Cryptolium: Deep inside Russia's crypto-world

today crypto is unique crypto is empowering crypto is on the verge of a global financial revolution crypto is a direct challenge to the world banking system allowing you to be the bank and make the money win or lose in the end crypto is bound to lead the world into the future let's give this Bitcoin a try not bad welcome to our weekly digest on everything in the world of blockchain this is our key script oleum I'm Neil Francis Santiago in this episode we look at the tightening of the rope on the world of crypto including in Russia but not as bad as India which threatened to ban all crypto for good result in bitcoins plummet to below $10,000 but the blockchain community is staying positive and saying it's a good time to buy because VIPs gain you money and clean out all the trash and scams we visit the world blockchain crypto summit at Moscow's World Trade Center to speak to Russia's presidential adviser Herman flamenco as well as Russian lawmakers and international experts in the crypto world we also get to see the making of the miners Union in the Russian Chamber of Commerce to finally create a platform for dialogue between the so called crypto anarchists and Russian government and we visit Moscow scripto party to show you what the Russians do when Bitcoin drops below $10,000 this is the WBC the world blockchain and cryptocurrency summit here in Moscow and this is exciting so many different people from all over the world let's see what this is all about and this is definitely a very interesting time for cryptocurrency here in Russia let's go right to the source one of president Putin's closest internet advisors Herman Clemente oh and lad Martin of the head of Russia's aetherium competence center good leadership demuccio what do you think the future holds for crypto here in Russia Niska cannot rhythms several of our institutions like the Ministry of Finance the central bank and the Russian parliament of preparing changes to the law in the case of the central bank it's about collective investments or icos in the case of the Finance Ministry it's more connected to mining and the Parliament has its own idea about crypto currencies the government doesn't like that crypto currencies are stimulating the appearance of Offshore's but at the moment I personally haven't seen any proposed legislation lawmakers may come up with something but they might not no one has yet found a way to make cryptocurrencies clean but the two other elements mining and icos are more or less becoming regulated and on this issue it's more likely we'll find a way to formalize processes that means the implementation of icos and block chains and mining itself locally under the government control where tax equality will be provided nowadays the main problem of government is to make everybody pay taxes and cryptocurrencies are providing a comfortable way of transferring money between countries but the uncomfortable aspect of such transactions is how to make them legal that's why I think it's worth it to consider the consolidation of these proposals a lot has been said about this issue so we are going to see a law but this is only my opinion I'm not sure that it will be like I've said but the law is going to be more focused on icos and less on cryptocurrencies before we seriously change in a just legislation for for blockchain and cryptic ripped economy we need to see what is real risks behind behind certain aspects of cryptocurrency and watching so and I believe like the best thing right now for Russia is to have to pick up like a city or high-tech park like skolkovo and basically to make as liberal as possible legislation for any type of krypter krypter activities is everything so it's impossible to be free of taxes and act within a legal framework all governments in the world are trying to reduce free tax activity it's quite difficult even if you understand the specific risks to find the proper mechanism and way to handle the streets even to collect how to collect taxes when it's anonymous right probably we should start discussing how to make sure that certain things are not anonymous when you practical with the possible mining itself is just a loading by a computer of some worth there are different types of possible legalization the Finance Ministry is proposing to demining a regular business activity in this case mining in different countries would exist mostly on the legal side I just wanted to say you know miners would maybe get a gas generator and get themselves off from the grid again if you even come and check this place you see certain computing equipment how can you prove that this equipment has been used to mine and that's there quite a lot of challenges in in the whole way how to how to track and handle this tax issue basically is diminished what's for example I have 20 hives where bees are mining honey they do everything on their own and mine 200 kilograms in each hive so as long as I just eat this honey myself and share it with my family and friends the government doesn't care about what I'm doing but when I make a move to sell it the government immediately calls it a business but just a few days after that conversation I went at a Russian Chamber of Commerce to see the first steps of creating legislature for mining the miners Union was formed as a platform for dialogue between the mining community of Russia and the government using MacWilliam if we regulate our technologies but the gospel future with awareness of the needs of a future digital society there's not so much the laws that will need changing by massive number of taboos inside our heads human beings are becoming less dependent on machines and will soon stop selling their labor for money human beings are starting to earn money by means of the right capital and for that reason it is necessary to structure and delineate it as capital you might have decided of capital here's a mobile phone switch it on and you can see that it's receiving messages as the mining process is ongoing and what does this lead to this leads to the possibility of registering the blockchain via a mobile phone that would mean that in future you won't need to save anything on your cloud and you won't need any servers you will be in a deep fog and no one will be able to shut you out or limit you somehow and Dimitri is absolutely right but if the Ministry of Finance climbs down on this Institute it will only scare everyone because they won't understand it it is important to create the kind of platform on which we will be able to negotiate with legislators the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is uniting expert communities which exist in every Russian region more than 56,000 industries and the whole community of professionals is united by this Russian mining company Nadeem seduced was polluted sir will hope to be successful in making the right laws which will help the community and give each miner the confidence that boy is doing is not unlawful the one there to be mostly horizontal political relations in Russia and we should start building these relations now sounds inspiring and could be very true although still the world of blockchain security is suffering as more and more government and non-government institutions are trying to hurt the community we spoke to nem foundation's partnership coordinator about that huge of a $400 million worth of their token heist from the Japanese trading firm coin check we wanted to know what's the update on the hackers where is the money and how is the community dealing with this heist Mikael how could a secure trading platform come under such an attack so it is very important to distinguish two point here from one side if you speak about named blockchain of course it is the most secure platform but if we speak about the trading platform the exchange as they didn't use any security measures that we provide to them and this allowed hackers to easily steal this money Mikael so what's the status on the tokens and has there been any luck in locating the hackers all the money are known on name blockchain and we track them and we tag them as for legal matters of course hackers should be prosecuted and we give it to FSA and to Japanese authorities to find and prosecute them has this affected names community in any way what's the chatter like name community was always great and we saw support from people all the time but sometimes such an unfortunate even should happen to really give a good test to our community and the real education is happening this new people are getting good advice on how to secure their funds and for a sweet ending let me show you how the blockchain community is staying optimistic no matter what even when Bitcoin falls below 10,000 the people at least here in Russia go to a crypto party crypto is not just about decentralization and financial freedom it's also about a lifestyle and nightlife the drinks apparently mix them very well in the world of crypto the Moscow crypto party was a conference of sorts but for the twist of dancing fun and business God gives you Daniel scholarships or Vegeta good my Brazilian item never to media : at our ocean class my story so you everybody has their own coin brother Padre she's just an absurd claim energy coin field point yeah both gotta go down all right thank you she said he to invest in many plays Yellen we are here with one of the most prominent YouTube crypto and travel bloggers a man of a million subscribers now yeah congratulations 1 million subscribers on YouTube this is Alexander Condor sob he is also a miner and an investor and we're gonna talk about some exclusive tips from mr. cumshaw be such schedule Alex please tell us what is hot right now and what is worth looking at I have several bundles but a small amount of coins up to now worth a hundred and thirty thousand dollars so give us a little bit of an exclusive would like to tell you about the coin to have the most hope we have a whole team of analysts who explore the surface and give their advice which coin is worth buying one such currency is go bite it's a copy of the well known – current what can I say that first of all it's trading only on two problems producing a very small volume of trade analysts to say that it's the main problem of this currency that reason why it's not growing in value I contacted the developers this coin and they told me that soon they are going to be available for trading on a platform called hit BTC it's a huge trading permit and that's why the currency has a chance to grow go bite coin now costs $25 but before the correction and markets you good buy it for $72 so if this coin reached this barrier before it should reach it again when the market goes up I advise you not to be hamsters but to make your investments during dips when marketing goes hard correction and all values are read now is the best time for getting into cryptocurrency if you have never done it before rather than buying it when the currency grows swiftly in March or after the Chinese New Year and people return from holidays and the value immediately grows so whatever coin you buy now except for scams projects and coins which have nothing behind them when people just take money and close their websites but any real coin invest in right now we'll bring your return if sure thank you for the world of crypto is going through a test of time and endurance right now so don't panic and keep watching RT script Oleum on our YouTube channel and on our daily news I'm Miguel Francis Santiago next week's digest takes me to the tokens blockchain economic forum and Singapore an event that screams future innovation and financial freedom we look at the pioneers that could speed this planet into a brighter future by making it more transparent accessible and productive we speak to some of the most acclaimed minds in the crypto world jean claude donut the man with the plan 1 billion dollars in deals last year with experience as a managing director a giants like eBay and TripAdvisor Vicente Fox Quesada ex-president of Mexico who is now all for the world of crypto and me Komets amaura the man who created Java and is currently the head of the biggest crypto fund in the world all of this and much more stay tuned for our tea script Oh Liam in Singapore

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  1. Just like Rick Falkvinge said, “lightning network is hack me dude” 😂😂😂 icos and alts are winners

  2. Miguel, you need to do an episode on IOTA – based on DAG (no fees, no mining), not Blockchain. It is the future of Crypto. Keep in mind that the Blockchain mining community has turned into a crypto mafia of sorts and are combining efforts to derail everything challenging their rule. Please verify all the negative info you see online about IOTA – it's all been proven false. They hate IOTA with a passion because it will shut them down (actually there is a use for their hardware, if only they'd listen).

  3. No. 2 Les give another perspective:
    Everyone who wants to make a business should register such business before he starts, and to obtain such permit, he has to PROVE what is that he has to backup his idea. It could be “Real Money” (Regulated, Established as a National and International Value, supported by Gold; in other words, “LEGAL” Money), it could be a piece of property (personally and LEGALLY owned), which he can use as a LEGAL Collateral in a bank in exchange for currency as part of the investment to start moving his business, it could be precious metals or jewels deposited in the Monetary Institution as a collateral. In any situation he has to prove he OWNS “Real Value”, if there is not “Real Value”, what is the purpose of extending a permit for “X” business, but a permit for speculation and fraud.
    If the law as not being created to protect the citizen, then the Natural law is the Supreme Law, which establish that, any activity in which at the end of a transaction someone lost what he legally owned, and a second entity obtained the property or good, such activity is a CRIME. And Crime should be persecuted fearlessly by law, the punishment should be exemplary, so much no one want to repeat it. Such punishment should be on the News, to expose the criminals as a campaign on how the law works to protect the “Citizens”, reestablishing the victim of what he(she) originally owned or compensated accordingly, plus an extra amount for the suffering and stress he/she had to go trough, and as an advertisement on how ORDER is Affirmed in a Civilized Society. Order is the product of Wise Laws being established. There is not Civilization without Order, for if there is no Order, what there is there instead, is Chaos. Laws are created to protect all citizens, if someone has affected another person interest or life, this is where the Law Should Act.
    What is the foundation for Natural Law to exist: Morality, Common Sense, Virtue, Ethics, Intelligence, Wisdom, Love and Respect for Life, Compassion and Service to the innocent. All these the foundations of a Christian or God (Good) – Guided Society. NOT suitable for those Societies founded in Abuse, Murder, Mentality of Control instead of Governance by Divine Law, Crime, Lies, Aggression, etc. for these are the setter of the devil giving power to his sons inside a Society of God to destroy it. These have NO PLACE inside Christian or Godly Societies. For if you invite the devil for dinner, next day you will not have a house, wife or children.
    Russian and every citizen of the Civilized World should be highly proficient in MATHEMATICS and educated to have an Analytical Mind trained trough Critical Thinking.
    Everything falls if Virtue and Morality are not the basis of Human Character.
    Money should be backed by REAL VALUE, the rest is speculation and speculation is CRIME.

  4. Mining is a complete waste of energy and money! Mining is OBSOLETE.
    Don't invest into crypto that depends on mining.
    Buy mining free crypto like Bitshares, Steem, EOS!

  5. Many times we wish we should know better before things had happen, for dismantle the mistake without care can bring daring consequences.
    There are two main aspects to take into account when GOVERNING Economy. The first is to know that Nothing is more valuable than the “Economic Generator – Human Factor”. It is this concept that is most attacked by the “Money Lovers, and Egotistic Economists” who conceived it just as an “Asset” into the economic formula, divesting this factor of its humanity and reducing it just to a numeric factor to produce and grow “Economy”. It is here where the lack of vision will introduce the most diabolic aspect into an Economic Model, or it is here, where the Knowledge and Wisdom of those honest professionals who truly hold the ethics of the Profession, will protect and guard the Human Factor into the Economic Formula as the Factor that needs to be served by the economic model, and create the regulations that will avoid Greed to be served by the economic generator, making it into a slave and using the accumulation of wealth to become again the corrupter of the state, and finally taking over “again” the state position to abuse and slaved the people, where “again” Delusion and Ignorance will be their drive. United States is a clear example of this sad situation. Russia have all the active elements that can bring it down in half the time the US have fall.
    The second aspect is that to sustain the compensation (payment) and facilitate the fast movement of transactions, any civilization needs currency. If two Nations do not have Gold, direct trade of goods can serve the purpose of obtaining the needed supplies, but this model of interchange holds limitations. When One of the Nations do not have Gold, the one who has it obtains the goods in exchange for Gold, this creates balance in the economic movements of wealth. But it is here where the clear understanding that the human factor is the driver and producer of economy, the factor that holds in itself REAL VALUE, and that Gold becomes the backrest and guarantor of that true value, that will drive the economic law makers serve its purpose. This is the end line, where the purpose of Gold is served. And here it is where the “Protection” of the purpose of Gold should be done by Law.
    To use Gold or any currency to “Market” with it is CRIMINAL. Why…? Because Gold can not create Gold, Money can not create money. To permit such activity-Money Market is to legalize speculation driving the naive into traps, where they lose what is being accumulated by investing great part of their LIFE to have it (their money, their house, their business, etc). It becomes a trap of gargantuan proportions where everything becomes affected and the economic system destabilized, driving the entire society into a hell of poverty, insecurity and fear.
    To open the understanding of Economy with its positive and negative aspects, is to open the understanding of a compartment of “Pandora's Box”, where such knowledge take you to wrestle with the Dragon and either you chain it, or he will chain you, and there is no middle result in this battle. Economy is the most sensitive and unstable aspect of Society. And the only element that can eliminate the risk, is the quality of the human factor as a whole.
    If Russia allows the legalization (trough regulations) of any instrument of speculation as it is the so called “cryptocurrencies”, which do not hold any value in themselfs (the same as paper-dollars), Russia is just allowing the speculators to have one more instrument, doubling their opportunity for extortion. This is not just destabilization, this is a fast economic disintegration, the opening of the door for Economic Chaos. To “Regulate” such insanity is to legalized Crime, it is to give the mask of “legal” to Mafias, and we should know that Crime is the Instrument of Chaos.
    There are reasons on why the world came to the International agreement of every Nation producing its own currency, and every Government was the sole guarantor of printing their currency and such currencies were backed up by the value of Gold.
    Currency is the instrument PEOPLE should be free to interchange for goods and services without worries in any situation, and for this to work out, one mean is more than enough to bring ORDER, Credibility and Trust, otherwise, Conflict is at hand and faster than you think WAR at you doorstep.
    The Dollar was backed up by gold until 1971, the paper instrument upheld a written legend of its value in Gold. Today the Jewry is free to print paper without such a legend, which it means is just “paper” and the value that it holds is just the value of the piece of PAPER itself, it became an instrument for FRAUD.
    The same as most Nations, Russia is in the process of trying to understand the workings of Economy and the money instrument. Russia the same as the other Nations should ask, Why these knowledge has being forgotten, why just a group of people seems to understand it. I can say that for the Devil to pray on people, History have to be change or erased, once knowledge is gone, Ignorance is a murky place where the devil appears to be an angel of Light and knowledge, but at every turn deception is the beast’s mouth to devour everyone that moves.
    Lets put all this in a different way:
    Today I feel like printing a New “Cryptocurrency” and I will call it “Crypto-fouls” and I say that it is the “coolest” most “amazing” “Crypto” there is out there, because I SAY SO. So, tomorrow I will give one “Crypto-foul” to each one of the Russian Government Officials, and I say that your house is worth less than one “Crypto-foul”, so TAKE the freaking “Crypto” and get out of your house, but before you go, you have to give me the remaining of value, in Gold please. If you do not have Gold, you can give a car or jewels,….No, I don’t take “Cryptos” any more (because tomorrow is the day of the crash). I hope you fouls have a back up, because you are now officially homeless.
    What ever you permit today against another, tomorrow will be at your door. Russia should be calling into account all these “Crypto Creators” and ask them to show you what is there to ensure no citizen will be negatively affected, to show what is backing up these transaction as an insurance to protect the “investors”. I will say, THERE IS NOTHING but a free taking, all base in Propaganda and Illusion, it is a Deception. Do you still want to learn the lesson and get educated in the process, bring every “investor” in Crypto- currencies, and make these Crypto-Creators to pay back every Crypto by the stated value in the “market”. Here you will see the face of the devil eye to eye.
    INVESTMENT= to give Real Value in expectancy of legal gain.
    Russian and every citizen of the world should be highly proficient in MATHEMATICS and educated to have an Analytical Mind trained trough Critical Thinking.
    Everything falls if Virtue and Morality are not the basis of Human Character.

    Money should be backed by REAL VALUE, the rest is speculation and speculation is CRIME.

  6. Can anyone explain to me what happened to customs who ordered and paid for miners and did not receive them. Several years ago. I think the name was Alpha

  7. so btc is just chocolate, 10K for a piece of chocolate?
    WTF? if you're not moving money from country to country, (why would you?) then what good is it for? Can't spend it.

    What you think an algorithm created itself?
    You think that software wrote itself?
    Who stands to make the most out of this???
    Seriously you think this benefits the common man ?
    The people making the most are the ones who can afford huge amounts of computing power !
    That puts it square back on the laps of the rich elites.
    people's GREED has been the most powerful tool by which these Elites rob you of what is TANGIBLE ASSETS.
    Imagine you only have a house…You go and sell it to buy enough to either purchase or mine bitcoins… Then IT tanks… You are fucked.
    These millionaires mine the most coin and then sell it… In order to legitimize this currency based on the POWER OF THE AIR they have to have buyers and that will be the bottom dwellers who purchase these from them.
    Crypto = Cryptic

    adjective: cryptic

    having a meaning that is mysterious or obscure.
    "he found his boss's utterances too cryptic"
    synonyms: enigmatic, mysterious, confusing, mystifying, perplexing, puzzling, obscure, abstruse, arcane, oracular, Delphic, ambiguous, elliptical, oblique; informalas clear as mud
    "she leaves cryptic messages on his answering machine"
    antonyms: clear
    (of a crossword) having difficult clues that indicate the solutions indirectly.
    (of coloration or markings) serving to camouflage an animal in its natural environment.

  9. it always sound like government against people. ask yourself, what have you done wrong, that people start acting like this.

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