Cryptopia CryptoCurrency Exchange Tutorial How to Buy and Sell ZenCash/Bitcoin

hey what's going on guys that's boss of the last coin YouTube channel and today I'm here to show you how to use script Opia and specifically I'm going to be buying and selling Zen cache ok so there's a lot of reasons why I like growtopia one of the main ones is the fact that it's not based in the US it's based in New Zealand cryptokey is also building obviously the trading and exchange it's a crypto currency exchange also a buying sell marketplace and really just they're looking to build a whole community around their platform which is cool to see so without going on and on about that let's get to the main function here we'll go to my account and navigate to my balances also you can have referrals on crypto piya so if you guys do like this video and you want to sign up be awesome if you use my code because every little bit matters and you know you guys supporting me in my projects like that that is what's gonna allow me to eventually hopefully sooner than later do this whole time also a very very cool feature of group topia is the fact that this is all the information I have tied up in this exchange this is it you know my account could be one two seven one five two and then my email could be that at who knows where calm and with that might still my daily withdrawal limit would be 5,000 and ZD which is New Zealand dollar if you're wondering how much that equates out into the US dollar that's my daily withdrawal limit without providing a really single piece of information very cool for those that have privacy in mind so we're gonna click over here to balances and we're gonna search Zen cash we're gonna click deposit and we can make a deposit this way there's another way to get here simply hover over this icon click deposit you can search what you want to do and that's gonna give us this address so I'm gonna come over here I'm gonna search or excuse me I'm coming over to my Zen cash swing wallet I have a whole video on setting up and using the swing wallet if you want to check it out this is what it looks like coming in here I'm going to navigate down to this wallet I'm gonna put my destination I'm gonna send to Zen and just click click boom in progress and successful that's what I like to see you're curious I want to make sure that you know cryptokey or anyone else is never you know duping you then you can come over here to the blockchain put this in and you can see that we have an unconfirmed balance of two Zen so it's already posted definitely successful send out of the Zen cache swing wallet now we just need to wait for it to be confirmed on the blockchain by the miners shoutout to the miners in the meantime let's check out the exchange market so crypto piya they have a lot of stuff and they also are pretty active on listing some of the smaller coins pretty quickly like pearl is getting all kinds of publicity lately right now last time I checked it was the top coined of mine on the attach I'll go so if your rigs best a mining aetherium it's even better at mining this for profitability currently so if you take a look around you see all these smaller coins that you may not see where you simply will not see on the bigger exchanges of course they have some of the bigger coins or most really all most of the bigger coins like neo if you mind hush which is a great coin to mine in my opinion it's on here this is the main avenue for that got Komodo and whatever else we can go on and on about coins on here coins that I like I'm frequently able to get a little bit better prices on here when I'm selling as opposed to selling on bit tracks again you know don't quote something in the comments but like you totally lie I'm just saying in general I check the prices for all coins in both exchanges so you know every time it's different but I'm simply out here looking to get the best deal and everything that I can so let's go over here to our balances I'm gonna go ahead and hide zero balances and this way you know it has not shown up on crypto P yet so pretty quickly it's already shown up on the exchange this is good to see you can see a registered here under total and it's not available yet should probably still be pending the confirmation or to once that clears will be good to go in order to proceed alright guys so it's been about 30 minutes or so waiting for this Xen cash transaction to clear it's not the Zen cash is slow it's just these exchanges they make it so it needs to go through many more confirmations than normally required to ensure their side it's like this with crypto Pia and bit tracks for example as well as most of the other exchanges so I just wanted and sold some of the Neo ads sitting here and we're gonna be able to do pretty much exactly what we wanted anyway so I've got some Bitcoin now we're going to go over here to the Zen cash market I've got this much Bitcoin which is 0.001 9 the last price for zen cash was 0.028 so right now we're gonna go ahead and buy half a cent and the price we're gonna buy it is the last on price which means that we would need point 0:01 for for Bitcoin basically that's gonna be our fee let's go ahead and put out the buy order and see if we can do that and instantly we bought 0.01 9sn that means that we have part of our order currently filled and we're waiting for someone else to try the sellers in at that current asking price we have so we can sit around here and wait for this if we'd like to however I'm gonna navigate over here to my open trades you're gonna see I've got some neo still sitting there I'm gonna cancel that I'm gonna cancel the Zen cache order just to wrap this up for you guys so I'm looking to buy point for Zen and this is gonna be our asking price but I'm gonna go ahead and up that a percentage there just so we get this knocked out you can see right there by upping the price instantly bought what we wanted so if you want to fill this with the current amount you have I'm gonna click this so if I wanted to sell all of my Zen then I would do this option and I'm selling it this price that's the last sold price so if I'm gonna try to sell all my Zen at the last sold price that what I would do I'm gonna drop it just a little bit to see if we can get instant sale here and we instantly sold all of ours in for that price again a couple things to review this is a Zen to BTC market so your Zen cache is being sold against the Bitcoin and from there you would go ahead and sell your Bitcoin into US dollars if you're looking to convert your Zen cache in the US dollars there's a lot of different ways to do things in the crypto world this is just one Avenue and I think it's a very good one so hope this helps you guys out if you enjoyed it please make sure to drop a comment below thumbs up subscribe let me know what you liked didn't like with that said guys I'll see you next time

22 thoughts on “Cryptopia CryptoCurrency Exchange Tutorial How to Buy and Sell ZenCash/Bitcoin”

  1. Vosk I love your channel and your Content absolutely top notch ,,,,, could you give me some personal advice how long do you normally mine a coin thanks

  2. When i try to exchange coins or buy coins with bitcoin it gives me a way off number for example y triend to buy xvg which is cents only per every coin but was telling me that my 25 dlls of bitcoin can only get me 1 xvg coin what am I doing wrong?

  3. I've tried to buy BTC with namecoin but the sell button is disabled.
    Help please.
    I have like 1.59 nmc wihich is equivalent to 0.00066147 BTC. Why wont it sell ?

  4. seems to me you can only buy on coinbase and never be able to sell, mind you they have a send button but it goes nowhere?

  5. They sort of explicitly tell you not to mine to Cryptopia but I've got a question, can you mine to Cryptopia?

  6. Once you sell your coin for cash how do you get the cash into a pay pal or bank account etc? Any help is appreciated thanks

  7. VoskCoin What do you use to keep track of your coins. I'm looking for a portfolio manager for crypto any suggestions? Show idea if you do.

  8. Vosk.. Why is mining ZenCash so FREAKING SLOOOOWWWW??? I have mined for 24 hours with two RX 580s and I make more per day mining XMR ($100) than ZenCash ($22).

  9. Hey Vish could you make a video on how to cash out, like if I got 20 etc how could one get that coin, to dollars and in my bank account, Thanks

  10. on my Radeon XFX Rx580 8gb my H/s is no bigger than 290H/s therefore is no more profitable then mining ETH,on your nvidia GPU what is your H/s? Hello from Romania

  11. Voskcoin,
    Should I buy now a antminer L3+(2200euro inc. The powersuply) that comes after 4 weeks and mine litecoin?

  12. Question: from your point of view as a miner, how should a trader enter and exit a mineable coin? When do miners hold, and what decisions cause miners to let a coin rise in value versus selling off their holdings? Im looking at Zencash particularly, and its hard to find a good entry point right now as an investor.

  13. Yo I really like the ZenCash project. Do you think running a ZenCash secure node would be pretty profitable?

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