22 thoughts on “Cryptocurrency: What's Coming in the Year Ahead?”

  1. What to do with the money you made in your life ?
    Buy some excluseve cars ?
    Eat and drink as much as you can ?
    Give it to the billions of homeless ?
    Or………………by the biggest and most expensive headstone to impress your whole family !

  2. Bitcoin as an investment is working on the greater fool theory. This is why I don't buy it. Hard to find greater fools than me.

  3. 1:56

    Well, now the government has got the internet under control by social pressure of global surveillance. If this happens to cryptocurrency then we are fucked.

  4. 0:26 – "… are investing in cryptocurrencies". <– proof of bubble. You don´t "invest" into money, that´s madness.

  5. The biggest issue that I have with Bitcoin is that it is unregulated. This opens doors for unscrupulous activities and easy payment methods. Governments can't tax Bitcoin effectively and will therefore be interested in finding a way to do so or to ban the use of Bitcoin. When larger countries ban Bitcoin, it will negatively affect the value. 1 + 1 equals 2 but with Bitcoin the results are unknown. We could see it continue to soar into the sky or fall flat on it's arse. If you are using money you can completely afford to lose then Bitcoin is worth the gamble.

  6. Bitcoins success is its nemesis. Unlimited numbers of duplicate crypto currencies can be introduced into the market. Been here before with tulips, bubbles and ponzi schemes.

  7. is time for TESLA to build the ANACRONOPETE the only time travel machine succesfully essayed in 1878 in Paris…ANACRONOPETE is the future

  8. This give the power back to the people. this is so true. when the government try hard to ban it because they cannot control it. this make the crypto currently even more powerful.

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