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hey guys dawn Keating here came Donny wait today I'm gonna do a video on an automatic trading bot that I've been testing out and had some pretty good success with it already it's called crypto hopper and I'm gonna go through some of the information about it I'm gonna let you watch this quick video that they they did on their site I think it gives you a good background then I'm gonna go through and actually show you my account and what I'm doing and how it's working so here you go listen to this first welcome to crypto hopper comm what earning money without any knowledge about the current cryptocurrency system how is this possible first you need to know what crypto currencies are these currencies are a revolution to our monetary system and are gaining value at an extreme rate a characteristic of these digital assets is that they're very volatile meaning that the price can vote to drop and rise multiple times a day this is where crypto hopper comm comes in when the prices are low the crypto hopper automatically buys the crypto currencies of your choice the crypto hopper sells when you've made profit you can configure the crypto hopper and tell at how many percent profit you want to sell we have multiple strategies and we will keep adding new ones it's possible to customize your strategy click the Advanced Settings and customize the strategy to your needs you can choose which assets the crypto hopper is going to trade do you want to sell your position earlier than planned no problem just click sell position and the hopper sells the position for the first time in crypto history it's possible to link signalers to a trading bot so you can combine the prediction powers of the signalers with our 24/7 working hopper but what is a signaler a signaler is a person or group of people that scan the crypto markets and look for signs that the rate of a currency is going to move upwards signal or coin to cater for example uses cloud computing and cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to screen hundreds of technical indicators 24/7 for all digital currencies how about safety crypto hopper calm trades on your behalf on an exchange of your choice so you can exchange you trust deposit the funds you're going to trade on that exchange and with an API key we can trade on your behalf sounds great right start trading now and get your first trial month free no strings attached start earning money think of you general overview of what it is but I'm a couple things they had said there was that they they do give you 30 days free trial which i think was pretty awesome because a lot of these other ones you have to buy to even get access to see if it's right for you or whatnot and then once they once they do that they have three different membership levels when you do the free account they start you on this one and it is completely free 30 days they don't even ask you your payment information or anything it's totally free I got at the end of the 30 days the bot just doesn't work anymore so if you don't want to actually pay for it you never have to but the first one they call it their bunny one and it's up to 80 positions 15 coins and two triggers with ten minute intervals and that's $19 a month the hare one just adds more positions more triggers more everything and quicker that's $49 per month and then the kangaroo is the one that's like their max and that's five hundred positions 75 coins all coins four signals max ten triggers they also do arbitrage and buying with two million two minute intervals and that's $99 a month so even at this one you know times twelve months it's still twelve hundred bucks which is much cheaper than many of the other options that are out there and the other one of the other trading BOTS I have has a cap on the amount of funds that they will invest you have to buy new subscriptions this one here these are the these are the conditions so you can have 500 positions that you know one Bitcoin each if you want there's no dollar amount it's just the amount of positions and things like that so I wanted to show you the account I started let me just refresh it I mean right now it shows you all the coins that they had bought for me I only gave it point 0.12 Bitcoin to play around with this I'm still on the free one you can see it says trial up here so it had bought did you buy like coin pot coin ripple – theorem classic and red coin and you can see if you toggle and this is really easy to use it shows everything if you want to toggle I'll show you exactly what's going on how long you've owned it and you can see down here – as well the open positions which ones up there's there was other ones that were up that I already sold I don't know if you could see that though I'm still kind of learning the system because I'm only I'm only bending a member of this a few days here but don't ignore this because this isn't correct but right now it's saying I'm down 3% total and that's in I think two or three days I think this button here is hilarious this is a panic button and if you want to totally if you hit this button it's gonna sell everything and stop the bot so if you really think it's gonna be Armageddon here you can hit this button and it'll sell all your positions and stop the bot so I won't buy anything else either I thought that was pretty cool but the way that this is is a trait history repeats here okay here's the two that I had that I sold for two point three nine percent gain and two point nine nine percent gain so all the other ones they had bought so like I said I just started this this is my first trade was they bought on the fifth which yesterday at 1:00 p.m. so this is brand new and I just wanted to do a video on it to let you guys know kind of what's going on with it but I really like that you guys can try it out for free so I suggest you at least try it out and see if it's something that you like but they the way this is is just is really good I mean they have the way you could set this up you hit this can config button and you pick your exchange that you want to have it on I'm right now running on bit tricks because I have my other BOTS is running on Finance so I just had them separated but all you do is you put in your API keys when you set that up to give them access and you could pick what your base currency is and then you pick what coins you want them to trade for right now I've only given them access to twelve coins myself but I'll probably add more depending what's going on with it but anything on bit checks you can pick and they'll add it over and it'll be in there you could pick all these strategies I'm picking this one right now but they have you can have it set just for your external signals only they have Bollinger Bands Bollinger Bands advanced relative strength index and fixed rates percentage profit you can pick so if you want them to sell once you get a certain amount of profit I have it set at five percent but as you see I sold two of them at three percent just just because I wanted to test it out and then you could pick how you want your last ticker you can want the highest bid lowest ask always use last tick use last tick if higher or lower percentage lower bit I mean this thing is totally customizable which I love and it's very easy I mean every everything here has a question mark so you're not sure what it is so you can enable a stoploss and it says warning watch out anything that's gonna that could hurt you says watch out navel stop-loss orders your coins will be sold at with a loss if they go lower than the percentage configured so right now I have this set at if they drop more than 5% they automatically sell which I love trailing stop loss so as this as your if your coin is growing up so if you if you have you know as 4% increase and you want to trail the stop-loss you can trail it so it'll automatically sell once it goes over this at 3 and I have it set at 3 and a half percent but you could set this at whatever you want you know so it's it's it's awesome in the way the way that this is customizable is amazing you can have a trail stop by hold asset so if you have if you have an asset that you have set to sell at 5% if it hits 5% but there's the signals are still saying that it's a buy it won't sell it'll hold on and until it becomes a sell order and then once the signals say it your sell it will sell so I mean that is crazy then they have dollar cost averaging which is awesome if you want to just hold a position for a certain amount of time and will just sell so and this thing is great the way it can automatically do all this stuff and you can totally customize this and this is just the basic one there there's so much other stuff you can figure out but I do have signals on – I used coin pulse alpha so this is one of those signaling programs that they showed in the initial video that you can use and this one's totally free their performance based on their recommendations is what 332 percent for the I believe that's for the year which is ridiculous so I mean that I really like this one so I wanted to just kind of tell you guys what's going on with it I have it to notify me of what what's going on but you can have how many that Max positions how much percentage positions how much BTC per order you want to allow the bots to have access to you the maximum BTC so if you have like you know five BTC in your account but you only wanted to trade one BTC you could put you can do that so I mean I love it the way that it could set it up and then the signals that they have here they have access to all these but look at some of them have a subscription fee so just kind of watch which one you subscribe to because if they're not free and you click us I'm not sure if they charge you or what happens but I mean for when you want to subscribe you just hit subscribe and it automatically does so it's just super easy really everything here is super easy but I mean some do better than others of course but I I'm surprised some of them are free and the ones that are expensive are not much better than the ones that are free so no you guys do that check it out yourself I don't know much about the signals to be honest but I this one here is doing fantastic and it's free so why not right you can see all this information like I said check it out it's totally free so I'd suggest you guys follow the link and at least sign up and check it out for yourself because you have nothing to lose at the end of the 30 days if you don't if you don't attach it to your account you don't actually like it you never get charged so you really don't have much to lose but like I said they have the the the how it works thing is external signals like I just showed you you can attach it to these this is the first spot as they send the video and as far as I know it's the first bot to do this usually if you're using external signals you have to watch the signals yourself and then come in and manipulate the bots to match the signals where this one here can actually use those signals to automatically buy and sell which is awesome of course it has the intuitive design it's been easy to use and easy to learn which I can agree with I've tried other BOTS I've tried gun bots and the profit trailer and from what I can understand they were they're wonderful BOTS but I can't I can't recommend them to somebody doesn't know some decent computer skills because they were not automatic you had to pick your pairs you had to do some programming had to learn some basic information on how to enter the information into the program it was not just straightforward like this so I didn't like it and I knew that other people that follow me will not like it either because I know the questions that you guys ask so I was trying to find something that was super easy I do crypto world evolution as well which is also easy but this one here is even even better I think so far so so far like I said I'm only in it two days but so far I like this one a lot better they have the form that you can you can talk and share ideas I haven't gone into that yet so I can't really comment on it our exclusively design strategies are all included adjusted strategy per coin and tweak them as much as you like I showed you some of that custom information you could set up they do have back testing if you wanted to test your strategies on a coin before actually starting it you can do that and select up to seventy five coins your hop will be able to buy any currency of signature will give a signal for and spread risk by investing in multiple coins okay again it's super easy to use you can read the performance reports of Cygnus others and subscribe to the death signals that's what I was just showing you you could choose different strategies and there there's a lot of different strategies that don't currently understand like Bollinger Bands and whatnot so I have to actually learn a little bit more about that to see if that's something I want to switch to but I showed you what I'm setting it up as right now and they do have a lot of videos that they have for free online you can learn step by step on how to set this up and some different information about how to use the account and that that's another thing this is why I'm doing these and some other other options that I'm doing is these guys never have control of your coin the they're always on your exchange and they only have access through the API key to do trades on your behalf they never have access to it draw any of your money so it's much safer than some of these other programs and we just had a huge scam happen with Falcon coin you know a lot of people lost a lot of money myself included in that one I mean I really believed in those guys and they they they really nice just in the back you know it really it's bad and they were supposed to go on their external exchange yes on the fourth or the fifth and they decided instead to make a fake news and get as much in as they could right before and then just leave in the middle of the night with all the money I think they stole about twelve million dollars from what I understand how many how much in the positive amount they had was about twelve or thirteen million dollars so god help if anybody finds those guys which is sad because it's just sad so that's the the new direction if you watched my last video there's no more no more lending programs there's a couple that I've been involved with from the very beginning that I'll follow through till the end but as far as putting more money into them or new money I would not so you may see a video on the channel about some of the other they're not really lending programs anymore a lot of them are staking or cloud mining or things like that they've changed trying to stay ahead of the of the changes in the market but there will never be a new lending program or anything new on this channel in that regard so I have one coming out that's that was I've been following for a month or two now it's it changed from a landing program to a staking program but other than that you're not really gonna see any new lending programs on this channel I'm not going to endorse them anymore I'm not even really gonna endorse any new staking programs or anything like that it's gonna be icos because they are still very important to be a part of they have to be a small part a portfolio but they do still need to be part of it a lot of trading BOTS and a lot of mining so you'll see below this video the new recommended portfolio and you'll see it's totally different all the affiliate links are gone there's only a couple left on some of the mining stuff but there's no more landing programs or any of that nonsense on this anymore so again that's why I'm showing you this trading bot you can see exactly what I'm doing I showed you my this is my actual account of what I'm doing right now and so far so good so I recommend it like I said at least check it out it's completely free so you don't have to worry about putting up any money to check it out and then you can start it for as little as $19 a month which is pretty cheap too so check it out when you get a chance and see if it's something that you want to get into but if you do want to start it up you can see here I have it set up for it now for Victrix but if you hit new you can see all the different options they have and then there's the Academy that shows up but they have finance which is the hopper they have bit tricks which is the one I showed you right now they have a USD tether hopper USD tether hopper for verax baloney X Cloney X Co indicator bots they have a G Dax USD hopper Co indicator bot for polo necks cracking USD Kraken euro and GTX euro hopper so they have different different options depending what you're looking for and this is the one I currently was showing you guys right now I have it set up for bit jerks but I will probably have it set up for finance as well but right now this is what I have so you guys check it out and see like I said see if it's something you're interested in right now you can start it with no money no active subscription like myself and mess around with it see if it's even something like but so far so good I'll try to do more updates on it so that you guys can see kind of what's going on with my account and hopefully it turns out to be what I hope it's gonna be you know another option to gain some passive income but that's it for this one if you guys have any questions about it definitely email me I will try to answer anything that I can it's dawn key do nke 80 at and i'll put the information the telegram group up for the bot trading group that we run so you guys can go in there too and ask questions and you guys talk about this bot or other bots or whatever you want around bot training so I appreciate your time and I'll talk to you guys very soon thanks

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