14 thoughts on “Cryptonites – Episode 1 – Glen Goodman on Crypto Trading, Market Analysis and the Future of Bitcoin”

  1. Great interview both being really genuine guys. I really enjoyed it!!. Looking forward for what's to come.

  2. I need that SB hoodie.

    Not missing an episode, moving forward will start all my comments with "I need that SB hoodie " until hopefully one day I get one.

  3. Great tips bro, earned you a new subscriber. I also make tutorials on how to make $$$, please take a look on my channel ツ Thanks!

  4. This guy got some serious experiences, sadly you didn’t ask him about how he felt as he made out of 3k 100k with a few trades ? he is a big addition to the crpyto community and totally underrated!!

  5. After some weeks waiting this moment today we could enjoy and watch the first episode of the season!!

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