CRYPTONOMICS: THE ECLIPSE 🌅 Free Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Cryptocurrency Trading News BTC USD

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29 thoughts on “CRYPTONOMICS: THE ECLIPSE 🌅 Free Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Cryptocurrency Trading News BTC USD”

  1. WOOOOW BK – MIND BLOWN. I've been thinking how there will be a financial shift – no doubt about it. Fourth video of your I'm watching lol GREAT Profit Package.

  2. BK does it make any difference the the majority of volume and hence price increase in Ripple has been due to Korean money?

  3. So true, that excess of money came from the free BCH + some FOMO buyers. Big institutions are not going to buy into this highs.

  4. i love you man, you've helped me so much over the past 2 months, keep up the awesome job of bringing light into the world

  5. Hey BK, I'm new to cryptotrading and I'm obsessed with what I am learning from your vids! So Thank YOU! My biggest question is if my money is on GDAX and I want to buy other cryptos like NEO, RIPPLE or others, how do I get my btc over to those exchanges and is it free or is there a fee? PLEASE

  6. Yo Kelly. Love the vid. The playlist link in the description for the chart videos doesn´t work on this video. Just FYI 🙂

  7. BK can you please help me understand something???How do you limit your exposure to bitcoin when investing in other altcoins, if they are paired with bitcoin? Meaning, how is any trade or move likely to be what you thought if the trade is ultimately dependent on the relationship between that coin and bitcoin, especially if bitcoin is plummeting or sky rocketing at any given moment?

  8. What do you think of Zcash? The price has been virtually identical to ETH over the last few months except for the last few weeks, its ATH was slightly above it and it didn't sink below ETH during the last crash. At 225 it seems like a steal…

  9. Can you show show the full screen of the last video you did with BTC at the rents crib? Couldnt see chart for break out/break down of btc heard 600 but, we need ya. – Got you in Vegas

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