7 thoughts on “Cryptopia to re-open on the 4th, will traders get their money back?”

  1. So they get hacked which justifies further theft from 'haircuts' and anyone with ravencoin watch their funds rize x5 and then drop x5 in slowmo while cryptopia could easily have done something. And probably made shitloads trading with everyones funds while they procrastinate as if it was an outside job. What a bunch of twats.

  2. Its obvious no one is getting nothing back…but good thing there's always a back door. If anyone wishes to recover funds he has lost to the platform, get in touch with XIAOMINRECOVERY via gmail to have it done for you with no hassle. and they require no upfronts as well.

  3. Could there have been any inside help?

    ie insurance scam or exit scam? I mean why attack during such a terrible time (price wise) if you were a hacker?!

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