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today crypto is unique crypto is empowering crypto is on the verge of a global financial revolution crypto is a direct challenge to the world banking system allowing you to be the bank and make the money win or lose in the end crypto is bound to lead the world into the future let's give this Bitcoin a try not bad welcome to your one and only stop on everything in the world of blockchain and crypto this is RT script Oh Liam this week's digest takes me to the tokens blockchain economic forum in Singapore an event that screams progress innovation and financial freedom we look at the pioneers that can speed the planet into a brighter future by making it more transparent accessible and productive we speak to some of the most acclaimed minds in the crypto world jean-claude Donato the man with the plan 1 billion dollars in deals last year with experience as a managing director at giants like eBay and TripAdvisor Vicente Fox Quesada ex-president of Mexico who's now all for the world of crypto and me comot Samara from the original Java team the founder of ever coin and a partner at one of the largest crypto funds in the world and we can't miss a crypto party now can we all of this and much more in today's episode stay tuned for crypto Liam in Singapore the price of Bitcoin drops below six thousand dollars there's panic on the streets we go to the tokens blockchain economic forum in Singapore to get on the inside of the situation and find out what's really going on meet Mako matsumura the founder of ever coin and tone Vaes the world's most accurate Bitcoin price predictor big dip people think it's the end you know the bubbles bursting that's it we're done no more Bitcoin what do you think oh right here don't buy that dip you gotta buy the dip I won't believe in a Bitcoin I I just I really think it's really gonna be the innovation of the future Bitcoin has always reversed because some of the smartest computer scientists in the world are working on it making it more secure making it more usable making it cheaper for to transact and we'll get there but I can't get there tomorrow but we'll get there when will the price stabilize well I think there's probably a strong support level at 6,000 obviously that could be breached and we could go lower but it feels like there's definitely like holders down there right and I think that's really going to produce that uplift that we need I do not see Bitcoin going lower than $1300 and I think that is actually the ideal point for it to fall to before it goes all the way back up to 20,000 bit more a little scary there's like sometimes like a boss will pull over and then it'll stoop down right the bus'll kind of lower down so you can get in easier right so right now the bus is lowering down right so in a way like if you can get any easier now like it's a lot easier to get in now we start out with a Great Depression and I see 29 everyone talks about how bad it was no one talks about how the market doubled every year like four years you want things to go up reasonably so I'm kind of happy for this dip I thought I went to a hundred thousand the pain would have been much worse what do you think would have happened if the market kept going up you know I mean where was it 19,000 absolutely you weeks ago yeah so to me like what's funny is if you look at that growth as an asymptotes there's a possibility that the line almost becomes vertical right and it's damaging it's extremely damaging because the thing that people want as builders right in Silicon Valley we talk about runway so runway is the amount of time that you have to build the software that you want to build before it's over right so if Bitcoin does a vertical line right it's just going to there's no time there's no time it just it's it's it's up and down in a heartbeat expensive to buy brick it's it gets crazy it's too crazy right it makes no sense and it's just pure speculation and hot air and no chance to really build value because I think where the game has to go is we have to build the roads we have to build the airports we have to build the real base infrastructure for crypto that takes some time human DNA and ideas utilize solar energy to transform the earth into a civilization worth six hundred trillion dollars who defines degrees for transforming chaos into effective systems centralized power or free markets and who enforces the rules bureaucracy or something else it's a history long battle of ideas Homo sapiens drove 40 human species to extinction when their leaders invented spirits this led to centralization of power and growth of tribes size and productivity competitors living in Anarchy were defeated centralized states seemed like the only option until the birth of democracy in ancient Greece and Rome after democracy was replaced by authoritarian regimes empires stagnated collapsed thanks to decentralized self-regulating guilds Venice became a world trade leader once power was monopolized Venice went from an economic powerhouse to a museum decentralization of power in England empowered innovators and entrepreneurs and led to the Industrial Revolution production increased tremendously bringing wealth and power to Great Britain throughout the 19th century in the 20th century the crash of an under regulated stock market in the u.s. resulted in the Great Depression crisis and social unrest led to centralization of power across the globe in some countries had led to extreme violations of human rights and others it led to the growth of state intervention and spendings that seemed to be the only remedy however state monopolies caused deadly combination of unemployment high inflation and corruption Thatcher and Reagan used high extreme market theories to gain support and remove the state from the market eventually centralized planning systems lost to capitalism and free markets but the bureaucracy still ruled the planet until the invention of blockchain technology Bitcoin has already become a substitute for failing financial systems and central banks in countries with hyperinflation and is whele or Nigeria will blockchain replays bureaucracy in every aspect of our lives from capital markets to government's or will it fail in its attempt to change the world I see owes a new model on business for the future this is gonna help sustain the economy or is it a scam of untrusted unregulated securities let's find out the ico phenomena is breaking records in funding we found three projects that claim to want to make the world a better place and are raising funds one of them faced her on the last day of the conference got ten million dollars in twenty seconds breaking all pass records they simply created a facial recognition surveillance software with artificial intelligence on the blockchain platform creating something that is affordable and easy to use for the masses people can use this with just about anything our proof of concept cuz we got a working centralized solution right now can do anything like for example in the gambling institution we had the casinos say listen here we've got people coming in they want to ban themselves because they love gambling issues and then they come back and they gamble if we didn't haven't recognized them then they claim their money back it causes a big problem so we did a proof of concept with them and even in them in the low lighting there we were hitting 98% and I've got corporations around the world contacting me every day saying how can we integrate with you when you're gonna have your free SDK when you have your API so we can link into services to open food ads BYU managed to raise ten million in twenty seconds or these guys from the world bit apps saying they are looking to help emerging economies to engage in commerce through augmented reality allowing you to interact with any product or service created around you our bidder the world is in reality blockchain application that we use in to really help emerging economies what we want to do is we want to talk to the artisans the the moms and pops of the world that are in these emerging economies that don't get a fair shot at commerce and give them a tool to actually go ahead and reach consumers a farmer in the country reaching a potential customer in the city is now a reality then there are crypto venture companies that are literally looking for that special project that will decentralize and make the world's commerce more transparent well create a venture is a company dedicated to promote I coach that do have us intention to change the life of millions of people for the better we get involved very important people within the field technicians ex-presidents politicians to really make an understand what this is all about that is here to stay that is not going to go anywhere but the leading crypto market analyst has a completely different view on I SEOs I try to convince people to be very careful about investing in nei cos because it's other people trying to convince you to give them your hard-earned money as an unqualified investor for their idea now since I'm a Bitcoin er I'm all about getting around regulation but I'm about getting around regulation in a decentralized way that the government cannot stop I cos they're not that they're centralized means to get around regulation which is sooner or later they're gonna get busted open-source competes for the users consent which means you know an open-source project will get all the users if the users benefit so if you create a coin where nobody benefits it'll get no users and if you create a coin where everyone benefits it'll get all the users it's very simple what happens with the icos is it's a solicitation like no one is profiting from selling you Bitcoin because they're not creating Bitcoin out of thin air but when it comes to these I cos someone is just creating it and then selling it to you and in reality to selling it to you as an investment but they can't say that because then they'd be in violation of the law you have a coin that includes getting if you have a coin that includes four billion people and all those people are getting wealth and they're all participating and they're all being included that coin is going to the moon right four billion people all participating in one coin what an amazing coin that will be but apparently there are ways to use blockchain technology and the minds of the future to actually make things better and maybe solve many of today's problems at least that's what mexico's ex-president Vicente Fox thanks as the tokens blockchain economic forum was in full swing I managed the ketchup of Mexico's ex-president Vicente Fox Quesada who was very keen on bringing people together with blockchain technology my forecast is that if we keep NAFTA going and maybe if we a concept like not that we enhance it we do it better through innovation and technology that are needed in one generation more we're going to be one to one makes you for United the state working together we will be much stronger why you choose to become such an active participant this meeting opened my eyes is like discovering the world again the world of banking the world of people who reduce poverty the great middle classes to create a better world we need to move fast many people is getting desperate I would say that the world of disorder is growing faster than the world of order and this is a potential conflict to the future I hope they would prevail and they will prevail as long as it generates trust as long as he eradicated bureaucracy in as long life is useful for people for community especially for the poor and for great big social nature according to the UN 4 billion people live without an address including Mexico they're not necessarily poor but they do not have a shipping address because they are inadequately serviced by their government in turn they experience social segregation and are unable to participate in online commerce the only blockchain solution present the conference with a working app for this part of the world's disorder to my surprise was a Russian startup called Navi address they are currently planning to work with Mexico Asia and other places around the world who have people living without an address we development markets the addressing system that provides users with a unified digital ID z for placing abuse on the world and generously just concentrate just on providing you know four billion people in the world with verified IDs or addresses to their places and locations there's a huge issue there because now these people just have detached from the online and shared economy so just we believe that our solution would help a lot change they just the way the leave they were the interacts with governments with online economy and just with other users you need patience to see process of development it doesn't happen by the miracle except that you can accelerate the pace with technology acceleration blockchain new ideas that's today's world so what's in it for governments in regulating crypto is it to control it to stabilize it or the profit from it I think we might know the answer to try and find in the answer to this rather difficult question let's bring John Claude Donato into the discussion X Regional Director of eBay in Asia and a man who has done over 1 billion dollars in blockchain deals last year as well as Malcolm Thanh a prominent ICO adviser and a blockchain lawyer it would be very difficult for government to control it so as today if a government is trying to remove the internet access to the population you know the backlash would be massive people will go to the street and demonstrate and the women will have to back up you have just happening in many industry no like if you look at uber and you know and transmission there was a lot of backlash from the taxi companies if you remember demonstration in the street and saying and government trying to say uber is illegal but as consumers see the value and continue using it and putting pressure on the government they have to let it go so I do not believe that this regulation will will stop the blockchain to become mainstream capital restriction countries for example like in India in China even Venezuela in Zimbabwe Vietnam Indonesia where if everybody is given the choice they were instantly trade all their own country's money poorer for something else they have no confidence in these countries the government has has to step in and control Alice all the money is going to flee and they have they'll be zero in the Treasury and then of course there the countries like Singapore Hong Kong Switzerland small countries Estonia Lithuania Georgia they welcomed the funds because more funds coming in the stimulates the economy helps the economy grow and it's good for the country Mexico right now is quite tight on cat oh I could tell world in general what would you do if you were still the president right now I would get rid of seventy five percent of the people in Congress so many people were too low capacities education and the skills and number two of our regulation we need to deregulate be regularly decentralized come down to people to decide governments and the intensity heat of governments and or move to the direction we have taken which is more and more regulation which brings authoritarian governments which brings big tailor's as discovering in Latin America so difficult choice we now go back to tone vase and Miko mat Zamora to get their insight which is always interesting on the question of regulation in the world of crypto what's the future is it going to be centralized the government in a way likes this idea because it helps the government create a cryptocurrency for themselves which is going to help them eliminate county governments hate cops they hate the idea of cash to hate that people use cash they think they're all cheating on their taxes they're using capital legal activities so they can say oh we're hip we're new we're using the latest technology here is our government cryptocurrency use that now they could be doing not thinking that hey once we get everybody off of physical cash we can then squash and eliminate Bitcoin but they don't realize is eliminating bitcoin is like eliminating pile sharing and BitTorrent can't do it I recently saw a talk at Stanford University by SEC chairman Jake Layton and he spoke for about 10 minutes on icos and I felt like it was very consistent with things he had said in the past as well as the testimony that he gave in front of Congress and that testimony was really about the notion that almost all of the tokens are securities at some level so it is a bit of a shadow that he's kind of threatening a little bit of all I SEOs but at the same time he's only done for enforcement actions most recently against a rise Bank and so the point is is what I see happening with SEC is he's not throwing grenades or bombs right he's really like a sniper like he's sitting on a roof and he's just taking them out he's only shot for riot and he's really in the mood where he's maybe gonna take out a few more you know and he's just sending signals and saying and that's no good that's no good right so to me that kind of behavior is not that severe it's not like a ban there's no ban to kill him correct he's just out there to regulate correct he's just trying to strengthen the herd right and all the ones that are doing wrong things they're getting like taken out but one at a time right not in a huge explosion not in a suppression right and in a way like there's no mood to kind of retro actively regulate I SEOs that have already shipped you know so I feel like the we're in a we're in a state where I think regulation will be gradual and I think that will allow the crypto economy to develop and breathe the jet-setting lifestyle of the crypto community never ceases to amaze me we go to a blockchain party yet again but now in Singapore even JC do not parties okay we party all the time the highest rooftops in Singapore this is the 62nd floor and it's a block shame party the whole city opens up let's see what the people think and let's see what's hot right now what are they investing in not ripple not messing how are you my advice first guys you can invest into put projects in healthcare walk chain technology but better try to understand and do invest into something that you know a little bit better you got to know what you're investing it we're creating cryptocurrencies not investing in Zam all right all right see everybody's got their own coin around here you know it's like yeah everybody's got their own little thing yes I very much like ripple at the moment really yes yeah it's down quite a lot yeah I think it's gonna be six by a quarter – it's gonna be six dollars yes no way that's my prediction how come you're so sure I don't know it's just play knowing all right guys exclusive oh the only way to get these people to actually tell you what's hot is to caption it when they're a little bit tipsy tipsy nobody I would say idiom would be probably the most stable point among all the others B D G B G yeah why so much because it's gonna revolutionize the way education is handled this this company's motto is get paid to learn just be easy future I would say not in a single coin because icing seven out of ten project will fail either etherium are you guys we're getting a lot of etherium tonight like a lot of appearing take the top 20 companies out of coin cap invest in all 20 and you will have a benefit out of it you will have ten at ten effect or ten or something with ninety percent of your money in crypto whatever you buy this harder and harder for the next four months you make so much money you won't need any more huddle for the next four months ll lumens stellar lumens xlm xlm yes how come because I I believe the utility and visibility to transfer value from one place to another in a short period of time at a fraction of a penny is it the cheapest transfer fee right now in crypto he's not the cheapest but it's probably the most established we could not have resisted that shot just think about where you want to live and maybe it might be planet Earth and anything that's gonna help that would probably be a great thing yes all right guys you just heard from a lot of cool folk here at the 2018 Singapore blockchain economic forum and all you got to do that's the best advice we got right now is hot oil speculation regulation decentralization all of these things make up crypto so what will happen to Bitcoin in the near future let's find out by speaking to some of the Giants in the industry steam power came and realized the way we travel like train and cars and then electricity and you know an internet there's always new technology coming more recently ten years ago mobile phones are really changed the way people communicate access the Internet where I and even Bank and pay right and so now I think blockchain is is doing the same thing it's just taking everything that exists from payment ecommerce media communication logistics health care every sectors and just Reno reinventing all these sectors before better technology I think what's important is blockchain is addressing today and and future blockchain networks will be addressing many very key use cases that can easily be globalized and solve and address many problems and deliver an extremely strong solution global solution that will be scalable in the many years to come as a few winners arise from this mass of small companies and a few of them becomes the Alibaba debate Amazon of the world then the real tangible value of this product for the consumers will catch up with the price of bitcoins right now my point of view is that yet is more in a speculative situation by which people is using crypto currencies to profit from one day to another one to make huge profit so a speculation is part of Yi the deal of a cryptocurrency so we must move our speculation we must have a currency that brings trust and confidence to people that brings it peer-to-peer and that permits us to put aside government but it has to pass time before it truth that is the right way to go here's our opportunity right to free our minds and we can free ourselves and we can establish our own financial independence if you're measuring vidcon value in u.s. dollars what is proven what we know for a fact is that US dollars are constantly decreasing in value since 1913 the US dollar has dropped in value by 95 percent so what I'm saying is is if you're measuring ruler is shrinking then the thing you're measuring looks like it's getting bigger right so people are like oh how can become beginning bigger the dollar is getting smaller all fiat currencies are getting smaller and they're getting smaller because all they do is they just print more for no reason hope you found this exciting and stay tuned for more insight from the world of blockchain this is our T's crypto Liam I'm Miguel Francis Santiago

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