out of a bad
trade right so that’s kind of how I trade I treat so when I trade I buy
something to get it on my radar that’s kind of how I trade so I’m gonna radar
now I hold it but I don’t really look at it like I’m afraid of the price I look
at it like I will buy more at a lower price right so if it goes down this is
my chance to accumulate so I’ve been accumulating Ripple all the way down
okay right and the lawyer gets the more I’m gonna buy it
yep yeah because this is the one I like the most why because it’s working with
the banks right I said it’s just the beginning
so if you work with the banks and the banks love you you’re working with
American Express you’re working with Royal Bank of Canada you’re working with
potentially visa and I’m hearing all the kinds of rumblings of Western Union huge
conglomerates global conglomerates they see a future with ripple so I see that
future with ripple so for me I’m gonna continue to buy ripple my average cost
is around 30 cents so I’m still up sure but I’m not even considering
selling okay I’m not littering selling it doesn’t
even go through my mind hmm like I’ll be honest it has never crossed
my mind and I’ve had people tell me rich you should sell it you know rich it’s
gonna go to nothing it’s gonna go to 20 cents and I say you know what you might
be right but I believe in ripple and I believe in my intuition and my intuition
is saying that this bad boy here this is gonna explode at some point and when it
does I want to have as much of it as possible
so that’s just the way I trade and even with the marijuana stocks I feel that
way about all of them that I’ve been buying
okay so it’s like I got like a brother or sister and I love my family and I
look at these stocks like they’re my family
you know I love the stocks they pay my bills you know look hey if
they have a bad date you know if I invest in fantasy
basketball and I’m investing in LeBron James or I invest in a marijuana stock
where I invest in triple and just because ripple has a bad day or my
basketball player has a bad day do I just drop them if LeBron James in the
Cleveland Bradley Cavaliers have been losing a lot and that’s why I’m wearing
this jacket cuz LeBron’s been our losing streak right
LeBron has been on a crazy losing streak and he’s lost eight games in a row on
national television and he said he came out and said we shouldn’t even be on
national television yeah so you know I don’t think he should have said that you
know you’ve earned the right to be on national television
why would you say that so that is not a good leadership quality for me
personally to see that and I love LeBron he’s one of the best players ever you
would have never heard Michael Jordan say that hmm and you never heard Michael
Jordan say that so if I’m his fantasy owner you know I might want to get rid
of LeBron because I might be thinking you know he’s got a bad attitude so if I
might like to hold her a stock it’s the same thing like if I got a stock and
they got bad news like they’re getting sued or something Bad’s happening to
that then I might consider getting rid of that family member right right that’s
the way I look at it but for most for the most part I would never turn on my
family and the way I look at it is with these stocks they’re like my family like
I love them so with these kryptos ripple I love ripple like I have fallen in love
with Ripple so it doesn’t matter what ripple does to
me I’m not gonna turn on ripple gotcha that’s what try to explain to you like I
look at these like that it’s like my best friend you know yeah you know maybe
I’m crazy for that’s how I treat right yeah oh and I watch the Mike I read
their news I follow them you know almost religiously and that’s how I treat and
when you fall in love with a stock like I fell in love with Facebook yeah I felt
loved with Amazon right you know I love the stocks and they’ve done extremely
well for me and all right they’re part my like long-term portfolio so
there’s certain things I’ve done that it just long-term to work really well for
me so that strategy and that long-term strategy that I that I’ve had for my
whole life has really worked for me long-term so that’s why I don’t concern
myself with like a seven-day period or a two-week period of trading or a
two-month period of training right I think that’s very small way to look at
the market yeah because if you really look at Bitcoin it’s still up 7700 and
26 percent since last year right Austria was at $1,000 at this time yeah now it’s
at 7200 it was at 5,000 in November I go back to my videos I can’t even believe
it yeah yeah it was at 5,000 in November and then it shot up to 20,000 so what’s
to stop it from shooting up to 20,000 again d good point you know what you’re
you’re making me feel better I didn’t even need consolation and yet you’re
making me feel better with that perspective with the long-term outlook
you’re looking at the fundamentals not just of companies but of currencies and
crypto currencies as well you’re looking beneath the hood you’re saying you know
what this car okay you know what it’s it we all all cars have a little
bit of car trouble all right but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad car you can
still keep these like and or just like well you know you use the sports analogy
alright you don’t just give up on your favorite team your favorite players
because they have a couple losses in a row that’s right
so hey this has been rich TV and looking at the markets with David Modell we’re
back up to 7,200 already on Bitcoin who knows where it’s going man
if you’re feeling panicky I understand but rich has the right attitude stay in
the game whatever your plan is stay in the game think long term and calm down
it’s gonna be alright Thank You Richford I’m gonna get this to my audience for
sure I’ve been recording it can’t wait to post it because people been asking me
what the heck do I do I think you answered it as well as anybody possibly
could just just with your tone and your calm demeanor I think it really helps so
rich TV is the play to be it’s becoming the the portal for
all your icos all your Kryptos all your marijuana
stocks and everything else that you want invest oh and don’t forget we just did
an interview with Shannon breaks – time for a boxing champion yep
rich TV live is becoming B place for entertainment and collaboration
obviously you are the first youtuber to collaborate with rich TV live and I
thank you so much David for that we will continue to collaborate my friends right
with your on ongoing success with your channel with your community and with
everything that you’re doing and I really I just love working with you and
working with Shannon Briggs was a dream come true
yeah interviewing a boxer being someone who dreamed of being a sports
broadcaster and and went to school for it and and always thought that maybe one
day that could be something I could do and then to actually interview Shannon
Briggs yep I’ll be honest with you it was a dream come true day and I’m tell
you guys right now I wish it I will be interviewing Shannon Briggs and other
celebrities very soon however and I don’t want I don’t want you to tell
anyone where I’m going date but I am going to be taking a trip tomorrow so I
will be broadcasting from a tropical paradise mmm
so much I’m so not concerned that I’m gonna be live-streaming from paradise so
yeah I’m not I’m not even remotely concerned about kryptos or marijuana
stocks in fact I’m very excited about all the investments I’ve made and I’m
excited about accumulating more I’m just not in a rush to buy more now right cuz
I want to kind of see what happens I kind of just gonna get my popcorn ready
Dave there you go I got my popcorn ready I love sitting back getting the popcorn
ready and watching the show wherever it takes you wherever that rollercoaster
ride takes ya this has been rich TV live and looking at the markets we’re gonna
put this out today or at least I am because I want to get you to all the
people who are worried no worries don’t worry be happy which could be wise
all right party people have a great day everybody
we’ll see you soon thank you Dave thank you for watching please like
comment and subscribe and I’ll see you next time

9 thoughts on “Cryptos Crashing? Marijuana Stocks Recovering? Now What? with Rich TV Live”

  1. Guess I'm dumb cuz I buckle up sit back for long ride I buy when low n I sit back til yrs pass payoff big for me

  2. Rich,,, Ripple is going to go to 20 cents… I hope they go to $5 for you but my uninformed opinion is it is going down and never coming back. I hope I am wrong for you though…

  3. Good show, discussions, and information. True that market volatility is part of market dynamics. It's possible that some of the recent massive selling, is due to algorithms and computer Bots that trigger selling at certain levels time and again. High frequency trading with massive amount of shares being traded repeatedly will cause spikes up at times, as well as serious crashes. Shorting and panic sellers also move prices down. Whales may also be actively working in the same direction. As Rich said, creates an opportunity for them to buy at or near the bottom.

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