Cryptonites: “The 4K no BS Blockchain Channel” (Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency)

Dear crypto community and blockchain
family across the globe Welcome to Cryptonites! So, what is
Cryptonites trying to achieve? Spread the love! No, but for real what are we
trying to achieve here? it’s quite simple create a relationship
of trust with you but how do we do that it’s very simple we offer transparency
honesty and credibility for all the viewers out there we’re building this
channel with the community and for the community we will give you the chance to
choose not only the speaker the theme the topic but all the way down to the
questions and that is what a community centric channel is all about one of the
key principles as we mentioned earlier is transparency making sure that you
know everything behind this and we answer all the questions you have to
make sure that we build that relationship and trust another core
principle is credibility really choosing the geniuses the masterminds and the
experts over the marketers so that you get access to real information facts
figures and research backed by evidence and the last ingredient to our secret
sauce is of course unlocking honesty now what does that mean well as you guys
know we are pro blockchain obviously but we really want to show both sides of the
story the limitations so that by being honest with you guys
once again we can build trust as you may have guests kryptonite’s is
shot at night in the beautiful city of London let’s move on to the six golden
promises that we have for you golden promise number one so all shows will
avoid following Schilling over marketing and all the BS that goes around a lot of
the content that is on the net as of today golden promise number two all our
content will be thoroughly researched and fat check to ensure that we’re
giving you the audience the highest quality of content golden promise number
three all shows will prioritize experts over marketers is there’s so many
experts out there more hands-on experience and a deeper understanding of
blockchain and many of the marketers we see golden rule number four obviously
all shows will be biased in favor of blockchain but we will invite other
panelists so that we can see conflicting views so that you can judge and form
your own opinion golden rule number five all shows will be community driven and
that means that you the community will decide on themes topics and experts to
ensure that we’re creating a show that is made for the community by the
community promise number six the content of each show will be 90 percent
value-added and only 10 percent promotional that means if the show is
ten minutes long only be allocated 60 seconds for the expert to promote their
project so there we go those were the six golden promises for
the community but one thing we cannot promise is to be perfect we know that
will make many many mistakes and we apologize in advance but one thing that
we will do is always learn reiterate and try to evolve based on the community’s
feedback and speaking of the community we have a huge favor to ask you all
which is to simply fill out the survey here below so that we can get as much
information as we can from you guys to truly say that we’re built with the
community and for the community as we say so we look forward to your feedback
in your survey and stay tuned for Cryptonites

21 thoughts on “Cryptonites: “The 4K no BS Blockchain Channel” (Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency)”

  1. Good cinematic trailer. I’m looking forward to see experts being interviewed such as Butlerik, CZ from binance or politicians! Thanks Alex

  2. Lovely music, nice explanation!

    Taking advantage of the environment to explain the content!!

    Guys.. you are going to make from this a dream to come true!!

    Is time to start… And make the future become the present!!#WeAreSwissBorg?

  3. Damn, this is so satisfying! Go, Alex, go!! This is exactly what the Blockchain Community needs: a channel to trust!

  4. Well done Alex, the crypto community definitely needs high quality content. Looking forwards to watching the videos.

  5. Nice work,. Not all marketers are full of shit. Not all marketing is hype. Marketing is first and foremost about customers. If anything, I'd say that by not covering marketing, you are exhibiting a fatal flaw before you are even starting — you're all about "the community" but not about the "customers". That can't stand. More on this:

  6. Wow. This channel has got me very excited. If you guys will be doing reviews to please checkout Tokoin, recently signing a MOU with the Indonesian Chambers of Commerce and Industry and is making the news in Asia right now. Tokoin aims to bridge the gap between Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME's) and financial institutions by establishing digital business identities and reputation for MSME's. A trust solution. I invite everyone to check it out. No BS especially

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