‘Cryptojacking’: How your PC can be hacked to mine cryptocurrencies

virus that can access your computer of mine cryptocurrency back to hack is is reportedly infected thousands of government websites kicked off over the weekend this it's even affecting the UK's data protection watchdog you can see the irony there the malware uses a technique known as crypto jacking now here's why and here's how it works and effectively hijacks computers that visit infected websites and then covertly minds cryptocurrency using the laptop or death stocks capability stay with me finally it then sends the mine coins back to the hacker and then on to their online wallet alright Scott Helms the man exposed all this cyber security expert who broke the news the government websites had been infected along with thousands of others in this crypto Jiaqing virus you're a hero Scott apparently hi there thanks for being with us but I don't understand it what does this mean I don't know how currency so why should why should i why should a lot of us worry about this I guess the worst thing is that you have inadvertently financed a criminal gang your device has been taken over you've mined crypto currency and that has been sent to the the criminals that masterminded this attack right I got you these viruses don't steal data how do they work it laid out in layman's terms for us yeah so whilst you're on one of the infected websites which includes some government websites here in the UK over the weekend what happens is your device is temporarily borrowed by the bad guys and they use that to do these complex mathematical operations and that results in you being rewarded with cryptocurrency which is you know can be converted into real money and then the bad guys make away with that and you have been used your computer your your power at home has been used to to generate funds for these these criminal gangs now this the way that this got in apparently was through something called browsealoud yet that's something that deaf and hard of hearing and and and yes out of sight people use that's that's something that a lot of people have got and and that that's how they got in that's the crux of the problem is it yeah so a lot of the websites that were impacted were kind of official or government websites lots of local councils and departments here in the UK because they all load this software for visually impaired visitors to their websites to have the website read out loud to them rather than having to read the website and the attackers have compromised this third party and because all of these different government websites load the compromised software into their web pages they are by extension compromised as well so the bad guys target one company and they end up compromising in this case thousands of websites as well and it's one wake up call after another isn't it I mean a lot of these sites these government sites are highly protected they're highly guarding themselves you would think against this kind of attack but it hasn't worked yet again I mean it's gonna be constant constant chasing your tails here isn't it – try and stay above the hackers stay one step in front of them yeah I think especially with this one one of the the things that I'm hoping is this will be kind of a wake up call that the technologies do exist to defend against this attack and there are ways that we can ensure this doesn't happen again unfortunately seems that they weren't in place in many examples over the weekend and I'm hoping that this week we actually got away quite mildly with crypto jacking it could have been a lot worse and what I'm hoping is that this will serve as a wake-up call going forwards and we may see organizations start to protect against attacks like this yeah but more and more that people use crypto currencies the more and more of this we're going to see away yes I think so I think certainly the the rise of crypto jacking is related to the value of crypto currencies so as a crypto currency increases in value if you can steal it or obtain it legitimately then then your proceeds increase you know they're they're worth more so I think yes that we will see the rise of more crypto jacking attacks like this partially motivated by the increase in the value of crypto currencies and partially motivated right now by the ease with which these attacks can be carried out and it's I suppose unless somebody pulls a finger out on this it's going to deter a lot of people from trying their hand out with crypto currency we're buying this stuff putting their hard-earned – somewhere that could just disappear I hope not yeah I mean it doesn't it doesn't look great when headlines are made about crypto currencies and they're being used by by criminals they're being obtained illegitimately and mined illegitimately like we saw with this attack over the weekend but criminals have used cash for hundreds of years and criminals will move to the next form of currency which is cryptocurrency so I hope that doesn't deter people but if you're just an ordinary user and it wasn't just big websites such as personal people's websites that were hacked as well just an ordinary user I mean how on the balls you need to be these days you need to be looking at your software safeguards daily weekly war oh I'm an Apple user and I'd we had that great big download the other day you know that says safety down no they said knocked off my printers and I Chuck him in the bin I mean if you're not really big-time into a cryptocurrency but you might like to try it out it is really off-putting and if you're not so into your computer safeguards just a normal human being what should you be doing I think there's a few common things unfortunately with this attack here because it was government sites that were here you as a user would quite legitimately go to one of those web sites and not expect to become a victim of an attack like this fortunately this was as I said earlier quite mild example of what the attackers could have done but I think common advice still applies you know make sure that you keep your device up-to-date if it's an iPhone do the iPhone updates if it's Windows do Windows updates yeah make sure you're running the latest versions of apps maybe you have anti-virus programs on your computers all of the standard kind of advice still applies here and you know that the wider end issue just needs to react to this and start getting on top of these kinds of attacks Scott up there a Magisters cyber security expert and hero as we say thank you for being on the program much appreciated thank you for watching

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  1. People who have stored shut tabs on the cryptocurrency industry might also have come throughout the term “cryptojacking” before. This particular fashion revolves round hackers controlling other people’s computer systems or clever devices to mine cryptocurrency. A new document suggests cryptojacking has received a lot of traction in Sweden as of late.

  2. My pc is slowing down after i do a little krypto, and i already suspected this.
    How to get rid of this virus?

  3. Lol, "I'm an apple user".. that host's insecurity is all over the place. He placed himself as the spotlight topic on this issue..

  4. Distributed computing. One of the first program of this sort was legit and participatory, SETI at home used participant computers to analyze radio astronomy data in search of signal artifacts then results were uploaded to SETI and new data packets were sent to participants. It was being part of a huge effort to process the mass of data and involve people in the process.

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    Scan once a month with Malwarebytes and every 4 months with Kaspersky & thank me later when you never have to deal with a slow computer or lost Crypto / Money.

    TL:DR – Malwarebytes – Scan to find 99.9% of Viruses on your computer.
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    Have a nice day 🙂

  6. I have had e-mails that say congrats i have been selected or i have won bitcoins.
    I have nothing to do with bitcoin so instant delete them.

  7. When I go to Yahoo my processor monitor shoots way up and I get a message saying that a process is slowing my browser. Hmmmmmm.

    To be clear, I only access yahoo because of a very old email account. When I log out of email it takes me to their main page where this happens. Anyway it's comical to see what the MSM on Yahoo is saying about Trump.

  8. I got infected with a miner. Pay attention to your video card and its heat levels. Thats how I knew something was using my videocard when I wasn't.

  9. I used to use some ''free'' security crap. Then I got told it's more trouble than it's worth, so with my new (was new back then) 6 years ago I never bothered, I've had no problems at all, I can download a film in about 3 mins .. It's all just bullshit to get your cash.

  10. criminal minds have creativity that lacks patience. only by patience we cultivate wisdom and earn respect.

  11. It would be nice if the process, etc info was given for those of us (growing amount of people) who monitor and kill in real time can detect and kill faster. As we all should know by now, antivirus software is not so good at finding stuff in a scan, and is completely ineffective on "New" threats. Providing that info would encourage more people to self detect and kill too, and that would make for a much better and safer overall internet.

  12. The Juden hate bitcoin because it bypasses their global banking regime, if everyone used cryptocurrency the Juden would lose all their power and their NWO would collapse.

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